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Heres an eye opener

Posted by Ororeef @ 23:59 on July 1, 2020  


The real china…..dont give info out to Social ..they will use it to control you….


Posted by Ororeef @ 23:54 on July 1, 2020  

needs to Nationalize these FOUNDATIONS and impose a WEALTH TAX on them ,he could easily Balance the Budget !  Since they have paid NO TAXES while working men & women get TAXED on their LABOR .THE Foundations neither LABOR or provide for physical relief from poverty ,they simply reward Political causes..


Posted by goldielocks @ 21:28 on July 1, 2020  

They were like little kids playing house. Not very productive for adults. This is what the left did to them, lost their sense of reality with their constant fake news. Made them dependent on the government.
Why are they asking the US if Chaz is a separate country to feed them, provide water, food, electric for their phones, bathrooms, medical, and even hand a shooter over to police. Like children getting hold of guns kids who were old enough to know gun safety got killed. Then they run to USA hospitals after bungling and waisting precious time getting a injured person bleeding out in a ambulance instead drove him themselves because they think that would look better than having the paramedics who could start treating right away at the kids expense.
They were acting like children playing house and good guy bad guy in the back yard.
Why a white neighborhood, why not a black neighborhood?
Why do the left need to race bait? Well we know that answer. They want to destroy this country.
They can’t have Churches because churches might say there is no color or slaves or privilege but a spiritual person or not a spiritual person. You’ll be judged by God your works and who you are. It doesn’t fit their mantra or want by these bungling idiots to play God.
Trump was wise to stay constitutional and stay out of it.

Ororeef @ 19:57

Posted by ipso facto @ 20:08 on July 1, 2020  

I’m glad the city dealt with it and there were wasn’t a big riot when it happened. Seattle definitely on the skids.

Richard640 @ 17:35

Posted by Captain Hook @ 20:02 on July 1, 2020  

Yes stocks are on Pluto…but that won’t matter until all the players are squeezed out and permanently exhausted.

Like I said this morning, we got an important long weekend here with lots of people on holidays (low volume).

Throw in a rigged Employment Report and anything can happen, like the NASDAQ up another 20% before ‘the players’ will have had enough.

We will know more by Tuesday obviously.

I think a lot of post bubble analogs had stocks going down here, and the Dow SPX etc — all stocks except tech — are signaling this. But the bankers need their bubble economy so they continue to give the FANGs free money to maintain their stocks.

You got me when it stops.

This bubble is the Grand Super Cycle big daddy — so it will be and already is the craziest ever.


ipso facto @ 15:52 on July 1, 2020

Posted by Ororeef @ 19:57 on July 1, 2020  


Seattle’s anarchist utopia breaks down, residents report ‘screams of terror’ on the streets

                                           Protesters grab a street preacher in the Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone (CHAZ) in downtown Seattle recently.

A collection of self-described “American Patriots,” made up of various militia and biker groups, is planning on retaking the zone from the leftists. According to an event posted on Facebook, more than 1,500 members of these “patriot groups” will descend on downtown Seattle on July 4 to “tear down the illegal barriers on public property, clean up the mess these communist kids made, and return the police station over to Seattle Police Department control.”

A growing sense of concern is leading to anxiety for Seattle on whether the city will ‘return to normalcy’ and give the city’s six-block area ‘standard public safety.’

City authorities, meanwhile, seem content to let the ‘Lord of the Flies’ situation play out in the CHAZ. Rebuffing calls from President Donald Trump to stop the “ugly anarchists” “Immediately,” Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan has called the occupation a “summer of love,” and scolded Trump, telling him “don’t be so afraid of democracy.”

Some residents are unhappy with Durkan’s hands-off approach. “I’d like to see the police precinct restored. I’d like to see the city of Seattle step up and represent their people,” the auto store owner said on Sunday night. Another resident told the Daily Caller that he’s been “scared every day” since the zone was established, claiming he’s “heard screams of terror out there” on the streets. 

I knew this would happen

Posted by Ororeef @ 19:50 on July 1, 2020  

Slavery NEVER happened !..If it did there would be statues commemorating such an important event.

Wheres the proof ,I see none ,no statues,no reminders ….It s fake news !  NO history ..  It never happened…!

Mr.Copper @ 16:25

Posted by Captain Hook @ 19:47 on July 1, 2020  

Trump is compromised. He is living in his own dream, and that dream is getting re-elected — and become immortalized.

This means by default that he cares more for himself than the country, or anything else for that matter.

He won’t disturb anything until the election is over even though America is no more in reality.

Gotta have something to vote for otherwise what the hell is this all about – the little guys still think America is in tact.

I sure hope there is a silent majority that intends to show up in November in spite of all the crazy crap the political parasites intend to pull.


Maddog – yep

Posted by Buygold @ 17:58 on July 1, 2020  

Surprisingly good close. I missed the turn this am, but still good in the retirement account.

Really haven’t seen this kind of bullish action in a long time, but still room to run in a lot of the large caps and some of the juniors…

We’ll see what tomorrow brings.

investors intelligence today= II Bulls 54.5 Bears 19.8

Posted by Richard640 @ 17:55 on July 1, 2020  

Capt Hook–a lot of sentiment indicators are showing excessive bullishness-what’s your take as of today?

Posted by Richard640 @ 17:35 on July 1, 2020  

P/C ratio=The greed level is the same as just before the March crash

Great chart from

, Chief Market Technician at MKM Partners, interviewed at Bloomberg:

“Currently, the Put/Call Ratio for the $NDX top 5 weighted names (40% of the index) is telling us that the market is extremely greedy – everybody is on the same side of the trade.” The greed level is the same as just before the March crash

Cloth masks do NOT at all protect against the C-virus-it requires an N-95 $150 mask

Posted by Richard640 @ 17:31 on July 1, 2020  

Dr. Simone Gold M.D. Commentary: We Do Not Consent—

The pore size of cloth face coverings range from ~ 20-100 microns.   The Covid virus is 200-1000x smaller than that, at 0.1 microns. Putting up a chain link fence will not keep out a mosquito. June 29, 2020

by Dr. Simone Gold M.D.

Author’s note: The below is the Op-Ed that was accepted to USAToday on June 24. They deleted key phrases/paragraphs for their print paper and then they refused to print it at all online.

It is clear to me as a physician-lawyer that the disinformation about both Covid-19 and the Constitution has caused us to turn a medical issue into a legal crisis.

The scientific usefulness of a mask has been so aggressively overstated, and the foundational importance of the Constitution has been so aggressively understated, that we have normalized people screaming obscenities at each other while hiking.

People who are apathetic toward their own liberty cannot eliminate Constitutional rights for those who are not. This is not the first (or last) time that people who believe in superstition are screaming the loudest. The Constitution exists precisely to protect all people during times of mass hysteria.

The mask has become the most visible symbol of #socialconditioning to Americans determined to preserve individual freedom. Thus far most Americans have continued to give their consent to be governed. But you are trying our patience.The Covid virus was supposed to be contained in the kind of lab where people wear astronaut suits and go through triple sealed doors. It is a con of massive proportion to assert that now, having escaped those environs, a bandana will magically do the trick.

After all, size matters.

The pore size of cloth face coverings range from ~ 20-100 microns.   The Covid virus is 200-1000x smaller than that, at 0.1 microns. Putting up a chain link fence will not keep out a mosquito. Even the most esteemed medical journals admit their purpose is to calm anxiety. “Expanded masking protocols’ greatest contribution may be to reduce the transmission of anxiety …”

Of course, by knowledge or common sense observation, most Americans already know that masking everyone is superstition. But unlike privately carrying a lucky charm, mandating facial coverings requires the consent of the governed.

Many cultures mandate clothing that appears totally irrational to outsiders. Never have those cultures pretended that there is a scientific basis for their clothing requirement. Their leaders rule, and their citizens accept, that their choice of clothing is due to religious or cultural preference.

Not wearing a mask is not mere “personal choice” like deciding between a head covering or a t-shirt. It is a flashpoint for being a free human being who has consented to be governed but has not consented to be ruled. We do not consent to a masked America, because that is a fundamental change in American society, culture, norms, and rights.

– – –

Simone Gold, MD, JD, FABEM, is a board certified emergency physician. She graduated from Chicago Medical School before attending Stanford University Law School to earn her Juris Doctorate degree. She completed her residency in Emergency Medicine at Stony Brook University Hospital in New York. Dr. Gold worked in Washington D.C. for the Surgeon General, as well as for the Chairman of the Labor & Human Resources Committee. She works as an emergency physician on the frontlines whether or not there is a pandemic. Her clinical work serves all Americans: from urban-inner city, to suburban, to the IHS. Her legal work has focused on conflicts between hospitals and insurers. She writes on a number of policy issues relating to law and medicine. She always leads with the facts. Read more at The Gold Opinion.

@CaptainHook, I Think Trump Needs For USA To Declare Independence Again

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 16:25 on July 1, 2020  

The first one in 1776 got warn out. And if we did try that, like Hong Kong, I wonder who or what would “come after” us? Make new rules against us, to stop an independence trend? The UK? The UN? European’s coalition forces? Or would it be “China”? (the big corporations that speak for china)Whoever they are. They seem to be making all the rules lately. Most everything here still has “Made In China” on it.

I really think its way past due and Trump can be the new George Washington.

Trump still licking medical mafia boots…

Posted by Captain Hook @ 16:17 on July 1, 2020  

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is why Trump will not mess with the medical mafia and the corona hoax…because that would crash the stock market.

President Trump is compromised in this respect, however he is still undoubtedly the best choice in the election.

Think of the alternative.

That said, and because of that, don’t expect today’s jam job in stocks to last long off the ‘vaccine rumor’. I can guarantee you no ‘workable’ vaccine will be announced prior to the election to ensure Trump is not re-elected. The left knows they have him trumped with the possibility of another stock market dump.

This is why a new and more deadly strain (Covid-20? – does Bill Gates and Co have the patents here too?) will likely be let loose in the fall (to cause another fall in stocks right in front of the election).

So build up your immune systems people.

This is your only defense against these crazy bastards.

That and PMs, which will be there when you need them (if you hold them).

Cheers all

Old timer

Posted by goldielocks @ 16:16 on July 1, 2020  

Agreed and to start she should be fired and not allowed around any public jobs.

PM shares ???

Posted by Maddog @ 16:06 on July 1, 2020  

A terrible opening and they looked like they would fall apart, then they spend all day recovering and end darn near Unch…so what happened to the scum, did they fall asleep, or were they just happy that the metals looked poor…v strange..but great closes overall.

More heatwaves

Posted by goldielocks @ 16:03 on July 1, 2020  

Life threatening one for the south costal region due to humidity. Texas surrounding areas. Pets have to be considered too.

Ororeef @ 13:13

Posted by ipso facto @ 15:52 on July 1, 2020  

I hadn’t read about that: “Right wingers going to confront protesters on 4th of July”

but it sure looks like the Mayor didn’t like demonstrators in front of her house. I’m with Old Timer … put Sawant on a plane back to where she came from!

FWIW- RE: Seattle…

Posted by old-timer @ 15:46 on July 1, 2020  

The Chaz/Chop “clean-up” is because the rowdies wanted to burn down the Mayor’s home.


The immigrant Councilwoman, Sawant, who lead the group to the Mayor’s location is also the one who used her keycard

and allowed protesters into City Hall, putting public records at risk.

She swore an oath to the Constitution to get her citizenship, I think she should be deported.


Susan Rosenberg

Posted by Ororeef @ 14:20 on July 1, 2020  

See also: the Weather Underground and Thousand Currents.

Susan Rosenberg is a convicted domestic terrorist and radical left activist whose youth was spent protesting the Vietnam War and racism in America. A member of the Weather Underground and other radical organizations which used violence as a tool for political change, Rosenberg was sentenced to 58 years in federal prison after being arrested for possession of explosives and weapons during the planning of a number of bombing operations. [1] She was also a suspect in a 1981 armored car robbery which left one guard and two officers dead. She was released in 2001 when then-President Bill Clinton commuted her sentence. [2]

The commutation led to bipartisan criticism from Republican New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani and U.S. Senator Chuck Schumer (D-NY) as well as police officials. [3] Rosenberg continued her radical activism through the publication of her 2011 book, An American Radical, and as the Vice-Chair of the fiscal sponsor group Thousand Currents. [4] [5] She also spent 12 years working for the left-of-center social activism group American Jewish World Service and co-founded the anti-prison group National Council for Incarcerated and Formerly Incarcerated Women and Girls. [6]

From 2016 to 2020, Thousand Currents became one of America’s most influential racial and social change organizations because it is Black Lives Matter Global Network’s fiscal sponsor. [7] As the group’s fiscal sponsor, Thousand Currents handles Black Lives Matter’s administrative and back-end work so the racial group can focus on its activism, protests, and riots. [8] As of June 24, 2020, Thousand Currents had deleted from its website the Board of Directors information listing Rosenberg’s biography. [9]


Posted by Ororeef @ 14:13 on July 1, 2020  

TAXING FOUNDATIONS is the best place to start !…..duel benefit stop Funding RADICAL LEFTISTS  .Billions go UNTAXED  .

Funding for BLM (includes Warren Buffets Son)…Buffett donated 1 BILLION $ worth of Berkshire stock…to FUND them..all this shit comes from Berkeley CA.and San Francisco..

Posted by Ororeef @ 13:50 on July 1, 2020  

Thousand Currents

Website: thousandcurrents.org/
Location: BERKELEY, CA
Tax ID: 77-0071852
Tax-Exempt Status: 501(c)(3)
Budget (2017): Revenue: $4,193,988
Expenses: $4,669,023
Assets: $4,613,245
Type: Grantmaking organization
Formation: Founded in 1985 as “the International Development Exchange”

Renamed “Thousand Currents” in 2016

Thousand Currents is a left-of-center grantmaking organization that provides financial assistance to left-leaning projects and organizations and activists in developing nations (i.e.: the so-called “global south”). [1] It is funded by many left-leaning institutional donors, which include the W.K. Kellogg Foundation, John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation, the David and Lucile Packard Foundation, the Wallace Global Fund, the NoVo Foundation, and the Libra Foundation. [2] [3] [4] Thousand Currents reported $6.8 million annual revenue for the reporting period ending June 30, 2018. [5]

Thousand Currents opposes the use of genetically modified organisms (GMOs). [6] Working with partners and through its own programs in Mexico, Thousand Currents has fought efforts by the Mexican government to allow expanded use of GMOs. [7] The Thousand Currents website favorably quotes an activist leader from one of these partnerships who alleged that expanded use of GMOs would be “life threatening” for the people of Mexico. [8]

In 2016, representatives of the Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement approached Thousand Currents for fiscal management and administrative assistance. [9] This partnership led to a fiscal sponsorship agreement that launched the Black Lives Matter Global Network Foundation. [10] The W.K. Kellogg Foundation provided a three-year grant of $900,000 thorough Thousand Currents to help organize local BLM chapters. [11] Beginning in 2016 Thousand Currents supported BLM’s assistance to protestors at the Standing Rock Sioux Reservation in North Dakota who were opposing the use of the Dakota Access oil pipeline. [12] A BLM news release declared the 1,100 mile pipeline through the central United States to be an example of “environmental racism” because a portion of it ran within close proximity to Native American land. [13]


Thousand Currents is a left-of-center grantmaking organization that was founded in 1985 as the International Development Exchange and changed its name to Thousand Currents in 2016. [14] Thousand Currents provides funding to activists in developing nations (i.e.: the so-called “global south”). [15]

As an example, Thousand Currents, in partnership with Global Greengrants Fund, Grassroots International, and Urgent Action Fund for Women’s Human Rights, founded the Climate Leaders In Movement Action Fund (CLIMA). CLIMA is a human rights and environmental mitigation project focused on developing countries. [16] The organization has the goal of raising $10 million between 2018 and 2022. [17]

Left-leaning Support

Thousand Currents reported $4.2 million annual revenue for the reporting period ending June 30, 2017; and $6.8 million annual revenue for the reporting period ending June 30, 2018. [18]

Thousand Currents is funded by many left-leaning institutional donors, which include the Andrus Family Fund (a subsidiary of the Surdna Foundation), the W.K. Kellogg Foundation, International Planned Parenthood Federation, John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation, the David and Lucile Packard Foundation, Wallace Global Fund, and Foundation for a Just Society, the NoVo Foundation, the Libra Foundation. [19] [20] [21]

The NoVo Foundation appears to have been one of the largest donors, pledging in 2015 to give $2.65 million to Thousand Currents over seven years. [22] Peter Buffett, son of left-of-center philanthropist Warren Buffett, and his wife Jennifer run the NoVo Foundation. [23] NoVo has also given grants to numerous left-of-center economic and culture organizations, such as the Institute for Policy Studies, Demos, the Center for Popular Democracy, and the MomsRising Education Fund. [24]

Another large contributor to Thousand Currents was the Libra Foundation: from 2010 to 2019 Libra contributed more than $1.1 million to Thousand Currents for environmental projects. Examples of other left-of-center groups that have received more than $1 million from Libra include the Center for Community Change, and EarthRights International. [25]

Looks like a descendant of Ethel & Julius Rosenberg.. ( executed traitors)

Posted by Ororeef @ 13:39 on July 1, 2020  


As of June 2020, the vice chair of Thousand Currents board of directors was Susan Rosenberg, a former member of the Weather Underground and May 19th Communist Organization who spent 16 years in federal prison before having the remainder of her sentence commuted by President Bill Clinton in 2001.[53]

Profile photo, opens profile page on Twitter in a new tab

Thousand Currents – the group funding core operations of #BlackLivesMatter – has terrorist Susan Rosenberg as Vice Chair on its board. Susan is expert in civil unrest & cultural warfare and was ringleader of “America’s only woman-run terror group” – M19

Thousand Currents – Terrorist Ties To Black Lives Matter | GreatGameIndia
Did you know a terrorist expert in cultural warfare is a board of director of Thousand Currents, which funds core operations of Black Lives Matter
108 people are Tweeting about this


China Caught Smuggling 10,800 Assault Weapons Parts Into Louisville By US Customs

Posted by Ororeef @ 13:32 on July 1, 2020  

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Via GreatGameIndia.com,

China has been caught smuggling 10,800 Assault Weapons parts into Louisville by US Customs and Border Protection officers. The shipment arriving from Shenzhen, China, and destined for a residence in Melbourne, Florida was seized on May 22. The parcel was manifested as containing 100 Steel Pin Samples – a common practice used by smugglers for contraband trafficking.

This is the same as the Democrats are saying the Russians were doing in Afghanistan .Everybody thinks that this divisive tactic by Democrats is a good time to exploit what they perceive to be a US weakness. This is what happens when Democrats wont support their President.Everybody wants to exploit what they think is a weakness.    Just incredible was Bidens speech saying he will come together after he’s elected…what they have been doing for three years against our President is Treason..

Theres not a GUN shop thats NOT SOLD OUT ….!  Whites arent stupid ! They said Obama was their best GUN Salesman,now its BIDEN…!

ipso facto @ 11:50 on July 1, 2020

Posted by Ororeef @ 13:13 on July 1, 2020  

What there doing is trying to head off a RIGHT wing GROUP THAT SAID IT WAS GOING TO TAKE BACK SEATTLE on the 4th of JULY .

They always cower when someone stands up against them…  They dont want conflict with well armed whites ….its just as well…..Maybe they head it off..maybe they dont !  They had to do something when confronted with a fed up citizenry…..

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