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Have you asked yourself “what is the one thing they do not want me to see or even think about?” Maybe it’s time to ask yourself that question!

Posted by silverngold @ 18:54 on September 15, 2020  

The world is being distracted with a virus that is proving to be no worse than the annual flu, and yet the lockdowns, masks, and social distancing mandates keep getting more stringent.

Has there been any activities taking place while this pandemic is being forced to run wild in our minds?

Is any necessary activity made less visible by shutting down businesses and activity in every major city and country town in the world?

If the world banking systems and currencies are all in trouble, what is the one thing they will need  in order to create the new and global system?

If they want to change the monetary system to one based on social credit and debit scores instead of physical labor, what would be mandatory besides cameras and recording equipment?

This is getting too long, but the answer IMO is communication speed, and 5G installations have been and are still being erected all over the world even before, during, and after this covid crisis fizzles out. Keep your eyes on the covid until the 5G is ready to be rolled out. I was told locally by our internet installer that 5G was not even being considered by them, and this was at the same time I was watching them install the 5G equipment in our community. No, it’s not being activated and rolled out until they are ready for it,  but IMO it is in the works for as soon as they feel they can successfully flip the switch. DYODD, PLEASE!  Here’s one of many to get you started.




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Post by the Golden Rule. Oasis not responsible for content/accuracy of posts. DYODD.