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Got gold?The already insolvent local and state, budgets now face massive increases in unemployment payouts

Posted by Richard640 @ 23:17 on March 17, 2020  

James Mc …

I still maintain with what’s ALREADY occurred, excluding the tens (hundreds?) of trillions in future helicopter money that if the dots were allowed to get connected gold would be $10k and no offer. Silver $500. The HUI should be over 1,000.

I’ve been talking privately with a few business people and bankers. They are scared sh*tless.  and other Coronavirus expenses at a time when tax collections are practically plummeting to zero. We all agree that debtors are going to run away and hide, and creditors will get killed. The sub- prime auto and housing creditors are screwed. Credit card debt, student loan debt, you name it, they’re all getting ready to go delinquent. The only option to avoid social catastrophe is CTRL-P to infinity.


The Gold Tsunami

Posted by ipso facto @ 18:59 on March 17, 2020  

When the tidal wave comes the ocean recedes before the Big Wave arrives …

After Hours looking Good

Posted by Buygold @ 18:41 on March 17, 2020  
GOLD 03/17/2020 18:35 1546.00 1547.00



1465.00 1554.20
SILVER 03/17/2020 18:35 12.79 12.89



11.99 13.23


Posted by goldielocks @ 17:58 on March 17, 2020  

It’s true from what I know of it and they’re dragging their feet. Not them but everyone else.

Coronavirus update: Australian researchers claim 2 existing drugs could ‘cure’ COVID-19

Posted by Ororeef @ 17:28 on March 17, 2020  

Ill take a GIN & Tonic Please (Tonic Water has Quinine)

  • University of Queensland Centre for Clinical Research director David Paterson said the two drugs, which were used in test tubes, stopped coronavirus in its tracks and a clinical trial on humans was ready to begin
  • One of the two medications is an HIV drug, and the other is an anti-malaria drug called chloroquine, the researchers said

Maddog @ 16:08

Posted by Captain Hook @ 16:45 on March 17, 2020  

You want to watch MUX for the big signal its all systems go in the shares/sector.

Once it makes it back over a buck on NY the short covering will be epic.

I think its the banks/funds attempting to paint a picture in the market shorting it. MUX is highly visible.

If they can’t keep it below a buck so its delisted you know something is up. It was looking like it was going to do exactly that today and somebody came in and pushed it back down. Likely the big short (da boyz) in the trade with a 30% position as of mid month.

Again, I like our odds here.

Bring it on.



Posted by goldielocks @ 16:10 on March 17, 2020  

Good video. If they do maybe we can push back. Instead, like having to take in the excess of immigrants most country’s don’t even want from third world that don’t fit in or assimilate and cause a financial burden on other countries to push for them to control their numbers and not talking about abortions. Because as the numbers grow people move out farther and farther going into more uninhabited areas that also affect the homes of wild life.
To stop the deforestation also driving wildlife out of their homes devastating them. So not unusual nature will strike back. Since were and other industrial countries having less kids it’s them that need to change.
People seen the curve of diseases they’re trying to keep down. They need to show the same curve of overpopulation by these third world countries and how they’ll bury us all with loss of resources, habitat and cause diseases.

5 yr notes down 51 % so far TODAY !!!!!!!!

Posted by Maddog @ 16:08 on March 17, 2020  

That is slaughter…..

If the SM doesn’t recover and Notes stay offered….then only PM’s are left as a safe haven……All bond funds just lost @ 50 % today……..God knows what happened in corperates…or gulp Junk…..

scum hit Au for $ 12 in last 12 mins….

Posted by Maddog @ 16:01 on March 17, 2020  

the game’s the same……

Look at Bonds go….they smell it’s over…or they’ve gone mad.

Posted by Maddog @ 15:11 on March 17, 2020  

Maddog @ 13:49

Posted by Captain Hook @ 14:39 on March 17, 2020  

Exactly…it’s the debt bubble that’s imploding now…and the bankers/bureaucrats are pricking it in their greed to capitalize on this manufactured psy op. (they should call this the Obama Virus)

5000 year record on the Gold / Silver Ratio at a buck thirty and rising.

I like our odds here.


Pan American Silver Announces Temporary Suspension of Operations in Peru Following Government Declared State of Emergency

Posted by ipso facto @ 14:26 on March 17, 2020  

VANCOUVER , March 17, 2020 /CNW/ – Pan American Silver Corp. (PAAS) (PAAS) (“Pan American”) today announced that operations at its four mines in Peru : Shahuindo, La Arena, Huaron and Morococha, are temporarily suspended, in accordance with government-mandated restrictions in response to COVID-19. On March 16, 2020 , the government of Peru declared a National State of Emergency requiring a 15-day national quarantine. Pan American will conduct care and maintenance activities during the suspension to sustain the appropriate safety and environmental systems, and ensure operational readiness when the suspension is lifted. As the situation is dynamic, Pan American is currently unable to determine the impact on our Peruvian operations for 2020


I hope they were selling it all to crimex!

James Corbett exposes the truth among all the lies about the coronavirus fear agenda

Posted by silverngold @ 14:23 on March 17, 2020  

A little rational thinking in a world of fear.



Virus fears fuel spike in sales of guns and ammunition

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 14:07 on March 17, 2020  


 Just as grocery stores have been stripped bare by Americans panicked by coronavirus, guns and ammunition have started flying off the shelves. Retailers say the buying frenzy is being fueled by consumers who are worried that people are becoming so desperate and unpredictable, they need to ensure they can protect themselves.

“It’s been insane,” said Jay Wallace, who owns Adventure Outdoors in Smyrna, Georgia, adding that his ammunition sales are up more than five times the usual numbers. “This is like a Rod Serling ‘Twilight Zone’ episode.”

Sales spiked in a matter of days, industry experts say. Some of the purchases are made by people buying their first firearm. Others are existing gun owners adding to their collection or stocking up on ammunition after seeing grocery stores depleted, schools closed and big events canceled, including the National Rifle Association’s annual meeting.

Also potentially driving the sales are concerns that elected officials may try to restrict access to firearms. A mayor in Illinois recently signed an executive order that would give her the right to ban the sale of guns or ammunition, as did the mayor of New Orleans.


Eeos 8:42

Posted by goldielocks @ 14:02 on March 17, 2020  

Sorry it scared you but true. This isn’t the Spanish flu that did the EXACT same thing. Even in other countries like Canada, put up signs about shelter, closing things down including schools and places with no more than a few people.
Then you can’t trust people like the ones who knew they were exposed and took a cruise to Hawaii.
Spanish flu killed everyone but mostly the young adults and older teens due to mostly cytokine storm and other ages pneumonia. Highly contagious but look back then. No isolation in hospitals, cramped together and visitors were allowed to come and go being exposed getting sick themselves spreading it to their community and family. This one is predominantly as far older people and those with health risk. Otherwise just a cold. They should focus on those at risk and health care workers at risk with general precautions for everyone else including masks but so far not enough to go around. Hospitals are concerned. Our politicians of past allowed too much to be outsourced.
There are a lot of people “ and their children” are in trouble right now with all these places closing down.
The restaurant business is big business and wide spread for instance. They don’t work full time as is because businesses can’t afford health insurance. Probably one third of their income or more is tips and live paycheck to paycheck. If they’re making less than 2000 a month without tips they would probably only get 800 or so on unemployment where in Calif their rent is more than that.
With that sector alike that’s a lot of people and many with kids.
I know a nurse who’s son is a chef in Vegas. Before this last move they cut a day from them and he has a car payment and it’s not like they can get more work.
Sales in other sectors will be hit.
BUT you can go to the store where in some places there lines before they opened.
Those workers are at risk too not to mention shoppers.
If you look at the news especially lefty they are pathetic! Panic, finger pointing, hysterical, or politicalizing. Can you imaging being broken down or stuck somewhere in a disaster with these people yelling, screaming blaming others, totally useless in this situation. Same thing. They just cause stress and interfere with things and affect people’s immune system and blood pressure. Will there be mandatory vaccinations next??? Even though if it worked why would those taking them be worried about it if they didn’t?

Captain Hook

Posted by Maddog @ 13:49 on March 17, 2020  

They’ve only got one play book and it’s all they know….Print, buy bonds, SM, Dollar and smash PM’s….that’s it.

See my other posts…there maybe a cheap and simple cure…if so they have to mop up all this money they have printed …by ….errrrrr ……raising rates….i don’t think so.

There maybe a cure already in existance

Posted by Maddog @ 13:40 on March 17, 2020  

An effective treatment for #Coronavirus #COVID-19 has been found in a common anti-malarial drug

Maddog @ 11:22

Posted by Captain Hook @ 13:35 on March 17, 2020  

With the Gold / Silver Ratio now at 130, the only way to characterize what they are doing to silver now is ‘financial repression’.

Silver investors, producers, benefactors of any kind are being expected to ‘suck it up’ and ‘take it up the butt’ so that all the parasites of the world, with bankers and gov’t bureaucrats at the front of the line, can continue to receive their ‘free stuff’.

Thing is, they are going to lose whether the Gold / Silver Ratio goes to 200 or not.

Mother nature will win in the end no matter.

These morons will never figure that out however.

Can’t produce silver at these prices.


Probably going to need a second wind now that the Crimex is closed

Posted by Buygold @ 13:34 on March 17, 2020  

Kind of a bummer. I thought the paper silver market might have turned the corner.

Profit taking in the shares after a solid run.

For what it is worth an analysis of the virus on the Diamond Princess

Posted by Maddog @ 13:17 on March 17, 2020  

Diamond Princess Mysteries

Note 83 % of the people on board did NOT get it !!!!!!!

Physical price is double the spot price, as is explained in the last half of this skwealthacademy video

Posted by silverngold @ 12:43 on March 17, 2020  

Helicopter money

Posted by deer79 @ 12:29 on March 17, 2020  

Watch Live: White House Wants Checks Sent To Americans Within 2 Weeks, Mnuchin Says

FYI Texas Metals Out Of Stock

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 12:07 on March 17, 2020  

On Gold Eagles.


Note Texas Metals was recommended by our beloved WANKA on 6/5/13, I sure miss him, I guess like we all do.

Well that was fun

Posted by Maddog @ 11:22 on March 17, 2020  

but the scum have the SM running here, so now they will probably try and stop/crush PM’s….can’t have them reacting like this to no limit printing.

When will the bail out my punting ?????/

Bullion DOWN ? STOCKS UP ! Traders Market !

Posted by Ororeef @ 11:05 on March 17, 2020  

SENTIMENT IS CHANGING   Stocks are raising Testosterone levels …Government and FED  Counterfeiting like crazy  ….A Trillion here and  Trillion there before you know it ,it adds up to real money ! Real Money = “Gold, all else is credit JP Morgan)..

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