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let us pray for nancy pelosi

Posted by treefrog @ 22:14 on September 27, 2020  

Psalm 109:8


Posted by goldielocks @ 18:08 on September 27, 2020  

Currently but something about if they get the permit and you wouldn’t believe on how much money they spent like a Billion dollars that one talk is if they get it anyways they would keep on expanding. I think a simple solution would be draw the lines in the sand. Anyways with the money they spent it much be worth a lot potentially so good you keep a eye on it.

ATTN: old Allied Nevada shareholders & Hycroft Warrant Holders – Important update

Posted by drb2 @ 16:31 on September 27, 2020  

I am posting this at the request of Jordan (sorry don’t know last name). 

Jordan has single handedly kept the fight for restitution going all these years and it finally looks like there is a glimmer of light at the end of the tunnel!


ATTN: Hycroft Warrant Holders

Hello everyone, Jordan here with an EXTREMELY important email!

Please read the following press release / article that has NOT been released yet nationwide.


After reading, please download the book (link in article) and read the table of contents.
(Please randomly select 1 of the 4 links provided and let me know if you have any trouble downloading the book.)

The press release that you just read must now be spread to the world so that everyone can read this book and we can finally bring this to an end. As you will soon see by reading the book, warrant holders should receive shares in the new company and not worthless warrants, and at a ratio of 1 warrant to 1 share, not 3.96 warrants to 1 share, AND without paying a single penny for them!

We need to work together to accomplish this next piece. Every single person that reads this needs to do the following:

Please post a link to the article above in ALL THE FORUMS that you are a part of.

Please share this on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Reddit, and all other social media sites.

Please send a copy of this link to Hycroft management.

Please send it to Tracey via tracey.thom@hycroftmining.com,
Stephen Jones himself via,  Steve.Jones@hycroftmining.com,
Diane R. Garrett (the new president), via diane.garrett@hycroftmining.com, (As long as the naming scheme is the same as other employees, “firstname.lastname”, Diane’s email address should work.)

After you send them an email, contact Steve Jones directly by phone at 303 524-1947 (Office), 713 927-7048 (Mobile), and let him know to check his email. Also let him know to forward the email to Scott Caldwell, Robert Buchan, Randy Buffington, and others involved. This is serious and it is vital that they read the press release and the book as it is urgent because we are about to release this book to the world which contains a tremendous amount of very incriminating evidence that is all 100% verifiable. Warrant holders will not be unjustly treated any more.

If they think they can put a stop to this book, they have another thing coming. We will put this on national television if we absolutely need to.

Please also send to Mudrick capital employees:
Call them, if the numbers are still active and let them know to check their email.

Jason Mudrick himself via, jmudrick@mudrickcapital.com
646-747-9500, 212-784-1425, 12123082923

Janet Arzt President of Mudrick via, jarzt@mudrickcapital.com, janetmjoyce@gmail.com

If you have the contacts or can find the contacts, please also send to:
Randy Buffingtion, Jennie Harsh, Steven Newman and Theresa Thom.

Please take a second to go to the link above and click “Follow”, so that if other articles are posted on that instablog, you will instantly receive notification (although hopefully this will no longer be necessary) as this book was compiled to put an immediate stop to the extreme unjust treatment towards warrant holders.

I also have that same article (currently pending review) on Seeking Alpha, and am just waiting for approval for it to be released.

Seeking Alpha is free but it will NOT do what the other national news outlets will do. This is big news and needs to be spread nationwide.

To reach the entire United States, we need to post this press release to 1 national press release distribution service which will cost about $800-$1000 and to at least 1 industry specific distribution service which will cost about $300-$500.

Press releases are not cheap and so we will need funding. If you are able to, please make a donation via debit or credit card in any amount. Every little bit helps! You do not need a paypal account to donate: https://www.paypal.com/biz/fund?id=HGCYDJZBHFFM8

If you are not able to submit an article but know of another website similar to Seeking Alpha that sends targeted articles to people who have subscribed to the ticker symbol please send me the exact link of the page that shows where they allow article submissions so I do not have to research this as this takes a lot of time to do. Please email me this information to alliednevadashareholders@gmail.com.

If we need more than 4 servers to handle the load required for everyone to download the book, we will get them.

Send this to anyone and everyone you know. If you have connections with news outlets, newsletters, or any type of media please send this article to them. This is the last step in everyone getting back what is rightfully due to them and we need every single person to participate in order to make this happen.

If everyone does their part and spreads this book, this may be the very last email you will ever need to receive from me about these warrants.

Remember, please do not forget to bookmark the updates page if you have not already done so.

I have moved the Updates page to a “non personal” account, because I’m expecting an influx of hundreds and potentially even thousands of people to be joining us soon once the article gets released in a national press release.

We will be in touch soon through the updates page!

Thank you!



Posted by treefrog @ 16:22 on September 27, 2020  

the army corps of engineers concludes that the mine (120 miles from bristol bay) will have “no measureable effect on the fishery.”


Posted by goldielocks @ 14:41 on September 27, 2020  

Nak is having some trouble on that area. It’s too close to one of the last great salmon migrations. They say they won’t expand it that will in danger and pollute the rivers but there is question. I like Nak as a trade but we have to have responsibility to the ecosystem.

Could bring Russia and Turkey into conflict

Posted by ipso facto @ 14:40 on September 27, 2020  

Violence Erupts Between Armenia And Azerbaijan Over Long-Disputed Region


We didn’t really mean it …. besides it was costing us votes ……….. (my interpretation)

Posted by ipso facto @ 14:13 on September 27, 2020  

Minneapolis city councilors BACKTRACK on promise to dismantle police department and say the pledge was ‘up for interpretation’

Members of the Minneapolis City Council reveal their regrets on the collpased pledge to defund the police that was announced in June
Council president Lisa Bender said: ‘I think our pledge created confusion in the community and in our wards’
Councilor Phillipe Cunningham the pledge was ‘up for interpretation’ and ‘it was very clear that most of us had interpreted that language differently’
In August the city’s Charter Commission voted to pause the amendment to dissolve the police force and voted to take 90 more days to review it
This means the move to dismantle the police won’t make it on November ballot
Critics are bashing officials for not working together and for failing to define whether the move means to abolish the police altogether or reallocate funds


Trump Pebble Resort

Posted by treefrog @ 11:25 on September 27, 2020  
(from stocktwits)
$NAK Rumors are that Trump likes Pebble Mine so much that the reason the mitigation plan was delayed was because he insisted that some of the land be repurposed into a golf course so that he could watch America become independent again!

Gold Train

Posted by Maya @ 0:27 on September 27, 2020  


‘Maintenance’ always seems to get the old equipment



Posted by Maya @ 0:24 on September 27, 2020  

“Baby you just ain’t seen nuthin’ yet!”  –Bachman Turner Overdrive

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