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I only have so many dollars to go around

Posted by eeos @ 12:22 on February 14, 2020  

That’s why I shop Amazon. The Big Box retailer model is going to implode, watch. It’s inefficient, outdated and environmentally unsustainable to have the huge stores and products, giant aisles, the travel back and forth to these places when everything can be stored in the Amazon Warehouse instead, at a tiny fraction of the overhead. Who moved the cheese?

What’s more efficient, an army of tiny robots inside Amazon’s warehouse who never complain and work 24/7 or me running ruts back and forth to home depot every few days? An Amazon delivery van that hits hundreds of locations in a single day very efficiently, or 500K people driving around in their cars that create endless gridlock and frustrated drivers. Heck, I don’t even really drive anymore, Denver gridlock has become insane. You know why? Because I sit through a ton of stoplight cycles where these digitally addicted jack offs can’t put their damn phones down and drive.

Which leads me to self-driving cars and robust public transportation systems. I lived in Chicago for 5 years getting my degree in architecture. I rode the L EVERYWHERE. Here in Denver, we have a failing public transportation system called Regional Transportation District (RTD). We call it Reason TO Drive. It’s an abysmal failure. Denver had an amazing private streetcar system that got smoked and replaced by in ineffective bureaucratic unionizes government free-handout system where people make huge sums of money at the top and do completely nothing.

Know why Elon is so successful? He’s shattering the old guard. He clocked the big 3. Maybe he even killed them. He hires people that are damn smart. He cares nothing about college educations or titles. Just good people that work hard and are smarter than him. This is why his self-driving cars are going to smoke the old dogs in the big 3. He’s light years ahead while these dufuses are still churning out total garbage in the big 3 club.

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Post by the Golden Rule. Oasis not responsible for content/accuracy of posts. DYODD.