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Posted by goldielocks @ 15:31 on August 2, 2020  

In case you can’t see it here’s a few things she pointed out I write down for you then added some at the bottom. She said A Lot more than what I wrote so worth a listen to pass on to the young being brainwashed into their own extinction.

Do you think there is no racism or evil beyond our border progressives want to open allowing in all their ancestors enemies that wanted to destroy or conquer them for their children’s sake? Do you think when blacks get together they worry about the white mans fate or dwindling numbers when they are already a minority in the world? Do they know what they’re voting for when the vote for bigger government and upsurping the constitution that affects all free lives?
WhatI added:
Do these white progressives know what their voting for when they vote for matters of inclusion when it excludes them?
Do white progressives stand up for censorship when it’s a one way censorship excluding them?

Do progressives attack people when their freedom of religion is attacked when they refuse to promote gay life in a birthday cake when it goes against their religion then say it’s not about anti religion?
Do they believe certain progressive women’s groups it’s not anti men when they will uses false accusations of sexual assaults without proof to destroy them for personal or political gain?

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Post by the Golden Rule. Oasis not responsible for content/accuracy of posts. DYODD.