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If They gonna support violence ,burn them down First …what goes around comes around click on the URL to see for yourself what they are supporting

Posted by Ororeef @ 23:54 on June 14, 2020  

Boycott them all and refuse to do business with corporations that support racist, violent terrorist groups.

23andme: https://archive.is/Mjbwk
72andSunny: https://archive.is/B1x7Y
Abbey Road Studios: https://archive.is/AJlrg
The Academy (the Oscars): https://archive.is/cNRYf
Activision Blizzard: https://archive.is/qfRJ1
Adidas: https://archive.is/ezQ22
Airbnb: https://archive.is/GmMjl
Alaska Airlines: https://archive.is/wnICf
Amazon: https://archive.is/lBR4u
American Airlines: https://archive.is/XBwhw
American Express: https://archive.is/kzWXa
American Apparel: https://archive.is/ETfYw
Apple Music: https://archive.is/cj97E
Astro Gaming: https://archive.is/9aWhf
AT&T: https://archive.is/OzC04
Atlantic Records: https://archive.is/65QQq
AWS: https://archive.is/NXNAG
AXE: https://archive.is/Xpxhw
Barnes & Noble: https://archive.is/PCPKn
Bank of America: https://archive.is/FH1O0
Bergdorf Goodman: https://archive.is/nQiPA
Bethesda: https://archive.is/2xeNE
Ben & Jerry’s: https://archive.is/BqHRv
Billboard: https://archive.is/Ruuv8
BMW: https://archive.is/lRN51
Boost Mobile: https://archive.is/pLnAf
Bratz: https://archive.is/vOA1d
Burberry: https://archive.is/ha0jP
Call of Duty: https://archive.is/DEJA6
Capitol Records: https://archive.is/jeUpY
Canada Goose: https://archive.is/y2nLo
Cisco: https://archive.is/fNvdP
Citigroup: https://archive.is/36fkF
Conde Nast: https://archive.is/ChMdI
Converse: https://archive.is//sKjmg
Crunchyroll: https://archive.is/q7Ucj
CW: https://archive.is/JumZU
CVS: https://archive.is/DbBSV
Degree: https://archive.is/SItaW
DIRECTV: https://archive.is/hhBG4
Discord: https://archive.is/hGtDw
Disney: https://archive.is/wldfM
Doritos: https://archive.is/nLHv0
DoorDash: https://archive.is/vhTW2
Doulingo: https://archive.is/v9Wpk
E! News: https://archive.is/3PJyz
Eight Sleep: https://archive.is/IiV7n
ESPN: https://archive.is/1I5Tf
FedEx: https://archive.is/kKVJp
Fender: https://archive.is/OGjBM
Formula 1: https://archive.is/FCpBG
FOX: https://archive.is/p2BvT
Frosted Mini Wheats: https://archive.is/vrEYN
Funimation: https://archive.is/sfN8E
GameSpot: https://archive.is/zEkO3
Goldman Sachs: https://archive.is/TA2h0
GoFundMe: https://archive.is/Be0fJ
Google: https://archive.is/DK2T8
Grindr: https://archive.is/Z6KcW
Harry’s: https://archive.is/mE4NN
HBO: https://archive.is/oiUyY
HBO Max: https://archive.is/LGsPt
Help Scout: https://archive.is//D8DCs
Hershey’s: https://archive.is/ZQ5zD
H&M: https://archive.is/A9ONJ
Hulu: https://archive.is/4CyO2
Indiegogo: https://archive.is/jrDZk
Intel: https://archive.is/93D5q
IKEA: https://archive.is/piwcs
ITV: https://archive.is/yD1pS
Kickstarter: https://archive.is/0zwng
Levi’s: https://archive.is/KizLO
LinkedIn: https://archive.is/sX5zb
L’Oreal Paris: https://archive.is/Jfelo
Logitech: https://archive.is/vf6J7
Lululemon: https://archive.is/rjCRV
Louis Vuitton: https://archive.is/nGZe8
Lyft: https://archive.is/UXl3k
Madden NFL 20 (shared by EA, EA Games, and EA Sports): https://archive.is/CTUoi
Marvel Entertainment: https://archive.is/Ptup6
MATTEL: https://archive.is/bvsqN
McAfee: https://archive.is/IGXA1
Mercedes Benz: https://archive.is/bs8y6
Metropolitan Opera: https://archive.fo/wecQ2
Microsoft: https://archive.is/A7Vjv
Napster: https://archive.is/fVY1s
NASCAR: https://archive.is/LG2hU
Netflix: https://archive.is/UVSEr
NFL: https://archive.is/G4yq4
NHL: https://archive.is/lYbyG
Niantic: https://archive.is/UdKYR
Nickelodeon: https://archive.is/JWSPQ
Nike: https://archive.is/UXYBy
Nintendo: https://archive.is/5UOjp
Nordstrom: https://archive.is/A7mUU
North Face: https://archive.is/rq1Cb
Old Spice: https://archive.is/1UK5d
Paramount Pictures: https://archive.is/ixXHd
Paramount Network: https://archive.is/BCAX3
Patreon: https://archive.is/wzfM5
Peloton: https://archive.is/d36k7
Playstation: https://archive.is/52Vvl
Popeye’s Chicken: https://archive.is/CzlHd
Porsche: https://archive.is/VrmlZ
Pringles: https://archive.is/1WpA1
Procter & Gamble: https://archive.is/JSMO4
Red Lobster: https://archive.is/aIUyy
Reebok: https://archive.is/v0nat
Reese’s: https://archive.is/Rc4pJ
Rice Krispies: https://archive.is/U4Zn9
Salesforce: https://archive.is/t1qZB
Sanofi: https://archive.is//ErmGO
Scholastic: https://archive.is/fFmX3
Sesame Street: https://archive.is/5he9K
Showtime: https://archive.is/YTPVw
Slack: https://archive.is/gF9ym
Sephora: https://archive.is/Gm7Rc
Skillshare: https://archive.is/JX5em
Snap: https://archive.is/HcGGQ
Snapchat: https://archive.is/5reL4
State Street: https://archive.is/gnqt0
Sony: https://archive.is/1PtlU
Spotify: https://archive.is/ufTeo
STARZ: https://archive.is/eQ4YG
Starbucks: https://archive.is/EENlS
Star Wars: https://archive.is/xnSgt
Subway: https://archive.is/D5F8H
Target: https://archive.is/YoIrO
TBS: https://archive.is/N0QhU
Tesco: https://archive.is/hZS7B
TikTok: https://archive.is/bt2vy
Timberland: https://archive.is/HZtxv
Tinder: https://archive.is/YaY2y
TMobile: https://archive.is//KB2lG
Twitch: https://archive.is/DAmR5
Twitter: https://archive.is/auIgi
Ubisoft: https://archive.is/0qMff
Uber: https://archive.is/RrScn
UnitedHealth Group: https://archive.is/rzQXF
Vans: https://archive.is/5nYag
Verizon: https://archive.is/hPZoJ
VERSACE: https://archive.is/wWsxK
Vevo: https://archive.is/MVtrR
Via: https://archive.is/fFIvU
ViacomCBS: https://archive.is/uCGXy
Virgin Records: https://archive.is/QiykN
Virta: https://archive.is/7e9KT
VIZ: https://archive.is/eMuIW
Warner Bros https://archive.is/F1Tqn
Warner Records: https://archive.is/Mm6qb
XBox: https://archive.is/6zdVS
YouTube: https://archive.is/5qz6a
Zildijian: https://archive.fo/o6Tqi

From A ZH reader

Posted by Richard640 @ 16:59 on June 14, 2020  
I had a bunch of money in ’99 and turned it into a way bigger bunch of money, thinking I knew what I was doing.
And then, I promptly turned it back into a much smaller bunch of money.
I thought I knew what I was doing as I kept the faith, figured the market would never go down blah-blah-blah…
Reminds me of 2001 all over again, againerer.
My father, who watched the Great Depression unfold as a child, told me, “never put more money in the stock market than you can afford to lose.” I never figured I could afford to lose any, so I never did. That wisdom may have hampered me during the market’s boom years during my life, but it also saved my ass in 1987, 2000, 2008, and 2020. I would never pretend to know when it’s time to bail out of the market, so it’s best to never go in.

I love the Hodge Twins perspective…

Posted by wxman @ 9:18 on June 14, 2020  


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