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Posted by goldielocks @ 13:24 on February 21, 2020  

A lot of US citizens that were white left southern Calif years ago because the system drove them away with their neglect less they could separate themselves with money and secure neighborhoods or away from inner cities.
Last time I came down to a surf city in Huntington Beach pier area even before making camping in public legal I was standing at a surf and rental shop on one side of 101 with the beach on the other. There was some crazies out there just not as much as Ventura which was a well known surfing town from way back at one time. I heard this car honking it’s horn because some crazy women was just sanding in the street blocking traffic. Instead of moving she started climbing up on the car. It kinda made me laugh at these crazies but noticed people still there acted like this stuff happens all the time and just roll their eyes or put them on ignore.
Some of these people drugs or too much alcohol just ate their brains. Some may just act it to be left alone. Some had it so bad they just flipped into schizophrenia. Others more organic reasons but which ever arresting them will not change their behavior.
Since they closed down mental facility’s due to judicial abuse of putting who ever they wanted in there they limited to extreme cases of dangerous to self or others.
They don’t need regular housing cuz they’ll just wreck it or cause trouble and not pay their bills. They need managed housing, things to do, rules, rewards and security on duty.
Locking them up will teach them noting when their crazy. They won’t say oh I won’t do that again because their insane and or have no impulse control.
They have to be weeded out from the normal poor who got priced out, lost jobs, became disabled, or as I saw one really sweet lady on you tube living on 800 a month social security living in a car. She even suffered a stroke while out there she slowly recovered from. She since got herself a box car truck made a little house out of it working on it herself learning things from others so she has her own place now and stays with others for personal safety reasons. That’s good because after one stroke you could have others and need to be watched as well as the cause. Even some of the housing areas they do have are in bad neighborhoods and draw the freeloaders and trouble makers that never get off it anyways.
They need it for seniors too.

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Post by the Golden Rule. Oasis not responsible for content/accuracy of posts. DYODD.