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Posted by goldielocks @ 14:51 on June 29, 2020  

I had conversations with people wondering what white privilege is! Is it because you have to work for a living many say. I have no idea.
I do have a idea is its a war on whites.
It is race centered. People question for instance if black lives matter why don’t they matter in their own communities.

That’s why they will only react to say a white cop doing something but not a minority.If a minority kills another or a white not a word. They are not solving one problem with crime or poverty as businesses leave area.
If minorities try to make a better life then they are called Uncle Toms. If they become cops or vote republican or start their own businesses they are no longer Edited ..black.
Their leaders are not solving the problems but perpetuating them. They will not unite this country or what’s best for America as a whole because they see America as white and their own racism or anti American views.

People question why no one talks about all the black victims done in their own communities but that’s why. The groups or people supposed to be against racism or representing them are not representing and the biggest perpetrators.

Now with being election year and anti American left wanting to bring the economy down and unemployment benefits going to run out in a few months while their own leftist areas being destroyed who is going to be hurting the most. All are going to have their own hardships and see these leftists as making it worse.
By September most on unemployment will have run out and after this next month will no longer get extra money.
The have left know this and hope it will be blamed on Trump not their own doing.

Watching yesterday’s news today I saw a guy on TV who’s black who’s son a good kid was walking home from school and was murdered by a illegal as part of a gang imitation. I remember the case because his mother was in the service overseas fighting to protect others while her own son was murdered in her own country.
Her husband said when the illegals started moving in the black leaders on the left were okay with it because they thought they could team up against the whites. So this is a race war they’re perpetuating.
He said after time it crowded out blacks, their jobs and community guessing he meant housing and resources and then his son was murdered.

Businesses will hire a Mexican faster then a blacks generally due to a history of job performance and also many times for lower wage.
But with the honest type comes the criminals that also influence or threaten their kids.
He went to three black representatives and they did nothing about catching the criminals involved the crime or illegal individuals bringing it.
He said they made comments like he’s siding with the whites or opening a Pandora’s box. These reps are using their position to wage a war on whites which is the majority that they also want to change.
So securing our borders and safe communities is a white thing basically they’re telling them. I get the feeling they think it’s no use but it’s not because of racism it’s because their own communities enabling it.

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