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Cop and special forces vet who stood up for the constitution fired.

Posted by goldielocks @ 21:22 on May 11, 2020  

The brown shirts including the Governor fired him for encouraging other officers to not violate the constitution and extort money from citizens just because someone said so. That they are not committing crimes for letting their kids play on play ground or earning a honest living so what are you even charging them with? They ordered him to take it down and would force him to admit to violating policy’s and he respectfully declined. Policy’s of tyranny? They protect the dirty cops fire the good cops.
Luckily a friend of his wife put go fund me page going a getting a few hundred to a 1000 every 2 minutes. I hope he gets a million just to spite the Governor and administration doing the corrupt bidding. He has three kids.

Hawaii Virus Stats

Posted by Maya @ 19:41 on May 11, 2020  

Total cases: 634 (2 newly reported)
Hawai’i County: 75
Honolulu County: 410
Kaua’i County: 21
Maui County: 117†
Pending: 0
Residents diagnosed outside of Hawai‘i: 11
Required Hospitalization: 81‡
Hawaii deaths: 17
Released from Isolation: 561§
Cumulative totals as of 12:00pm, May 11, 2020

Two new cases in Honolulu.

@Ororeef – Jim Sinclair

Posted by commish @ 19:06 on May 11, 2020  

Everybody should give a watch to the interview. Sinclair at the age of 79 still has his wits about him.  Connecting the virus and the thought of the monetary destruction that was bound to happen.

Update with Jim Sinclair

Posted by Ororeef @ 16:56 on May 11, 2020  

Jim Sinclair https://youtu.be/RDZQoQ61RrY


Posted by goldielocks @ 15:50 on May 11, 2020  

Great to see dad out there teaching the kids. I was the only girl back when they’d let play on the boys little league as a teen but only practice games not official. Only difference than girls softball was they threw faster overhand and so fast it made it harder for me to hit a home run which I was famous for pulling the Babe Ruth telling them where it’s going. The resistance at that speed made it harder to counter when you swung the bat actually. I never told them where it was going either they had enough edge.
He’s teaching the boys just that. To go get it and don’t stop but follow through.

From 2007 Real Estate Crash “Credit Crunch” Joe Six Pack Screwed The Banks and Bond Holders

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 15:43 on May 11, 2020  

Huh? Credit crunch??? Totally wrong terminology, s/b ‘because some Americans stopped paying’ their bills.

The stupid media kept warning us about the huge damage China would cause the US economy if they rotate their reserves away from US bonds, right?

The media said it would be terrible, it would drop the dollar and raise rates, bla bla bla, and ha ha ha, it didn’t happen and here we are with loads of damage.

Here it is, right under our noses, a few of our own US citizens stopped paying their loans, and presto, a calamity unfolds, far worse than China’s threat.

We KNOW it’s a calamity because one of the dumb as stump monetary authorities said they would NOT drop unless there was a calamity and a week later we have a banker caused calamity. Not China. They just poison us and put us out of business. 🙂

Anyway they dropped a half point, because loans can’t be had, and the stock market crashed and the bond market froze up.

The same or worse results as the China threat causing high rates, and a damper on borrowing.

They always redirect the people’s attention to the wrong place.

Nobody said a WORD, not ONE word, not one warning, about a disaster from within the US economy simply because a growing number of the US population is getting poor and can’t pay their bills.

The bankers KNEW the people were poor, that’s why they lowered the loan standards, so unqualified borrowers can get money.

And the real injustice is, lots of the loans were transferred FROM banks to innocent public share buyers.

The Next Good Run?

(Mr.Copper) Aug 19, 19:34

I suspect the stagnant rates were actually acting as rising rates. Bogging us down. They should have never raised them in the first place.

They lowered them to 1.25% to get the “top spinning” real good, and while the top was spinning and gaining some sub prime momentum, they were able to RAISE the rates without the slowing affect because of time lag.

Well last week time caught up to them, and we got a real good hint that the situation has changed or reversed and rates will start dropping again. They’ve got only 5 and 1/4 points to work with now, jerks that they are boxed themselves in. 🙂 So now, the question is, how fast will they drop their pants?

They’ll probably panic again because they waited too long. And the next run will begin. Imo of course.

@SeattleMan @Mr.Holbroke

(Mr.Copper) Aug 19, 19:58

Roger on those responses from last night.

Another thought on the prior post. When those innocent unfortunate people stopped paying on their loans?

What they unwittingly did, TO the Fed, was the exact same thing as raising the rates on the US economy all by themselves, without the Feds blessing or permission.

I can’t stop smiling here. 🙂 Now the fed has to fight the victims’ actions. If this wasn’t a sucker punch, right in the Feds kisser, I don’t know what is.

They are on the defensive and getting punch drunk.


Here’s Another From 2003 SARS Epidemic

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 15:33 on May 11, 2020  

SARS, Another example of misleading terminology.

(Mr.Copper) Apr 08, 21:10

This one wasn’t mine, and I was very surprised to find it in my newsletter.

“Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome” Why “severe acute”? Wouldn’t one of those words do well?

“Acute” might sound too cute, and “severe” doesn’t quite describe how lethal this new virus is.

Viruses are normally named from where they originated, but it would be politically incorrect to call this ”Chinese flu.”

Chinese authorities suppressed information in it for three months.

We don’t like the name SARS, and instead intend to call it “Killer Pneumonia”

I’ll make it one better… “Chinese Killer Pneumonia” CKP Virus

ZH=As U.S. Slides Into Depression, Consumers Have Never Been More Bullish On Stocks

Posted by Richard640 @ 15:26 on May 11, 2020  
Well, Economist David Rosenberg, you should have turned bullish because since April 6 – when you tweeted this and when consumer expectations for higher stock prices hit a record high for the first time  – stocks are up 18%!
Of course, since everything is now batshit insane thanks to the Fed, and designed to make trading so easy, 5 year old children can literally outperform hedge funds, this was precisely what we warned would happen one month ago:
Oh David, “since when” do you still think that anything you observe in this economy or market, both stuffed to the gills with trillions and trillions in freshly printed fiatscoes, matters or makes sense. And to answer your question: bear markets end when the Fed says so, and proceeds to do to stocks what it did to IG bonds – and start buying directly. 
Continuing our address to the bearish bond strategist, we also said “David, you may want to reasses your nothing can beat deflation thesis. Albert Edwards already has, and has said farewell to his “great ice age” thesis that defined his work for the past 30 years.” Also read Paul Tudor Jones’ latest letter which laid it out best: “We are witnessing the Great Monetary Inflation (GMI)—an unprecedented expansion of every form of money unlike anything the developed world has ever seen.”
We ended our rhetorical address to Rosenberg by asking “how long it will take you to realize that we now live in a time of helicopter money and that markets – by any definition  – no longer exist, and what comes next it a tsunami of debt and money much of which will finally make its way, kicking and screaming into the broader economy.”
Ironically, what this career economist, reformed bear (who can forget the brief period in Rosie’s career when he turned bullish in his early years at Gluskin Sheff before returning to his bearish roots) and widely-respected bond strategist still can’t grasp is by now all too clear to every Joe and Jane Sixpack on mainstreet, that the only thing that matters is this:

How About An Old Post From 2003???

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 15:25 on May 11, 2020  

Anybody notice how they make things sound better on the news?

“Lots of money on the side-lines” How about, lots of DEBT on the sidelines?

Another one, “double dip” are they trying to remind us of an ice cream cone, while talking about a bad economy?

How about “sub prime loans” instead of risky-dead beat loans. Why is the word ‘prime’ there? To remind us of steak?

Even the word “inflation” to make it sound like something is getting bigger instead of saying the dollar getting smaller.

I would love to meet the people who are paid to come up with miss-leading terminology. Why don’t they speak English?


@CNBC, Why don’t you guys speak English

(Mr.Copper) Oct 27, 12:29

I’m starting a collection of evasive, miss leading, ridiculous, sugar coated, terminology heard on the media.

If you guys can think of any others, please let me know.

#1 “double dip”

#2 “stealth bull market”

#3 “non-performing” (loans.)

#4 “sub-prime” (borrowers.)

#5 “accounting irregularities”

#6 “creative financing”

#7 “cook the books”

#8 “corporate shenanigans”

#9 “pro-forma earnings”

#10 “market-disconnect”

#11 “pre-rally decline”

#12 “negative growth”

#13 “negative outlays”

#14 “growth recession”

#15 “Paralysis by analysis”

#16 “chapter 11” (s/b xyz corp, is not paying their bills is better)

#17 “relief rally” (s/b dead cat bounce)

#18 “economic soft spot” New 11/14/02 posted

#18 “Waning optimism”   New 3/4/03

How about a little baseball …Grandson Asst.Coach at Rice U and two Great Grandsons

Posted by Ororeef @ 15:19 on May 11, 2020  

Baseball (PRO) kids https://www.instagram.com/tv/B_5ceRkg7Sa/?igshid=1ce2wt0xlita3

Those kids look good !

Thanks Captain

Posted by Buygold @ 15:14 on May 11, 2020  

Funny how libtards even have a certain look about them. Kudos.


The Brown Shirts are coming…

Posted by Captain Hook @ 14:42 on May 11, 2020  

this guy even looks like a libtard.

Run for the hills…they are coming for us.

This would be funny if these idiots weren’t so stupid.

It was pretty clear

Posted by Buygold @ 14:20 on May 11, 2020  

HUI 290 was going to be a challenge. That level goes back a ways so the scum will defend it for awhile.

Jackie Chan’s 525 will have to wait

Richard640 @ 12:18

Posted by ipso facto @ 14:11 on May 11, 2020  

I’m with you Rich. I don’t have 11 more years to wait either.

I have an idea that things are going bigly our way in the next two or three years. With the debasement of the dollar in progress I don’t think $5K gold in 3 years would be unreasonable.



Posted by Maddog @ 14:11 on May 11, 2020  

Call me paranoid..but I reckon that the scum hit any PM stock that has the major news that day, to make it look bad…as it seems whenever a Co announces anything, it gets hit, almost never bid.

HL got smashed for 10 % the other day on news and the next day it was back up 6 % or os with the mkt strong.


Posted by treefrog @ 13:32 on May 11, 2020  

silver standard down by 7%  the market didn’t like the merger.


The coming Robin Hood Economy

Posted by Ororeef @ 13:05 on May 11, 2020  

Interest rates will go negative because in order to stop Inflation during the printing of money that we have now,they will crash the economy .If they must print, then economy must crash to prevent inflation.Savers have no where to turn when the Government turns on them .No interest on your money.

Savers and debt free citizenry do not always obey …Bonds and stocks benefit ,zero interest boosts Bond prices,printing money boosts Stocks prices..

The victim here are those that did the RIGHT thing,they stayed out of debt saved their money .The Government has become Robin Hood .Inflation leads to a Government collapse as happened in Germany and the rise of a Dictator .Depression our experience shows KEEPS Government intact and thats why Government chooses Deflation ,it protects their interest.Massive un employment  requires massive printing of money.The more they print the more negative Rates will get ..Rob from the Rich ,give to the Poor so Government  can stay intact. Without interest income savers must turn to Gold as rates go Negative, staying in cash does not look like a safe thing to do.  .Purchasing power goes down while in cash. at worst Government confiscates Bank accounts and leaves you with they think you need to survive as they did in Greece. Public support for Government handouts will rise and Government will steal from those that have in order for Government to survive .


Ipso–what did gold have?? A $200 rally and it took 6-8 weeks?? Bitcoin moves $200 in 5 minutes

Posted by Richard640 @ 12:18 on May 11, 2020  

It took gold 11 yrs–2000 to 2011 to move from 250 to 1900…brother, I dunno about you…but I don’t have 11 years more to waste watching this stagger, lurch, two steps forward three backward Keystone Cops crap betwixt the PPT and the gold bulls…

All I have to say about today is … Ouch!

Posted by ipso facto @ 12:09 on May 11, 2020  

Stocks may be setting up to retest the lows FINALLY…since the bottom, the major indexes

Posted by Richard640 @ 9:51 on May 11, 2020  

have not been able to print red…giving the impression of being bullet proof…just like the lead up to the March crash when stocks were ignoring all bad news…especially the coming C-virus….just before the crash started–back then and like now….there began to be days that had some red…

The only problem with the retest of the lows theory is that if the stock mkt crashes again and doesn’t come back right away, then democrats may sweep the november rlection and america will literally change forever to a vicious communist state with the likes of the Nazi-like, insane Chicago mayor and Ocasio-Cortez types running everything…them a military coup would probably take place–thank god–with martial law imposed until sanity returned

Buyers around for metal…but scum leaning hard on shares

Posted by Maddog @ 9:47 on May 11, 2020  

crimex premium back out to @ $ 5 in Gold…

scum are determined to see off any share buying…..

Australia working towards becoming top gold producer – report

Posted by ipso facto @ 9:46 on May 11, 2020  

Australia-focused market analyst Resources Monitor issued a short report stating that the island country is bound to overtake China in 2021 as the world’s largest gold producer.

According to Resources Monitor, Australia’s role as a cost-effective producer is giving it the advantage it needs to take the leading position.

Australia working towards becoming top gold producer – report


Posted by ipso facto @ 8:37 on May 11, 2020  

I’ve changed your email. See if this fixes the problem.


BHP-backed SolGold agrees funding of up to $150 mln from Franco-Nevada

Posted by ipso facto @ 8:23 on May 11, 2020  


SSR buys Alacer Gold

Posted by ipso facto @ 8:17 on May 11, 2020  

SSR Mining and Alacer Gold Announce At-Market Merger of Equals to Create a Free Cash Flow Focused, Diversified Gold Producer


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