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This starts a little slow but it quickly gets right to the meat of the purpose of this “pandemic” and the reason for each and every thing that is being forced onto the worlds population.

Posted by silverngold @ 23:27 on October 6, 2020  

If you don’t already know this stuff it is most likely that you never will, because you are choosing not to believe it because you fear that it is all true, which it is. All I can do is expose it. I can’t make you open your eyes and mind to what is presented here but I will tell you if you continue to comply  you will become someone else absolute legal property and lose your free will and ability to function independently. Your choice! I refuse and will never submit to this world wide hoax. My life is near completion but I have great grandchildren and a large extended family that I feel an obligation to protect from this bullshit lie, so I have no choice but to stand up and speak up. The rest is up to you!

Gold Train

Posted by Maya @ 23:07 on October 6, 2020  


Springtime in the Rockies


Maya @0:22

Posted by amals @ 22:40 on October 6, 2020  

That’s one of the coolest train pics you’ve posted.  Beautiful.

Biden rally

Posted by treefrog @ 21:06 on October 6, 2020  


Posted by goldielocks @ 17:03 on October 6, 2020  

I don’t want to see anyone hurt but I’m rooting for the bull. Bull fighting is cruel and unusual punishment doing that to them and making them suffer like they do for entertainment. The bull was just running for his life and I don’t blame him.
They have other cruel games they play on animals in the world too. One where they light their horns on fire. It’s just ignorance and unnecessary cruelty to the suffering they put these animals through.


Posted by goldielocks @ 16:55 on October 6, 2020  

That’s why I no longer like computers anymore even though they come in handy they’re like a high computer maintenance pain in the arse. That sounded like a nightmare.

A little encouragement from Mike Maloney. Hang in there people!

Posted by silverngold @ 15:43 on October 6, 2020  

Amazing Gold Chart Signals $11,250 oz, But When?

Playing Hardball…not sure why the USD rallies on this or gold falls but that’s the world we live in. Thanks for the comments Samb and Ipso, getting long in the tooth. Maybe Trump will turn the tides on Pelosi and Schumer for a change. Get Barrett on the Supreme Court!

Posted by Buygold @ 15:19 on October 6, 2020  

I see no reason to cuddle up to Pelosi, she’s made an ass out of herself.

Buygold @ 13:5

Posted by ipso facto @ 15:13 on October 6, 2020  

I’m ready for this BS to end! BOLLOCKS!

Buygold @ 13:57

Posted by Samb @ 15:11 on October 6, 2020  

Interesting that you say that…I have been feeling exactly the same way. We are now into the 9th week by my count and that is cycle time mature enough. Could go another few weeks.

So, its time and price….as time is maturing we look at price. Price controls the occilators and no way are we low enough yet for a normal Int. bottom (ICL).  While a Bull market will forgive timing mistakes I feel strongly that one will get a better buying price by just sitting back now and wait for the other shoe to drop. I don’t think that 1850 will hold but perhaps 1825 will do it. Some are saying wait till Thanksgiving and prices from 1800 down even to 1600. I simply reject that kind of negativism. We get that kind of guessing at every ICL time. I measured Silver as best I could and see a risk of 19/20. We will see but, I’m certain as can be that the ICL hasn’t occured yet…just my 2 cents.

Maddog @ 14:55

Posted by ipso facto @ 15:09 on October 6, 2020  

A few pints should see you right. There’s no frustration like computer frustration!

Eff Bill Gates!

‘effing Bill Gates

Posted by Maddog @ 14:55 on October 6, 2020  

got meself a new computer and tried to load Linux onto it……Now that shud be a 10 minute job, download a version of Linux, make a bootable USB stick and load it up….

Got to the loading it up and just before the 4th step of filling in yr details a message comes up…This chip is running RST….what the ….is that …off u go onto the web to find out….well it is some fancy means of supposedly speeding the chip up and guess what it is Windows specific….well ain’t that convenient for Vaccine Bill, so nice of Intel….u then have to go into BIOS to turn it off….all the time flying blind, as a small mistake can wreck the whole show.

So then u get to load ur Mint Linux…got u, u evil barsteward…Mint is loaded now u can restart etc…so u do and then all u get is the machine going into rescue mode, which say no hardware problems, but cannot see an operating system !!!!!!

What the ‘eff….I just loaded it…off onto the Web and it turns out Evil Bill the Vaccine King, has created a new ‘security’ process called UEFI, whereby Versions of Windows from 8 on up have a security Key that allows the system to turn on….without the Key and being in Secure Mode, the machine don’t work….so the Linux systems are shut out….unless they pay Evil Bill the Vaccine King a fee, to get the Key , the big boys Red Hat, Ubuntu Mint and Suse etc have paid…but the small guys are left stuck on the side of the road.

But I did get it to work, after many hours……

Let no-one ever say that Evil Bill the Vaccine King is not operating a Cartel/Closed Shop, along with Intel.


Posted by Buygold @ 13:57 on October 6, 2020  

So, while this correction hasn’t been horrible it is in its 8th irritating week and is starting to feel like the old days but just at higher levels.
Never see the FANGS correct for 8 weeks much less 8 hours.

I’d expect we’d see some rally into the election, some serious fear, although that’s not helped pm’s in awhile.

That’s my rant for the day….😝

James Corbett: I Am a Conspiracy Theorist!

Posted by silverngold @ 13:50 on October 6, 2020  

Hopefully it will broaden your mind and encourage you to speak out. James shows you the way and exposes some crazy conspiracy theories that prove to be conspiracy FACTS .

Costco always a little ahead of the game. I hope they sell bazillions! Hefty premiums!

Posted by ipso facto @ 10:12 on October 6, 2020  

Some gold with your gas and groceries? Costco enters the gold bullion market


As for investors, they have yet one more reason to tune out polls that would have us believe Biden will give Trump a good fight. If this were likely, the Dow would be trading 5000 points lower and fixing to plummet anew.

Posted by Richard640 @ 9:57 on October 6, 2020  


Wall Street Can’t Hide It’s Love for Trump

If stocks plunged Friday on news that Trump had caught the virus, and then began to surge as soon as it looked like he would recover, investors must like the guy, right? Or so it would seem.  The Dow rose almost 500 points on Monday as the President’s doctors prepared to send him home earlier than most of us had anticipated.  Since they are taking no chances, we can confidently conclude he’s in pretty good shape. The maudlin muckrakers who invent the news have been doing their damndest to suggest otherwise, but they’ve only embarrassed themselves with an effusion of ignorance and cant.  Much of it centered on the claim that Trump’s doctors misled them or withheld important details about his treatment, but it is only in the staunchest redoubts of Trump Derangement Syndrome that anyone much cared.

Powell must be yapping…

Posted by Buygold @ 9:48 on October 6, 2020  

cause here they come….

deer79 @ 9:19

Posted by ipso facto @ 9:41 on October 6, 2020  

You have to wonder if that Venezuela gold is still there … or maybe it has been used to stifle price rises. Anyways I don’t think Maduro is getting that gold back anytime soon.

Top EU court rules member states can’t have unfettered access to phone & internet users’ data in blow to Big Brother tactics

Posted by ipso facto @ 9:36 on October 6, 2020  

Governments cannot have unrestricted access to phone and internet users’ data, the European Court of Justice (ECJ) has determined, placing limitations on EU states’ ability to legally carry out bulk data collection.
The panel of 15 judges ruled that the indiscriminate and mass collection of telephone, internet and web communications traffic is not compatible with European law. The ECJ said governments could resort to such practices only if they face a “serious threat to national security.” However, even in the extreme circumstances in which bulk data collection is deemed warranted, such surveillance programs should be limited to a period that is “strictly necessary,” the court explained.


Someone is going to get access to more Physical Gold

Posted by deer79 @ 9:19 on October 6, 2020  

A United Kingdom court has handed the Venezuelan government of Nicolas Maduro a major win today, overturning a previous ruling from a lower court that legitimized the British government’s decision to freeze Venezuelan government gold reserves held in the Bank of England. The English Court of Appeal ruled that the Conservative administration of Boris Johnson’s position that Juan Guaidó is the country’s legitimate ruler was far from equivocal, potentially paving the way for some $1.95 billion of the Central Bank of Venezuela’s gold to be accessed.

Posted by ipso facto @ 9:04 on October 6, 2020  

Bayhorse Silver Due Diligence Samples Return High Grade Gold from the Harrison Gold Project, British Columbia, Canada. Highly Regarded Mining Consultant John Jewitt, P.Eng., Joins the Bayhorse Team


Vizsla expands Napoleon with multiple high-grade intercepts at Panuco project, Mexico


Benchmark Drills 30.63 Metres of 3.39 g/t Gold Equivalent and Extends Mineralization to >300 Metres Depth at Cliff Creek Zone


QMX Gold Expands Drilling Campaign to Over 45,000 Metres by Year End


Powell speaking today

Posted by Buygold @ 8:26 on October 6, 2020  

no warm and fuzzies…


Posted by ipso facto @ 0:31 on October 6, 2020  

“takes it outside”.

That’s funny! At least he recognizes that it’s there snooping all the time.

The cops must love it … all these people making it easy for them … and as far as breaking the law … who knows what the law will be some day.

Gold Train

Posted by Maya @ 0:22 on October 6, 2020  


Storm light over Coal Creek Canyon


ipso facto @ 22:01 – Alexa

Posted by Maya @ 0:05 on October 6, 2020  

I have a very tech savvy friend like that.  He is aware of the eavesdropping that Alexa does, but he says he’s not concerned as he doesn’t do or say anything incriminating.  Yet he admits that when he wants to have a private conversation with his wife, he “takes it outside”.   But he likes the convenience of remote controls and intercom features at his ranch.    Sheesh!

It would be a wonderful system if it was offline, with local speech recognition and a local server for it’s operation.  But the way things are going, someone would likely try to make it illegal to have your own private ‘in house’ system that the government couldn’t monitor.

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