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Posted by Maya @ 22:58 on July 2, 2020  

I’m an electronics junkie, too.  Taught myself to solder at age 10 so I could put together a kit walkie-talkie from Allied Radio.  New Lithium Iron Phosphate batteries are amazing.  I have a couple for my ham radio.  Even charge cycling them daily I expect they will outlive me, and possibly the heir I leave them to.

Just don’t bet your life on a Tesla ‘autopilot’.  Not quite perfected yet, methinks.

Very powerful message that needs passed along. Are You Ready?

Posted by silverngold @ 21:34 on July 2, 2020  

gold, silver and crude…

Posted by treefrog @ 21:32 on July 2, 2020  

creeping up in overnight trading,  the scum, or at least the u. s. cohort of the scum are taking the day off tomorrow for the fourth.  silver just climbed back over eighteen.  maybe it will hold tomorrow.  we can hope.


Posted by Buygold @ 21:05 on July 2, 2020  

With you on ELY gold realty trust, tried to pick some up at the end of the day crash at $1.36 but no go. No doubt it was a fake price.

They tried to paint a bad close for us but their attempts get weaker and weaker.

It’s our time. Finally.

Antioquia Gold Cisneros Operations Update

Posted by ipso facto @ 20:31 on July 2, 2020  



Posted by ipso facto @ 20:27 on July 2, 2020  

You could get a pretty good price from some of the Chinese companies.


First Mining Announces Closing of US$22.5 Million Funding by First Majestic Silver to Advance the Springpole Gold Project

Posted by ipso facto @ 20:21 on July 2, 2020  



Posted by redneckokie1 @ 19:32 on July 2, 2020  

I think I will buy a little platinum phiz tomorrow. Chart is really starting to look good now.


I love Telsa, I’m an electronics junkie

Posted by eeos @ 19:31 on July 2, 2020  

I started working for a manufacture of a smart brain that controls Caterpillar truck engines in high school in 1987. Instead of partying on weekends, I was helping with the assembly of complex electronics. This led me into the love of 12V electronics and mobile audio. I understand Tesla, it’s all perfectly clear. Elon is finally going to kill the big 3 and it relieves me so much. The big 3 made shit for 30 years, shit that no one even wants to buy. Look at the Porsche 911 refined since 1963. Look at the new dogshit Corvette, what idiots. A total POS. So these morons deserved to be clocked. Listen to Jay Leno, you know he has it right.

old-timer@15:57 Thanks, and I can’t beleive how many people are still cringing and hiding from this basically phony virus and pandemic

Posted by silverngold @ 18:40 on July 2, 2020  

Here’s what all need to shout from every rooftop in every country in the world.

here’s the deal with bat – clap

Posted by treefrog @ 17:19 on July 2, 2020  

Image may contain: text

covid – 19 is rolling downhill toward insignificance.  can you say “diminishing parabolic curve?”  the virus is steadily becoming less and less of a threat.  the political response to it is led by an increasingly desperate leftist elite that has, for all practical purposes, captured the democ rat party.  who knows what outrage they will try next?

keep your eyes open and your powder dry.

every day i wake up i thank God i don’t live in a city.

(the saw-tooth pattern in the chart is weekly.  it is because some reporting agencies don’t work seven days a week.)



Ororeef 23:59 and tenters

Posted by goldielocks @ 16:28 on July 2, 2020  

I recommend all watch that video and world wide. I’m aware what China is up to but just how close they got but compromising money to go along with the NWO and digital currency map.
Most important although all is, is the 5G. People worried about radiation harm this info shows it’s agenda along with cameras everywhere. No need for phones or privacy, you can just talk in the air. But if they don’t like your speech or something you did or believe they’ll cut you off and forget that uber showing up. The attack on free speech today is just getting people used to bowing down to the NWO that won’t be just a opinion but whether you can hold a job or be put in a concentration camp. Maybe that’s why you see Chinese covering their mouth because cameras read lips.
How close they came before Trump and need sanctions now and stop 5 G.

@Maddog, God Help The Scum If You Ever Break Loose While They Are Walking By. :) You Always Make Me Smile

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 16:15 on July 2, 2020  

Its understandable for you and all of us, to hate the scum. Some day we will unleash you. Sig em.

@ silverngold @ 12:14 on July 2, 2020

Posted by old-timer @ 15:57 on July 2, 2020  

Thanks for sharing Amazing Polly!

She does such good work.

Really dives deep into the rabbit holes!

scum power ‘arranged’ a lousy close.

Posted by Maddog @ 15:54 on July 2, 2020  

What looked like a super bull day, was sat on and crushed…..amazing.

The future’s so bright I need shades! I noticed on Monday Simon Properties was up $10+–whatever happened to “the death of bricks and mortar”

Posted by Richard640 @ 15:38 on July 2, 2020  

Aaaaah! But the mkt. is all knowing and sees the future…

Stunning Surge In New CMBS Delinquencies Heralds Commercial Real Estate Disaster

April was ugly, May was even worse. But both pale in comparison to what the latest June CMBS remittance data.

Really wierd….where did all the buyers go…or are the scum making sure it looks dead and weak.

Posted by Maddog @ 15:36 on July 2, 2020  

@newtogold Roger that good catch

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 15:06 on July 2, 2020  

My standouts lately are DRD, BTG, SAND, AGI, IAG, and SWBI (smith & Wesson) Some of my old laggards seem to be waking up, like AG, GSV, ASM and GPL. Sitting on some SBSW palladium too. CDE is a lazy dog. Only God knows when that one will wake up. Maybe when silver starts climbing back to $50.

Maya @ 14:02

Posted by ipso facto @ 14:40 on July 2, 2020  

Maybe we should be more nervous when we fly? I think it’ll be a while til I get on an airplane again … although that’s due to the covid.

I don’t know what they’re gonna do with all those Maxes. Take 20 feet from the center so they fly properly? 🙂

Mr Copper

Posted by newtogold @ 14:33 on July 2, 2020  

Holding Ely Gold Royalty which is up for me 73% in 6 weeks. Irving resources a later bloomer for me but just starting to pop now. Good stocks and winners in my book. DYODD

Posted by Maya @ 14:29 on July 2, 2020  


Where Did You All Go? Left To Take A Nap? Lots Of Posts Before Noon. I pull up a chair and you all disappear?

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 14:09 on July 2, 2020  

Anyway, FYI some miners that caught my attention recently, and added them to my watchlists. ARNGF ARMZF CELTF CORVF DPMLF ELYGF IRVRF SILV. Naturally they are not blue chip miners, so you guys know the story. High risk but high return.

ipso facto @ 8:15

Posted by Maya @ 14:02 on July 2, 2020  

Yeah this is no time to be flying.  I dunno about Boeing…  with airlines mothballing fleets, I think it will be a long time waiting for new airplane orders.   And they still have to get rid of the backup of MAXes if they can ever get them to fly reliably.

The other day a United 777 limped into Honolulu after blowing out an engine over the Pacific. (They only have two)  Seems some mechanic back on the mainland inspected and re-installed a turbine blade that was cracked!  Obviously it didn’t last long.

Gold back to near Hi’s but shares lagging

Posted by Maddog @ 13:22 on July 2, 2020  

but Ag st6uck under 18.00…no doubt scum offering like mad at $ 18.00.

treefrog @ 11:21

Posted by ipso facto @ 12:48 on July 2, 2020  

Good luck! I’m pretty full up on that one.

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