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Posted by goldielocks @ 13:44 on May 22, 2020  

They never learn. What is being side tracked by the political welfare give me hand out left and their quest for power and rigging elections is the cause and effect of this virus.
Where is the accountability to the abuse of humans concerning wildlife.

Natures Karma. If they left the Wild life alone we wouldn’t be having this problem.
Animals love their children feel emotions, feel pain.
Yet China that has more people than resources are invading the jungle and killing off wildlife. Even domestic Pets.
They need to give them a option to make another source of living. They can’t just cut them off expecting change but making change give them a better way of living as well as protecting wildlife.
This political beating of chest has totally got off track of the disease one of many coming from China that will compound to other lands like aids Ebola from Africa for the same reasons. Then throw in corruption vaccines for profit ignoring cures and bioweapons to compound the problems even more.

Life will go on until the next outbreak people will just use it for themselves again instead of addressing the problem. There’s no money in it for them to stop the problem but sell you something maybe.
History repeats because the nature of many never changes.

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Post by the Golden Rule. Oasis not responsible for content/accuracy of posts. DYODD.