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Gold Train

Posted by Maya @ 23:20 on June 16, 2020  


The Rio Grande Ski Train climbs the divide


I’m Making A Stand

Posted by commish @ 20:38 on June 16, 2020  


Ororeef @ 18:43

Posted by ipso facto @ 20:31 on June 16, 2020  

“Boston Mayor Backs Removal of Lincoln Statue”

Errr isn’t Lincoln the guy who freed the slaves? Is this because he’s a white male?

northman trader

Posted by Richard640 @ 20:15 on June 16, 2020  
So let me get this straight: Cheap money, low rates and QE produced the slowest recovery in history. Markets and the economy can’t handle any disturbance without intervention, both are entirely debt dependent and to this day have not been able to either grow organically or stay on their own feet without artificial help.
And note: The size of interventions required is ever increasing. It takes more and more money to keep things afloat. In the meantime every single big rally in the last couple of years, sold to the public on the promise “forward looking” and “optimism” (rate cuts, tax cuts, trade deal, blah, blah, blah) all of them have turned out be wrong.
No 4%-5% GDP growth, no earnings growth in 2019, no earnings growth in 2020. But now the biggest asset bubble inside of a recession ever, a recession from which we will emerge not cleansed and rejuvenated, but zombified, ever more indebted, with an even larger wealth gap than ever before. And if that backdrop doesn’t justify 150% market cap to GDP valuations I don’t know what does.
The Fed has created a full on gambling casino and the gamblers have moved in and are pulling the ‘buy’ triggers non stop.
The Fed is not saving the economy, it’s zombifying it and in process of inserting itself ever deeper into markets the Fed itself is becoming too big to fail. The Fed losing control over the asset bubble is now the biggest risk factor to the economy. A rescue model that relies solely on ever higher stock prices ever more divergent from the underlying economy creating an ever larger wealth gap in the process.
It’s a spiral out of control that is masking what is really going on: The structural economy is circling the drain and zombifying the economy will only clog it up with dire consequences to come, consequences for now as markets are still busy chasing every liquidity headline.

Posted by Maya @ 19:21 on June 16, 2020  



……and they SHOT men like Lincoln ! what a bunch of chicken shit politicians…..

Posted by Ororeef @ 18:43 on June 16, 2020  

Boston Mayor Backs Removal of Lincoln Statue; Opposes Renaming Faneuil Hall Despite Slave History

Marty Walsh and Hillary Clinton at Faneuil Hall (Stephen Senne / Associated Press)
Stephen Senne / Associated Press

Boston Mayor Marty Walsh (D) has come out in favor of removing a statue of Abraham Lincoln that has stood in the city for more than a century — but is opposed to renaming Faneuil Hall, which is named for a slave owner and is on the site of a slave market.

I told ye so…Watch the Bond Market !

Posted by Ororeef @ 18:06 on June 16, 2020  

When the FED buys the Bonds  the CASH has to go somewhere  ,Stocks are too risky,CASH is gonna be devalued  ..lose purchase ing power  ….  GOLD  is the answer ….

Burn baby Burn,as Female police Chief resigns …How did she get that job ? I guess its just a Title …..impotent bureaucrat

Posted by Ororeef @ 17:44 on June 16, 2020  

CNN Camera Crew Attacked Outside Atlanta Wendy’s as Rioters Burn It

Wendy's Atlanta (Stephen Maturen / Getty)
Stephen Maturen / Getty

A CNN crew was attacked outside the Atlanta, Georgia, Wendy’s where 27-year-old Rayshard Brooks was killed in a confrontation with police on Friday evening, as rioters began attacking and setting fire to the restaurant Saturday night.

Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms had already announced that police Chief Erika Shields was resigning over the incident, in which Brooks allegedly resisted arrest, seized an officer’s taser, and ran away before being shot three times.

Nevertheless, unrest broke out in the city, with a large group blocking Interstate 75 and another group setting fire to the Wendy’s. CNN was to film what it called “protests” as masked individuals attacked the Wendy’s, trying to destroy it.

CNN’s Natasha Chen later recounted to Wolf Blitzer: “There were protesters very angry that we were recording this, and tried to block our cameras … and at that point they got aggressive, and our CNN camera was broken.” Chen added that the “protesters” had also tried to stop her from filming with her personal cell phone. She and her crew left the area.


Posted by Kentucky @ 16:49 on June 16, 2020  

The spread between the bid and ask is huge. I just got a quote for a 2004 monster box of $15,255. The price to sell back to them is $10,285. How can you say buy physical. The spread for slv is minimal. The only way you can make money is for the system to collapse.


Posted by ipso facto @ 16:17 on June 16, 2020  

Yeah you’d think the PM shares would be doing better. I don’t know the answer to that. “out of fashion?”

Pretty good day for “used to be piece of crap” Silver Grail.


I guess the Chechens can’t spell BLM

Posted by Maddog @ 16:08 on June 16, 2020  

Elite French Police Deployed as Armed Chechens and North Africans Go to War in Dijon


And here they come

Posted by Buygold @ 15:06 on June 16, 2020  

Last hour bullshit.

Cause it just never ends….

It looks like the FED is behind the BLK Lives movement ..

Posted by Ororeef @ 15:05 on June 16, 2020  

NO wonder its so wide spread  ..blacks are being used by the FEDERAL RESERVE as an excuse to Nationalize.

SOROS said they were easy to manipulate !

They have always sold themselves out for phony security,now they sold everybody out.! BEN FRANKLYN ALWAYS SAID “anyone selling freedom for security ..deserves neither ”  WAS he ever right !

The Fed buying private debt…the Camels nose under the tent ?

Posted by Ororeef @ 14:49 on June 16, 2020  

buy bonds from microsoft …whats that all about…like microsoft needs liquidty ?  or does the fed think its Nationalizing the Giants with plenty of cash ?

It looks like a grab for private assets ….the time may have come for the FED  to national Socialize one world gubberment…The federal Reserve is not part of the US Constitutional Government…..Who gave the “Feral” Reserve that authority..?

“Fed Distorting Markets And Nationalizing Private Assets
So with the Fed now distorting private markets and nationalizing private assets what individual bonds will the Fed be buying? Well, looking at the holdings of LQD, which they are buying outright, the Fed will be buying Microsoft bonds and I’m sure they will buy some bonds from Apple and Amazon. Maybe Jay Powell will talk about this today during his Congressional visit about how he thinks this is necessary that he is now a FANG+M bond buyer. Here are some other company bonds in LQD, Anheuser Busch, Goldman Sachs, CVS, Wells Fargo, Bank America, Verizon, Visa, Comcast and even Berkshire Hathaway…”


Posted by Buygold @ 14:28 on June 16, 2020  

I’m 60% in pm shares in my retirement. 15% in my trading.

I haven’t touched the phyzz except to add in years.

Hope you’re right about the long term bull, we should be, but I don’t understand the action in the shares or silver right now. Both should be higher. God forbid HUI breaks 235-250.

Now twenty

Posted by ipso facto @ 13:31 on June 16, 2020  

20 Indian soldiers killed in clash with Chinese troops in border area, army says

At least 20 Indian Army soldiers have died in clashes with the Chinese forces over Galwan Valley, a disputed region north of Kashmir claimed by both Beijing and New Delhi. Beijing has not confirmed any reports of its casualties.
The Indian Army initially confirmed the death of one officer and two soldiers, but issued an official statement on Tuesday evening adding that the seventeen soldiers who had been critically injured were “exposed to sub-zero temperatures in the high altitude terrain” and succumbed to their wounds.


Buygold @ 13:04

Posted by ipso facto @ 13:13 on June 16, 2020  

I don’t know if we still have more downside but I sure wouldn’t feel right being entirely out. I imagine you still are partly in. My thoughts are that gold and silver and the miners are in a bull market with a long way to go. Of course there are going to be hiccups on the way.

Of course I could be entirely wrong and we could fall for years more … but I don’t think so … 🙂

I hope we are not in a full blown Weimar situation but once these sort of policies are undertaken they are the devil to change.

Ipso- so true

Posted by Buygold @ 13:04 on June 16, 2020  

I’d love to go back in but how can you trust it?

Watch out if the SM is up big.

Posted by ipso facto @ 12:48 on June 16, 2020  

The PM shares will likely get smashed!

Watch out if the SM is down big

Posted by ipso facto @ 12:47 on June 16, 2020  

The PM shares will likely get smashed!

J Kim is not a polished speaker but he provides lots of valuable market info for free

Posted by silverngold @ 11:47 on June 16, 2020  

In this one he explains why you are having such a difficult time beating the markets. Worth your time IMO!

The u.s. financial system=a Necropolis**

Posted by Richard640 @ 10:24 on June 16, 2020  

They can’t get inflation with no money velocity.  They can’t get consumption (70% of GDP) with an economy that was shut down for 3 months, and now threatening another 3 or 4 months.  You can’t get inflation when debt demands repayment plus interest and all their “money” is a debt currency.  Worse, you see destruction of inflation possibility when debt is defaulted.  So what is their answer?  Use fake money to buy everything and announce a weekend party at Bernie’s…  that is the dead Bernie…  because it is a zombie system and smelling like death has entered the room.


  1. a cemetery, especially a large one belonging to an ancient city.

9:54 AM SQQQ=11,007 calls vol on the June 19th $8 call bought at $35 a copy…eom…over and out…[fyi-I am not a buyer]

Posted by Richard640 @ 9:58 on June 16, 2020  

All of the world’s money and markets in one visualization

Posted by ipso facto @ 9:52 on June 16, 2020  

All of the world’s money and markets in one visualization

Maddog @ 8:55

Posted by ipso facto @ 8:58 on June 16, 2020  

I’m grokking on that! They had a nasty little war some years back. Fighting between nuclear neighbors … where will it lead?

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