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When will it start to show? We have inflation now but nothing like what is coming.

Posted by ipso facto @ 23:41 on June 10, 2020  

Federal Debt Tops $26 Trillion for First Time; Jumps $2 Trillion in Just 63 Days


Looks like they’re coming for us tonight

Posted by Buygold @ 21:41 on June 10, 2020  

wouldn’t be a surprise after a good day today.

They usually get us either the day of or the day after a Fed meeting.

We’ll see tomorrow.

Over 65 and a homeowner? Be prepared to be audited.

Posted by goldielocks @ 16:52 on June 10, 2020  

Pelosi wants to audit those over 65 with a home.

Pelosi Wants I.R.S. to Audit Homeowners Over 65

More Canadian money going out. How dies this work with the green movement?

Posted by goldielocks @ 16:48 on June 10, 2020  

Trudeau sending money to Saudis. Or shoud I say more power.

Trudeau DOUBLES Military Exports To Saudi Arabia With $3 BILLION CONTRACT

Gates out of control. Trudeau who I read is going to accept China’s version of the corona vaccine is aiding and abetting Gates and China with Canadian money.

Posted by goldielocks @ 16:44 on June 10, 2020  

Canada Sends $790 Million to Bill Gates Organization to Push Global Vaccination

Canada Sends $790 Million to Bill Gates Organization to Push Global Vaccination

This From 2012, Gold Was Pretty High That Year.

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 16:25 on June 10, 2020  

Bailouts Bailouts and More Bailouts

Mr.Copper June 12 15:15

The cat is out of the bag. The world can live on bailouts. No need for income taxes anymore. The truth is out.   When they are lacking funds from taxes, they created money out of thin air for bailouts. Why not ALWAYS do that? Is this the future? Dropping the income tax? 🙂   The gov’t will say….  “To stimulate the economy, we are dropping the onerous income tax. We don’t really need your money. The people will now have more money to spend and support the shopping malls and China. 🙂

From @ (1912) Bailouts and the breakup of Europe

@(Mr.Copper) Jun 12, 10:25    “What’s the big deal?? The USSR broke up, and it was for the better. ” Par excellence analogy, sir. I completely forgot about the USSR breakup.   BTW, Taiwan also broke away from China – and both are doing fine today. And did not the original 13 Colonies break away from mother Great Britain?! (:-)0


to @(1912)

Mr.Copper  June 12 13:40 2012

Copy that 12, you bring more good points. Imo woman are and have been involved in many bad global decisions starting with prohibition in the 1930s.   They tend to be alarmists. They also unfortunately have influence over men that are in high places. All the USA presidents’ wives had influence on THEM.   So it’s easy to see why the world is so screwed up. All decisions have been made by woman and girly-men. The real men were pushed aside long ago.


IMF Head Warns Time Running Out For Eurozone

Mr.Copper June 12, 13:50

Warns what? What’s going to happen? Their “baby” that they created out of thin air dies? And they will look stupid for creating it.   And a lot of their friends will lose money? The people already lost. They have noting to lose and everything to gain.   That’s why TPTB are trying to scare everyone. It’s THEM that are scared. Like that bridge that fell apart on a windy day.    Or that dam that collapsed and flooded an entire area in California? The engineers? How do you think they felt? Like idiots.   The people that started Globalization, integration of manufacturing and financial systems literally created a faulty bridge and a faulty dam.   Plain and simple. And these whackos are trying to SCARE their stupid girly-man creations into working. They promoted no discipline for decades…   Daddy was throw out of the house. Woman don’t like discipline. “Just wait till your father comes home” they used to say if you were bad.   It’s a woman’s world and it failing. They are hard wired differently. You will never see a woman Evil Kanevil for example. 🙂

Comment: There I gave you guys some crap to read. I only wish you guys would have more to say. O Often come by here to find stuff to read. We need more.


That was just a micro taste of

Posted by Maddog @ 16:11 on June 10, 2020  

why the scum are crapping over what the PM’s are capable of.

Again me after the 2008 Crash, Situation, No Discipline, Globalization is Communism and Failing

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 16:09 on June 10, 2020  

Good Morning Guys (Mr.Copper) Sep 22, 09:14

I think the global financial system needs a father.

When we were kids and we misbehaved, it was common for your mom to say…..

“You just wait till your father comes home, you’re gunna get it”

There is no discipline with the system. When real man’s Gold was in charge, we had automatic discipline. Now the girlymen have been in charge.

Now we have a no-gold divorced “Mommy” in charge, and she refuses to discipline the Wall Street kids. Now she really has problems.

If I remember right, decades ago people who didn’t pay bills went to jail. “Debtors prison” I think they called it.

Nowadays they reward the deadbeat with a lower price and better terms, or just foreclose and buy a cheaper foreclosure.

The system is a joke. 🙂


Bottom Line (Mr.Copper) Sep 22, 13:48

If its the US tax payer, (employer and employee) that has been financing and or bailing out most domestic and foreign banks now,

then global powers that be had better get their heads out of their asses fast, and DROP us taxes, and RAISE all foreign country taxes. (business and employees) It’s very simple.

All their efforts so far has been a “rain dance”, so in reality they are doing nothing but Ken Lay type things until they hit a wall.

They are whistling past the graveyard.

Bottom Line of bottom line:

They must WANT this system to implode so they can start a new one, but simply want a slower implosion. They are giving everyone more warnings and more time to get financial matters in order.

They are giving the smarter people (including gold bugs) more time rotate liquid assets into Gold and Silver investments.

Those people will be the leaders of tomorrow, and have influence. Possibly financing or backing loans, naturally with 25-50% down.

We will be making the rules. The anti Gold Girlymen like Robert Rubin and Altman will be pushed aside like a dirty wet dishrag.

They will need jobs at Home Depot. 🙂



@Warren @goldilocks Roger, Below me from 2008

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 16:05 on June 10, 2020  


(Mr.Copper) Sep 22, 11:29

Very good on that Trader, I can see you are a thinker. Regarding the uncharted territory we are entering?

My opinion we are witnessing the failure of global communism, sold to us as capitalism.

Hardy har har. “Free markets, AFTER they change rules, change interest rates, change trade policies, change loan standards, give tax incentives for American manufacturers to invest over seas.

The absolute peak and high for the Global communism was the 1992 to 2000 strong Commy Dollar era. 🙂

The biggest transfer of wealth FROM the USA to Europe, Latin America, the Middle East countries, South Africa you name it. All that wealth went the so-called “fledgling democracies” and “emerging markets”

The uncharted territory ahead imo is the “transition period” FROM girly man communism back to real men capitalism. FROM fantasy back to reality.

We were taught in high school, communism KILLS incentive. “Why should I pay my loan off when he isn’t paying HIS loan off?

Why should I work hard, and get the same pay as the lazy useless guy? Why should I be honest with my company’s books if he isn’t honest with HIS books?

Why should I run my bank honest and correctly and make profit, when my competitor bank lost billions and gets bailed out?

The “communism” started very slowly after 1913, picked of momentum after 1934, was on a good pace in the ’60s and ’70s, and REALLY REALLY accelerated during the strong dollar Greenspan, Robert Rubin, Roger Altman Presidency.

The dot-com bust and nine eleven combined KILLED the global communism trend. What I say may sound crazy, but in a decade or so the truth will come out on the History Channel. 🙂


Mr Copper

Posted by goldielocks @ 15:57 on June 10, 2020  

The Fed has a hard time managing anything forward when it’s up in the air what Congress is going to do. Especially considering the demos want to increase the debt to pay off theres. It’s probably y a big headache especially when they have business closed down affecting the job market.


Posted by Maddog @ 15:36 on June 10, 2020  

Yup the scum will not be happy after today.

What I see as truly crazy, is the Bond mkt….it is not reacting at all, just trading as if the Fed has total control….which when u look out of the window, just ain’t true of damn near anything any more.


Posted by ipso facto @ 15:07 on June 10, 2020  

I take a little nap … come back and VAVAVOOM! That’s a change from our boring day. 🙂

I guess I’m surprised

Posted by Buygold @ 14:54 on June 10, 2020  

But I’ll be even more surprised if we don’t go down into the close or tomorrow.

Apparently the Fed has no interest in defending the dollar.

Ororeef….said buy the dips for the next few weels…..

Posted by Maddog @ 14:14 on June 10, 2020  

Great call. tks.

Mr. Copper 12:02 dimwits

Posted by Warren @ 13:23 on June 10, 2020  

Yes sir, dimwit ism is on the rise but I am not as confident as you that the future will be any better. If so, that common sense quiz of yours will have to be mandatory, and policed big time by people with common sense so as to weed out all the future dimwits. I am more inclined to think the test should be to weed out the psychopaths and deal with them the way they did the witches. OK, that might be a little harsh – maybe just lock them all up forever, no getting out for good behaviour.

Trivia, Not So, On This Day In 1692, The First Execution Resulting From The Salem Witch In Massachusetts As Bridget Bishop Was Hanged

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 12:02 on June 10, 2020  

In the future, this era (1913 onward to present) will be in the history books, and looked back upon, and they will think of our masses or era, as a bunch backwards emotional people with zero common sense, mob rule media, just like we are looking back today at the emotional wrong priority people in the past.

Look how long it took to make a right on red. We could have done that in the 1950s. Look how long it took for police to use SUVs instead of crappy useless sedans. With an SUV they can see above traffic for pursuit and or get where they need to go in the snow, and tow out stuck motorists.

These days, some dim with shoots up a crowd of people? And the other dimwits take advantage of the disaster and restrict gun ownership to regular people. Recently some dimwit lawmakers in NY removed bail requirements which produced problems. The dimwits banned plastic bags, but the virus situation, brought them back. I think plastic straws are banned.

In 1933 the dimwits outlawed ownership of gold. Before that the dimwits created the Federal Reserve act of 1913. I can write a book on this nonsense. We are still in a very backward society, compared to the future.

After a team of highly skilled tradesmen, farmers, machinists, etc, people tops in their trade, create a “Common Sense Test” that all Gov’t employees, and all who run for office, will be required to pass with a score on 100%.


The Salem witch trials were a series of hearings and prosecutions of people accused of witchcraft in colonial Massachusetts between February 1692 and May 1693. More than two hundred people were accused. Thirty were found guilty, nineteen of whom were executed by hanging. Wikipedia

The SM has become the South Seas Bubble. Everyone get your last nickel in! It’s a Mania!

Posted by ipso facto @ 11:24 on June 10, 2020  

Morning deer79

Posted by Buygold @ 10:13 on June 10, 2020  

yeah, talk about being conditioned. All we have to do is look at the action in the shares this am to see what is coming. Good start for the metals and NEM, GOLD are down and ready to take the HUI with it.

Same shit, different Fed day.

Ding Dong…

Posted by Richard640 @ 9:49 on June 10, 2020  
FLASH–9:41–TRANNIES open down 190–bells are ringing-and no one is listening– and all money is piling into-AMZN-AAPL—and GOOG in the final Grand Jamboree

New Gold Announces Launch of $400 million Senior Notes Offering to Fund Redemption of Outstanding 6.25% Senior Notes

Posted by ipso facto @ 9:03 on June 10, 2020  


This is insanity in the mayor’s office

Posted by ipso facto @ 9:01 on June 10, 2020  

Seattle Protesters Establish “Autonomous Zone” After Police, National Guard Pull Out

What began as an attempt by Seattle Police to ease tensions after a week of protests by retreating from the Capitol Hill neighborhood has resulted in the establishment of the so-called “Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone” – a six-block section of town which Antifa and other activists have occupied, setting up barricades and claiming the area near the Seattle PD East Precinct as theirs.



Posted by deer79 @ 8:39 on June 10, 2020  

I’m with you. All of us have been so “conditioned” to these patterns ( controlled by the Cartel) over these 12+ years. It’s hard not to think otherwise.

Well that’s surprising

Posted by Buygold @ 8:06 on June 10, 2020  

Instead of the standard 8 am EST beat down we got a mini spike higher

Silver now up $.41 getting close to $18 again, Gold up $11

Go figure.

Silver playing industrial today

Posted by Buygold @ 7:37 on June 10, 2020  

I guess that means JNUG is free to move higher.

Then again there’s a Fed meeting which means either we go down after the announcement, or we go down tomorrow.

But I digress, enjoy the moment…maybe it’ll be different this time…

Some brokerage house issued a $3000 target for Amazon a few days ago–looks like it’s going there…

Posted by Richard640 @ 7:27 on June 10, 2020  
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