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Posted by Maya @ 22:27 on June 30, 2020  

Give my best to Moggy!  I agree things will get worse.  She probably has some astro projections for Sept.   I’m well prepped, and ‘topping off’ some things.  Neighbors have chickens.  I have fruit trees and veggies.  Storing long-term proteins.   Yes, we are coping with supply chain abnormalities here in Hawaii.

Young brothers is our interisland barge lifeline between Honolulu and the neighbor islands.  With the collapse of tourism, interisland barge shipments waned for an already strapped enterprise.  They requested $25million in CARES funds, and cut service to Maui and Big Island from twice weekly to only once.  So then they heavily loaded the Big Island barge five containers high (normal was four).  Clear weather, but approaching Hilo one bottom container collapsed and toppled 21 containers off the barge just north of Hilo last week.   Salvage tugs managed to tow in the partially sunk containers.  This was all merchandise, groceries and supplies from Honolulu.    Toilet paper not much good after a salt water bath.

So yeah…. I’m looking ahead for as much self-sufficiency as possible.  Shopping is already hit-or-miss where ever one can find critical supplies.

We got some good local fishermen selling roadside… as long as they can get fuel.   Over half of local workers here are unemployed now.  Don’t know what will happen when unemployment benefits run out and nobody has any income.

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Post by the Golden Rule. Oasis not responsible for content/accuracy of posts. DYODD.