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Mr Copper

Posted by goldielocks @ 0:56 on June 30, 2020  

So basically part of the problem was hiring low wage foreign workers like even now in tech and elsewhere then blaming the economics on white citizens instead when they let it happen.
Hospitals were importing too.
I don’t agree on it all falling on businesses though. Yeah there were people who would cheat others but the gov was the biggest cheaters. They like the tax income and if they could drag the mom out of the home and let the gov dictate to the kids they would and did. I’m not saying that women shouldn’t work if they want as can provide more jobs with child care and for business they buy from with the money they earn. The problem was Gov started making a business out of it too like parasites. Layers and layers of gov jobs to regulate this that and everything else and jack up taxes and costs. All they do is sit around dreaming up ways to pay all the new pensions.
Welfare and housing projects didn’t help when there was no way out for many as the non skilled labor was going out of the country. Instead prisons popped up then needed to find ways to fill them including open borders.
I remember all that in the days except didn’t see whites only signs anywhere.
I remember the diaper trucks the bread, milk and ice cream trucks.
The baby boomers gave the Gov the bright idea more people more jobs With factory’s for food, cloths, electronics, washing machines, furniture, cars, toys and more taxes.
Not the prospect of a stable population and resources but greed so started importing and turned into importing votes And now eliminate whites who Question things and get in their way.
Now with tech growing many figure they don’t need people anymore except a few slaves here and there They can import because computers can replace them. They’ve grown arrogant and dangerous going from one extreme to the next.Its them who need eliminated in order to go back to a point to better days. Requires more though to be in the middle.
When the economies good less fighting so create a virus I guess and keep the chaos going.

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