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Tree Frog

Posted by goldielocks @ 23:36 on October 15, 2020  

Someone I know from Texas said there’s early voting in Texas started and she’s got a bad feeling the ones she’s seeing aren’t going to be voting for Trump. I hope it doesn’t reflect for the rest of the state especially with oil and guns even bibles at risk of Biden and these hate to say it stupid people get in power.
Maybe there is a connection between Bidens deals funneled through Hunter with energy companies in both Ukraine and China and Quid Quo Pro. People need to be vigilant to get their vote in keep a eye open for fraud and watch out for the senate too. It’s better than the alternative.


Posted by treefrog @ 21:02 on October 15, 2020  

…biden do as well as McGovern???

Maddog: Where are we now with Gold and the Miners?

Posted by Samb @ 18:16 on October 15, 2020  

I could be very wrong on this call…it looks like it could go either way right now. The bottom on 9/24 did not satisfy any normal standard for an INT cycle bottom. So, I continue to wait for the other shoe to drop. If, it doesn’t then we are in for one heck of an INT up cycle. Michael Oliver suggests that the old tech signals need to be re adjusted  such that the bottom signals since 2011 and 2015 are set being  much to conservative. Maybe but, I expect that this bottom is still dead ahead. We know that anyone buying in here, even at the August top, will still come out just fine. This is timing play money for me and if I have to eat crow and chase the bull up then so be it. Still more down to come…imho.

EDIT, To be clear I don’t think that 1850 will do it….but, 1825 just might. About play money, I was being flippant. Sock drawer has stash plus always some buy/hold miners. Still those selling at tops and buying at INT bottoms will well outperform the buy and do nothing crowd. One should call it as they see it straight and truthful…Damn the torpedos for failure in life is the only real path to success.

Maya @ 15:42

Posted by ipso facto @ 15:49 on October 15, 2020  

“Think A-HEAD”

LOL I’m all for it!

and as my ole boss usta say: Proper planning prevents piss poor performance! 🙂

ipso facto @ 9:35 LOL

Posted by Maya @ 15:42 on October 15, 2020  

File under:   “Think A-HEAD”   🙂


Posted by Maddog @ 15:24 on October 15, 2020  

re moves….short term I find the patterns very confusing…..as u say LT can well see way up…but short term all over the place..not helped by the scum.

But with so many calling for decent sized down move, so far the mkt has way too much under it to go down…..

Canada orders security review of Shandong bid for Arctic gold mine

Posted by ipso facto @ 14:44 on October 15, 2020  

TORONTO (Reuters) – Canada has ordered a national security review of Shandong Gold Mining Co Ltd’s 600547.SS1787.HK bid to acquire a gold mine in the Canadian Arctic, the mine’s owner said on Thursday.

The review comes amid a diplomatic rift between Canada and China over the 2018 arrest by Canadian police of Huawei Technologies Co Ltd’s HWT.UL chief financial officer, Meng Wanzhou.

Shandong Gold, one of China’s biggest gold producers, in May offered C$230 million ($165 million) for struggling TMAC Resources TMR.TO.

TMAC shareholders approved the deal in June but it still requires Canadian government signoff.


Re Barrick Gold>>The Toronto-based miner stopped production at Porgera after Papua New Guinea’s government refused to extend the mine’s lease in April because of community unrest and pollution concerns.

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 13:59 on October 15, 2020  

In my view that type of news is going to grow. It fits with my view of a major reversal of the past after 2008. And after Bernier Madoff got caught, I told everyone, “If you have been “getting away” with something you should NOT have, you better stop” because its all in REVERSE. Look at the Trump re the FBI the JUSTICE dept getting away for decades, and all the other nonsense.

Anyway, all these various foreign countries that have “Stranger Corporations” taking advantage and operating, or taking Gold  out of their back yards, are getting SMART. Just like woman’s and gays rights etc, states rights? Now we are seeing “countries rights” and getting up on THEIR hind legs.

Bottom line? We need to pay attention to which country our gold miner is taking Gold away from. “Global Corporations Rights” are going to go out the window over time. In fact that trend has already started.

Because of a lot of status quo anger in countries that have lost because of “free trade”. Many complaints from Americans, and ZERO complaints from Chinese people for example. In fact it may be time for Americans to start looking at what foreign countries are taking gold out of OUR ground and taking it away. Can you imagine taking permits away from Canadian miners in the USA or charging them more??

Hey we all knew Buffett bought the top, and not only THAT? He picked the crappiest miner available. LOL.


Posted by treefrog @ 13:53 on October 15, 2020  

I can sense a rising level of enthusiasm

Posted by ipso facto @ 11:45 on October 15, 2020  

Homes of French health minister & ex-PM raided by police as part of coronavirus probe

Posted by ipso facto @ 10:16 on October 15, 2020  

French police have carried out dawn raids on a raft of prominent politicians, including the former prime minister and the current health minister, as part of an inquiry into the government’s handling of the coronavirus pandemic.
The extraordinary development came after doctors, Covid-19 patients, police officers and others filed an unprecedented number of complaints about equipment shortages and other issues, prompting a special court to order an investigation into how the government managed the crisis.


Barrick Gold expects nearly 11% drop in third-quarter gold output

Posted by ipso facto @ 9:49 on October 15, 2020  

Barrick Gold Corp on Thursday estimated a 10.8% drop in third-quarter gold production as the miner’s Porgera project in Papua New Guinea remained shut during the period.

The Toronto-based miner stopped production at Porgera after Papua New Guinea’s government refused to extend the mine’s lease in April because of community unrest and pollution concerns. The production halt also forced it to cut its full-year attributable gold production forecast in May.

Earlier in the day, Papua New Guinea and Barrick agreed in principle over Porgera, with Barrick Niugini Ltd set to remain operator of the project.

Barrick Niugini Ltd is a joint venture between Barrick and China’s Zijin Mining Group.

more https://www.mining.com/web/barrick-gold-expects-nearly-11-drop-in-third-quarter-gold-output/

PM shares getting bruised a bit. With gold barely down maybe we come back today.

Posted by ipso facto @ 9:37 on October 15, 2020  

He He

Posted by ipso facto @ 9:35 on October 15, 2020  

Posted by ipso facto @ 9:02 on October 15, 2020  

B2Gold Reports Quarterly Gold Production of 263,813 Oz and Record Quarterly Revenue of $487 M for Q3 2020; On Track to Meet Annual Production Guidance of 1,000,000 to 1,055,000 Oz


HighGold Drills 11.5 g/t Gold over 20.1 Meters in Step-Out Drilling at Johnson Tract Project, Southcentral Alaska, USA


Troilus Files Positive Preliminary Economic Assessment Technical Report for the Troilus Gold Project


Wesdome Announces 2020 Third Quarter Production of 20,008 Ounces of Gold Produced


Novo Provides Operational Update From Beatons Creek and Millennium


Gold Train

Posted by Maya @ 2:08 on October 15, 2020  


Blue and Gold


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