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@Goldilocks re Black White Situation? Its All Simply Money and Jobs Related imo.

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 15:53 on June 29, 2020  

You had a lot of good stuff to say, thought provoking here. All I know is back in the 1950s and 1960s BEFORE all the outside “attention” about civil rights laws, we had places I remember still had White or Colored Only signs here and there for rest rooms and water fountains etc, but absolutely no crime or problems with minorities. Most people went to church too. Now there are new “religions” like save the whales, and get rid of plastic and fossil fuel religions.

There was plenty of gainful employment, and very adequate low income wages. All you needed was a job. Any job. And you were ok. My uncle had 5 kids drove a diaper truck service. Who can afford diaper service today? Everybody with a baby had diaper service.

We had a milk man, a garbage man, that came in the back yard, dumped your garbage into his pail and went back to his truck. I remember an ice man with a pick up truck. A bread and cake delivery truck, a knife sharpener guy with a truck. Even the damn Doctor came to the one salary household.

Bottom line. Bring back all the jobs that provide our needs, and if you own a business, law requires you pay what’s adequate (like for electric and water) and whats needed in your county, by the “natural resource” unskilled labor pool to be able to CONTRIBUTE to society. And not be a burden.

If the business can’t afford the true cost, of labor, the boss has to shut down and go out a get a good job.  Or just take less profit. Or get more efficient, get costs down. Basically an adequate minimum wage would be like a tax on businesses.

The present “below living cost” wages are like a tax BREAK or tax SUBSIDY to enable or promote unemployed people the ability to start a businesses which creates THOUSANDS of artificially low income jobs.

Labor cost was so affordable a friend of mine had 65 cheap employees. At the end of his life he was worth $5 million. If he paid MORE? maybe $2 million instead. He was retail. Retail screwed themselves by importing, and gov’t screwed themselves, by allowing it and not adjusting lowest wage for inflation.

It all doesn’t matter anymore. Things went full circle. Everything in transition trying to right itself. Meanwhile the Media has everybody’s attention on the wrong balls. Instead of a possible global depression and or financial currency fiasco.

Get a recliner, and pop corn machine ready for the future news. 🙂

P.S. My grandfather (unskilled labor had 8 kids wife didn’t work) needed new leaders and gutters. Two men came with big rolls of Copper sheet metal, cut and formed and installed them. COPPER!! What guy can afford copper gutters today? Evidently unskilled labor had a high value.

When did all the “cheap skate economy” crap start. The Media taught and convinced the entire US population that “saving money” getting the cheapest price you can get is most important objective, even if your are loaded.

Was the cheap skate low wages and $4 screwdriver and the high quality Toyota really worth it?


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Post by the Golden Rule. Oasis not responsible for content/accuracy of posts. DYODD.