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Richard / Mr Copper

Posted by goldielocks @ 23:17 on May 18, 2020  

Was just paraphrasing Armstrong’s last sentence. Right now I’m more worried about people’s last low. It’s all correlated it seems. We got some people on the left beating the war drums to the people on the dole. They’re gonna blame Trump instead of their own state and legislators. Now they’re trying to drag more into it with these shut downs even though they don’t want to be there. They don’t want to be mixed into the same pot of poverty grateful for what the system doles out. Now some of these people aren’t even going to have jobs to go back to. The ones on the dole aren’t gonna care about that or can’t cuz they got to worry about their own cut backs due to their own states mismanagement. They’re not gonna care about jobs or the kind of people in Gov that can save them like Trump from getting ripped off by places like China. The problem is their too brainwashed to know or admit where it’s coming from and will be “ told to blame Trump” or how they might be part of the problem because they vote for their own interest then get what they vote for. They don’t get that there is no money if there is no economy to support it. That in there end there will be no social system just socialism.

Don’t underestimate them trying to eliminate cash next.

They are buying treasuries tonight–the 10 yr note is up 13/64ths

Posted by Richard640 @ 22:29 on May 18, 2020  


Goldi…I just read your analysis…I got dizzy…LOL

Posted by Richard640 @ 22:24 on May 18, 2020  

goldielocks @ 15:40 Re Your “Grand Plan, Eliminate Cash, and planned slavery”

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 21:17 on May 18, 2020  

I doubt they can ever be able to eliminate cash. Its needed for small transactions, buying a used car, and auctions etc. And don’t have to worry about hacking. As for planned slavery? Maybe that already happened. Since Henry Fords day, one worker per family was the normal thing.

Now, most families need two slaves or bread winners to support themselves and the bloated gov’ts tax pigs. TPTB have hit a BRICK wall. General wages of taxpayers are too low. There will never be three spouses for bread winners. They can’t get blood from a stone.

Besides that, slaves need support, just like before 1850. TPTB and their taxpayers can’t afford to support too many slaves.  I still think the grand plan has to be go back to basics.

Does anyone notice something about these closing prices of JNUG ?

Posted by Alex Valdor @ 20:39 on May 18, 2020  

May 6….. $79.97

May 8….. $86.68

May 18…. $97.79

Is someone telling us “We can control the price to the penny . Get over it ! ” ?

drb2 @ 17:11

Posted by Captain Hook @ 19:48 on May 18, 2020  

That’s a different discussion.

You are right the public and majority of institutions still need to buy.

I was referring to existing participants.


No New Cases today!

Posted by Maya @ 19:21 on May 18, 2020  

Total cases: 640 (0 newly reported)
Hawai’i County: 77
Honolulu County: 415
Kaua’i County: 21
Maui County: 117†
Pending: 0
Residents diagnosed outside of Hawai‘i: 10
Required Hospitalization: 82‡
Hawaii deaths: 17
Released from Isolation: 574§
Cumulative totals as of 12:00pm, May 18, 2020

No New Cases!


Posted by goldielocks @ 19:20 on May 18, 2020  

This statement is more clear.But then will there be another low closing below that low lol But heck watch the charts and news too.
If Gold exceeds today’s high, then it could move up into Thursday, else Thursday could be a low closing below the lows of today.

There is no reason to guess

Posted by Samb @ 17:58 on May 18, 2020  

Anyone with any semblance of decent indicators will determine that this Gold uptrend is still in force. You shouldn’d need to search out the multitude of false Guru’s for claritude. $Gold is still NOT overbought….PERIOD.

$Hui is finally at a point where it now could be vulnerable to an Int. trend change but, dig down just a bit and you can see some of the smoothest charts not yet overbought. FTN and USERX as examples.

Probably more then a full month to go up yet.

Hi Capt. Hook RE: your 12:24 “everybody is long PMs — unlike stocks “

Posted by drb2 @ 17:11 on May 18, 2020  

Re: your 12:24 “You need shorts to get short covering.  Except the bankers — everybody is long PMs — unlike stocks (hence the squeeze today).


When you say “everybody is long PMs — unlike stocks” who are you referring to? the General Public? ….or Professional Traders?

Personally, of all my friends and acquaintances, NOBODY I know has ANY appreciable amount of PMs and ZERO mining stocks.  But they ALL are loaded to the hilt with FANG stocks – and have absolute rock solid faith that the markets will come back to life and beyond.  They could give a fig about the Fed flooding the market with $$ – figuring that the money will go to the FANG stocks.

So far they have been right.  Me – not so much.

I appreciate your posts btw.




Captain–just got this from a savvy friend–I like the 1929 factoid…

Posted by Richard640 @ 17:11 on May 18, 2020  

Lots of excitement regarding a possible vaccine.

But judging from that Dow 1929 chart it looks like they were also optimistic for 5 months after the crash until reality set in.

Captain…honey…dearie…thank you soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much!

Posted by Richard640 @ 17:02 on May 18, 2020  

Dammit! U are a genius! Seriously!!!! Great insight…that will give me the cajones to short an opening surge–where–if we get it–risk might be manageable and reward worthwhile…

Don’t know about the guru’s

Posted by Buygold @ 16:54 on May 18, 2020  

but I’m betting on a turnaround Tuesday in Gold. They threw a lot at pm’s today and didn’t get much in return.
They did it on the day the USD got hammered. PM shares didn’t perform that badly, although I would have hoped the HUI would have done better. That’s par for the course with pm’s though, support never holds.

I’ll take this as a minor setback, as usual, no clue what set the SM on fire. Same old stuff.

President Trump just announced he’s taking Hydroxy

Posted by Ororeef @ 16:45 on May 18, 2020  

as a preventative  ….Dont know what to make of THAT  !!!

Richard640 @ 16:08

Posted by Captain Hook @ 16:22 on May 18, 2020  

The tick extreme would have greater bullish implications at the bottom of a range (like ’32 and ’82) than the top. It just means traders got caught flat footed today by the Fed’s panic inducing intervention.

So you might be right, not that stocks will necessarily roll over for a test of the lows right away either.

Lots of shorts got squeezed out today, so a down move tomorrow would not be surprising.


Thanks Goldi–so on any opening surge in stocks maybe I’ll buy some QID and hope for a hard reversal–but that

Posted by Richard640 @ 16:08 on May 18, 2020  

historic tick bizness is a worry…but we are in a brand new world, so maybe historic precdent no longer has any predictive power…


Posted by goldielocks @ 15:46 on May 18, 2020  

Your guess as is good as mine, that’s what it sounds like. Could be high in gold followed by high in stocks next day. Seem to remember some panic happening on the 20 th.

Mr Copper

Posted by goldielocks @ 15:40 on May 18, 2020  

It appears one of their grand plans is to turn currency into invisible money by eliminating cash. Planned slavery.

does anyone have a clue what he is predicting for the stock mkt. when he writes=

Posted by Richard640 @ 15:38 on May 18, 2020  

“Today may be “the” high for the bounce in gold with stock markets showing perhaps tomorrow.”–does he mean stocks make a high tomorrow then fall?  Typical newsletter crypto-speech so that he will always be right.

Panic Cycles


Keep in mind that a Panic Cycle is NORMALLYsomething that takes out the previous session HIGH and LOW. Sometimes, it can be just a big move in one direction. But that does not appear to be the case for this week. This suggests that caution is advisable.

Avoiding the sell signal in the Dow on Friday and electing a buy signal in gold, warned that a bounce was in order. Remember that we are not yet at that place where the general shift will take place when people suddenly wake up and see this coronavirus for the nonsense it has been created to divert our attention. This remains a major assault of a coalition of Climate Change & Socialists pushing for digital currencies and a major default in Sovereign Debt Crisis cleverly being pitched behind the curtain. This is the Monetary Crisis Cycle on Steroids.

Today may be “the” high for the bounce in gold with stock markets showing perhaps tomorrow. If Gold exceeds today’s high, then it could move up into Thursday, else Thursday could be a low closing below the lows of today.

@Richey re 14:01 Armstrong Says “They will not allow people to turn to gold to defeat their grand plan”

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 14:30 on May 18, 2020  

What is the “grand plan”? Does he know what the grand plan is? If anything their Grand Plan started in 1913, and had trouble and needed fixings various times since. 1934, 1945, 1964, 1971, 1981, on and on so many problems.

So my view is the grand plan ended with the crisis in 2007-8. If ANYTHING? The Central planners will turn to gold. Probably they already started stock piling Gold, and its THEM driving the prices higher. And probably them buying the dips they cause.

Eventually they need to start a new system, take in all the Gold they can get and re-back the US Dollar to Gold. Sort of like the “start over” in 1934 for WW II spending. But they won’t out law it to take it in this time, they’ll make the Official Gov’t price so high, that people who want to, will be HAPPY to turn it in at $5-$10K per ounce. All scrap jewelry and coins etc.

Then the bozo bankers can leverage it all up and start the next WW III arms race game with China?

My good buddy, Matin Armstrong, was talking last week and Sunday about a “panic cycle” of high

Posted by Richard640 @ 14:01 on May 18, 2020  

volatility–he didn’t mean just for gold…but gold would have to deal with it…so far, he’s been right…and the vol surge was to the upside in the stock mkt…assuming he’s right… could things get real crazy and stocks gve it all up tomorrow…and negate the historic tick surge?? Remember we don’t have normal mkts anymore and anything could happen…just sayin..

Marty writes=

Gold is facing a Panic Cycle this week which will begin a period of high volatility into June. We have closed with the highest weekly settlement so far for this rally. We see technical resistance at 1768 level and system resistance at the 1799-1805 level.  Gold is starting to show that there is a great concern for the monetary system’s survival. I have previously warned that a summer high as possible going into May with a pullback into June/July. The next high period of volatility will be Jan/Feb 2021. A May close above this 1755 level will point to a June High at minimum. We still show the 2nd quarter as the high or at least the highest quarterly closing. Keep in mind we are doing battle with a Socialist coalition. They will not allow people to turn to gold to defeat their grand plan. There remains the risk of pushing gold underground into a black-market.


They are not your buds!

Posted by ipso facto @ 13:54 on May 18, 2020  

China slaps an 80 per cent tariff on drought-affected Australian exporters starting TODAY as brutal punishment for push for COVID-19 inquiry – just hours after saying it’ll support inquiry when pandemic is over


nice visuals

Posted by treefrog @ 13:53 on May 18, 2020  

a double barreled buy signal–one was generated in 1932 and the S&P rose 48.7% in one months time

Posted by Richard640 @ 13:08 on May 18, 2020  

NYSE Tick highest ever this morning–is this like 1982-? A Marty Zweig double barreled buying signal? [aka=Zweig breadth thrust signal.]

Powell’s promise to the American people that there is a “lot more [the Fed] can do”, coupled with his ‘explanation’ that the Fed “prints money digitally”, alongside the news that a tiny coronavirus vaccine trial showed promise, was enough to unleash the biggest buying panic in history this morning, when according to the NYSE TICK index, a record 2,049 stocks saw positive ticks moments after the open, the highest print on record; it was this buying scramble that may have knocked out online retail brokers such as Robin Hood and Etrade in the first hour of trading.


Zweig said a super advance/decline ratio and a super a super bullish FED indicator comprise a double barreled buy signal–one was generated in 1932 and the S&P rose 48.7% in one months time


Zweig article

P.S.=I almost forgot…who needs gold when all is well with the world?

Posted by Richard640 @ 12:35 on May 18, 2020  

The future’s so bright I need shades…

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