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goldielocks @ 19:47

Posted by ipso facto @ 21:38 on September 12, 2020  

I have no compassion for arsonists. They should pay the maximum penalty.


Posted by goldielocks @ 19:47 on September 12, 2020  

Newsom of California trying to put it on the new free for all word Climate Change.

I didn’t know climate change was limited to the west coast. Either their stupid and or expect others to be just as stupid nor do people see the agenda behind it.

Did you ever see the video of that insane woman talking at a rally with AOC. That’s what panic by stupid people can look like on steroids on top of insanity.
She said it wasn’t enough to stop having babies but we have to eat them. He’s she meant it and kept saying it over and over again. Gotta eat the kids lol

Here’s a couple of a few climate changers they caught so far. Yep it is murder.

It’s Not Global Warming: Oregon Officials Announce Arrest of Two More Alleged Arsonists Including Criminal Transient


Posted by ipso facto @ 18:13 on September 12, 2020  

Looks like a map of fires in the US. Canadian fires weren’t in the data. That’s what I’d guess.

goldielocks @ 17:20, yes, that’s an interesting observation!

Posted by silverngold @ 17:41 on September 12, 2020  

I guess the arsonists don’t have passports, or they don’t want to have to divulge their identity. Also I’ve seen recent videos showing helicopters lighting fires using hanging torches, but the same would apply to them crossing borders. They’d have to expose their identity. Worse than criminal! This is murder, not only of people and all they own, but also wildlife and forests. Looks like intentional orchestrated genocide! ;o(

Lucky for Canada fires don’t cross borders.

Posted by goldielocks @ 17:20 on September 12, 2020  

How could this be.


You Go Joe!! And take Hunter with you!…… (to jail that is)

Posted by silverngold @ 14:56 on September 12, 2020  

worse than the disease?

Posted by treefrog @ 13:49 on September 12, 2020  
South Dakota did not lockdown, did not mandate masks or socialist distancing. no businesses or churches were closed.
as of today,* South Dakota has had 200 covid deaths per million population.
North Dakota, on their northern border (and even less densely populated), masked up and locked down. they have had 219 covid deaths/mil. population.
Nebraska, on their southern border, also masked up and locked down. they had 224 covid deaths/mil. population.
SWEDEN – did not lock down, almost nobody wears masks – never did. they did not try to “flatten the curve.” their healthcare system was NOT overwhelmed – not even close. they have had 578 covid deaths per million. their daily death count is now down near zero (it’s over for them.)
UNITED STATES (most states) masked up and locked down. U. S. has had 597 covid deaths per million. new daily deaths running about 750/day.
BRITAIN (U. K.) masks – lockdowns, they have had 612 covid deaths/mil.
(figures from worldometers.info 9-12-2020)
*this is day 164 of “two weeks to flatten the curve.”

He’s just a fun lovin guy

Posted by ipso facto @ 12:30 on September 12, 2020  

North Korea ‘executes five Economic Ministry workers after they criticised Kim’s policies at a dinner party



Posted by goldielocks @ 11:31 on September 12, 2020  

Lol on drinking up the profits.
Chocolate is a good product to grow. Plus the way things are going Chocolate helps.
Including kids locked in right now. What’s a better pick me up for kids than chocolate. Not saying everyday but helps. With the fires so bad in California and the air quality so bad “ my car covered with ashes just after washed, they can’t even get out and play.
On the other end you have to watch for kids to be out at night and can guess some sneaking out like 12 and above because it’s too late cuz their stir crazy. Have to watch out for bikes and skate boards with no reflectors at night when driving Weaving out in traffic. They would otherwise be in bed for school the next day.

Wake up world, you’re being scammed!!

Posted by silverngold @ 9:35 on September 12, 2020  

World Bank Report Quietly Admits Bombshell About Covid You Never Expected

Wildfires in Oregon and California said to be 20X worse than last year.

Posted by silverngold @ 9:22 on September 12, 2020  

If you haven’t seen this one, better take the 7 minutes to be informed.

Posted by silverngold @ 8:56 on September 12, 2020  

goldielocks @ 19:15

Posted by Maya @ 1:59 on September 12, 2020  

I’m afraid I would drink up the profits!  …and all the inventory!  There’s plenty of coffee growers here already with ‘roadside roasters’ coffee shops.  Chocolate is destined to be the next big Ag crop here.  It’s just getting started.  Local chocolate still hard to find at local specialty shops.

Gold Train

Posted by Maya @ 0:32 on September 12, 2020  


Desert Runner


Maddog @ 21:32

Posted by Maya @ 0:31 on September 12, 2020  

Irrefutable truth….  Masks Save Lives!

Corbett exposes the parallels between 911 and Covid-19. Very revealing!

Posted by silverngold @ 0:19 on September 12, 2020  

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