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Thanks Warren, again it’s appreciated

Posted by silverngold @ 11:44 on October 18, 2020  
I hope you and others have been watching this free docuseries called THE TRUTH ABOUT VACCINES. We’ve watched the first 5 episodes and they have been DYNAMITE! They are exposing all the harm vaccines have done to humanity by the same people who are now pushing this new and disastrous COVID-19 vaccine they are rushing to introduce. I just got this email which I am including in case anybody would like to watch the rest of the series. IMO it is knowledge that could save your life.


Happy Sunday!

Apparently, “The Truth About Vaccines 2020” is too controversial for Twitter, since we’ve been completely banned.

But that’s not surprising, in light of the fact that Twitter blocked multiple articles from the New York Post earlier this week.  Is this America or Communist China?

Think about it — if you feel the need to silence and censor other people’s ideas, then you must realize that your own ideas cannot stand up to real scrutiny.

Please help us defeat the censorship! Share this email with your friends and family!

If you haven’t watched yet, you owe it to yourself to go watch TTAV 2020 Episode 5 today before we move on to episode 6 tonight.

Thank you for all the kind words of support!

You deserve to have all the up-to-date scientific data to be able to make an informed choice on whether or not to vaccinate yourself and your children.

The Truth About Vaccines 2020 will provide you with the information you need.

We’ll see you later tonight for Episode 6: “A Closer Look at the CDC, Chicken Pox and Rotavirus Vaccines & Retroviruses.”

Yours in liberty and freedom,

P.S. Are you enjoying the series? Are you learning a lot? Then please support our mission and grab your copy of the entire 10-episode docu-series (save 60%).

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Post by the Golden Rule. Oasis not responsible for content/accuracy of posts. DYODD.