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Posted by Richard640 @ 23:55 on November 2, 2020  

TRUMP SMASHES ONLINE AUDIENCE RECORDS! 177,474 Viewers Watch Trump Live at Georgia Rally — 1.7 MILLION Supporters Watch Trump Sunday Rallies on RSBN


Earlier tonight 172,000 viewers watched the Trump rally in Rome, Georgia!

That number later grew to 177,474 viewers for his Rome, Georgia rally!

This was President Trump’s 4th rally on Sunday.
He still has ONE MORE RALLY in Miami at 11:30 PM tonight!

YouTube peak concurrent viewers for the @realDonaldTrump rally in Rome, GA:@RSBNetwork: 177,474 @TheSun (UK) 29,000@ksdknews (NBC affiliate) 3.5k @NBCNews: NOT airing@ABC: NOT airing @CBSNews: NOT airing@FoxNews: NOT airing??!!!

This is why we exist.

— RSBN 🇺🇸 (@RSBNetwork) November 2, 2020

Today’s numbers at RSBN are truly historic.

903,000 watch the Hickory, North Carolina rally in total hours later.

831,000 watched the Dubuque, Iowa rally in total hours later.

Captain and Goldielocks….I’m glad to see at least a few waking up to what’s happening

Posted by silverngold @ 23:55 on November 2, 2020  

What frustrates me is that in the face of so much proof that the past year has been a complete hoax with totally exaggerated covid death rates, and now hundreds of thousands of Doctors and nurses around the world exposing that this is a fake fraud pandemic being perpetrated against humanity, those responsible for creating this fraud just turn a blind eye and tell the world idiots to lock down for a second wave, and the idiot people still believe what they are being told and they do it!! MY GOD, what has happened to peoples brains???????? Oh Yeah, 5G electromagnetic radiation is frying them. Effing scrambled brains! Next they’ll tell these idiots they are going to offer covid-19 vaccines to the highest bidder, and then next to first come, first served, and people will stand in line for days or weeks to get theirs sooner than the other idiots.

IMO this all has nothing to do with a virus but lots to do with the massive worldwide coverage of 20,000+ 5G satellites being launched into orbit, and the 5G stations being installed every few blocks in every city and town around the world by several major providers. IMO this is all necessary in order to make the coming digital monetary system work properly, so until that network has been completed, the world will have to suffer from the terrible virus that probably never was.

On the election, I hope Trump knows there is skulduggery going on and has a huge surprise in store for them when their rigged machines again don’t work. Everyone is being encouraged to go out tomorrow and vote in person. I hope all the polling places in America will be well guarded to protect the voters when they come to vote. Rumors abound that there will be every kind of chaos created around the polling places. I’d say it’d be a good time to call out the national guard, police, etc to be in attendance tomorrow.

A BEAUTIFUL, amazing letter to Trump

Posted by aufever @ 23:50 on November 2, 2020  

From a Catholic Archbishop



Posted by Ororeef @ 23:44 on November 2, 2020  

made a very astute observation one day..Someone asked if Russia would invade the USA  ?

NOT very likely ! ha answered…..WHY ?     because the all got GUNS……!

Black lives Matter and Antifa had better take note if they think they can take over the USA …..

ASK PUTIN  ! for advice  …   I have noticed that theres not a GUN available  or ammo except those costing thousands of DOLLARS  ..They are SOLD OUT  !   every where you look ….SO if ANtifa wants to challenge the peaceful citizens because they haven’t” reacted with force yet  …DONT mistake “Peaceful” for “Weakness”   .Beware the wrath OF A PATIENT MAN   ..   After the Election ,they have nothing to lose…..and they got all the GUNS…Americans will let Democracy work,if it dont they will return to a Republic as the FOUNDERS did.. there will be no more sacrificing the individual rights for the supposed “COMMON GOOD” …..   They will bring back the REPUBLIC and they got the GUNS to do it.   There will be no MORE “MOB RULE” which is what Democracy really is.   The “BILL of RIGHTS” TRUMPS MOB RULE …

Posted by Richard640 @ 23:43 on November 2, 2020  

WAYNE ROOT: Las Vegas Oddsmaker Announces Final Prediction: Trump Electoral Landslide Coming

By Wayne Allyn Root

It’s all there. All the cards fell into place. Liberals and the biased and bribed mainstream media are just too blind to see it.

It’s Trump over Hillary all over again. It’s George HW Bush overcoming a 17-point deficit versus Michael Dukakis all over again. It’s the final days of Ronald Reagan vs Jimmy Carter- when all of America broke for Reagan at the same time.

At this moment, if you’re not blind, deaf, or very dumb, it’s clear a majority of American voters, certainly crucial swing voters in battleground states, are breaking for Trump in the final days.

TRENDING: THE MASK IS OFF: Kamala Harris Endorses Communism Two Days Out From Election Day (VIDEO)

It’s all adding up to a Trump electoral landslide.

And I’m not just talking about tightening polls; a few polls with Trump actually in the lead; or battleground states where Trump is outperforming his own numbers four years ago versus Hillary.

Much more importantly, I’m talking early voting numbers. Trump is doing extraordinarily well in early voting in states like Florida, Nevada, Iowa, North Carolina and Arizona. Trump and Republicans are out-kicking the coverage. In other words, they’re kicking the Democrat’s asses. With the physical votes on Election Day still to come. And we all know Republicans rule on Election Day.

If Florida is representative of battleground states all over the country, Trump is about to win both a popular vote victory and an electoral landslide. Trump is leading in both Democrat Miami-Dade County and Democrat Palm Beach County. Democrats are panicking both in Florida and all over the country.

Trafalgar Polling, the most accurate state by state poll of 2016, which factors in the “shy Trump voter” (people afraid to tell a stranger on the phone that they support Trump) shows Trump taking the lead this week in Florida, Michigan, North Carolina, and Pennsylvania.

Rasmussen shows Trump’s approval rating at 52%, five points better than Obama at this same time in 2012, when Obama was heading for a re-election victory.

Remember Norpoth, a professor in Stony Brook from 2016?=Trump has a 91% chance of winning and puts electoral votes at: Trump – 362 and Biden – 176.

Posted by Richard640 @ 23:37 on November 2, 2020  
He’s on Lou Dobbs right now and he says: Trump has a 91% chance of winning and puts electoral votes at: Trump – 362 and Biden – 176.

Maverick Modeller Helmut Norpoth Predicts Another Win for Trump

Political scientist Helmut Norpoth fields media calls every week seeking comment on the upcoming presidential election. Why the interest? In 2016, he was one of a handful of experts who correctly predicted the outcome of the U.S. Presidential election

Norpoth, a professor in Stony Brook’s Department of Political Science, has enjoyed notable success forecasting elections based on his Primary Model, a statistical representation of U.S. presidential races based on data going back more than a century.

In 2020, his model once again projects a Trump victory, giving the incumbent President a 90-percent chance of being re-elected in a landslide — a controversial call that runs contrary to current polls.

The Primary Model has correctly predicted five of the past six presidential elections, and when applied to previous elections, correctly predicts an impressive 25 of the last 27, missing only the 2000 election in which George W. Bush defeated Al Gore and the 1960 election in which John F. Kennedy defeated Richard Nixon — two extremely close and contested votes marred by allegations of voting inaccuracies.

Maddog–thanks for the XOP tip–I didn’t see it–it’s a good sign!

Posted by Richard640 @ 23:10 on November 2, 2020  

Trump wins by a landslide-!!

Posted by Richard640 @ 23:04 on November 2, 2020  

NYUK, NYUK, NYUK on Pantone Canvas Gallery


Posted by goldielocks @ 23:02 on November 2, 2020  

Tucker Watch the part where Kamila now suddenly has a southern accent and changed where she grew up. Apparently she’s been training from Hillary.
Dress up Boy Trudeau now has a Phony contender. That’s hilarious.


Posted by goldielocks @ 22:38 on November 2, 2020  

On Fox, I heard some countries are blocking Fox. It will only be on tonight then gone.

Captain Hook

Posted by goldielocks @ 22:13 on November 2, 2020  

I guess Canada’s right is like the left here. ?? Canada has to get a contender and rally behind him. Don’t wait for them to pick one. See what happened here when they do it. They get commys, race baiters, fascists “ they like to call the right here but coming from the left, and recycled corrupt like Biden. They won’t only get them to vote the way they want they’ll start getting them in office positions.

SNG 13:01 and 20:01

Posted by goldielocks @ 22:07 on November 2, 2020  

Robert Kennedy is a smart man who knows his history. Today the demos have morphed to criminals like in the 20:01 and not even smart or know history.
That 20:01 is very concerning and yes people fear a rigged election and appears the swamp are doing everything they can to do just that. I hope the votes for Trump are overwhelming and hope even more they can catch the culprits.

Justin and his buddies declare war on the Canadian People…

Posted by Captain Hook @ 22:04 on November 2, 2020  

Who is the foreigner in  charge of the ministry of propaganda in Canada?

See here

Makes you sick.

Canada will be a commie sh*thole in no time with Justin following in his daddy’s footsteps.

Thanks again Justin.

More love from Justin Trudeau

Posted by Captain Hook @ 20:20 on November 2, 2020  

Carrying out UN / International banker directives, even though the Canadian border is closed to its tax paying citizens (you are an idiot to pay these fascist f*cks taxes), illegal aliens are still being brought into Canada in droves. (because they will collapse the economy and vote ‘right’ – think Cloward and Piven Strategy).

See here

Next the IMF will bestow its love on Canada by lending them ‘aid’ they cannot repay because Canada is being bankrupted by The Boys From Brazil and their predatory policies.

And the job will be complete when Canada joins the third world.

Thanks Justin…you da man.

You better listen to this one!

Posted by silverngold @ 20:01 on November 2, 2020  

RED ALERT: Dems collude with CIA to launch intelligence operation that ALTERS voting machine results in Pennsylvania and other swing states

Americans Tomorrow Vote Or…

Posted by commish @ 19:59 on November 2, 2020  



Posted by ipso facto @ 18:45 on November 2, 2020  

That must be a picture of Biden’s train system. 🙂

Yeah sure hope people aren’t going crazy in the next few days. Never seen it before … never want to.

Gold Train

Posted by Maya @ 18:21 on November 2, 2020  


Sorry, Ipso.  Busy and spaced out last night.  And ‘Trump Trains’ are clearly a security risk, so…

“Severed Rail Service”… yup.

More after the election fiasco settles… if we’re not involved in armed conflict in the streets.


Posted by Pict @ 17:04 on November 2, 2020  

Daily crude futures threw a 10% candle today.  The P/E & Dividends on the major oils sure looks inviting.

Mining News IAMGold Suspends Operations at Quebec Mine after earthquake reported

Posted by ipso facto @ 16:12 on November 2, 2020  


More acquiring

Posted by ipso facto @ 15:54 on November 2, 2020  




Posted by Maddog @ 14:51 on November 2, 2020  

Have us seen the Oil stox…..XOP is up over 5 % …seems some protection/short covering is coming in …..

I hope this will get watched, read, and passed on. RFK, Jr clearly understands and explains what is is being done to humanity by a few who call themselves the “Elite” but who are actually trying to enslave humanity through their lies and deceptions with nothing more than the human emotion of FEAR! WAKE UP PEOPLE!. ..

Posted by silverngold @ 13:01 on November 2, 2020  

An International Message of Hope for Humanity From RFK, Jr.

Re, Trump, The Shrinking Middle Class, and Falling Living Standards Since 1975

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 12:44 on November 2, 2020  

My view? Both the republicans and the democrats (the useless uni-party) screwed up badly, and like I said from the start four years ago, that’s why an outsider got a foothold.

Basically both parties allowed the lower end pay scale group to get too big. We’ve all heard about the shrinking Middle Class, getting smaller.  That means two things.
The upper paid group got bigger, and the lower paid group got bigger. And the lower paid are allowed to vote. And they finally have a Trump, a very rare and very abnormal,  unusual America First candidate as  president to vote for again.
If everything is in reverse re smaller middle class these days? Then that means the middle class shrunken middle class will get bigger. Meaning economic losses at the upper levels incomes, which probably already started with many business owners, and higher pay levels at the lower end.
Both parties of the past screwed up. But America First was probably out of their hands anyway due to international influences. So now with reversals, even the international influences are in reverse. Less power over the USA (and UK) Maybe we can consider Europe the big pig at the trough? They really do need their wings clipped over there.
The old sayin …”The rich get richer, and the poor get poorer” is now in reverse….
 Revised ………..”The rich get poorer, and the poor get richer”

Maddog=the market has spoken today-the big money strategists evaluated the weekend chatter and REAL pollsters and have put their money on Trump

Posted by Richard640 @ 11:58 on November 2, 2020  

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