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Cesspool Truck Story Circa 2005

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 21:42 on May 30, 2020  

Scrapmen 19:41 re Jobs.

(Mr.Copper) May 23, 21:39

Scrapman, your story about the employee on the forklift that did something stupid, reminded me of a story that was told to me.

My son’s friend Harold is over one night. He’s big strong and built like a bulldozer. Lifts weights all the time, mid 30’s age.

His father used to work for a plumbing company, pumping out cesspools, so Harold knew something about it, and after exaggerating his knowledge, he gets a job pumping cesspools.

He was very new on the job when they sent him to a fancy multi story office complex to pump out the pool. It was a big one.

Anyway, he sticks that big fat hose into the “stuff”, turns on the pump, and nothing is getting sucked up, stuff is too dense, so he goes full throttle on the pump and the suction is still not enough.

So he radios back to the office, tells them he’s having a problem, and he thinks they should send someone else with more experience.

The boss says….”It’s no problem. Just reverse the pump. Put some of the “stuff” that’s already in the truck, into the pool to soften it up, dilute it a little, jiggle the hose around, and THEN you can suck it out.

So Harold has the hose draped into the pool, and he’s near the truck, throws the pump into reverse, and he knew right away he made a mistake by the sound of the pump as it reversed, at full throttle.

He glances out towards the pool, about 50 feet away, and what does he see? The damn hose he said, came completely out of the pool, like a big fat snake, pointing into the air, and was whipping back and forth, and spewing nasty smelly “stuff” all over the place.

He panics, runs over, tackles the hose like he’s playing football, and manages to get it back into the pool, but he hasn’t got any more strength, and has to let it go.

Back up into the air again, throwing stuff all over the place. People are yelling at him out the windows. They’re cursing at him. The stuff is going all over everybody’s cars, and is four inches deep in the parking lot.

Can you imagine this? What about all the fresh air intakes on the cars. So he finally shuts down the pump. He was covered head to toe in stuff. It was even in the back of his hooded sweatshirt.

He removed all his clothing except his shorts, and drove back to the office. He told the boss. “You don’t have to fire me, I’ll quit.” 🙂


PS on the job story about Harold “The Landlord”

(Mr.Copper) May 23, 22:05

Geez I hope I don’t get in trouble about this. So anyway, I tell this story to Tommy the “body guy. (He’s the best auto body mechanic, looks like Willie Nelson, pig tail and all, neat guy, know him for decades)

He can’t stop laughing, and it reminds him of a story to tell me.

He used to rent a big huge three story Herman Munster type house back in the hippie days. It had a big barn in back, where he did body work.

He also used to rent out rooms to others to keep costs down. Seems that all the toilets are backed up, all THREE stories. He goes down into the cellar, and looks for a spot to snake it out.

He sees what looks like big threaded “end cap”. He puts a big wrench on it, and the second he gave it the slightest bit of a turn, the cap popped off,


SWOOOSH, right in his face. All three stories of you know what. He wore it. 🙂

Then he notices the cap wasn’t threaded at all. It was just a lead plug, and that’s why it popped right out. 🙂

Mr. Copper, that was a good story, thanks

(ez) May 23, 21:45


(alaskan) May 23, 21:52

Harold will have a story to draw howls of laughter til the day he dies. It may even make it to the next generation..LOL


For my friends who ask how oil that was trading could be negative $37/bbl last week…

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 21:16 on May 30, 2020  


Thomson Energy analysis  – UNDERSTANDING Crude Oil trading at minus -$37
Imagine the following scenario: You pay $500 today and commit to receiving a hooker at your house  in 15 days because your wife will be traveling. This is called a Futures Contract.
Unfortunately, lockdown came and you are locked down with your wife at home for the next 60 days. This is called “now you are screwed ,” and you cannot fulfill the escort company’s Futures Contract.
So now you do not want this woman to show up at your house at all, and try to find anyone of your friends to pass off this futures contract, any neighbours or, anybody. But you find no takers because now everybody is under lockdown with their wives and families.
You find you cannot sell this hooker commitment because nobody can take delivery of the girl, and there is no where to stash her. Nobody can receive the hooker at home anymore. Everyone is in full storage.
To make matters worse, not even the pimp (Chicago Mercantile exchange) who sold you the hooker contract has more room to receive girls because his house is full of girls out of work under lockdown.
So now you will have to pay anyone just to take the girl off your hands. So someone tells you I will take the girl off your hands but you pay me $37 to do it.
This is called negative price when you deliver the girl that cost you $500 to the willing buyer and pay him $37 to take delivery.
Got it? This in a nutshell is what happened to the Oil Futures Market last week.
No need to thank me…

CBB-Doug Noland=t’s the worst-case scenario – my worry list coming to fruition.

Posted by Richard640 @ 19:58 on May 30, 2020  
Social and political instability; a global pandemic; a runaway Fed balance sheet swiftly on its way to $10 TN; faltering Chinese and EM Bubbles; rapidly deteriorating U.S. and China relations; a disintegrating geopolitical backdrop; along with a final speculative “blow-off” throughout global finance. Markets have been corrupted, while the masses are increasingly disillusioned and insecure. A wrecking ball is chipping away at trust in our institutions.  

The global Bubble has been pierced, though unprecedented monetary inflation only exacerbates the epic divergence between inflating asset prices and deflating economic prospects. As I’ve written over the years – and as demonstrated rather conspicuously in March: contemporary finance seems to operate miraculously – so long as it’s inflating. It just doesn’t work in reverse. These days it’s even more frightening to contemplate how this all ends. The Scourge of “Whatever it Takes” Monetary Mismanagement. 


Beach CAMS

Posted by Ororeef @ 19:22 on May 30, 2020  

show the people are on the BEACH today in droves  along with the Surfers……! YEAH  !!! from California to Florida and NJ

ororeef, 14:39

Posted by treefrog @ 18:06 on May 30, 2020  

i wasn’t saying gun sales were up 9.5%.  i said that stock in aobc (smith & wesson’s corporate name) went up 9.5%.  every time there are riots, they get a spike.

R640 -this might be true

Posted by Buygold @ 17:18 on May 30, 2020  

“up to the point that the Fed is given the legal go-ahead to buy stocks directly. That’s when the inflation everyone anticipates will begin.”

If anyone wants stocks or anything besides food and other essentials when the Fed is trapped buying everything else.

The greatest fairy tale of them all is the Fed has our back-U.S. private sector assets now 5.6 times GDP

Posted by Richard640 @ 17:02 on May 30, 2020  
Bubbles tend to rise and drop in rough symmetry, meaning they tend to retrace the entire bubble, though the descent is often much faster than the ascent.
. The belief here is that all the dollars created out of thin air by the Fed will flow into stocks. But there is no actual causal mechanism in this belief; the Fed can create dollars out of thin air but they don’t have to flow into the stock market; they can go elsewhere. They only flow into stocks because the financiers, banks and other parasites and predators are counting on greater fools to pay ever higher prices for stocks based on their erroneous faith that the Fed’s new money magically goes straight into stocks.
Once the pool of greater fools dries up, stocks crash regardless of what the Fed does or bleats, up to the point that the Fed is given the legal go-ahead to buy stocks directly. That’s when the inflation everyone anticipates will begin. But inflation is just as unruly a beast as an asset bubble, and control is never quite as complete as the Fed claims.
First the deflationary deluge, then the tsunami of inflation. Both destroy the wealth of believers in fairy tales.


Mr Copper

Posted by goldielocks @ 15:32 on May 30, 2020  

I’m kinda in a hurry right now.
One did u see that video?
Solutions will be but not absolute is there needs to be one protocol for all cops in all states. Not one do it this way here, another there. It needs to be uniform. Also other cops on the scene check each other not let one take down everyone else. If one is crossing the line another taps them out takes over. There should be no retaliation to the cop who stops one and can just stop there for this although should be shown justified if the cop in question objects. That includes assault because many live but nothing happens to the cop other than a law suit.
This isn’t just a black on white white on black this is a narcissist or worse personality that shouldn’t be on power.
Years ago a white cop was in front of a Hope where teens were driving off and he was stopping each one of them. One of the cars didn’t stop but wasn’t speeding just going slow maybe going to pull over who knows. Going slow enough for the cop to Chavez the car, jump on the hood then fire at the girl driving hitting her in the chest multi times and jeopardizing the passengers and car went off the road.
Then he turns around and said the girl tried to run him over. He didn’t know someone was videotaping him.
Both cop and teen girl were white.
It’s not about cops in general as u see my all the thugs and freeloaders that that came out destroying business and people’s jobs it’s certain people on a power trip that shouldn’t be cops.Theyte dangerous and narrows the division between what what is a cop and what is a criminal.
I got a email from the women’s league, they want more transparency in investigations. I agree.

The Problem will be Purchasing POWER of the DOLLAR …..despite all the Dollar Printing..

Posted by Ororeef @ 15:27 on May 30, 2020  

thats when GOLD becomes the safe HAVEN ..

Richard640 @ 10:33 on May 30, 2020

Posted by Ororeef @ 15:20 on May 30, 2020  

It makes no difference what debt is  ..billions..trillions   as long as interest is zero it makes no difference because it will never be repaid any way  ..What matters is the CASH FLOW  !  The bills get paid with cash flow ..when Current assets >= to  Current liabilities   ….   even then they can just PRINT MORE !

Banks profit if you die ! Its better than a bailout,its tax free ! You never want to be worth MORE dead than alive ! (keep looking over your shoulder )

Posted by Ororeef @ 14:49 on May 30, 2020  

Wall Street banks own a form of life insurance called BOLI, short for Bank-Owned Life Insurance. The death benefit pays to the corporate owner of the policy, in this case the banks, not the employee or their family. Because it’s a life insurance policy, it has a lot of nice perks for the banks’ bottom line. The cash benefit of the policy builds up tax free while the policy is in force and the paid death benefit is free of federal income taxes. The bank is supposed to get the employee’s permission before taking out the policy but there is little evidence that employees know what they’re signing when a huge stack of papers is pushed in front of them on their hire date.

The amount of BOLI assets held by the banks is listed on Schedule RC-F on their Call Reports that are filed with federal regulators. As of December 31, 2019, four of the largest U.S. banks, JPMorgan Chase, Bank of America, Wells Fargo and Citigroup’s Citibank held a combined $58.44 billion in BOLI assets. The breakdown was as follows: Bank of America $22.55 billion; Wells Fargo $19 billion; JPMorgan Chase $11.66 billion; and Citibank $5.23 billion.

BOLI Assets at Largest Federally-Insured Banks as of December 31, 2019 (Source: FFIEC Call Reports)

But death benefits represent a large multiple to the amount of investments held in the policies. Experts suggest that $58.44 billion in BOLI assets could represent approximately $584 billion in future death benefits, or more than half a trillion dollars.

treefrog @ 0:51 on May 30, 2020

Posted by Ororeef @ 14:39 on May 30, 2020  

You say gun sales up 9.5 % well I have said there is a Correlation to the price of Gold..I expect a similar rise in the price of GOLD  .

What Trump should have done today is GO PLAY GOLF to show them they cant provoke him ,however he did the next best thing He’s going to watch the SPACEx liftoff  !  He also told the Minnesota GoV..if you need the FED TROOPS,,,just say the word  …..ITs your decision ..you are the Liberal Govenor with a Liberal Senator and Mayor with a Black Police Chief…  you make the decision. Just ask  !

The most recent snapback rally gained about 870 points in a mere two months–a move that took roughly 5 years in the early 2000s.

Posted by Richard640 @ 13:17 on May 30, 2020  
The first chart depicts recent stock market bubbles; note the extreme height of the current bubble.

EEOS-sorry, I didn’t write that

Posted by Richard640 @ 13:15 on May 30, 2020  


Posted by eeos @ 10:54 on May 30, 2020  

The post @10:49am, who is JP? If it’s JPM they’re referring to they should say that explicitly or otherwise, it’s confusing.

Next, what’s NR? No return? Notice Received?

It’s like code talk deciphering over here to me. Why not just type it out?

Fed Admits Corporate Bond Buying Will Be at Least a 5-Year Debt Bailout

Posted by Richard640 @ 10:54 on May 30, 2020  

Jerome Powell & Wall Street Cartoon


Fed Admits Corporate Bond Buying Will Be at Least a 5-Year Debt Bailout

US rates became a burnt scrambled eggs. The Fed will have great difficulties to separate them, to start inflation.

Posted by Richard640 @ 10:49 on May 30, 2020  
Michael Engel 
May 29, 2020 at 9:23 pm

1) After being separated from each other, since Oct 2018, all US rates are trending down, forming a cone. But from Feb 2020 US rates collapsed in a vortex, glued to each other, escaping the deadly virus.

2) They are hugging each other, tangled together, slightly above zero.

3) US rates became a burnt scrambled eggs.  The Fed will have great difficulties to separate them, to start inflation. They became melted plastic the Fed cannot shape, toxic material to the economy.

5) If US 3M will still be anchored to zero, while the 10Y is diving in a panic, the chain attached to the anchor will be ripped. The sinking 10Y will reach the bottom of the sea, unless JP will go to ==> NR, reversing plans, despite the Fed bruised ego…


Posted by Richard640 @ 10:33 on May 30, 2020  
May 29, 2020 at 8:46 pm


“Fed says it ‘plans’ purchase up 250 Billions in out standing Corporate debt and up to 500 Billions in the newly issued debt!” 

That’s WSJ hype, which is part of the jawboning the Fed is doing. Powell has already said several times that the Fed has accomplished its goals. So it might not do a whole lot more as long as the market doesn’t re-collapse.

  • Phoenix_Ikki 
    May 29, 2020 at 10:07 pm

    So another word, this hyped up rally is prop up by more hype by the FED, one hype begets another.

Even hippie Jesus knew that money and wisdom should be given to those who best handle it;

Posted by Richard640 @ 10:20 on May 30, 2020  
May 30, 2020 at 6:41 am

Mr. aKiddy111 wrote:
> The Fed supports the wealthiest 5%.
> Get used to it. It will not change.
> Invest accordingly.

Even hippie Jesus knew that money and wisdom
should be given to those who best handle it;
and so it goes, millennia after millennia.

Take money from a thieving junkie, and
you might save his life; hand it to Bezos,
and some good might come of it.

Hence the rich get richer,
and the poor get poorer.

Darwinism is the whole of the law;
if you’re fit, you’ll do well under any regime

Goldilocks we should think more about solutions

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 9:20 on May 30, 2020  

Can you Contribute some ideas so nothing like this happens again. The destruction of many buildings and innocent people’s businesses, and their their jobs and incomes that were not involved in the arrest?

You seem to be more focused on revenge and punishment of the cop. I have a problem solver mentality, because my occupation was constant problem solving.

Do you really think that cop wanted to kill the guy? On purpose? And have all the grief and blame for destruction of others lives and property? Just answer that one question to yourself.

And these want a be heroes that film these things, then put it on Facebook, then the media puts it on TV without fact checking first? And cause anger revenge and destruction ?

I gave ideas. Here’s another idea. Train the cops that when they have a extremely abnormal suspect that will not cooperate, just let them go.  Follow them home, arrest them later after they calm down. Or get sober.

How about they invent a thing like the garbage men have but padded and gently picks up the suspect and dumps them in a container for transport.

How about media blackout in the future? The media is directly responsible for this chaos . This is like the Rodney King thing. Another “hero” with a camera, want a be news reporter. These jerks are no different than yelling “fire” in a crowded place. They should be shunned and criticized maybe even sued.

I myself and you too, would not want to have a job that requires arresting people that need to be arrested.

PS, Arresting the cop for murder right away without fact checking was a very big mistake. It tells the public that he’s automatically guilty of a premeditated killing.

Obviously the decision to arrest the cop was to only placate or satisfy the public demand, mob rule, based on part of a video.  Very dumb.




Posted by treefrog @ 0:51 on May 30, 2020  

american outdoor brands corp (smith & wesson) up 9.55% today !!  (actually yesterday, posted after midnight)

every time there are riots.

easy money.


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