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A doctor who was jailed and had a gag order and Fauci and big pharmacy behind it.

Posted by goldielocks @ 23:05 on May 6, 2020  

When you have time watch this one before it gets taken down again.
I ordered her book gonna give one to a doctor.
Fauci’s corruption, plagiarism, and cover ups goes way back to HIV.
She’s not anti vaccine she did it for a living, she is for saving lives with them not killing them or putting diseases out there to kill people to force them on you and use it as a weapon of your liberties and freedom. Like it should be.
The laws should be changed so they can’t do what they did to her.
Money power add arrogance corrupts.

I found watching this that Ebola didn’t infect humans till it was brought to a lab.
She said there is not vaccine line for the RNA virus. It’s propaganda and they’re going to kill even more people.

She also mentioned a 100 year old drug that helped autistic kids that gave them a voice.
Bayer and Monsanto blocked it.
You know why so besides taking away their lives but the lives of the parents many times overwhelmed and tied down and can never be normal again so to push harmful drugs down them making money off them again instead of a cure.
How many cures have they silenced?
I looked it up and sure enough it was helping autistic children.

Did you hear Lindsay Graham a RINO is wanting to put Gate on to run the WHO!!!
Are you kidding!!! Somebody should wake Trump up.


Posted by amals @ 21:59 on May 6, 2020  

Mr.  Natural… oh, boy, you’re taking me back…a long time.  And the Furry Freak Brothers.  College days in the early 70’s.

Posted by ipso facto @ 21:14 on May 6, 2020  


Mali’s new mining code sets “stability period” at 20 years

Posted by ipso facto @ 20:34 on May 6, 2020  

Under a new mining code, companies operating in Mali will be protected from fiscal changes for 20 years, down from the previous “stability period” of 30 years, the mines minister said late on Thursday. Mali had previously proposed a 10-year stability period. “We have to consider that the research phase can take at least seven, eight or nine years,” said Mines Minister Lelenta Hawa Baba Bah


Hoping today was a one day event

Posted by Buygold @ 20:27 on May 6, 2020  
GOLD 05/06/2020 20:23 1692.50 1693.50



1680.20 1708.20
SILVER 05/06/2020 20:23 14.96 15.06



14.79 15.32

@Richie re 17:18 should have gold up 500% that’s $8500

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 18:00 on May 6, 2020  

In my opinion? When Gold goes to $5,000 or more the Gov’t itself will announce it and make it happen. That would be to restore HIGH value to each new dollar. A reversal of losing value for 100 years. Its time to restore the value.

When they announce $5500 or $8500, everybody and the brother will be turning in their gold. For new dollars. And those people will be the new wealthy smart leaders of the country. Money is power.

Whoever has the most physical gold to turn in, at that time, will be the new “Bill Gates” or “Warren Buffett” of the USA. Even little people with only 100 0ounces of gold  ($550,000-$850,00) will be happy.

gold RSI is now approaching OVERSOLD.

Posted by Richard640 @ 17:21 on May 6, 2020  

James Mc… 

I can’t imagine them letting gold do anything up to NFP on Friday. How bizarre that in the midst of trillions in emergency spending and an economic crisis like no other the gold RSI is now approaching OVERSOLD.

James Mc tonite in Murphs mkt wrap

Posted by Richard640 @ 17:18 on May 6, 2020  

You couldn’t have a more managed, algo-driven situation. How on earth is this “price discovery”? Whenever I hear talk of gold “prices” they most certainly ignore this OBVIOUS rigging into account. Of course if you follow the Great Guru Bubba you aren’t troubled by any criminality, and gleefully take any of his reco’s, many of which have been dead WRONG btw. As they probably say around the JPM bucket shop, boys will be boys, and algos will be algos. 

If there was any true price discovery going on it would be reflecting headlines like these: 

Comptroller Warns 1 In 5 Jobs Will Evaporate As NYC Faces Biggest Crisis Since Great Depression

Illinois Delays $1.2 Billion Bond Issue. Will It Tap New Fed Bailout Program?

TBAC Sees “Perfect Storm” In Bond Market, Warns Flood In New Debt May Impair “Market Functioning”

“Unprecedented” – Companies Slashed Over 20 Million Jobs In April, ADP

Unimaginable U.S. Jobs Report Takes Center Stage: Eco Week Ahead

These are the headlines of a Fed on the road to $100T of money creation. The most catastrophic economic global event in centuries, if not millennia, should have gold up 500% instead of a mere 10-15%. 

Trading volume in both metals remains miniscule. Gold finished yesterday at 211K, silver at a rock-bottom 35K.

Maddog @ 1638

Posted by Aguila @ 17:08 on May 6, 2020  

They can run on sailboat fuel.

Maddog @ 16:38

Posted by ipso facto @ 16:43 on May 6, 2020  

Maybe they can run their jets on wind power. It’s very windy at 30,000 feet! 🙂


Today’s rocket ship. If I had a crystal ball …

Posted by ipso facto @ 16:41 on May 6, 2020  


There is no helping some people.

Posted by Maddog @ 16:38 on May 6, 2020  

Macron Govt Demands Air France Go Green to Get Bailout Cash


And the plot thickens…

Posted by Captain Hook @ 15:44 on May 6, 2020  

behind the scenes.

This would be the death blow in the unstated / covert war presently being perpetuated on America and Christians…WW666.

Have a nice day.

FLASH DEPRESSION from a BUG?? modern version of FLASH CRASH from a computer?

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 14:52 on May 6, 2020  

This germ situation is far worse that smog. All the countries are polluted. With germs. If you don’t like Smog you can just move. If society in general doesn’t like dirty air in the future they should mandate 1 to 2 acre for residential housing developments, and no more sky scrapers.

There is PLENTY of land to spread out the population. Probably even in Europe. Big cities multi story buildings, imo are barbarous relics. Even 5 acre zoning would be perfect. Why have all that unused wasted land?   People have to make up their mind, what they want. Can’t have both.

I remember years ago TPTB rep, ago Al Gore HATED urban Sprawl they called it. Wanted to keep us on “reservations” to respect animal habitat rights. Even to this day, villages and towns are MINDLESLY promoting denser population in suburbs.

TOD they call it. Transit Oriented Development. Putting up 4 story apartment monstrosities near rail road tracks. To glean more property tax per square mile. So they can pay the middle class cops and teachers etc. While the under class taxpayers are not middle class, so they need more lower paid bodies’ to pay the tax absorbers.

But these days? The US Gov’t itself is not bringing in enough tax money, and the “credit card” is still working.

ipso facto @ 12:06

Posted by Captain Hook @ 13:33 on May 6, 2020  

Yes it’s ridiculous.

The boys in NY will say or do anything to get what they want.


Buygold-I bought 1000 JNUG at 7.90-I had a 1600 profit and I thought gold was good to go..

Posted by Richard640 @ 12:53 on May 6, 2020  

It wasn’t and I sold at 7.91–made a c-note….one scenario I can envision is PMs DON’T bounce today and close near their lows–then have the usual 9:30 to about 10:30 opening plunge–which I buy and hopefully have enuff cushion to take home with me…the report tomorrow-which EVERYONE  knows already comes out and gold rallies…doesn’t really make sense but this is the Kabuki gold is required to make before and on the day of the jobs report…silver is the diagnostic clue that no serious corrction is starting…silver is golds life vest…also of positive note is that the $ has trimmed its gains and is only up a non-lethal .300.

Captain Hook

Posted by ipso facto @ 12:06 on May 6, 2020  

“I thought the ADP was better than expected?”

LoL yep the ADP was only 20.2 million job losses vs the 20.5 million expected. The SM should be flyin! 🙂

R640 – Doing any dipping?

Posted by Buygold @ 11:59 on May 6, 2020  

I put some stink bids on AG and KGC but they haven’t really accommodated.

This selloff in gold might be another one day wonder…

A shaking of the tree…

CHRIS KELLY: Shaking the tree - Opinion - The Times-Tribune

PS 11:25 “Also he was pretty obvious about spoofing for five years, but got away with it “

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 11:53 on May 6, 2020  

After the 2008 financial crisis, and Bernie Madoff getting caught, I posted to everyone that everything was going into reverse mode.


“If you are getting away with something, that you should not be getting away with, because of prior liberal progressive leniency and permissiveness, and unqualified gov’t officials looking the other way, you better stop before you get caught” Mr. Copper 2009.

Plenty of big shots in big places including state gov’t positions in my state have been getting caught doing all kinds of corruption they got away with for DECADES. The liberal global progressive crime family conniver PICNIC is OVER since 2009. They were progressing in the wrong direction. We should all be happy.

Has anybody noticed Gold is holding $1700????? And THEY, the Connivers, aren’t getting away with bashing Gold down anymore? A Conniver: To cooperate secretly in an illegal or wrongful action; to collude:

The past decades, there was too much permissiveness, ahh don’t execute him, he had a troubled childhood. Ahh, who cares if there is too much sex drugs and violence on TV and movies and demasculinized boys shoot up a school yard, just get angry at guns, ahh who cares if Bernie Madoff is running a Ponzi scheme, everybody is happy with the high returns.

Ahh, who care about the US Dollar losing 90% of its original value since the Worlders or globalists took over the US financial system in 1913. Who cares about a $22 trillion national debt, and we add another $4 trillion. Has everybody is happy?  How much longer will “they” the Fed get away with this?

I suspect THEY know the end of the game is near, so they have nothing to lose at this point, so they are going THROTTLE UP, and let what wants to happen, happen. Don’t be surprised to see a whole new brand global financial system, after the “Credit Card” gets frozen.

The $ is coming off its high–every day has been the same pattern–gold down a lot

Posted by Richard640 @ 11:26 on May 6, 2020  


silver–the anchor–barely down or up a bit–gold is trying to base–as it has the oast 3-4 days–before it claws its way back up


Today is the Anniversary Of Flash Crash 2010 part of “The Scum” ??

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 11:25 on May 6, 2020  

In 2015, London-based trader Navinder Singh Sarao was arrested following allegations of market manipulation that resulted in the Flash Crash. According to the charges, Sarao’s trading algorithm executed a number of large selling orders of E-Mini S&P contracts to push the prices down, which ultimately triggered the market crash.

“a cancel if close function, so that an order is canceled if the market gets close.” on software.

Sarao was trading E-mini S&P 500 futures contracts, but he wanted a more convenient way to not trade them, so he e-mailed his FCM (futures commission merchant, i.e. broker) for help automating that. The idea is that he would put in a big order to sell a whole bunch of futures at a price a few ticks higher than the best offer.

So probably he wouldn’t sell any futures, since he wasn’t offering the best price. But he had to keep constantly updating his orders to keep them a few ticks higher than the best offer, to make sure that he didn’t accidentally sell any futures as the market moved. And that’s a bit of a pain, so he programmed an algorithm to do it for him. Though he also seems to have done similar things manually, to support the algorithm’s efforts, or to stave off boredom while the algorithm did its thing.

Guy Trading at Home Caused the Flash Crash

Also he was pretty obvious about spoofing for five years, but got away with it by being rude.
Computers are a big plus, so there is also a minus. The Global Trade Center Buildings were built differently to maintain big open floor plans, a big plus, so there was also a big minus. Vulnerability.


ipso facto @ 10:14

Posted by Captain Hook @ 10:48 on May 6, 2020  

I thought the ADP was better than expected?


This is hopefull

Posted by ipso facto @ 10:16 on May 6, 2020  

Game changer: German scientists find antibodies that BLOCK coronavirus from spreading further


Captain Hook

Posted by ipso facto @ 10:14 on May 6, 2020  

That may be a factor however, watching the market for many years on days which there is a bad employment report it sure seems like 9 out 10 the PMs will be hit.

This is likely the PPT at work. Can’t have an alternative to the dollar can we. No gold market acceleration is allowed.


ipso facto @ 9:13

Posted by Captain Hook @ 9:52 on May 6, 2020  

The reason PMs are falling on this news is idiot ETF specs came in yesterday and bought a shit load of calls and they are about to get sheared.

The machines are at work.

If there were three times as many puts as calls, like the broad stock market ETFs, which is why those futures are up, this would not be happening to PMs.


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