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Maya – persistence pays!

Posted by Aguila @ 21:32 on March 3, 2020  

I still remember when you sent Kona coffee to our Georgia gathering. 73


Posted by Maddog @ 20:47 on March 3, 2020  

As long as the paper mkt, is considered the price setter and u have the authorities in yr pocket, so nobody questions yr trading…then the paper mkt wins…..until there are defaults on delivery, due to demand and then it is game over.

ipso facto

Posted by Maddog @ 20:43 on March 3, 2020  

Re China…could be a draconian lock down doing it.

The paper markets are beyond my understanding

Posted by Aguila @ 20:16 on March 3, 2020  

Those bankster fraud masters could make the price of wheat go to one penny per bushel if there was only a single grain left in the world and all the millionaires were starving.  How do they do it?

The banksters will fight till the end

Posted by Aguila @ 20:13 on March 3, 2020  

They can’t let the metals run or they will all lose their jobs.  Isn’t JPM the largest holder of physical silver in the world after they stocked up over a ten year period starting in about the early 20-oos?  I know they are the largest holder of aluminum and every aluminum beverage can you purchase gives them a nice profit.  After an article in the wsj about the corrupt bank corrupting the aluminum, copper and zinc supply chain the fed gov supposedly forced them to stop delaying shipments but I doubt anything ever changed except on paper.

They don’t need to profit from silver – they just want to profit from the vig.


Posted by ipso facto @ 19:54 on March 3, 2020  

I guess it’s feasible in some circumstances. Tough to control it though with modern cities and population density and the airlines spreading it world wide.

Hard for me to believe that the Chinese numbers are going down.

ipso facto

Posted by Maddog @ 19:24 on March 3, 2020  

Re Gunniston

That is how a number of towns avoided the Black Death, they were walled towns and let no-one in or out…food was left outside the Gates.

The good news is…

Posted by Maya @ 18:28 on March 3, 2020  

I found toilet paper at the Hilo Walmart yet.  🙂

Gunnison, Colorado: the town that dodged the 1918 Spanish flu pandemic

Posted by ipso facto @ 16:23 on March 3, 2020  

In late 1918 the world’s greatest killer – Spanish flu – roared towards Gunnison, a mountain town in Colorado.

The pandemic was infecting hundreds of millions of people in Europe, Africa, Asia and across the United States, overwhelming hospitals and morgues in Boston and Philadelphia before sweeping west, devastating cities, villages and hamlets from Alaska to Texas.

Gunnison, a farming and mining town of about 1,300 people, had special reason to fear. Two railroads connected it to Denver and other population centers, many badly hit. “The flu is after us” the Gunnison News-Champion warned on 10 October. “It is circulating in almost every village and community around us.”

What happened next is instructive amid a new global health emergency a century later as the world struggles react to the emergence of a new coronavirus. Gunnison declared a “quarantine against all the world”. It erected barricades, sequestered visitors, arrested violators, closed schools and churches and banned parties and street gatherings, a de facto lockdown that lasted four months.

It worked. Gunnison emerged from the pandemic’s first two waves – by far the deadliest – without a single case. It was one of a handful of so-called “escape communities” that researchers have analysed for insights into containing the apparently uncontainable.

cont. https://www.theguardian.com/world/2020/mar/01/gunnison-colorado-the-town-that-dodged-the-1918-spanish-flu-pandemic

i guess the order was Hold the S&P at above 3000…..

Posted by Maddog @ 16:06 on March 3, 2020  

they only just managed it…by 3 kamikaze ramp jobs moving the S&P up 20 to 40 pts each time ……and then the selling just swamped them..

this is a mkt, sitting on a precipice.

Maddog @ 15:45

Posted by Captain Hook @ 16:02 on March 3, 2020  

Yes that’s coming here soon if today is any indication.

They better hope speculators bought a crap load of index puts today or the stock market opening tomorrow could be interesting.


Not looking good…scum being swamped here….

Posted by Maddog @ 15:51 on March 3, 2020  

I guess the scum are jealous of the BoJ being long 80 % of all ETf’s….they’re going for 150 %

Posted by Maddog @ 15:45 on March 3, 2020  


Posted by Maddog @ 15:26 on March 3, 2020  

Everyone always said they would just print their way out of the next crisis etc….we’ll now we know they will and are…..

Here they come next wave

Posted by Maddog @ 15:01 on March 3, 2020  

tsla Unch to plus. Bonds getting smashed and still leaning on AU and PM stox.

Maddog- Yep

Posted by Buygold @ 14:50 on March 3, 2020  

Last hour is critical and it looks like they’ll move against pm’s regardless of the SM. Bond apparently are the only allowed safe haven as the 10 Yr. is now yielding.94% Simply amazing to me. Gold should be up $500 or limit up, whatever that is.

The whole world is nuts.


Posted by Maddog @ 14:44 on March 3, 2020  

After tdys emergency cut, they have to get the mkts looking right….the next 1 hr and 20 mins could be epic..they already got gold down 16 bucks and the PM shares way off the Hi’s.

was the morning rally, just a test.

Posted by Maddog @ 14:39 on March 3, 2020  

maybe someone took the selling away, to show what might happen if they ever stop.


Posted by Buygold @ 14:31 on March 3, 2020  

Can only think that if the shares are allowed to explode, it just confirms the value and safety of pm’s.

They have to keep the mirage of paper assets as being “safe” I guess that includes negative yielding bonds.

@ Maya…

Posted by old-timer @ 14:27 on March 3, 2020  

Thank you for all the train postings.  I visit every day and enjoy them.

FWIW, there is a local Public Broadcast station sub-channel that is from Japan.

There is a sweet program every week called “Japan Railway Journal” that I like to watch.

(It is broadcast in English, with sub-titles when necessary).

Shows a lot about current state of rail in Japan:

how it’s used, where it goes, who uses it, employees’ attitudes.

You can also view on-line.

It is available from NHK, and I’m posting a link for those interested.



Also, on another note:

I am skipping the Republican caucus.

Still smarting from the treatment I got from them during my attempts to get Ron Paul nominated,

and with no one besides President Trump to vote for,

and with them having discarded all the “fresh blood” that Ron Paul brought to the party,

I just don’t feel like dealing with the local R’s.


AG and AU are still where I left them,

I think: if I only could remember where!

Only things in my 401-Ks are cash, miners, and pharmaceuticals.

Thanks for this site.

Shares struggling again

Posted by Buygold @ 14:22 on March 3, 2020  

Just can’t seem to follow the metals in a market sell off. Maybe they can lead a market recovery, but other than physical, bonds are the clear winners, although they can liquidate GLD and futures at will.

Scum raid just took place, by the looks of it….but didn’t get the SM running up !!!!!

Posted by Maddog @ 14:18 on March 3, 2020  

Gold and Bonds reacted.

PM stox were hit first,,,,GDX clipped for 5.5 %….all to achieve what…..a momentary mirage of all is well.

Nice to see the HUI back above 235

Posted by Buygold @ 13:06 on March 3, 2020  

So, is this the beginning of some massive bull market shakeouts like we saw last week?

I guess we’ll know it’s really game on when the likes of MUX, GPL, AAU and some other small caps really start to move.

At least the PM shares are doing well today while the SM is being hammered.

Posted by ipso facto @ 12:59 on March 3, 2020  

Wasn’t the SM supposed to fly with these interest rate cuts? Hmmm look out below?

@silverngold – RE: “I like this one a little better” @10:42

Posted by drb2 @ 12:31 on March 3, 2020  

Ha-ha – me too!

I associate the other one with pain to my net worth

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