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Gold Train

Posted by Maya @ 23:36 on November 7, 2020  


…tiny little…


Buygold …..”this is the time for patriots to fight. I’m old but I’m in regardless.”

Posted by silverngold @ 23:31 on November 7, 2020  

I’m with you on all that, and I think Trump feels the same way. I think we all are saying “from these cold dead hands”, because that is the only way I/we will EVER accept what they are attempting to do to America, and for that matter, to the rest of the world too.

goldielocks @ 21:03 Thanks Goldielocks. That was a welcome encouraging word.

Posted by silverngold @ 23:15 on November 7, 2020  

I have been feeling kinda deserted and abandoned for the past few days so it was good to get an update. I was beginning to think maybe Trump had thrown in the towel, and I wouldn’t blame him if he did, but deep down I know he is a fighter and won’t let America down while he still breathes. What I want to see soon is arrests being made of the treasonous bastards who have orchestrated this Coup attempt against America, and IMO that is what it is. We know that Biden would sell out America for a few bucks….. as he has already done in the past….. and his reward for this making a mockery of and defiling the office of the Presidency should be a 21 gun salute, right through his black heart! REST IN HELL FOR ETERNITY JOE, ALONG WITH EVERY OTHER PERSON WHO PARTICIPATED IN THIS COUP ATTEMPT TO DESTROY AMERICA!!


Posted by goldielocks @ 21:03 on November 7, 2020  

Lee is a human rights atty working with President Trump. Update on what’s going on. FB posting.

Very Good

Posted by ipso facto @ 18:46 on November 7, 2020  


Silverngold, Hook

Posted by Buygold @ 18:26 on November 7, 2020  

There is a time for waiting for results and a time for fighting for them.

I’m still hoping that Trump and his team have fight left in them and will explain the truth of voter fraud for all to see. It will be difficult for him considering the MSM – including FOX has already named Biden winner..

I’m afraid that regardless, this is the time for patriots to fight. I’m old but I’m in regardless.


Posted by commish @ 18:21 on November 7, 2020  

Is at the top of the list along with Texas of producing Natural Gas.  No way they would support the candidates who support anti-fragging . You know what I am saying.


silverngold @ 16:42

Posted by Captain Hook @ 17:17 on November 7, 2020  

I know how you feel…we are all being gaslighted and the stakes are huge…your freedom.

Unfortunately trump f*cked up underestimating the psychopaths in charge…so now it will likely need to get messy.

The Supreme Court will not support the people in the end so don’t expect anything good from them. They are glorified bureaucrats so they will vote the party-line in spite of irrefutable evidence of blatant election fraud.

So now, in order to fix the problem, once the establishment establishes Sleazy Joe, a treasonous and compromised pedophile on the Chinese payroll, Trump will have to get into a real fight — not just pose — because he wants to be elected the President of the United States that was. He is letting the people down by not facing just how compromised America is.

He will have to admit America isn’t what it used to be.

He needs to wake up and take the gloves off…make some arrests etc. — turn the gaslighting on them.

It’s either that or the international bankers will install their global police state and we are all f*cked.

Have a nice day.

Bye America… as we once knew, loved and respected.

Posted by Samb @ 17:07 on November 7, 2020  

Born 1776…..Died 2020.

Captain, I have no problem keeping the faith in Trump and his efforts and intentions to drain the swamp and make America great again…..

Posted by silverngold @ 16:42 on November 7, 2020  

Where I am having trouble is in maintaining ANY faith in the intelligence of many of my Canadian friends and neighbors who have bought the MSM lie…. hook, line, and sinker.

My prayer is that “Gods will be done” and that time will straighten out this mess!  I thank him for giving me an honest intelligent wife who also sees through the corruption and deception. Same for this forum of honest, independent, intelligent, thinking, people Like yourself. It’s a shelter in a time of storm! Hang in there everyone!!



It isn’t over until it’s over

Posted by Buygold @ 16:20 on November 7, 2020  

President Trump and his campaign team have reminded Americans that “legal votes decide who is president, not the news media.”

 As Constitutional lawyer, Jenna Ellis explains: “Joe Biden is not the president-elect just because media declares him so.”


My Comment: At least we know now that FOX news is a part of the Globalist scum as they’ve participated in the Biden presidency hoax.

We can’t let this stand, at least I can’t.

Posted by treefrog @ 16:14 on November 7, 2020  

silverngold @ 15:41

Posted by Captain Hook @ 15:54 on November 7, 2020  

It’s called ‘gaslighting’.

Gaslighting is a form of psychological abuse where a person or group makes someone question their sanity, perception of reality, or memories. People experiencing gaslighting often feel confused, anxious, and unable to trust themselves.

The left is attempting to steal the election.

This must be expected.

Keep the faith.

Past that…Johnny get your gun.




Posted by silverngold @ 15:41 on November 7, 2020  


He was President for 36 days

Posted by commish @ 14:59 on November 7, 2020  

empq9kgxeaa-c6o Biden people celebrating a touchdown when they haven’t even crossed the goal  line.

Knowing the deceit and deception that has taken place during this election, did you EVER hear so much SINcerity come from the mouth of such a liar and deceiver as Joe Biden? (don’t stop watching when it comes to a 6 second break. The best lies still lie ahead)

Posted by silverngold @ 13:30 on November 7, 2020  

Musta been at least half a dozen spectators in attendance who applauded his speech. whatta guy!!

from Jim Stone

Posted by goldcountry @ 12:26 on November 7, 2020  

The watermark story is a probable hoax, however, there were other sting operations underway and Biden is hopelessly, irrevocably busted. That’s why no winner has been announced. I really don’t know where this will all land in the end but there is such a mountain of fraud this time that it was like trying to contain the aftermath of a nuclear blast, containment is totally breached. There are even videos of CNN broadcasts that prove there is fraud, where numbers for the Republican candidates go DOWN, live, on screen, with votes vanishing, ON SCREEN, right on CNN. This time it was BAD folks, there’s no way out of it. Now there are (according to my estimates,) 48.1 million false votes for Biden. And they did not stop there, they went to steal the house and senate also. So it’s not just Trump that will blow this open, tons of Republican candidates are on stage for this sh*T show and it looks like it is going to be good.

However, no matter how good it is people must keep in mind the outcome is not guaranteed to be righteous because we are indeed in the middle of an attempted communist coup, and as I said in the subsequent post, that’s the key factor in this – is America sufficiently subverted for the communists to simply brush all of this obvious fraud away? We are going to find out.


Posted by goldielocks @ 11:42 on November 7, 2020  

And if they hand count they won’t let poll watchers. All I’m hearing from the republicans is whining even after being told what’s going on by the poll watchers They should of shut these polls down but doing nothing to stop the corruption. There goes the Republican Party here goes the banana republic of mob rule. Georgia even had some associate calling blacks to fix the ballots on a Ron Paul show on Nov 5th.

ITS JUST A “GLITCH”move along nothing to see here ..WE just cover the windows with cardboard for your protection …WE did a Computer Update the night before the election to protect your vote ?

Posted by Ororeef @ 10:46 on November 7, 2020  

Georgia Counties Using Same Software as Michigan Counties Also Encounter ‘Glitch’

ATLANTA, GA - NOVEMBER 03: Sitting next to a poll worker, a Fulton County voter casts a ballot at the Metropolitan Library on November 3, 2020 in Atlanta, Georgia. After a record-breaking early voting turnout, Americans head to the polls on the last day to cast their vote for incumbent …
Jessica McGowan/Getty Images

Two Georgia counties using the same electronic voting software as a Michigan county that experienced a glitch have also reported encountering glitches during the 2020 election.

Voting machines crashed in Georgia’s Spalding and Morgan Counties on Tuesday morning because of what election officials described as a “glitch.”

A Georgia election official said that a technical glitch that halted voting in the two counties was caused by a vendor uploading an update to their election machines the night before the election, according to a report by Politico.

“That is something that they don’t ever do. I’ve never seen them update anything the day before the election,” said Marcia Ridley, elections supervisor at Spalding County Board of Election.

Election Truth

Posted by MetalsGuy @ 9:57 on November 7, 2020  

Here is what the corbettreport says about this election


Posted by Buygold @ 8:33 on November 7, 2020  

If somehow Trump survives this a gets another 4 years, Sydney Powell should be his AG.

This will be only on tonight before it’s changed

Posted by goldielocks @ 0:07 on November 7, 2020  

It goes into debt about Michigan level of corruption going on where they have sworn affidavits now.

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