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SNG/IPSO, 21:31

Posted by treefrog @ 23:46 on September 2, 2020  

hiking in the woods?  just camping and relaxing in the woods.

death before decaff !!  making coffee at a campsite beside the gila river.

gila hot springs campground, 25 or 30 miles north of silver city, new mex.

SilvernGold no need to rush off.

Posted by Aguila @ 22:13 on September 2, 2020  

Hang around awhile.  We need you as much as you need us.  You have ages of experience so lie low for a while and speak your mind when you want in this public forum.  Many speak, few listen.  Your presence here adds to the value of this forum.

What a long strange trip it’s been

Posted by ipso facto @ 21:40 on September 2, 2020  


Posted by ipso facto @ 21:31 on September 2, 2020  

“The thought comes that maybe it’s time to …………………………………………..”

Go hiking in the woods! Best to you my friend! 🙂

Great doom porn on ZH today-this oughta be good for another 1000 DOW points by Fridays close

Posted by Richard640 @ 19:26 on September 2, 2020  
The inevitable crash that will occur sooner or later could be one of the worsts crises since the 1929 crash, and perhaps since the burst of the South Sea Company bubble. What people fail to understand, is that the big tech mania is likely to lead to a massive funnel effect. 
First, the level of concentration is at a record level as everyone is rushing to buy the same technology shares or large cap ETFs (see To Be Passive is to Let Others Decide for You). Second, short volatility bets are a big threat, as many investors (especially structured funds) believe that selling puts has become risk-free thanks to the “Fed put” (see Stranger Things). Last but not least, more and more traders are now buying short-term out of the money call options, forcing market makers to hedge their books buying index futures or stocks. 
Needless to explain why this “concentration + short downside volatility + gamma squeeze” cocktail is highly explosive. When it reverses, or at least when the tech bull run stops, then you may expect a record volume to the downside. Everyone will become a seller of the same securities: retail traders, ETFs, options sellers, market makers, and every trend follower on Earth.

Brief PSA

Posted by commish @ 19:17 on September 2, 2020  

ipso facto @ 16:43 Yes, that’s the ideal IMO. Get as self sustaining as possible without sacrificing life’s pleasures; then enjoy life as long as you can.

Posted by silverngold @ 18:32 on September 2, 2020  

My dilemma is I am approaching the age of DIRT, and the things I used to do before breakfast I now have trouble completing before bedtime. but  by all accounts I have had a wonderful life. From childhood to teen to young adult to climbing the corporate ladder I had amazing success, because that’s what I wanted. Then at age 30 my cardiologist said “quit or die, the stress is killing you”, so I left an executive position in DC and began making a major lifestyle change, took my young family and went back to the land in BC in the mid 1970’s. I was fortunate to have these health things happen while I was a winner and at the top of my game. My greatest asset is my wife who is a generation younger but it has helped me by trying to keep up. She’s the best.

The thought comes that maybe it’s time to ………………………………………….. (fill in the blank) We all have our own answer. Best to You My Friend from Silverngold!

@ipso facto, Thanks, Nice Catch

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 17:05 on September 2, 2020  

Mr.Copper @ 15:21 re: mining companies

Posted by ipso facto @ 16:47 on September 2, 2020  

Skeena Resources has been good to me. Got in at the 30-40 cent range. Sold a few on the way. Now if I can just find another like that!



Posted by ipso facto @ 16:43 on September 2, 2020  

You know I would never say that some post about a junior’s earnings or drill results was as important as another that warned us of what the Evil Ones were up to. But I think there’s room for them both here.

Doing well financially gives us options such as being able to get farther out from the population centers. That is my goal. It is an important survival attribute to have choices and not be stuck somewhere city-like when the SHTF.



Posted by ipso facto @ 16:36 on September 2, 2020  

I’d love to see one of those drilling ships sink “accidentally.” Who could of done it? I dunno! 🙂

goldielocks @ 15:20

Posted by ipso facto @ 16:31 on September 2, 2020  

One way or another we know that George Soros is financing the rioters. Probably buying them soup by the case!


Buygold @ 15:17

Posted by ipso facto @ 16:27 on September 2, 2020  

If Wheeler doesn’t get voted out after this performance then we’ll know that the citizens of Portland are truly off their rockers! Even more so than now!

Nice close for the DOW

Posted by silverngold @ 16:20 on September 2, 2020  

About another 450 and it’ll hit another ATH. Then what??


Ok Here’s One, KNTNF

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 15:41 on September 2, 2020  

Its up today with Gold down. I added some. I’ve been laddering up on this one as it keeps rising.

Revenue 47.86M 105.46%
Net income 16.9M 219.63%
Diluted EPS 0.08 166.67%
Net profit margin 35.32% 55.53%


This is old dirt on the USA, as most of us know, and too bad those mass murderers, (and it wasn’t some dudes with boxcutters), didn’t get “their just desserts” at the time.

Posted by silverngold @ 15:36 on September 2, 2020  

IMO that was the beginning of the end for the USA, and the reward for everyone turning a blind eye to the crime when it was always so obviously those three buildings were intentionally dropped in their footprints with pre-planned thermite demolition.  Then to add to the farce another huge passenger plane (another fairy tale) just disappeared into a tiny hole in the Pentagon and (luckily) destroyed the evidence of where 3 trillion dollars disappeared to. Boy was that (not) unlucky.

They say “man plans and God smiles” but I guarantee God did NOT smile at this, and a wonderful nation may be destroyed because of it being “Gods last straw” in a long series of falsehoods and deceptions.  I pray that Donald Trump can save America and clean out the Swamp…..and  that there are enough good people left to help him do it. I’m praying but I can’t do it alone…… and neither can Donald Trump!! But WE CAN do it together if enough of us will WAKE UP AND PRAY!!!

@ to All: How About Posting About Your Best Performing Miners? Give The Rest Of Us Some Ideas

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 15:21 on September 2, 2020  

After all at the beginning this was a spin off from Vronsky’s strictly Gold and Silver related info.

Did Erdogan order his generals to sink a Greek warship?

Posted by Maddog @ 15:21 on September 2, 2020  

This is behind a pay wall….so no link.

Could war finally be coming to the eastern Mediterranean? It’s not as excitable a question as it might first appear. In an article titled, ‘Erdogan’s calculated war,’ the German newspaper Die Welt quoted sources from the Turkish military saying that president Recep Tayyip Erdogan had recently ordered his generals to sink a Greek warship, without inflicting casualties. They refused. Then came the suggestion to down a Greek aircraft. Again, they refused.

Such reports would be alarming at any time. Now they are acute. Tensions between Greece and Turkey are greater than they have been since the 1990s. Ostensibly, the problems come from longstanding competition over resources. Recent exploration has shown the eastern Mediterranean to be rich in gas fields, and both Greece and Turkey have their own economic exclusion zones (EEZ) in the sea there. EEZs are the areas in which they have the right to drill and which have become, as a result, quasi-territory.

The problems come as EEZs encroach into opposing territory. Early last month, Turkey sent the Oruc Reis ship to survey an area of the Mediterranean which it argues is within its EEZ, but which Greece claims within its continental shelf. To make matters more complicated, and precarious, in 2019 Turkey signed a maritime accord with the Libyan Government of National Accord (GNA), which expands their EEZ to encompass large Greek islands such as Crete and Rhodes. In response, earlier this month, Greece and Egypt signed their own maritime boundary agreement, which Turkey declared ‘null and void’.

Now add to this problem two things: first, an expansionist Turkey headed by a leader looking to recreate past national glories; and second: wider interlocking geopolitical conflicts that draw in players from both Europe and the Middle East.

In the Eastern Mediterranean, Turkey is guided by its ‘Blue homeland’ (Mavi vatan) doctrine, which it believes gives it the right to search for gas deposits across vast swathes of sea that encroach on the EEZs of Greece and Cyprus. This is dangerous in itself but it merely ties into a wider strategy: what has often been (sometimes lazily) described as Erdogan’s Neo-Ottoman vision for Turkey, which would see the country once more expand its influence outwards in all directions as Turkey’s precursor, the Ottoman Empire, once did. This idea was encapsulated by former prime minister Ahmet Davutoglu in 2013. ‘We will again tie Sarajevo to Damascus, Benghazi to Erzurum to Batumi. This is the core of our power. These may look like different countries to you, but Yemen and Skopje were part of the same country a hundred and ten years ago, as were Erzurum and Benghazi,’ he said.

Understandably, others in the region find these beliefs alarming. And here is where things get really tricky. Turkey signed its maritime deal with Libya after it threw its weight behind the GNA in its civil war against General Khalifa Haftar, who is, in turn, supported by Egypt, France, and the UAE. At the heart of this divide stands the Islamist group, the Muslim Brotherhood, which heavily influences the GNA. Erdogan supports the Brotherhood regionally while Egypt’s leader Abdel Fatteh al-Sisi, came to power by overthrowing a Muslim Brotherhood government. The two leaders unsurprisingly hate each other.

Now add France to the mix. Recently, Turkish warships intervened to stop the French Navy from intercepting a cargo vessel thought to be carrying weapons off the Libyan coast: a naval standoff ensued. Paris has now entered the Eastern Mediterranean dispute firmly on the side of Athens. When Turkish frigates accompany research vessels looking for natural gas across the eastern med they are now opposed by a joint force of Greek and French warships, while French president Emmanuel Macron rails against Turkish actions at the EU and on social media.

For its part, Turkey now openly disdains the United States and what Turkish politicians often term the ‘Atlantic framework’, which it believes has badly let them down in various areas, notably Syria. Instead, Ankara seeks geopolitical independence as a sign of its reinvigorated neo-Ottoman strength, seeking closer ties with states like Russia and Iran. The result merely further widens the rift.

In late August, four UAE F-16 fighter jets Emirates (UAE) were deployed to the Souda Air Base in Crete to carry out joint training with the Greek Armed Forces over the Eastern Mediterranean. The messaging is clear on both sides – and it is escalating.

So far much of all this is brinkmanship and signalling. If the report is true, Erdogan wanted to make a statement without actually killing any Greek troops. The problem comes not with intent but mistake or miscalculation. Brinkmanship can turn into disastrous calamity. Because if the report is true, it also showed a Turkish leader who is willing, if not eager, to escalate the situation in the eastern Mediterranean, to the point of militarily attacking his geopolitical opponent and energy competitor.

It’s a small jump from opponent to enemy. One day you’re competing for gas at the bottom of the sea, the next day you’re sending each other’s soldiers there. History shows that, in Europe, when competing turns to killing everyone suffers. And that is something that, for all the bluster, neither Greece nor Turkey, and especially the wider region can afford to let happen – the cost is simply too great.


Posted by goldielocks @ 15:20 on September 2, 2020  

Here’s another one Pres Trump mentioned. There using cans of soup now instead of bricks. Reason is there easier to through and can cause more damage, travel farther as bricks are heavier. Them when police check their arsenal they can say it’s just soup. If they took their soup away the media would be saying they took the soup from the poor staving protestors. The left apparently think that’s funny.
I wonder if you could reverse that. Throw the soup pack at them or drop in from building and say your just feeding the poor.

Ipso re: Portland Mayor + large cap shares look strong

Posted by Buygold @ 15:17 on September 2, 2020  

The infamous Mayor of Portland, one Mr. Ted Wheeler opened up the gates of anarchy and now he doesn’t want to play?

I thought we were going to have a summer of love?

Apparently not and now the cowardly mayor vacates his condo because he can’t control the beast he let loose?
Real men will be sent in to fix the problem he created and the pendulum will swing back to Republican control. JMHO

Other than that, the large cap pm shares look good unless they crater into the close.


story: Goldman Sachs Gold; Buffett Sacks Goldman

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 15:17 on September 2, 2020  

Comment: At this point, I think TPTB actually NEED and WANT high Gold prices. Its theirs and every gold owners “insurance” policy.

parts:  Is Ms. Mossavar-Rahmani not aware that the U.S. dollar has already been debased by ninety-nine percent? And, that gold at $2000 per ounce (a one-hundred fold increase from $20 per ounce) already reflects that debasement?

However, others at Goldman are “buy(ing) into” gold. Prior to the interview with CNBC, a team of commodity analysts at Goldman raised their 12-month forecast for gold to $2300 from $2000.

They cited “a potential shift in the U.S. Fed toward an inflationary bias against a backdrop of rising geopolitical tensions, elevated U.S. domestic political and social uncertainty, and a growing second wave of COVID-19 related infections”.

Investor Warren Buffett sold his entire position in Goldman Sachs stock during the pandemic earlier this year. This was in addition to large sales of his holdings in other bank stocks such as JPMorgan Chase, Wells Fargo, and PNC.

That might not seem too unusual on its own, given expectations of large potential loan defaults on the horizon. Buffet also sold significant positions in other industries and is known for being a highly cautious investor.

The curiously interesting fact emerging from all of this is that Warren Buffet, while he did add to his positions in a few stocks, he added only a single new stock to his portfolio – Barrick Gold.



Posted by goldielocks @ 15:07 on September 2, 2020  

It already has. Kyle was according NY times who recorded it and saw Kyle was indeed defending himself probably because they don’t want to get sued again framing a kid was shot at think they saId 18 times. 16-18 shots not by him were fired.
Shortly after BLM and ANTIFA shot down a man without a gun to defend himself because he was a blue lives matter as was Kyle and murdered him.
You can die just as easily from blunt force caused by mobs people have died and arson. Skate boards are used for weapons.
I knew a woman from Eureka Calif and her daughter. Her daughter married they were young jobs were scarce there so he went to LA.
He was down there working and his young wife pregnant. Then the Rodney King riots broke out. He had nothing to do with it and in fact a legal immigrant but got caught out in the open. He was attacked by skateboards. He was pronounced brain dead and was laying in a convalescent hospital when his daughter was born. He never got to see her or vise versa.
It’s not just guns.
But I’d they had their way and could just destroy burn down cities make up their own rules like they do the hood but worse I’d have no doubt it would be like that.

@ipso facto 14:21 You’re Exactly Right, Enough Is Enough

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 14:51 on September 2, 2020  

Hopefully all the stupid methods TPTB came up with to create unneeded parts fabrication, retail sales of, diagnostic costs, then replacement costs and labor for installation costs, or “fake work”, should go into reverse.

They can’t keep putting financial burdens on people to support other people. It’s WELLFARE. A stealth socialism, as we cannibalize ourselves as the whole country lost living standards.

Some day a new cheap practical easy to fix “peoples car” will come, out of necessity, AFTER they kill or get rid of all the stupid environment rules (welfare jobs)

Its ABSOLUTELY no coincidence that they created the EPA and all those environment jobs after 1970 because of the dawn of off shoring wealth creating manufacturing work and replaced by wealth absorbing fake overhead type welfare jobs.


Posted by goldielocks @ 14:50 on September 2, 2020  

Yep people aren’t stupid. One reason appears to point to mandatory vaccines. They won’t let you go until you take them.
They’ve been working on that for a long time and just kicked it up a notch. It’s just like anything else they do. Once they get one thing they want more and more and never stops till they’re stopped. Part of it is strategic like vaccines first picking on children because they can’t speak for themselves or tell you somethings wrong then health care or child care then they met resistance so now this. Same with guns, they’ll go from one to the next. God forbid if some kid given a assault like weapon unintentionally proves to the nation there could come a tike why we need them.
Just slowly get them used to giving up their rights while we see over and over they don’t believe in nor practice the orders their putting in others.
You made be think about that car garage that Kyle was asked to save you made a point about classics. Some things insurance won’t bring back, once it’s gone it’s gone. Not like these idiots care. No big deal if they burn years of your work down. Now they’re threatening to come to neighborhoods. Last thing we need is the inability to exercise your right to self defense.
This shot could alter your DNA forever. Chelation or other means won’t stop it.

treefrog @ 14:38

Posted by ipso facto @ 14:42 on September 2, 2020  

It’s a good day no matter what else happens! 🙂

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