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Like I said the Treasury mkt is broken…….and that is as bad as it gets.

Posted by Maddog @ 19:23 on March 13, 2020  

“The Market Is Broken” – Why Nobody Is Trading Any More



Posted by goldielocks @ 19:07 on March 13, 2020  

Sorry about your vacation well deserved.
Glad you able to get more car parts.
They just closed down my grandsons elementary school today. Haven’t checked with the other two yet.


Posted by commish @ 18:48 on March 13, 2020  

Last week hit 9110.  Presently 5318.

? Happy Hour …… Really :)

Posted by winedoc @ 18:14 on March 13, 2020  

What a week.

Drowning my sorrows ……….  ordering more carburetor caps


On sale ?

COVO-19 deaths  in Canada  = 1

My US vacation coming up cancelled by Health Authority ……….  ANYONE leaving Canada for ANYWHERE  will be subject to  14 day Voluntary Quarantine upon return

“To all staff and physicians”
Currently there are no confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Nova Scotia.
In a news release earlier today, the Government of Nova Scotia announced that public sector employees who travel outside of Canada, including the United States, will be required to self-isolate upon their return. Government introduced the travel protocols today, March 13, to reduce the spread of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) in the province.
Health-care workers, teachers, civil servants and other public sector employees who travel anywhere outside Canada will have to stay at home/self-isolate away from the public for 14 days after returning to the country. These measures also apply to students of Nova Scotia public schools and children in regulated child care centres who have travelled with their families, even if their parents or caregivers are not public sector employees.
The chief medical officer of health is also encouraging individuals, employers and community organizations to limit social gatherings to no more than 150 people to limit spread.
 ? Coming to a Country Near You




People who fully recover from the coronavirus can be left with ’20 to 30%’ less lung function

Posted by Maya @ 17:18 on March 13, 2020  



FYI On APMEX IN RED NOTE: Due to extreme order volumes, please expect a shipping delay of up to 3 business days.

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 16:59 on March 13, 2020  

Captain – I’m with you

Posted by Buygold @ 16:48 on March 13, 2020  

If MUX happens to get as low as $.45, it’s worth buying 20K share for at least a 3 bagger. That’s ridiculously cheap. The 2009 low was around $.70 cents with gold a lot lower and oil higher. Their costs should be falling, other than wages.

So many of these shares are cheap – uber cheap.

We may have a couple of more days of pain before loading the boat, but I do believe the Fed will cut to zero and do QE5, and while the scum will probably hit gold and silver on the announcement, that should be about it.

Crazy shit.

Weird UUP (USD Index Fund)

Posted by Buygold @ 16:39 on March 13, 2020  

UUP after hours showing up 3.4%

Kitco shows the Dollar index up a little over 1%

I wonder if these markets will eventually reflect reality.

If someone has some serious nads they’d be buying JNUG, NUGT, USLV, etc. prior to the Fed announcement on Wednesday. C’mon R640, step up to the plate!

edit: Gold up $10 in the AH…

Buygold @ 15:56

Posted by Captain Hook @ 16:34 on March 13, 2020  

Based on the way the funds were dumping PM stocks today you might be right. A bounce at a minimum is certainly in order.

I am using MUX as my sector signal, where I’ve got it going as low as .45 before it bottoms, so Monday could be interesting.

At some point even the stupid hedge funds will need to start buying again.

Hopefully sooner rather than later.

They are bound to wash out of the PM stock selling soon now based on the way they were panicking today.

GDX down 20% at one point but recovered.

Unfortunately that doesn’t mean a damn thing these days.



Posted by Buygold @ 16:21 on March 13, 2020  

Going in the right direction but still a long way to go although the real action has been in the last two days.


The fact that the DOW was up 2K today IMHO is not a great thing because if the world’s central banks and particularly the Fed doesn’t come out with a strong plan come Sunday night/Monday morning, this SM is going to go right back down.

The news is going to get a lot worse this weekend.

What a joke.

Me Copper and C Hook

Posted by goldielocks @ 15:59 on March 13, 2020  

The bastages bringing it down because if people are forced to sell them they can get them on the cheap. Crooks

the manipulation is beyond sick….1500 dow pts up, or 6.8 %…. in 25 mins…

Posted by Maddog @ 15:58 on March 13, 2020  

PAAS dn 16 % ….INTC up 16 %….

R640, Captain

Posted by Buygold @ 15:56 on March 13, 2020  

R640 – if you liked JNUG at $8, you have to love it down @ $3 right? – Yikes

Captain – I firmly believe despite the bullshit going on right now, which I attribute mostly to the liquidation of GLD and SLV, physical will be the saving grace like you said in a couple of years, although I think we’ll see the beginning of the move next week when rates go to zero and the liquidation of the shares stops.

When the first tranche of my phyzz hits $3K, I’ll pick up a little depressed real estate in a good location.

After that, we’ll see what the reset looks like.


Posted by Maddog @ 15:41 on March 13, 2020  

It is otherwise in neighbouring Taiwan which, at the time of writing, has had a mere 48 cases, although only 81 miles from China and taking in 2.71 million visits from China last year. The WHO first announced the Wuhan outbreak of pneumonia on 31 December. By 5 January, thanks to its Big Data analytics, Taiwan was able to identify on entry all those who had travelled to Wuhan in the previous 14 days and had a fever. It then screened them for 26 viruses, and quarantined them where necessary. It has a pre-existing National Health Command Center and a Central Epidemic Command Center. Thanks to the former, 44 million surgical masks (for a population of 23 million) were available by 20 January, as were 1.9 million of the higher-grade N95 masks.

@Capt Roger That

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 15:32 on March 13, 2020  

The asshole’s spokespersons’ are on TV now, get back to you later. 🙂

Mr.Copper @ 15:14

Posted by Captain Hook @ 15:21 on March 13, 2020  

As discussed previously, this is when the assholes in charge (bankers and bureaucrats) will want to paint a picture of inflation.

This, combined with wrongheaded speculators likely beginning to short gold / silver (because of stocks deflating), is just what the doctor ordered.

As mentioned not long ago … gold and silver will go up when the assholes take their collective finger of the sell button over at Comex — and that time is now.


$1,518 Gold, And $14.18 Silver?? What Is Going On?? This Is Almost Getting Funny

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 15:14 on March 13, 2020  

Reminds me when Gasoline was $4.40 a gallon gasoline and my heating oil was up there too. It was getting so weird it was getting funny before they finally dropped. Silver seems hopeless for a long time. At least Gold is still above $1500, for now.

The falling interest rates and falling metals are signaling de-flation. But, slowing deliveries of imported products should cause shortages and promote higher costs or inflation.  Depending how you define inflation. (increase in money supply?) But it sounds like the Fed has been increasing money supply.

So, if they can’t bring on inflation with increasing money supply, there must be money leaking OUT as fast as they PUMP it in. This is really getting funny now. LOL.  So they are stepping on the gas, pedal to the metal, and the Truck is slowing down anyway?? 🙂

Back in the 1970s the liars kept saying high wages were causing higher prices. So why don’t they “lie” again and say “wages too low, causing lower commodity prices and deflation”??

@Powers That Be.

Register at the tent and ask me for advice. You guys are in a fog and need help.



goldielocks @ 14:29

Posted by Captain Hook @ 15:10 on March 13, 2020  

Ya so it’s a good thing not many American’s have physical. This is a bigger problem for the stock market where 2020 is beginning to look a lot like 1929.


Captain Hook

Posted by goldielocks @ 14:29 on March 13, 2020  

Those who don’t have interrupted income. Those who have interrupted income will need to sell it even if they don’t want to.

Buygold @ 13:06

Posted by Captain Hook @ 13:41 on March 13, 2020  

The physical market is looking much better because the idiot Comex speculators are getting blown out.

Hopefully they won’t come back like in 2011 and physical supply / demand starts setting prices just when those morons finally figure out its the only way to go. This would clear out limited supplies in an afternoon and the rest would be history.

Your physical will be one of the best things you ever did.

You won’t regret it in a year or two.


Buygold–on days like today, I have never seen a bounce off the lows…that said gold seems to be making a series of exhaustion gaps down

Posted by Richard640 @ 13:41 on March 13, 2020  

in all other markets ya get a pretty valid bottom…but in gold ya never know

gold seems totally discredited=when stocks crash it gets sold–on a rebound day like today the selling is even more intense

on the way down the alibi was “ttraders need to get liquid”

todays alibi=dollar strength=the $ is up over a full point



Posted by goldielocks @ 13:30 on March 13, 2020  

No but I’m still getting emails from places who sell it. Esp when it was going up lol


Posted by Buygold @ 13:06 on March 13, 2020  

Has anyone tried to buy physical at today’s prices?

I have enough, so I’m just asking what the phyzz market looks like.

The bottom

Posted by Buygold @ 13:01 on March 13, 2020  

JMHO but the bottom comes when we see a down day in the metals followed by an intraday reversal higher.
The bottom comes when the shares stop going down despite what the metals are doing.

Lastly, IMHO, the bottom comes next week when the Fed goes all in and cuts to zero, then presents QE5.

Will the scum try to prevent it? Yep.

But just like 2009, they won’t be able to, maybe just slow it down.

We’re getting close. JMHO

Very interesting if you haven’t already watched it. Q is right on target most of the time IMO. This one suggests possible assassination attempt.

Posted by silverngold @ 12:57 on March 13, 2020  

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