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Posted by treefrog @ 23:31 on March 1, 2020  

turkey (a nato member) invades syria.  syria’s allies (russia and iran) gear up to drive turkey out of syria.

QUESTION: are other nato members (that’s us!) obligated to help turkey when she gets in trouble in an aggressive war???

EXTRA CREDIT QUESTION:  how will oil prices respond?

FWIW so DYODD. Coronavirus End Game: The Economic Crisis & Roll Out of the New Digital Financial System

Posted by silverngold @ 22:41 on March 1, 2020  


Posted by Maddog @ 22:37 on March 1, 2020  

Wollie may well be right, if the Fed makes a move tdy, so that an extreme short term o/s position can be corrected by Algo’s going ape on the buy side…..but longer term what the Virus does, I think rules here and a 42 % increase o/n in Italian figures, is not good, especially with the EU not allowing border closures, all this time…..

We in the UK have no restrictions on going to Italy !!!!!!

Silver Train

Posted by Maya @ 22:25 on March 1, 2020  


The Canadian crests Kicking Horse Pass


Posted by Maya @ 22:21 on March 1, 2020  



February break.

Posted by redneckokie1 @ 22:12 on March 1, 2020  

It appears the annual “February break” has run it’s course. The stock market may trade sideways to lower for a significant period. Expect very sharp rallies to sell. Where is the big money going next?


Let’s see if Wollie’s right again….

Posted by Richard640 @ 22:02 on March 1, 2020  


Posted by Richard640 @ 11:28 on February 29, 2020   -edit-
To: #Breeze who wrote (132790) 2/29/2020 10:38:18 AM
From: da_cheif™    of 132796
dows 12 hour rsi bottomed on the 25th….5day rsi at 3 and tite with its half span ma….monday march 2nd will and shud be historic on the upside…3 gap play is apparent …es went out at a 35 handle premium over cash and from wollie worldCategory: General Interest
From:  joanne (joanne mcable)
Date Posted: February 28, 2020 at 20:43:22
Subject: leap year botspot ~

This spike is almost a match to the December 2018 spike low ~Will I have to change my lower parameter?

I have an extra leap year day to find out……..g!

Virus is over….Fed has cure….SM trading plus !!!! from 90 S&P pts down !!!!

Posted by Maddog @ 21:49 on March 1, 2020  

Vix put buyers on Friday close go in the money !!!

drb2 @ 20:40, sorry to disappoint. I just happened to catch that one and thought it might have meaning as it has in the past.

Posted by silverngold @ 21:32 on March 1, 2020  

Good luck on your research.

Episode 30,000 in the Scum never Sleep saga

Posted by Maddog @ 20:41 on March 1, 2020  

$1600 is almost exactly 1 % up and guess where we are struggling.

@ silverngold – your 7:06 reply

Posted by drb2 @ 20:40 on March 1, 2020  
drb2 @ 7:06 Yes, that’s why I posted it.Posted by silverngold @ 9:25 on March 1, 2020  Often in the past it proved to be a signal, and it won’t surprise me if it is again and identifies where we are being taken.

Would you by luck have saved those screen shots?

It seems just too brazen and obvious to be true, but I am most curious to check and see what happened to the gold price after the “signal”.

I put NOTHING past the bastards.  I think, they think, they are untouchable and we are stupid.

Time for the Fed to step up to the plate – ruh roh

Posted by Buygold @ 18:24 on March 1, 2020  

U.S. Stock Futures

S&P -59.85  /  -2.03%
Level 2,891.25
Fair Value 2,953.30
Difference -62.05
Data as of 6:01pm ET
Nasdaq -216.50  /  -2.56%
Level 8,237.50
Fair Value 8,462.92
Difference -225.42
Data as of 6:01pm ET
Dow -501.00  /  -1.98%
Level 24,863.00

So is it marshall law in china right now?

Posted by eeos @ 15:15 on March 1, 2020  

has anyone read how some people had their doors weld shut in high rises. Why would people be so scared that they go into hiding? Chicken shits? Yellow-bellied dumb commies? If they’re this scared about getting the simple flu, what’s going on here? I find it all very strange. How can they soon have the world’s most powerful army if they’re such chickens? So I think it’s more serious than people understand in the USA.

Even proof that people are hiding from this shit. https://earthobservatory.nasa.gov/images/146362/airborne-nitrogen-dioxide-plummets-over-china?utm_source=FBPAGE&utm_medium=NASA+-+National+Aeronautics+and+Space+Administration&utm_campaign=NASASocial&linkId=83339382&fbclid=IwAR2drZbvmB2PQS9dGIugt7PVMfixSD7qKmGz27bhggFs6Uc8MTi–8yzcOk


Posted by goldielocks @ 12:18 on March 1, 2020  

What’s Schiff, Pelosi, Waters, Harris doing about the E Coli building up in the rivers here due to the increasing homeless with no bathroom facilities. Poor fish.

Commish, eeos

Posted by Buygold @ 12:18 on March 1, 2020  

Commish – great catch, amazing coincidence!

eeos – fear is one of the greatest manipulators of human emotions. I’m sure the Chinese government is doing all they can to take care of their people, including taking their people off the streets for their own good and shutting down all speech regarding the virus.

Ipso 20:59

Posted by goldielocks @ 12:13 on March 1, 2020  

More people have died this past year from Type A and B flu virus than the Corona.
If they can use scare tactics to call for state of emergency nation wide they can MANDATE some new untested vaccine out of the people.
Everyone and their mother is trying to come up with a vaccine. God forbid if they come up with a successful low side effect treatment for any flu instead.

Virus That Show Up On Election Years

Posted by commish @ 11:53 on March 1, 2020  

SARS   2004

AVIAN  2008

MERS  2012

EBOLA 2014

ZIKA   2016


yea sure it colds, of course that’s the answer

Posted by eeos @ 11:03 on March 1, 2020  

of why you don’t find a single soul in some of these population crushed providences in China. The streets are empty b/c these morons are afraid of getting a “cold”.

Jeez! I didn’t realise March gold bottomed at 1542

Posted by Richard640 @ 10:58 on March 1, 2020  




14 day RSI 43 on this March 2020 chart–possible support line?

drb2 @ 7:06 Yes, that’s why I posted it.

Posted by silverngold @ 9:25 on March 1, 2020  

Often in the past it proved to be a signal, and it won’t surprise me if it is again and identifies where we are being taken.

Morning treefrog

Posted by Buygold @ 7:29 on March 1, 2020  

I’m with ya. Everything is about mostly fear these days. TV is the fear box.

and you’re right, it does seem to have accelerated these past few years. Craziness.

I’m guessing Covid-19 is probably all over the US except most people just think it’s the cold or the flu and after a week or two it just goes away. They’re never tested. People at my work including me have had the flu or colds in some form or another for the last several months.

Good excuse for a market selloff though.

@silverngold – thanks for posting that picture

Posted by drb2 @ 7:06 on March 1, 2020  

This phenomenon has been seen before over the past many years.  I remember speculation ranged from a Kitco hiccup to suspicion that it was a signal – usually that a PM slam was imminent.

Certainly that could apply to what you just posted!

It would be interesting if we could gather a collection of these and compare to the Au/Ag price chart over the following couple weeks to see if there is any correlation.

Any thoughts?


Posted by treefrog @ 0:56 on March 1, 2020  

just my take, non scientific, based on my own personal experience watching the media “awfulize” a series of incidents over the last few years….

it’s about 80% media hype – give or take 10%.

yes, it’s a nasty virus, yes, it’s a killer.  so were sars , H1N1, and bird flu.

the media earn their livings by “selling newspapers,” and nothing sells better than hate and fear.  get the public worked up and they’ll buy a newspaper, watch a news program, whatever (and read the advertizing).  most of us will live through it, and survive to listen to the next round of fear porn, hate porn, war porn, or whatever porn.  that, and fat bottomed girls are what makes the world go ’round.

the panic spread by and about this?  that’s another question entirely.

recent video by owner of MILESFRANKLIN

Posted by LurkerSince95 @ 0:12 on March 1, 2020  


good info on silver and gold market analysis

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