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IMPACT Silver Announces Q1 Financial & Production Results, Earns EBITDA of $0.5 Million on $3.4 Million Revenue

Posted by ipso facto @ 20:23 on May 25, 2020  


Greg Mannarino on the markets

Posted by silverngold @ 13:06 on May 25, 2020  

Its always about the Money

Posted by Ororeef @ 11:40 on May 25, 2020  

Hydroxy is Generic and the drug industry wants more money ,they need something THEY can Patent.

The same happened to me I was taking Allopurinol for Gout ,now the Heart DR. tells me stop taking that…OK what if I get a Gout attack which I havent had since taking Allpourinol ?..Allopurinol costs $4.00 for thirty day supply..  Another DR.”suggested” Uloric ” it was “NEW”  well it costs $96.00 per month and NOW I hear it causes Heart attacks .I said NO THANKS..!  The drug industry controls the Media when it comes to Drugs.Just look at all the TV ADS for Drugs…that say “ASK your DR” after they disclose all the “side effects that may KILL you  ! You ask your DR. and what does he say..”YOU want it ? you can have it ”  ..anything ..they all get kick backs of some sort .Its a corrupt system sadly in need of reform.  NOW they’re ALL Drug Pushers ..! The DR’s have been corrupted too..

Meet Bill Gates, Part 4, by master researcher James Corbett. This video ties it all together. Please watch it and pass it on to everyone. It exposes the entire agenda of what we and the world are currently going through.

Posted by silverngold @ 11:28 on May 25, 2020  

And Formerly Reliable Technical Indicators Are Giving Anomalous Readings

Posted by Richard640 @ 10:44 on May 25, 2020  


TRIN, aka Arms Index, has departed radically from historical performance.

One interpretation is that stocks are preparing for a larger degree secular bear turn and recent action has been merely preparatory.

Another possible interpretation is that the mechanics of the stock market have been broken by Federal Reserve intervention.

Many other formerly reliable indicators are similarly performing anomalously during and since the 2020 crash.

One way or the other, something is broken under the hood and technical indicators are reflecting that shift.

Captain-it’s possible that hedging has become inconsequential–excessive hedging or not–stocks keep going up

Posted by Richard640 @ 10:43 on May 25, 2020  

Richard640 @ 10:24

Posted by Captain Hook @ 10:40 on May 25, 2020  

The thing that will keep stocks elevated is the hedging.

The machines will continue to punish the consensus.

That’s their job.

And the consensus is a retest of the lows is coming.

So they are loaded with negative bets.

Once they stop this speculating, then, and only then, will stocks drop.

This is what fueled the rally from 2009 to 2019 — and now.

This is why this bounce in stocks will likely last longer than anybody is imagining.

Of course if Trump starts WWIII (whatever you want to call it), which he might do depending on how desperate he gets, things could change.

This is not as unlikely as it may first appear.

Have a nice day.

Captain–what’s the point of hedging when central banks will not allow any sustained drop? The SPY is explicitly managed by the FED

Posted by Richard640 @ 10:24 on May 25, 2020  
what’s the point of hedging when central banks will not allow any sustained drop?
In other words, if something eventually does happen to the FAAMGs – and Goldman is on the record warning that sooner or later there will be a painful repricing of these stocks that now account for 21% of the S&P’s market cap – the entire hedge fund industry will blow up.
And speaking of hedge fund performance, it will come as a shock to nobody that according to the HFR equity hedge fund index, the S&P500 and the broadest tracker of equity hedge fund performance are virtually neck and neck YTD, with the one highlight that one doesn’t pay 2 and 20 to buy the SPY, which as we have repeatedly pointed out over the years, is now explicitly micromanaged by the Federal Reserve itself, once again begging the question: what’s the point of hedging when central banks will not allow any sustained drop?


Captain–I think u may be right…if so then that guarantees-a justified IMO-military coup-enuff is too much!!

Posted by Richard640 @ 10:04 on May 25, 2020  

the repubs=namby-pamby mitch mcConnell + Lindsey Anderson…useless…pelosi-schumer–nadler–schiff 10th degree down and dirty street fighters…anything goes…jeff sessions is the paradigmatic republican

Maddog @ 3:13

Posted by Captain Hook @ 9:25 on May 25, 2020  

Trump will never win now.

The corona hoax green lighted mail in ballots in at least half the states so far so he will never win.

This is why the libtards can prance around like nothing matters because it doesn’t.

They took the house in 2018 because they were prepared and they are more prepared this year.

It got away from them in 20216.

That will never happen again.

Have a nice day.

Memorial Day

Posted by commish @ 6:46 on May 25, 2020  


Mass burial at sea on the USS Intrepid in 1944 following a kamikaze attack.


Posted by goldielocks @ 4:25 on May 25, 2020  

The body builder.
Sometimes, many times it’s their own immune system that kills you of not recognized and treated.
Do you remember when Fauci told Trump it wasn’t contagious from person to person. Then wanted a lock down and started to criticize Trump about it. It was his own deception. 
Fauci had a apparent Ponzi scheme going on during HIV. They call him the Bernie Madoff of HIV. Thin skinned and petulant. He was redirecting everything to the NIH. He took credit or other science work including the cancer institute who drew money away from them to the NIH that turned into billions.
He was wrong on the cause and didn’t want to be exposed. He was getting money after money for AIDS and finding out he was wrong would of ruined it for him and can’t have contaminated vaccines getting out.,
It was a virus but the wrong virus. 
However will it ever come out how that virus transferred to humans. 
Merkowits and another found with mouse virus. 
I was pretty sure it was a monkey virus. 
It came about in the US when they were giving vaccines to gay men in NY and San Fran for Hep B trials. Remember when think it was Fauci himself said” and was wrong again” only gay men,  prostitutes and drug addicts could get it. Why is that? 
Same time chronic fatigue syndrome , fibromyalgia and other things including cancers was becoming a epidemic. 
The two were linked but with another virus. Fauci was given prestige over the one virus and couldn’t be wrong.
If she was wrong why did they wipe the computers clean and get rid of her notes and her? Why did they put someone with her pretending to be her friend to make sure they knew were all the notes were and “ kept them for her” for sake keeping only to hand them over to them?
They threw the people and children with CFS under the bus. Adding insult to injury called it all in their head. They threw the aids victims under the bus too that could of led them to a better direction. Maybe even a vaccine.
Now again redirecting everything to the NIH from martial law the kind of medicine you take again no new learning they will discredit that with their group think and what they’re going to profit on including vaccines. They blindly during HIV let this little monster grow.
Trumps going to open up the economy while they continue their ever ending brain washing and blame shifting, not mandate vaccines and no certificates. What blue states do is what I worry about.


Posted by goldielocks @ 3:43 on May 25, 2020  

I haven’t looked up what Obummer was doing but probably taking anything was part of it. It was so sad to see that little girl think she was 7 little blond girl get murdered in a park there by a immigrant woman cutting her throat while she was riding her bike at the park. So much crime and they all say the same thing they have mental problems. But they let them in. Saw something kinda funny how France was redirecting immigrant boats from Africa to England but England didn’t think it was funny. Why don’t they just close the borders send them back? Merkel? Let Merkel take them then.
That’s a Rothschild move. He did that here in the early 1900s. He’d get a bunch of people from different countries poor uneducated give them jobs. He figured they have different cultures different languages he thought wrong. Colorado massacre was a example of a camp uprising when they drew fire on the coal miners they were taking advantage of.
Looks like they are trying to do the same again but now using religion and against the citizens this time to implement their nwo order of slaves.

I have no idea why they use zoom other than it’s not their money they’re spending it’s ours so why should they care. That’s their MO then wonder how they’re gonna pay for it.

Gold Train

Posted by Maya @ 3:38 on May 25, 2020  


Sneaky ‘Daylight’



Posted by Maya @ 3:22 on May 25, 2020  

It’s not just ‘over 65’ that get it badly.  That bodybuilder nurse was only 43.  Some people have better immune systems than others.

But you are right… this is mostly a ‘manufactured’ crisis.  A good excuse to flush the damaged economic system… and never let a good crisis go to waste, eh… ?  I’m personally less worried about catching the virus (and I’m 67) than the depression and ‘controls’ that will follow.


Posted by Maddog @ 3:13 on May 25, 2020  

Re Obummer and Merkel

He is probably scouting somewhere to run to when the Donald gets re-elected and maybe Kenya has told him they don’t want such trash in the country and he has seen how Merkel will take in anything.


Posted by Maddog @ 3:09 on May 25, 2020  

Yr right Bat Clap is v bad if u get it badly, but it seems unless u are over 65, the chance of getting it is v small….the million dollar question, is why do some get it and not the vast majority.

and then we have all the political games going on, mixed with GAtes and the Vaccine crowd and their plans for worldwide vaccination passports…meanwhile vast numbers are being sent to the poor house……never seen anything so crazy.


Posted by Maddog @ 3:00 on May 25, 2020  

Re Zoom

That valuation is insane, there are other Co’s that offer the exact same except, u don’t have to register and u can be on as long as u like and it is all free….they are out of the ‘open source’ world.

Just search up on Duckduckgo for linux video chat …most will work on any operating system.

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