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Maddog @ 19:50 and eeos and others. Here’s my theory FWIW

Posted by silverngold @ 23:47 on May 28, 2020  

If you got a flu shot last year you are a prime candidate for getting a bad case of COVID19. It appears that almost all the serious cases and deaths have had the flu shot last year or in the recent past. Italy is a prime example. They all received a new vaccine last year and had a tremendous COVID19 death rate among their elderly.  Also that would explain why the death rate is so high in nursing homes. I believe all residents in nursing homes are required to get annual flu vaccines…..and that is where the majority of deaths have occurred. In Canada that rate is 81% of covid deaths are from nursing homes. All FWIW!

Covid-19 Comorbidities

Posted by silver rider @ 22:45 on May 28, 2020  

If you are black, obese, diabetic, have renal issues, then you are very high risk.  You have a lot of these in the New Orleans area.  In talking to doctors, they are perplexed as to why some people get it and others don’t.  This implies that maybe this virus is genetically targeted.


Posted by silver rider @ 22:38 on May 28, 2020  

All advances in HBOT treatments will probably come from Europe, especially Sweden.  They have entire ICUs that are hyperbaric.  All studies in US with HBOT will be quashed.  Too cheap and effective.  Reduces post op complications and hospital stays.  Can’t have that – it reduces revenue.  Again, I want to scream.   What needs to happen in US is to abolish Certificate of Need requiments (CON),  and abolish stark laws.  That would encourage niche clinics that actually employ cost effective treatments.

Mr Copper

Posted by goldielocks @ 22:28 on May 28, 2020  

Just wanted to add that your right about some people just do what they want and live long. But gotta think too the likely don’t or didn’t have any underlying health issues or inherited any or take drugs that could harm them. Plus many have higher metabolism rates. Generally thinner people who just burn it up.
I remember this very old patient who was tiny in height and weight came sat down in the nurses station and would start questioning me like teacher. I gotta hand it to her she remembered her French better than me then.
Family came in and there she was and got a kick out of that. They told me that “ you know in those days women born late 1800s or early 1900s were strong robust women a sort of status symbol” the doctors didn’t think this slender woman would live very long. Well she out lived all of them including the doctors.

Covid-19 treatments

Posted by silver rider @ 22:24 on May 28, 2020  

This business about them saying that there are no treatments is bull dung.  They may not have FDA approved clinical trials but hydroxychloroquine z pack and zinc sulfate works.  What also works is hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT).  You can take a patient that is drowning, struggling for air,  55 respiration rate, O2 sat below 60 and blue and put them in a hyperbaric chamber bring it up to 2 atm of 100% O2 and they will have immediate relief.  They will pink up, quit struggling for air, O2 sat will be up at least in the mid 90’s.  Keep them there for 90 minutes.  Effects will last for 4 hours.  Subsequent treatments at 1.6 atm pressure for 90 minutes.  It takes no more than 6 treatments.  You don’t have the damage that you get from ventilators.  Of course it is not FDA approved.  No DRG.  Can’t get the $35,000 reimbursement that you get with ventilators.  Will there be any clinical trials using HBOT?  Probably not.  It is too cheap.  O2 cost per treatment – $5.   Oh and the FDA approved treatment for those blood clots that y’all have been talking about – HBOT.  We have administrators that are effectively determining treatments based upon DRGs.  Our “healthcare system” is killing people in multiple ways.   I want to scream.

Maya 15:18

Posted by goldielocks @ 22:18 on May 28, 2020  

These people with lung damage. We they on vents? We’re they allowed to go a long time without being treated for a inflammation in their lungs?
Another thing is the longer your exposed to inflammation the more chance of lung damage and nodules that can occur from it that them have to be watched.

Mr Copper

Posted by goldielocks @ 22:08 on May 28, 2020  

It does matter what you eat. Long time ago people didn’t have as much toxin exposure as they have today in air water and food and radiation except those exposed in WW11 including tests here. You go to someplace like the Himalayas they have a cleaner diet eat little meat, do get calcium and air and live longer and healthier plus active. However the people who went their to figure out why they lived longer as some rumored to be 160 yrs old and many active 120 yr olds introduced them to processed foods and sugar. Now their getting illnesses they didn’t get before. What a trade. They also have less stress due to political mismanagement. As we know mismanagement is noting but a made up con game put on the public for some outcome that they never get right to get people who don’t question it to go along with them.

We have people who went on macrobiotic diets who were cured. Even some pets. Vita C a good antidote for tumors in dogs for instance. Older people had remedies they don’t use today. Corn silk tea for instance cured a man’s kidney that the doctor wanted to remove.
If you get to many what they call empty calories .. little nutrition or none cuz it’s cooked out like French fries..,it turns to fat. That’s why you can be malnourished and overweight while others just eat more than their burning off or something going on with their metabolism. That’s why as people get older and not as active as when younger they don’t need all the calories and should be more particular to the kind of calories most the time anyways. Probably good to take supplements like D if they get sum any more.
Hot dogs are okay if you don’t have high blood pressure but I’m sure that’s not all of the diet they’re getting.

There could be something in the 5 G but what about the fact one gets it another doesn’t in the same place or places that don’t have it.

What really gets me is they want to make a vaccine on a said virus they don’t understand nor even know or say they don’t the origin. Nor want to stop the behavior of the cause to prevent another outbreaks. Just how much vaccines do they plan on injecting people with over time or the consequences to their immune system and bodies own ability to maintain homeostasis and heal itself.
Then get around the first and 4 th Amendment to do it. What are they going to do next? Use it as a president to barge in your home without due process and signed warrant and track you on your phone.
Buygold s brother probably lived because he got treated for the COVID. I know another case didn’t get treated with the Hydroxychloroquine regiment and died. His brother is in shock understandably.He was in Florida. One older person died here at the hospital. They went from don’t need masks to they they’ll give you one and if you go in your net with a guy with the thermometer and questionnaire.


Posted by Maddog @ 19:50 on May 28, 2020  

Let’s hope yr friends wife is ok….it really is a bizarre bug, the way that some get it with very bad symptoms and other have no symptoms at all…so far they are nowhere near working out why.

Hawaii Virus Stats from HDOH

Posted by Maya @ 18:44 on May 28, 2020  

Total cases: 647 (3 newly reported)
Hawai’i County: 82
Honolulu County: 417
Kaua’i County: 20
Maui County: 118†
Pending: 0
Residents diagnosed outside of Hawai‘i: 10
Required Hospitalization: 83‡
Hawaii deaths: 17
Released from Isolation: 604§
Cumulative totals as of 12:00pm, May 28, 2020

Three new cases in Honolulu.  Still festering.

Here Comes Internet Regulation

Posted by Maya @ 18:43 on May 28, 2020  

Here comes Internet Regulation. Twitter made a fatal mistake in tagging a “Fact Check” on a presidential tweet. Now the headline reads:
White House Plans To Empower FCC To Regulate American Social Media Giants

Sagacious ZH readers comment=

Posted by Richard640 @ 18:22 on May 28, 2020  
FAANG bubble is nonsense on stilts. Embrace the coming crash. —I like this truth-teller.I’m kinda spoiled after seeing those 2000 point drops a day in the markets. It kinda hard to top that
False inflated “index” numbers supported by printers running overtime at the FED.  What could possibly go wrong??
It all works until it doesnt. Stocks can be pumped on massive injections of QE until the injections contain no value no matter the amount. The more we monetize the higher the likelyhood that more of the monetized notes will be lost from their control and really speed up velocity. Then it will be game over until they come up with an enirely different set of ponzis.
QE is like a parent that goes out and BUYS a trophy to put on their fat, lazy loser kid’s shelf.  They think “well maybe if they FEEL like a winner they’ll go to practice and try harder and maybe even win”.


It used to be that the hard work and good decisions came first, then the stock price would rise.  Now, the Fed prints the whole market up to all time highs with the HOPE that people will “feel rich and prosperous” and will backfill the economic activity to justify stock prices… eventually.
It all works until it doesnt. Stocks can be pumped on massive injections of QE until the injections contain no value no matter the amount. The more we monetize the higher the likelyhood that more of the monetized notes will be lost from their control and really speed up velocity. Then it will be game over until they come up with an enirely different set of ponzis.
Institutional money managers keep getting money in from wage deduction and matching programs and from fools who let ‘advisors’ place their savings for them.  The managers haven’t a clue what to do with it, so they keep dumping it where they tell each other it’s safe (i.e. FAANGS).  But it will end in tears.
You are going to get slaughtered. Again!
QE Infinity bro!!
not this time, the financial systen is collapsing
Besides 40 million unemployed, worst metrics since the Great Depression and additional $3-5 trillion in theft (that we know of), yeah very close – straight the fuggng up!
CNBC just published another bullshit, they saw strong economy rebound-
Has CNBS installed a laugh track yet?

Poof..Too often at the height of a bubble, liquidity is used as an explanation.

Posted by Richard640 @ 17:39 on May 28, 2020  

The Last Time Albert Edwards Saw “Nonsense” Like This Was 2008: This Is How It Ended

POOF! THERE GOES LIQUIDITY=In conclusion, and going back to the “tsunami of liquidity” theme that made this all possible, Edwards ends where he started with a quote from his Global Strategy Weekly from 2008 when the market thought EM and commodities had decoupled from the RoW. This is what he said on 5 June 2008,
Too often at the height of a bubble, liquidity is used as an explanation. This is voodoo strategy. Much of the ‘liquidity’ that supports markets at the height of a bubble is merely investors leveraging up on the back of long-established price momentum trades (often in cyclical risk assets). And even as the fundamentals deteriorate, investors keep borrowing and investing. But like Wile E. Coyote in the Road Runner cartoons, reality eventually catches up and the ocean of liquidity evaporates overnight until the next cycle. Poof!”


My wife’s close friend had Covid and it’s serious

Posted by eeos @ 16:05 on May 28, 2020  

She was sick with a 102-degree temperature for 7 weeks and had Covid toes too. She didn’t get tested but I believe her when she says there’s a 99% chance she had it. There’s alot of variants we’re dealing with too. Her doctors told her don’t even call unless you have a temperature over 103. Yikes

I could listen to Ray talk for days

Posted by eeos @ 15:43 on May 28, 2020  

Stawks getting a tad wobbly..”they” always push it to the limit…just like before the March crash when

Posted by Richard640 @ 15:41 on May 28, 2020  

the gosh-dang market seemed bullet proof…Naaaah! This little flutter down is nothing…I wouldn’t even be mentioning it cept for the fact that seeing the indexes red for 3 or 4 minutes is as rare as the Dodo bird…

The Virus gift just keeps on giving

Posted by Maya @ 15:18 on May 28, 2020  

‘Thousands’ of Dutch COVID-19 survivors likely have permanent lung damage according to top pulmonologist.



@goldilocks re health matters, foods, cures, preventative options, its all too complicated

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 14:38 on May 28, 2020  

I think we are basically “maintenance free” and stop listening to what “they say” because we don’t know who they are, and they have gotten everybody too paranoid  worried and concerned about their health.

If “they” told us, 5 hours of sleep is fine, don’t worry, do you know how much MONEY big business and big pharma would LOSE on “Unisom”, and other over the counter, and prescription sleep aids???

A doctor once told me it doesn’t really matter what you eat, the body converts it to what it needs. Think about all the people that live past 100 years old. Do you think they worry and care about their HEALTH??

No. Betty White I heard LOVES hot dogs and eats loads of them. My friends father got very old, loves and eats LOADS of eggs. I saw 3 dozen on his front seat and asked Fred about all the eggs. A sonogram lady told me similar stories and people that worry the MOST, and study the most about health, die early. Like my wife did.

My wife was like you, and knew everything, and I disagreed with her, and worried about her, re the need and use of organic foods, vitamins, supplements, essential oils, etc etc. Mind and body are connected. And a persons mental state is responsible for health matters in many cases. You name it. Back pain, acid reflux, ulcers, itching, and cancer too, if you worry about it enough, you will give it to yourself.

Just watch Forensic Files, and look for the ones where the spouse puts small amounts or arsenic ot anti freeze in the spouses food. It takes a long time to kill them. I’ve heard lots of stories to come to conclusions over my life time.

Just yesterday my 81 year old brother has good insurance. He’s concerned about a lump in his kidney and a lump in his arm pit. Dr. #1 says we have to do biopsies. Foreign Dr #2 says…”As we grow older, we get all kinds of lumps, I can remove, but why not just wait and watch?”

My brother says “I like you” 🙂 If the damn cancer is going to kill you after five years anyway?  Why treat it and suffer with the treatment for the next 5 years? I know a childhood friend that worked in a Dr office, she knew she had lung cancer, did nothing for many years, until it got to her brain. Then it caused her to start falling. Then they started treating it as a last resort to no avail.

P.S. Note: “We always get what we try to resist” James Dines 1979 when I read it. Which reminds me.

I was floored one day decades ago, when a very liberal white couple we knew, had two teen age daughters, and said to us. “We always told the kids, not to be prejudice, the blacks and other minorities people are just as good as the white people. But we never told them, not to bring them home”.

They told us this because that’s what happened, and they were disappointed, and concerned about their daughters future well being. Because many times those type husbands don’t make as much money and end up leaving the wife and kids. One was from El Salvador. He right away went back there.

Well, the latest, Barbara and Joe I heard now have the full grown minority grandkids still living with them, and the daughters are gone I don’t know where. New husbands I think.

Mr Copper

Posted by goldielocks @ 14:01 on May 28, 2020  

Rumor has it the CIA is involved with propaganda with the msm like CNBC.
The way their acting it looks like these so called experts winging it. No don’t this then do this no don’t.latest was surfaces won’t infect you it’s low then backtracked.
Another thing is poorer neighborhoods need to learn more about heath care and diet. Also what street drugs can do to their body besides their brain but kidneys and liver.
When I worked on call at the jail there were a lot of minorities with a history of drugs on dialysis.
Also since Food more expensive poor tend to eat more affordable higher in starch and GMO less nutrient food that can lead to lower immune system diabetes and other health problems. It’s possible to be over weight and malnourished. That saying they use call themselves thick like it’s a good thing so to speak and not just a little it NOT good and a bad influence on the young. We’re not talking about grandma or grandpa.
Blacks have more tendency for high blood pressure because of their skin and retaining salt. It may serve a purpose It dessert like conditions or low salt but has blood pressure side effects.
Then back to these poorer area hospitals and were seeing more and more of them on tv as family is putting cameras on their rooms of the long term. That and incompetence. That nurse gave a plethora of examples that patients weren’t dying of COVID but incompetent nursing care and vents. Even a doctor came out concerned about not giving the forest treatments and they transferee him.
If these people don’t know anything they aren’t going to know what’s killing them.
The fact when your really sick you need a advocate even if you do know something because your out of it so to speak. They have no one to watch out or advocate for them because no ones allowed around them making it even worse.

Thanks Ipso, knew it was too good to be true.

Posted by Warren @ 13:43 on May 28, 2020  

Now I have less shares to appreciate as they move higher. Not to mention they are now harder to come by for a little crapper like me.


Posted by goldielocks @ 13:25 on May 28, 2020  

It seems like the NIH and WHO don’t want the doctors to find out what’s causing it thus hard to treat if they don’t know what their treating and to increase the death rate. They’re giving aspirin to children with it which is rare under the circumstances because the of the risk of Ryes. I’m wondering how many of these children were vaccinated prior to getting a immune response when exposed.
If people are going to take it don’t mix it with other blood thinners.
Rumor has it Italy is giving it out as well as the Hydroxychloroquine regiment.


Posted by ipso facto @ 13:19 on May 28, 2020  

Sprott Inc. Announces Share Consolidation and Application to List on New York Stock Exchange


Good to see them list on the NYSE

This time its different. Printing presses go B-r-r-r-r-r. Markets go up up up. Tech indicators are meaningless.

Posted by Richard640 @ 13:18 on May 28, 2020  

FED money printing and SNB buying will ensure there will not be a historic top, but a long slow grind higher.

The Technocracy is now in the rulership position.  This indicator is meaningless on its own.  It’s likely to break higher, signaling the birth of the New Technocracy.  Capitalism and markets are dead.

goldielocks @ 0:00 Agreed, good stuff, thanks for the comeback.

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 13:18 on May 28, 2020  

macroman3 @ 0:05 re your regurgitating Horowitz and Sinai agitprop.

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 13:05 on May 28, 2020  

I don’t understand. What are you trying to say or imply? Re me Richie and maddog? C’mon, spit it out. Have no fear. Get it off your chest. I’d appreciate (and enjoy) a better longer explanation.

Sprott – what am I missing?

Posted by Warren @ 13:05 on May 28, 2020  

None of y’all are mentioning it. Globeinvestor.com and my bank brokerage account are both calling it at upwards of 37 bucks Cdn. up 33 and change from yesterday. Over 900 per cent as of this morning. Did they do a reverse split? don’t see any news.

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