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Posted by ipso facto @ 23:55 on May 27, 2020  

Wesdome Delivers Independent Positive Preliminary Economic Assessment at the Kiena Complex in Val d’Or, Quebec; After Tax IRR of 102%


The Naz is wobbling pretty badly tonight-down 39 pts as I write-the VXX saw

Posted by Richard640 @ 23:53 on May 27, 2020  

3544 calls purchased for the june 19th $35 strike today at $245 a piece

The Hang Seng index is down 1.80% and the Nikkei doesn’t give a damm-it’s up 420 pts–coincidentally, my good buddy Rick Ackerman wrote about the Naz 100 tonight=

Bears’ Last Chance to Take a Shot?

Bears eager to get short near the top of the stock market’s inexplicable rampage could have just one chance left before shares blast off for infinity and beyond. This is the clear implication of the chart included with my latest forecast for the Nasdaq 100 (see below). Last Thursday, the E-Mini Nasdaq futures peaked almost precisely at a long-term Hidden Pivot resistance located in a place that has been known to show magical stopping power. The futures sold off nearly 400 points after touching it, but they recouped more than half of it Wednesday, showing no sign of fatigue at the bell. The 9604 high last week could conceivably mark the end of the vertical rally since March 23. However, if the June contract closes above the 9585  pivot for two consecutive bars on the weekly chart, that would make a run-up to 10,571 an odds-on bet. That is a little more than 9% above the all-time high at  9763 recorded in February, and it would make this spring’s sensational running of the bulls even more inexplicable.


@goldilocks, re your “Same state that are broke wanting money from the more predominant conservative states.

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 22:11 on May 27, 2020  

And your: “Some states that are broke wanting money from the more predominant conservative states.”


I take a bigger global view. Some countries that are broke wanting money from the more predominant conservative countries.  Like the USA. And on account of that? We had good states that turned into poor states and being a burden on richer states, that didn’t get impoverished YET.

The wealth drain away from the USA was not uniform and equal in every state county or town. Like body rot on a car. It started in wealthy car manufacturing “smoke stack rust belt states,” vulnerable, because they had something of value to lose and transfer from the have country USA to the many various have not countries.

Obviously, the gov’t and bankers are giving away money to Americans because they must feel guilty and obligated because they created too many tax payers that are “just getting by” and allowed the wealth transfer trend to go on too long.

This is all simple arithmetic to me, and I don’t understand why none of my observations and views are in financial media. Not even Rush Limbach,  Gerald Celente, James Sinclair, Zero Hedge, James Dines, etc etc etc.

Are they are all blind, and don’t see or notice a socialist type global economy. The whole world is kind of like a big global Europe. There are signs of countries that got negatively effected want OUT of the global commune, starting with UK, Brexit and hopefully the USA will get legs drop out too.

All pockets of independence like Cuba, Iran, N. Korea, Venezuela, and even the poor Branch Davidians, have been frowned upon.


Mr Copper

Posted by goldielocks @ 18:23 on May 27, 2020  

It seems that way.The higher number would be tax dependent people except the tax dependent gov workers in progressive open borders states. Same state that are broke wanting money from the more predominant conservative states. Isn’t that a coincidence. How’s all that progressive working out for them? Their broke! Where did the money go? Hey I’d their gonna be broke everyone should go down with them seems their mantra otherwise your racist homophonic misogynistic bigot.
I don’t know if you’ve ever seen a minority based hospital but it’s a place you don’t want to land in nor put your relatives less you hate them and even them you’d have to hate them pretty bad.
I had this lawyer friend of Jewish persuasion years ago who been around there and said it’s in Washington DC too. He said if he ever had a car accident in certain areas there he would tell the paramedic to leave him in the street. At the time I’m thinking you gotta be kidding me. After a time I could understand what he was talking about.
That nurse who came from another state to help who they kept deleting tried to get it out. I guess she learned the hard way.


Posted by goldielocks @ 17:54 on May 27, 2020  

There all over the place. Seems less you in a lab and testing people including clotting issues and factors you’ll never know. They “ the WHO” don’t want autopsy’s so why?
Rumor has is Italy did and found blood clots and bacteria not virus. That Hydroxychloroquine for inflammation causing clots antibiotics and aspirin “ to help prevent clotting helped. A lot of unanswered questions.
If a person clotting esp hospital they’re gonna use other medicine and monitor them. Low does aspirin like baby aspirin not used to treat serious clotting maybe a preventative. Then there risks going the other way.
It’s the corona known to cause abnormal heart rhythms that can lead to clots.

The After-Effects continue…

Posted by Maya @ 16:55 on May 27, 2020  

Lets review what is known about this virus.  The viral core RNA is a Bat-derived SARS virus that by itself cannot infect humans.  The virus was ‘engineered’ by splicing DNA snippets of HIV that give the spike proteins the ability to bind to human cells and infect them.  This viral change does not happen naturally.  It was lab-engineered. But the political hacks and Media are afraid to run with this well documented story for fear of offending the Chinese CCP.
I have wondered what else we will find with the HIV adaptation and after-effects of those who ‘recover’ from the COVID19 virus.  Now comes disturbing news that the coronavirus uses the same strategy as HIV to evade and cripple the immune system, a Chinese study had found.  The coronavirus effectively eliminates surface proteins on infected cells that would tell killer T-cells that “this cell is infected”.  Thus the coronavirus ‘hides’ infected cells from the immune system, just like HIV does.
There is also an A-P article this morning about doctors finding ‘recovered’ patients having unusual amounts of small blood clots, causing strokes and heart attacks.  One doctor said this was the most aggressive clot-producing disease he has ever seen.  (AP article by Lindsey Tanner).
So now we are seeing the long-term damage this virus causes.  It is the gift that keeps on giving.  The best course of action is to NOT CATCH THIS VIRUS

@Captain Hook @Richie re The Everything Bubble, My two Cents?

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 16:52 on May 27, 2020  

Dead Cat Bounce situation. Nobody can away with taking losses,or hits like that and be whole again in a few months? Not seen in my lifetime.  The SnP etc was rolling over all thru 2015 and into 2016, a tired bull running since early March 2009.

As soon as Trump started campaigning he and the Fed together created a lot of unreliable psychological confidence and optimism in the economy. and as far as I’m concerned, the 2015 psychology is returning, and no more financial bullets left. Their low interest rate, lower tax tools, and helicopter tools are played out.

Just look at the chart. Does it look healthy? Not to me, big warning signs. I see three big hits that got ignored.  signs


P.S. SPY Chart. Look at the HIGH volume bars during the blow off top. Then look at the recent psychological rally as volume dwindles. I’m no chart pro, but higher price with little volume looks risky. Just a few die hard over confident players.


Or the Fed??? Buying?? SELL TO THEM. LOL. Let them buy the tops. Bon Apatite.

Richard640 @ 16:02

Posted by Captain Hook @ 16:23 on May 27, 2020  

A “bull market” needs to have proper fundamentals behind it.

This is just ‘rank manipulation’ fueled by cheap credit (buybacks etc.).

Just announced S&P earnings saw record decline and Beige Book cautious.

Must mean more free money for the billionaires to pump up their stocks.


It’s probably irrelevant-what isn’t re: what moves stocks?–but bonds aren’t buying the rally…

Posted by Richard640 @ 16:02 on May 27, 2020  


The 10 yr note is still upp 11/64ths…

airline index up 3.34%…S&P leaves the 3000 line in the dust…go figure-Simon Malls up 6.15%…it’s insane…

No. it’s not Dummy…it’s a run away bull market…get used to it…

re The Hitler Virus, Is What COVID-19 Should Be Called, Because That’s What It Looks Like

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 15:40 on May 27, 2020  

Awful strange coincidence?


“Even before this pandemic, we have known that low-income, nonwhite, non-English speaking, disabled, some LGBTQ populations, have disproportionate burdens of illnesses like diabetes and hypertension and heart failure, (“PLUS they forgot the Elderly)

said Dr. Carol Horowitz, the director of Mount Sinai’s new Institute of Health Equity Research. “Now COVID is hitting those populations the hardest, right? And so we really need to think about why these disparities exist.”

Medical experts said people with underlying health issues — called comorbidities — could be more vulnerable to COVID-19’s ill effects.

Health Department data has shown blacks and Latinos in New York State and New York City have died from COVID-19, the disease caused by the coronavirus, at rates higher than their shares of the population. On Long Island, blacks have died from the virus at a higher rate than their share of the population, though Latinos have not.


Note: I noticed in the daily paper here, every day they are featuring some of the victims, and most are 85 to 98 years old, (died from complications from the virus?) and really should not be counted as victims. It just provides much higher numbers and a lot more unneeded fear.  Unless that what TPTB want, a little extra fear.

And or, the hospitals get paid more for virus cases and “blend” them in. Fudge the numbers. I have a sneaky feeling, rather I have reasons to believe, thru experience, the Medical sector has been failing like the retail sector since Obamacare started. I picked a lot of medical people’s brains after early 2014.

They are BOTH over built. “Ohh all the baby boomers are getting old” bla bla bla. We have walk-ins all over the place. Its all over done. Like the Oil sector, and airlines after 9/11.


Posted by treefrog @ 14:20 on May 27, 2020  

Image may contain: 1 person, text that says 'COVID-19 FACTS OF LIFE Remember these and live 1. The virus can travel 6' but not 6'1" or greater. 2. It can live all surfaces, except those boxes shipped from Amazon. 3. It cannot live in Target, Walmart, Home Depot, or any grocery store. 4. It is only deadly in bars, restaurants, small businesses, hair salons, and especially churches. 5. It cannot live on your food as long as you get your food "to go."'

Three Month Dollar and Gold Charts, Look Strangely Similar

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 14:12 on May 27, 2020  

Below, Gold: Up in march, then choppy lateral, and today bouncing off prior support area.


Below, Dollar Index: Up in march, then choppy lateral, and today bouncing off prior support area.


Does this abnormality mean we have to love and support the dopey/dollar that normally provides dopey/prices?

Or is this another major reversal of the past? And now BOTH dollars and Gold are the most important hedges for the future? Think about it. In a DEFLATION, dopey/dollars will gain value against purchases. And with higher Gold prices, you can always convert gold coins for cash. To purchase cheaper things, like HOUSES and CARS. 🙂

In around 1980, you could cash in a $1,000 face value bag of junk silver coins, and buy a house. Houses were cheap with 18% AR,Mortgages, and Silver got very high after 1971 as the de-pegged US Dollar had questionable value. And the dumb as a stump Fed Head Paul Volker, raised the prime rate to 21% to make people sell everything, get dollars, and buy 5 year CD bank deposits.

The CLIMBING prices of the 1970s was called inflation, (increase in money supply) but in reality the higher rates were deflation. (contraction of money supply as money was deposited OUT of circulation) and far less to no borrowing for cars and houses with such high rates.

The increase in money supply 1934 to 1971 (end of low rates and high borrowing/spending) caused the climbing prices in the 1970s, that the Fed was fighting against, by sucking money OUT as the old inflation results were showing up in the 1970s.

You won’t see this type of view and opinion above in ANY Financial Media. They either don’t want to educate anybody? Or they are just ignorant and not observant.


GLD just printed green

Posted by Buygold @ 13:37 on May 27, 2020  

Shares still look like crap though.

That gives me pause…

FYI: Drdgold DRD, Ex Div Date Coming Up, Pays 3.1%

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 12:55 on May 27, 2020  

Other miners that pay Divs?



CDC ……. unspeakable

Posted by aufever @ 12:52 on May 27, 2020  

The CDC Slashed The COVID-19 Fatality Rate To A Fraction Of Earlier Estimate Used To Justify Lockdowns

Now, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has released new estimates suggesting that the real fatality rate is around 0.26 percent.


Morning Buygold

Posted by ipso facto @ 12:24 on May 27, 2020  

Yes nice to see a little green in the PM shares. We’ve been beaten down a bit since our recent high … so maybe we’re due for a decent day. Almost hilarious how the SM teeters and totters according to the daily vaccine news.

Investors Intelligence today=II Bullz 50.5 Bearz 23.8

Posted by Richard640 @ 12:08 on May 27, 2020  

SLV popped green

Posted by Buygold @ 12:05 on May 27, 2020  

Don’t see turnaround’s like that very often.

Scum is still being especially brutal on the shares though.

Morning Ipso

Posted by Buygold @ 10:33 on May 27, 2020  

Hate to be positive on an otherwise ugly day, but I’m seeing little specs of green here and there.

SLV is trying to go positive after being down $.25

Dippers coming in?

I wonder what the grades are like?

Posted by ipso facto @ 10:11 on May 27, 2020  

Quaterra’s Groundhog prospect in Alaska may be similar to massive Pebble project – report

Quaterra Resources (TSXV: QTA) published a report that, according to the company, supports its assessment of the Groundhog prospect in Alaska as a possible copper-gold porphyry system hosting mineralization similar to that in Northern Dynasty’s (TSX: NDM) massive Pebble project.

Groundhog is located some 300 kilometres southwest of Anchorage. It is a 54,880-acre property that covers the northern extension of a 10-kilometre wide north-northeast trending structural zone that hosts a number of porphyry copper-gold prospects, including the Pebble project, which is approximately five kilometres south of the Groundhog claim boundary.

Quaterra’s Groundhog prospect in Alaska may be similar to massive Pebble project – report

Seems to be a little blood in the streets today.

Posted by ipso facto @ 9:48 on May 27, 2020  

No kidding

Posted by Buygold @ 9:45 on May 27, 2020  

Gold Hammered Lower On Heavy Volume. Chinese Yuan Slammed

Something is going on behind the scenes

Not too shabby … Mako Mining

Posted by ipso facto @ 9:41 on May 27, 2020  

Infill Drilling at San Albino Complete, Highlighted by Intercepts of 69.99 g/t Gold Over 1.8 Meters and 47.89 g/t Gold Over 2.6 Meters; MDA Hired to Update 43-101 Resource Estimate at San Albino in Q3


Death drop at the open

Posted by Buygold @ 9:39 on May 27, 2020  

The scum be shaking the tree pretty hard this am

We’ll see if that buyer shows up at $1700

The NAZ is down 20 pts-that’s almost 100 pts off its pre-mkt. high-this is the 2nd day of

Posted by Richard640 @ 9:23 on May 27, 2020  

the NAZ’s solo reversal. Is this the “wobble” a top displays before spinning off its axis…or is this just another bearish divergence that will get negated by am ocean of liquidity??

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