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Covid Gate, The Political Virus Prof Michel Chossudovsky. Not a polished speaker but he does a good job of exposing the lies of Covid-19 scamdemic

Posted by silverngold @ 22:56 on September 22, 2020  

The world better wake up NOW before the lies become the “truth” and we have all lost all our rights and freedoms!

Ecuador not a great place to be a miner. IMO

Posted by ipso facto @ 18:37 on September 22, 2020  

Communities to decide Ecuador mining projects’ fate

Ecuador’s highest court has ruled that communities have the right to hold referendums on whether or not proposed large and medium-scale mines can move forward, but said the public can only vote on mining rights not yet granted and not on licensed projects.

The constitutional court’s decision follows a petition by the government of Cuenca, a city in the country’s highlands, to propose questions to a referendum seeking to ban mining near water sources.

It represents a victory for Cuenca, in the southern province of Azuay, which hosts several projects, including SolGold’s (LON, TSX:SOLG) Sharug project and Canada’s INV Metals’ (TSX-V: INV) Loma Larga gold-silver-copper project.

“It has been a dream for Cuencans for so many years to be allowed, through popular consultation, to determine the future protection of our water sources,” Cuenca Mayor Pedro Palacios told local media.

Participation in the referendum on mining will be mandatory, Palacios added.

Communities to decide Ecuador mining projects’ fate

ororeef, 13:30

Posted by treefrog @ 14:51 on September 22, 2020  

why hold dollars?


because i LIKE holding dollars!

Surfers are HAPPY people

Posted by Ororeef @ 14:06 on September 22, 2020  


They live off (ON) the WATER ,They pay nobody and will never pay back what they borrow as a group.


Posted by Ororeef @ 13:30 on September 22, 2020  

Its pays NO interest,it burns fast,it depreciates without Fail..it just a BARBAROUS RELIC…

FYI, Small Cap Stocks (not pms’) May Be Ready For A Much Needed Correction,

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 11:39 on September 22, 2020  

The Small Cap Bear ETF finally made an upside move above the 50 day moving average line.


“are we there yet, daddy, are we there yet??”

Posted by treefrog @ 10:43 on September 22, 2020  

…said every seven year old who ever took a roadtrip.

deer79 – Great point

Posted by Buygold @ 10:33 on September 22, 2020  

Forgot about the Fed Speak with Powell and Mnunchin in front of Congress today.

Nothing much has changed, same games just at higher levels except for a lot of the pm shares. HUI should be pushing 5-600 by now.


Posted by deer79 @ 10:17 on September 22, 2020  

Agree with all of your points.

It’s also 3X Fedspeak week. We’ve seen this show before. Shake the tree with unbacked paper contracts, create volatility to scare the weak longs, rinse and repeat. Nothing has changed.

Morning treefrog

Posted by Buygold @ 9:49 on September 22, 2020  

looks like it’s all about the USD silver and the stock market today.

However the wind blows on those three will determine where we land at the end.

Funny thing to me is that rates haven’t really dropped much.

always something new

Posted by treefrog @ 9:03 on September 22, 2020  

spot gold just went green.  silver’s still getting beat up.

wait a couple minutes, and that might change.


‘Free money’ for banks as investors pile into fractured gold market

Posted by ipso facto @ 8:56 on September 22, 2020  

LONDON (Reuters) – Banks are making huge profits from gold as investors flood into a market fractured by the coronavirus crisis.

The world’s largest 50 investment banks are on track to double their income from precious metals this year to around $2.5 billion, most of it from gold, Coalition, a banking consultancy, told Reuters.

“$1.2 billion was the earnings pool last year. This year we already crossed that number,” said Coalition research director Amrit Shahani.

The juicy rewards, which have not previously been reported, mark a stunning reversal of fortune for bullion banks. In March, some had to wipe hundreds of millions of dollars off their trading books as the global pandemic snarled the supply of gold bars.

That disruption sowed the seeds for the current bonanza.


Rough day ahead

Posted by Buygold @ 8:22 on September 22, 2020  

I guess the shares will show us the way….or not…

USD on the rise again

Posted by goldielocks @ 6:59 on September 22, 2020  


Posted by goldielocks @ 6:58 on September 22, 2020  


HUI INdex at end of day ,but not published except small chart at KITCO ,is this a big opening tomorrow ?

Posted by Ororeef @ 0:48 on September 22, 2020  



Posted by goldielocks @ 0:01 on September 22, 2020  

It’s not just Collins. What have any but a few people done about the paid thugs on the street? We got a guy in Nebraska who just killed himself after taking out a thug in self defense and glad he took the sob with him because the mob made the DA who already knew it was self defense buckle and instead of arresting the mob for threatening him the arrested him. The kid in Wisconsin also clearly self defense and now a judge there says votes mailed in after the election will still count. Billions of dollars in property damaged.
Where was the senate making laws to lock these thugs up. One judge puts out a million in Bail. One Governor DeSantis going to make a list of laws including a felony for blocking roads.
Yes they might vote a judge in and agree more important than most of them right now and the future. They all On the other hand are looking at the voters. Despite that fact I hope we can take the house back from crazy Nancy and hope she goes back to China town this winter. May the rioters burn her wine vines down while they’re at it and we keep the senate for the president and countries sake but will it turn out that way. They are trying everything off the book to throw this election.

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