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The Corbett Report/ New World Next Week. This is a really good one. Don’t miss it please!

Posted by silverngold @ 22:43 on May 7, 2020  

@Captain Hook, re your 19:58, “our central planners are far worse than those of the 30’s “

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 22:21 on May 7, 2020  

Yes sir Captain, that’s exactly right. The 1st and 2nd generation Central Planners were definitely a lot smarter. They knew better, that the money would lose value over time, and mandated a high minimum wage, and indexed to inflation.

The 3rd generation central planners, grown up affirmative action baby boomers, all brain washed, are as dumb as a stump, while the financial situation during their influence got far more complicated.

And they understated the inflation rate, neglected to raise the minimum wage accordingly, they got tricked or bribed into Strong dollar policy, Free Trade, NAFTA GATT etc, they busted the labor unions and allowed off shoring of industries. Obviously anti American pro foreign moles we were paying taxes to.

It doesn’t matter anymore. They crashed the “car” its beyond repair, and can’t have another one.


Mr Copper

Posted by goldielocks @ 22:14 on May 7, 2020  

Greed taking hold of the medical system and pharmaceutical manufacturers at the head of it.
States are now dividing over mandatory vaccines. The predominant demo who play communists class war unconstitutionally mandating it giving a free rein to the manufactures and states that still allow exemptions leaving people to weigh the risks. If there is no accountability of course they’ll bribe law makers to mandate them next. People need to get out in numbers to fight this and should be bipartisan.
Theyres talk about a vaccine coming out in Sept the same time they plan on opening schools. Pretty much guess what they’re gonna do to these kids in order to return to school if people don’t take a stand.

Maya 16:31

Posted by goldielocks @ 21:56 on May 7, 2020  

Very good and that’s what I was saying by matching it up with a actual bat. Hope they don’t try to infect one in the process and gets out wiping out who knows what species including them. The level of abuse to living animals in labs is enough reason to shut them down. They have a protest here at UC Davis or about of caged monkeys they’re abusing.

Mr.Copper @ 17:06

Posted by Captain Hook @ 19:58 on May 7, 2020  

It might be a little early, and it could be argued our central planners are far worse than those of the 30’s episode, but if the stock market analog of that crash continues to match the present, any talk of recovery would be looked back on as folly.

Trump is scared to take on Fauci and the medical mafia because he doesn’t want to crash stocks in front of the election.

What he fails to realize is he will lose anyway because Bill Gates will be counting the votes if Fauci locks the economy down again in the fall.

Trump has been pussy footing around with these clowns in spite of their apparent conflicts of interest and treasonous behavior and he (we) will pay for it.


Hawaii Virus Stats

Posted by Maya @ 19:32 on May 7, 2020  

Total cases: 629 (3 newly reported)
Hawai’i County: 74
Honolulu County: 408
Kaua’i County: 21
Maui County: 116†
Pending: 0
Residents diagnosed outside of Hawai‘i: 10
Required Hospitalization: 74‡
Hawaii deaths: 17
Released from Isolation: 565§
Cumulative totals as of 12:00pm, May 7, 2020

Three new cases in Honolulu.

Today begins the Governor’s “Safer at Home” proclamation that eases restrictions on some low-contact businesses.  Crowd gathering functions still prohibited.  Masks required everywhere any face-to-face business happens, even drive-thru windows.

Several hundred tourists still come daily.  Quarantines for 14 days still in effect for incoming visitors.  One newlywed couple arrived, got to the hotel for quarantine, and promptly busted quarantine by getting a pizza and eating it at a closed public park.  They were arrested, cited for a $5,000 fine, and sent back to the mainland the next day.

If we the locals have to endure this… so do you damn inconsiderate tourists!  Our Hawaii virus numbers are low and we want to keep it that way, even if our economy is a shambles.  Hawaii has the highest unemployment rate of any state now.


Posted by commish @ 19:07 on May 7, 2020  

Dear POTUS: a letter from closed America (a video)

Copper – The Spread

Posted by Maya @ 18:24 on May 7, 2020  

This disease is insidious as it spreads early with no symptoms.  Chinese travel all over the world.  Early reports of the disease possibility were as early as Novermber in China. Then it took some time to recognize it as a ‘new disease’ in China.  By then it was probably already spreading for a couple months worldwide with travelers.  And five million Chinese left Wuhan worldwide on holiday before the lockdown began.

Basically… the recognition of a pandemic spread more slowly than the disease itself.  By the time testing became available, the disease was already ‘everywhere’.  Such is the nature of a pandemic.

DR.s office

Posted by Ororeef @ 18:22 on May 7, 2020  

went for usual LAB work..the place was empty ,not a patient in sight…   The building is full of Dr,s ..but all had messages on the doors  ,stay home dont come here if your ill….  ..DONT come to the DR if your ill ?  ,(go to your Politicians office  instead)  …..save your money ,they never cure anything anyway ..just  manage chronic conditions to keep you coming back,now they want to teleconference you so they can keep billing medicare without seeing you ..

They are shooting themselves in the foot ….Its just like NY CUOMO  ingrate bastard ,now he wants to TAX those that went to NY  to help out with a NY TAX on income ….I wouldn’t volunteer to help NY with anything ….no good deed will go unpunished  ….they elected him ..live with it..

@Captain Hook @Buygold @Maya @aufever

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 17:06 on May 7, 2020  

Thanks for the extra input guys. My main $64 question is how did it get all over so many countries at the exact same time, like a terrorist’s event. Was it a group? 20 30 people taking off from the same airport? To various locations? Spray some here and there? Smuggled it aircraft baggage, in hair spray bottles?

I’m very suspicious and can’t help it. I’ve seen to much since JFK got killed. Plus the economy and markets were due for a correction. Was it a “lets get it over with” now situation, so recovery starts sooner? Who knows.

Sometimes from what I hear Trump say about how they are building up the military, it sounds like preparation for a new war coming within a few years. They prepared for WW II after 1934 when they took in all that gold to lever up and make loans. Or just job creation. We’ll have to wait and see.


Posted by aufever @ 16:38 on May 7, 2020  

I also would assume and like to think a whole New Ecomomy is starting to form. We know of small and medium size projects. Perhaps this current situation will accelerate the creation and use of such new markets. And, of course, that means more local production, trade, services, bartering for goods and labor, for so many things.
More like it should be and has been in the past, but enhanced by technology for efficiency, communication, certain services, etc.
Mankind could use this time as a blessing. Improve ourselves, in all ways, including exhibiting more kindness towards fellow humans, and, for some of us, reining in our greed.

Goldi & Copper – Bat Virus

Posted by Maya @ 16:31 on May 7, 2020  

The media narrative keeps trying to blur the facts… obviously with the help of the Chinese, who keep trying to ‘save face’.  Here is what I have learned.

** Bats carry the SARS-type virus.  It is unable to infect humans, though, because it has no ‘attachments’ for human-type cells.

**  The COVID virus was ‘engineered’ with snippets of HIV that replaced the spike-proteins on the virus surface with something that WOULD infect the ACE2 receptors on human cells.  This was called ‘gain of function’ engineering of the virus.

** The ‘gain of function’ engineering is NOT a natural phenomenon and could not happen in the wild.

**  The viral RNA core is basically a SARS infection that is very aggressive due to it’s enhanced ability to infect human cells.  The name COVID-19 refers to the ‘Coroa Virus Disease 2019’.  The virologists refer to the virus itself as Sars-Cov-2… the second SARS virus.

** The virus is mutating in the wild now.  The original strain seems to have infected the West coast US, while the more aggressive Italian/Euro strain infected the East Coast & New York… hence the more severe infections in NY compared to Calif.

**With a mutating coronavirus, a vaccine is IMPOSSIBLE as it will not cover all the strains.

Stick a fork in humanity…. we are all ‘forked’.  Unless you take a 200mcg Selenium supplement daily to prevent the virus from ever infecting your cells.

Watch the media and nations twist and turn to avoid ‘pissing off the Chinese’ with in-your-face accusations of the TRUTH of where and how this virus came to be…. “IT CAME FROM WUHAN”  (Title of a new horror show starring Planet Earth).

Mr. Copper

Posted by Buygold @ 16:17 on May 7, 2020  

Yes, maybe trying to convince myself that nothing has changed?

I guess my thought was that GLD would be up $32.60 and SLV up $.51.

They were up less – surprisingly.

The good news is that we’ve wiped out yesterday’s losses, both in the metals and shares. yesterday was just a one off and a shaking of the tree. We’ll see what tomorrow’s job’s report brings, maybe that action has changed too.

Buygold @ 14:52

Posted by Captain Hook @ 16:08 on May 7, 2020  

Maybe the specs are long calls out the kazoo and that’s holding them back.



Posted by treefrog @ 15:58 on May 7, 2020  

No photo description available.

Mr.Copper @ 15:09

Posted by Captain Hook @ 15:42 on May 7, 2020  

You are on a roll today.

Good on you mate.


Buygold @ 14:52 re your “Still trying to understand the disconnect between spot and the ETF’s.”

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 15:17 on May 7, 2020  

Just try to convince yourself that nothing is the same anymore. What was isn’t what is. Its all a REVERSAL. Everything that was normal before 1900, was gradually changed to abnormal. What ever was abnormal? Fiat currency and cheap gold, was made normal.

Normal to produce domestically? Was changed to Abnormal. This is all so simple if you’ve been watching the “game”. All games have to have an end. There is no such thing as a game that does not end. The system used to be NORMAL gold silver copper unit of account. Then it turned abnormal, Stocks Bonds and Real Estate used as money. The Dollar is only purchasing media.

@Goldilocks, Don’t Worry Anymore

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 15:09 on May 7, 2020  

The national Media is now like social media and telling everybody how screwed up everything is. People will probably stop going to doctors, stop taking drugs and supplements anyway. Many won’t allow vaccinating their babies and themselves after hearing all the crap comes from China.

Air travel?? Public transportation? Gleefully buying foreign made products? Forget about it. Millions of newly informed by Media and observations, with change their ways. Plain and simple.  Many countries will start independent movements, local banking local currency etc. Simply all the opposite of integration, globalization.

All the good and bad things depending on occupations will reverse. For example. You were making a KILLING buying imports and reselling to Americans? Sorry, your going down. That already started.

You were a producer of things? And hardly make any profit? Or you went out of business? Be happy you’ll do better. Was your occupation SUPPORTED by gov’t taxpayers? Real estate? Medical? Airlines? Environment jobs? Solar panels? Check engine light jobs?  Sorry you’re all going down until the dust settles. Farmers who always had problems? They’ll do better.


Mr Copper

Posted by goldielocks @ 15:03 on May 7, 2020  

If there is a COVID 19 virus that can be transmitted to humans by a bat then why did it originate only in one sector in Wuhan since the practice of eating them is spread out through their country? If it’s natural occurring in bats and as contagious as they say why haven’t they seen it before?
I know you realize that but the media doesn’t or didn’t. They also say they want answers and just blame China but when they relay things originated here in labs and brought there then leaked out they don’t want to hear it. What if the truth comes out Fauci and Gates studied of the Coronavirus started here. Who’s going to sue who?

Pretty good day

Posted by Buygold @ 14:52 on May 7, 2020  

Still trying to understand the disconnect between spot and the ETF’s.
Maybe retailers finally understand there is no gold in them.

Will be interesting to see what happens in the last hour, and then tomorrow after the “better than expected” jobs report.

Mr Copper

Posted by goldielocks @ 14:50 on May 7, 2020  

They should be banned but they won’t because it’s another form of warfare now.
Bombs destroy the land and can leave it useless for a 100 years. If it’s banned here it won’t be in other places.
They bring Chinese to work in labs here who I’m wondering if then brought it to China. We can start by disabling the system that lets them profit on it. Also scrutinizing the things they patent. To recent the laws that prevent liability both legally and ability for people to sue them. That includes stopping the ability of withholding medicine. The patents scrutinized of its origin and if natural occurring. Did they ever cross match this Coronavirus to a bat or just a part of it?

Arnold And Big Global Corporations, Just Like The Terminator Robot.

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 14:47 on May 7, 2020  

Mr. Copper 1975:

Listen. And understand. That Global Corporations are out there. They can’t be bargained with. They can’t be reasoned with. They don’t feel pity, or remorse, or fear. And they absolutely will not stop, ever, until your Domestic Economies are dead.

Comment: They died. 🙂

@mruk re your “but you still have to include system, and safety failures!”

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 14:32 on May 7, 2020  

Are in the UK? Anyway, to me its not possible to have a “failure” that suddenly hits all countries at the same time?

Chernobyl was a bad failure, but it only hurt a small section of the world.  So a “failure” in a lab that screwed the world?? Needs to be banned, ban all of them. And right now they should have strip searches of employees leaving every day. And or put the labs on remote islands, and make them all live and stay there.

They should be told to shut down plain and simple who needs them? I’ve seen plenty of healthy and happy wildlife and they never needed or got drugs or vaccines. I’ve seen “surgical strikes” by coalition forces on many things not as dangerous as a bioweapons lab.

I’ve seen bans on ammunition clips over 10 rounds. Bans on Plastic bags, practically a ban on V8 car engines. We simply have too many unqualified people in very high places. But it doesn’t matter anymore anyway. All the collateral damage and bad decisions of the past 75 to 100 years is up front and center. Exposed. And its all naturally trying to right itself. That’s why I keep saying, everything is in REVERSE.

The 100 year offensive disrespect and propaganda and control against gold? It’s OVER, done, obnoxious agenda ran its course, that’s in reverse too. Its time to be happy, nature has started taking its course.




Posted by goldielocks @ 14:27 on May 7, 2020  

Medicine has been around for a long time but things have slowly changed since the pioneers of modern store bought medicine like Fleming and many more who noticing mold he identified penicillin killed the bacteria on his Petri dish.
Now these labs have morphed into biowarfare and for profit by manufacturers with tentacles that expand into other public sectors being compromised and paid off. It reaches all the way to law makers where they can apparently work quid pro quo. One taking our freedoms by tyrants and bribes, one profiting off all the people they made sick.

Nut Jobs, or just plain Nutty

Posted by mruk @ 14:06 on May 7, 2020  

Mr Copper,

I have always been guarded about the presence, or even the need for these labs. They seem to offer the opportunity for all types of malevolent people, or entities ( dark ops , governments, and even pharmaceutical companies ) to raise havoc on mankind, or to create a problem, with a “ supposed “ solution already in hand. When one ponders some of the side stories to this present onslaught of covid, it sure makes a sane person take pause. It sure seems apparent to me these labs genetically modify these natural viruses, for what ends I don’t know, but off the top of my head I can think of more bad reasons, than good ones. All of the a fore mentioned issues are plenty, but you still have to include system, and safety failures!

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