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amals @ 21:31 – ASAP colloidal silver

Posted by Maya @ 23:52 on March 5, 2020  

“Expiration Dates” are mostly for marketing/inventory control.  I would be willing to use silver sol with a 2018 Expiry yet.  What happens to colloidal silver with age is that the particles lose their suspension charge, cluster up, and fall to the bottom of the container.   How soon this happens depends a great deal upon the original ‘quality’ of the solution…. IE: The particle size.   Smaller particles stay suspended longer.   Chunky homemade silver solutions will fall out fairly quickly.

The surest way to know is with a PPM meter, dipped into the solution and read if it is 10 PPM yet.  You can also ‘eyeball’ the solution to see if it still has the characteristic golden color, or you can shine a laser pointer thru the solution in a glass to observe the beam scattering brightness.

The reason I am a fan of American Biotech’s ASAP silver products is their proprietary process produces the finest particle size available.  The result is a product that is both long lasting, and smaller particle size is more effective at killing small viral and bacterial cells.

As for the Silver Gel… I would ignore the expiry on that completely.  Silver particles are not going to fall out of the gel base.

10:50pm–Thursday evening–May I ask you a question? Do u realise that interest rates have been CRASHING?

Posted by Richard640 @ 22:58 on March 5, 2020  

As I write, the 10 yr note is up a big 45/64ths? Do u know that the FED will cut again at the next meeting?..CBs around the world will be printing 24/7….actually this printing has been going on for many years…yet gold is not 2200…not 2500…not 3000 etc…so why should now be any different? Quite frankly I dunno! But my ole tape readers intuition tells me that gold will soon surprise and make a TESLA-like move…


Maya-I’ve kept colloidal silver in the house for 30 yrs–I put it in my proprietary flu/cold formula

Posted by Richard640 @ 22:44 on March 5, 2020  

I just got 2 16oz bottles of Bioactive Silver Hydrosol–the Silver Doc Brand..

Remember just 2 weeks ago folks wuz saying the u.s. stock mkt couldn’t go down causa daily repos?

Posted by Richard640 @ 22:37 on March 5, 2020  

On top of that, at 8:45 a.m. that very morning, the New York Fed had pumped $100 billion in 1-day repo loans into the trading houses on Wall Street, $8.6 billion short of what the trading houses had sought to borrow. Even at the peak of the repo loan crisis that began on September 17, 2019 and through the end of January 2020, the Fed had never pumped out $100 billion in 1-day repo loans on a single day. Yesterday, the Fed pumped out another $100 billion in 1- day repo loans against demand for $111 billion – further evidence that Wall Street firms are in need of liquidity.

This is the first time since the financial crisis of 2008 that the Fed has been making repo loans to Wall Street. The Fed is also purchasing $60 billion a month in U.S. Treasury bills, which many folks on Wall Street consider the fourth round of quantitative easing (QE). The Fed deployed QE1, QE2, and QE3 following the 2008 financial collapse on Wall Street to further ease interest rates on top of cutting its Fed Funds rate to the zero- bound.

drb2 and Maya

Posted by amals @ 21:31 on March 5, 2020  

drb2– I have shares of Clifton that I’ve been sitting on since 2003-2004.  Have witnessed their rise and fall for quite a while.  I’d be happy to see them come back.  Maybe they can be one of the first of my many losers to revive from the near-dead.


Maya… what do you know about the true shelf life of ASAP colloidal silver solution (and/or gel)?  I have about six bottles that “expired” in 2018.  I wonder if they are still good.

@Maya RE: American Biotech

Posted by drb2 @ 19:16 on March 5, 2020  

Hi Maya,

I read your comments about American Biotech’s Colloidal Silver with great interest.  I don’t have an personal experience with their product, but it intrigues me.

Many years back, an attempt to establish a position in a company that was manufacturing CS led me to them (Amer Biotech).  I found that they were a private company, but were partially owned by a Clifton Mining (CLTF) that was publicly traded.  I purchased a modest position that dropped (a lot) in value over the years.  I almost gave up on them, but didn’t and kept nibbling in at ever lower prices.  Clifton has a long story that I don’t  really know well enough to tell, but just recently their share price started to climb.  I made some phone calls that led me to this link that will tell you more than I will ever know.  <<    https://seekingalpha.com/author/stanley-cutler/instablogs  >>

This is not an endorsement of them.  I am just very pleased that you like the Amer Bio product – that is Clifton’s lifesaver!!

If anyone is interested PLEASE, PLEASE do your own due diligence !!!


Posted by ipso facto @ 18:17 on March 5, 2020  

That encephalitis brain infection sounds pretty terrible. Let’s hope you never visit there again!

and hopefully too none of the oasis members get coronavirus either.

It does seem to be a bio weapon. I’d guess that it’s release was unintentional but that is little comfort. Fingers crossed there aren’t soon Wuhan’s everywhere!

Colloidal Silver

Posted by Maya @ 18:14 on March 5, 2020  

I picked up a couple small “Travel Nebulizers” off eBay… USA delivery, not China.   I also have a good stock of colloidal silver from ASAP… the kind that Byrrmeister used to distribute is very good.  The silver solution nebulized and inhaled has been proven effective against ‘coronaviruses’.  (Cold and Flu)

So I saw a TV news piece from the CDC where they were asked about this and the rep. pooh-poohed the colloidal silver (as they ALWAYS do).  She said that ‘just because the silver mist APPEARS to be effective for the common cold corona virus, does not mean that it will be effective against THIS NOVEL corona virus”.

BullSh…   As the saying goes… Never believe anything unless it has been officially denied.


Posted by Maya @ 18:00 on March 5, 2020  

IPSO – Shoulder bumps?  Too close!  Elbow bumps better, but non-contact hand-wave from a distance even better!

I’ve been keeping eyes open for lasting effects of the virus that make it ‘novel’.  This was clearly an ‘engineered’ virus with HIV snippets added to the DNA, as confirmed by India and other labs now.  So what are the long term effects?

China researchers have now confirmed that the Asian genome is five time more susceptible to the virus due to Asian expression of the ACE2 receptors in their lungs that the virus binds to.  The PC press and WHO will not mention this… but even the Chinese acknowledge this.  This was a feature of the SARS virus, too.  Yes, other genomes can get the virus… but less receptors mean a milder case.  Smokers have more ACE2 receptors also, and are more susceptible.

Now a Chinese researcher has found that the virus can infect the central nervous system, causing viral meningitis and viral encephalitis…. a brain infection!  This is horrifyingly personal to me, as I am a survivor of a viral encephalitis brain infection.  Seven days of no sleep while every heartbeat goes off with a GONG! of pain like a spike driven into my head.  I survived by transcendental meditation, slowing my heartbeat as much as possible.  I was making deals with the lord to let me die to end the pain.   I have every health prep I know ready to use just to avoid the possibility of that head pain again in my life.

The great unknown now is what might be the lasting after-effects if one ‘recovers’ from the virus.  Is lasting immunity damage possible??

This was an engineered bio-weapon. No doubt about it.  Whodunnit?  It no longer matters.  The world population is now a guinea pig to observe the effects.

God ole Egon–he’s been waiting for this day for 11 yrs–he is in seventh heaven-!!!

Posted by Richard640 @ 16:34 on March 5, 2020  


Egon von Greyerz
March 5, 2020

This is it! The party is over. The world is now facing the gravest economic and social downturn in Modern Times (18th century). We are now entering a period of global crisis that will change the world for a very long time to come. This should come as no surprise to the people who have studied history and also read my articles for the last few years. Many others have also warned about the same thing. But since MSM never talks about the excesses in the world or the risks, 99.9% of people are totally unprepared for what is coming next.


The 14% fall in the Dow last week and similar in many markets around the world is the mere beginning. I warned investors about this stock collapse in recent weeks. In my article on Jan 26, I wrote “Stock Collapse and Gold Surge Imminent” and again on Feb 9, I said“The Crisis will Propel Gold and Sink Stocks”. We have last week seen the beginning of the stock collapse with a 4,000 point fall in the Dow. The gold surge is still to come. We are likely to see further strong falls in stocks very soon.

Fundamentally, it has been clear for quite some time that stocks and the world economy are at the end of a secular bull market. The falls in the last week have confirmed that the party is over and that we are now starting a secular bear market that will affect the world for years and maybe decades.


The era of printed money and unlimited credit driving asset prices to ever dizzier heights is now over. If we take the Dow as one example, it has gone up 40x in the last 40 years. The average annual return has been 11.53% including reinvested dividends. This means that an investor in the Dow has doubled his money every 6 years, on average, over a 40 year period! So $25,000 invested in 1980 would be $2 million today.

The coming downturn will not take 40 years. When bubbles burst, everything unravels very quickly. It could take say 3-7 years for the Dow to come down 90% or more. In 1929-32 it took less than 3 years for the Dow to fall 90%. And the situation today is much more serious when it comes to overvaluations, debts, deficits etc.


So the coming economic downturn will see all bubble assets like stocks, bonds and property decline at least 90% in real terms. But although markets might bottom within say the next 5 years, the world economy might go along the bottom for a very long time, which could be decades. As always, historians will let the world know afterwards the extent of the coming downturn.

The chart below shows potential targets for the Dow. In my view the 1970-80 level is more likely than the 2003-9 one.


Investors are obviously linking the stock market crashes to the Coronavirus but we must remember that the virus is not the cause of the falls but only the catalyst. Stocks around the world have been overvalued on many criteria for quite some time.

The majority of people today are not worried about stocks but instead about the Coronavirus. Most of us don’t understand it since authorities around the world suppress the truth when it comes to numbers of infected and fatalities. China seems never to have told the truth about the virus and many countries have followed suit.

The pandemic is spreading exponentially and it can take 3-4 weeks before it breaks out from the time you are infected. In that time every infected person can meet many hundreds of people. In Italy for example, there were no cases a few days ago and it jumped to 150 in a couple of days and now 2,500 are reported to have caught the disease with 80 deaths.

In Switzerland only 12 cases are reported but that will multiply quickly. All public events in Switzerland with more than 1,000 people have been banned. The Geneva International Motor Show due to start on Monday has been cancelled.

I am certainly no expert but it seems to me that it will be impossible to stop the spread of Coronavirus. Closing all factories, offices, schools, shops, railways, cinemas etc will paralyse the countries and the world economy. I would not be surprised if in the end governments tell people to continue as normal rather than to quarantine everyone. If the mortality rate is on average not more than 2%, this is a calculated risk that the authorities are likely to take.

To totally close down countries and production, leading to shortages of food and medicine, will probably kill more people over time than the virus itself.


So whilst ordinary people around the world are concerned with the Coronavirus, investors are focusing on crashing stock markets. Most people are blissfully unaware of the Dow’s biggest point fall ever last week of 4,000 points (14%) or similar falls in other world markets.

Investors love bad news like lower earnings or poor economic figures since this leads to more economic stimulus. So until a week ago, markets loved the fact that central banks around the world have embarked on what will be the biggest money printing exercise in history. Investors are not concerned about the reasons for the massive liquidity injections which are due to problems in the world’s financial system. Instead, more money printing means more credit and more cash availability for stock market investors. So bad news for the economy has created ever higher stocks reaching the sky.

Clearly, central banks will soon accelerate money printing and the ones that can, like the US, will lower rates. The 1/2% rate cut by the Fed on Tuesday seems like panic action. Since the effects in the US of the Coronavirus have so far been minor, the problems are clearly in the financial system. Lower rates, more repos, more QE etc. There are clearly major problems in the system.

The rate cut combined with money printing might create quick bounces in stocks, sucking everyone in. But this time money printing will only have a very brief effect. Because any correction up will be short lived and the subsequent big fall will be devastating. So this is definitely not the time to buy the dips. For anyone in the stock market, much better to get out on the bounces.


Precious metal investors are nervous because we are seeing a small setback. This is similar to 2008 when precious metals and the miners initially sold off strongly before they continued the rally. It is possible that the metals will correct further before they resume their uptrend. But the correction will be much smaller than in 2008.

In many currencies like pounds, Australian and Canadian dollars, gold is at the all time highs. It won’t be long before gold in US dollars will also reach a new high.

There should be no doubt that gold and silver will reflect the coming problems in the world economy and especially the guaranteed currency debasement that will take place due to unlimited money printing.


The Dow/Gold ratio tells the story. Since 1999, the Dow is down 65% against gold. Almost no stock market investor is aware of this fact. The Dow is down 30% against gold since Oct 2018 and has already fallen 15% in 2020.

I expect the ratio to initially each the 1980 level of 1 for 1. What the levels would be is hard to predict but let’s say Dow 10,000 and gold $10,000. Eventually I see the ratio falling below 1 to 1/2 or lower which would be in line with the long term trend line (not shown).

But even if the ratio fell to 1 only, it would involve stocks losing 94% against gold.

So quite a simple decision. Get out of all stocks as well as other bubble assets and buy physical gold as the best form of wealth preservation and insurance against the worst economic downturn in Modern Times (since the 18th century).

Egon von Greyerz
Founder and Managing Partner
Matterhorn Asset Management
Zurich, Switzerland


Posted by ipso facto @ 16:28 on March 5, 2020  

“Shoulder bumps” try to remember! 🙂


Posted by ipso facto @ 16:23 on March 5, 2020  

If this isn’t The Black Swan that tips over the economy then I’m a Monkey’s Uncle!

Good luck to everyone!

PS 70 coronavirus cases in Washington State now.

Nice to see pm shares aren’t getting crushed with the stock market

Posted by Buygold @ 16:12 on March 5, 2020  

Maybe we’ll avoid a 2009 type ass whipping?

Jobs report tomorrow, but I’m not sure it will matter all that much since it’s backwards looking.

ipso facto

Posted by Maddog @ 15:52 on March 5, 2020  

Just had a long chat to a mate who has just spent a month in New Zealand, who said that they do the vast majority of exports to China……he said the Chinese have stopped buying anything, all exports have stopped dead.

That ties in with a comment I saw elsewhere, where they said Chinese exports were way down and the other person said look at Imports, they have stopped completely.

Cruise Ship Troubles

Posted by Maya @ 15:38 on March 5, 2020  

So now the “Grand Princess” is in trouble and California Governor refuses to let it dock.

This ship cruised from California to Mexico and back.  One passenger returned to California subsequently died of COVID19.   The ship then cruised to Hawaii, stopping at Kauai, Honolulu, Maui, and here at Hilo on the Big Island last week.  One crew member was taken off at Hilo with flu-like symptoms.  Subsequent testing here showed no COVID19 infection.  Now the ship is approaching California and a number of people aboard are showing symptoms.  If there is COVID-19 aboard the ship, we have had ‘spreaders’ circulating through four Hawaii ports on the major islands.  Hawaii health department is monitoring the situation aboard the ship.  Just wucking funderful!

If if we all are lucky, it is “just the flu”… as bad as that is.

Maddog …. Looks like the Chinese are up and running again …

Posted by ipso facto @ 14:39 on March 5, 2020  

Last weekend, we reported that in order to fool the world into believing that its economy is rebounding nicely and that its people have put that entire coronavirus “thing” in the rearview mirror, Chinese officials ordered a factory owner in one of the country’s provinces to “turn on the machines and consume electricity – in his closed factory which has no workers – or he’ll get ‘a visit’.”


goldielocks @ 14:27 You’re right I should have.

Posted by ipso facto @ 14:30 on March 5, 2020  

Dow down a thousand. Does not portend well.

Posted by ipso facto @ 14:28 on March 5, 2020  

Double, double toil and trouble;
Fire burn, and caldron bubble.


Posted by goldielocks @ 14:27 on March 5, 2020  

Should put on there Already Prepped.
For those of us who survived through all the other doomsday events that never happened Anyone take count yet.

New Poll New Poll

Posted by ipso facto @ 13:42 on March 5, 2020  

Vote! Vote!

Miners looking a little better now … fingers crossed

Posted by ipso facto @ 13:34 on March 5, 2020  

Mr.Copper @ 13:17

Posted by Captain Hook @ 13:26 on March 5, 2020  

Ya it’s kinda funny how that works — not.


@ipso facto re 13:09 Roger, thanks, they look good.

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 13:17 on March 5, 2020  

@Goldilocks you too, got it, thanks. Now I’m going to Costco. Wish me luck. 🙂

@ipso facto, P.S. I agree with your:

It will take better looking profits to get the miners going. Even with these higher prices some companies aren’t making a profit. Later when things really get going there’ll be more speculation on higher gold prices.

Alex Valdor

Posted by ipso facto @ 13:14 on March 5, 2020  

I did better yesterday with gold down!

On bubblevision they keep saying how much liquidity is “out there,” … so why is the repo window so acive?

Mr.Copper @ 11:33

Posted by ipso facto @ 13:09 on March 5, 2020  

Perhaps it will take better looking profits to get the miners going. Even with these higher prices some companies aren’t making a profit. Later when things really get going there’ll be more speculation on higher gold prices.

TGCDF has been a good one for me. SKREF too although it is more risky.

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