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Posted by goldielocks @ 15:55 on February 21, 2020  

Their sanctuary play and it’s for votes and perks from some business that haven’t left that wanted them has resulted in other states sending their crazies and homeless to California. They probably think if these so called politicians are that stupid will just send them their way. Even some blue states like NY are doing it. The homeless in these areas told us themselves.
California didn’t even know about it for awhile. It was like over night tent cities were popping up everywhere.
I guess the illegals don’t even like it because their moving into the heartland now? Got to go after those slumming to them. They let multi immigrant family’s or men stay in the same place giving them somewhere to go and then will spread out.
In southern Cal when they were doing that they were causing plumbing systems to back up and roaches everywhere and then roaches can bring in mice and rats. They were causing heath hazards but did nothing about it but harass anyone who complained. Nothing changed people just started to leave.
When I went to southern Cal to Disney last year was sitting in the parking lot of a resort and saw a big old rat walk up and disappear somewhere. Don’t know if that’s normal or not for big places. Maybe looking for throw outs in the trash. The older water rides on Disney like the Pirates smells like sewer water. Maybe because of water shortage they haven’t changed it in 20 years. No telling the bacteria or chemicals in it.
I hardly recognized the beach area they’re building everywhere even what was marsh underwater land back when. Hope they have flood insurance.
During better times John Wayne had his house down there I saw it once been so long ago think it was call Balboa near by.
I feel bad for the young.
As a result they know how to fight though and many are armed in some form. A Muslim invasion in that area wouldn’t work out too well and maybe why their putting them in sleepy towns with stupid mayors or Gov even taking in those labels crazy so called refugees their own country dumping on others.
That’s one thing still good about Calls f if one of there attracted you and you beat the blank out of them with in reason that will be there problem. If they broke in your house you have a right to shoot them but don’t do it in back if they’re trying to leave. Even the Mexicans don’t like them.

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Post by the Golden Rule. Oasis not responsible for content/accuracy of posts. DYODD.