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Yup, if this is the same Dominion I’m not so sure I’d trust their test results any more than I trust their voting machines! (My emphasis in bold print at the end of the article)

Posted by silverngold @ 23:01 on November 17, 2020  

Dominion Diagnostics Offering COVID-19 Serology Antibody Testing

Dominion Diagnostics is pleased to now offer COVID-19 serology antibody testing. Serological tests for SARS-CoV-2, while not intended as a primary diagnostic tool for COVID-19, are used to detect antibodies to the SARS-CoV-2 virus.  These antibodies are produced following activation of the body’s adaptive immune response.  This process is triggered after viral exposure and results in the virus’s destruction and subsequent elimination from the body.  At this time, it is not known whether these antibodies provide immunity; however, SARS-CoV-2 serological tests may aid in recognizing high-risk populations, enhancing our understanding of the virus’ epidemiology and identifying individuals with past asymptomatic infections.

Dominion Diagnostics utilizes the Siemens SARS-CoV-2 Total Antibody test to identify two antibodies, Immunoglobulin M (IgM) and Immunoglobulin G (IgG). Both antibodies are produced by the immune system in response to SARS-CoV-2, the virus strain that causes the disease COVID 19. IgM is produced during the initial immune response and can be detected as early as several days after infection. This antibody is relatively short-lived, remaining in the body for 3 to 4 weeks. The second antibody, IgG, is produced in greater quantities and begins to appear shortly after IgM. The IgG antibodies may serve as the basis for long-term immunity, possibly conferring resistance for months or years.

Results from the Siemens SARS-CoV-2 Total Antibody test demonstrated 100% sensitivity for all samples tested ≥ 14 days following a positive PCR result.  Studies conducted on samples collected prior to the COVID-19 outbreak established specificity at 99.8%.  Performance characteristics were also evaluated in-house using samples collected prior to the pandemic and validation specimens provided by a CLIA/CAP-certified reference lab. 100% correlation was observed.

After seeing so many unreliable serology tests come to market in the last few months, we are excited to offer an assay that performs in accordance with Dominion’s high-quality standards,” said Dr. Charlene Johnson, Vice President of Laboratory Operations/Laboratory Director.


Posted by ipso facto @ 21:48 on November 17, 2020  

Thanks. Got my fingers crossed! On the MSM too!


Posted by Maddog @ 20:42 on November 17, 2020  

Here is a follow up to the Salisbury Review, where the Co that has been warning about rigging, says that what went on in Wisconsin is physically impossible…they are looking into Georgia and elsewhere, as well.

You’re Fired

Posted by commish @ 19:41 on November 17, 2020  

Pack your bags you are out of here.


Posted by ipso facto @ 19:22 on November 17, 2020  

Would be nice to really know what is going on!

Anyone else live near an Air Force Base?

ipso facto I hope so

Posted by Pict @ 19:18 on November 17, 2020  

Yep, USMC Cherry Point NC , more air traffic last 2 days than for a hole year.  At first it was Ospreys, figured just ammo runs up to Camp Lejeune. Looked like Norfolk International most of today. Everything with wings in the air. “I hope so”.

Picture worth a thousand words.

Posted by silverngold @ 19:09 on November 17, 2020  

Bill Gates milking the virus for all it’s worth.

Dave Janda with an interesting presentation called Hammering the Key to the Coup He fills in lots of question gaps.

Posted by silverngold @ 19:00 on November 17, 2020  


Posted by ipso facto @ 18:44 on November 17, 2020  

Second Memory Card With 2,755 Votes Found During Georgia Election Audit, Decreasing Biden Lead


Who knows? I hope so …

Posted by ipso facto @ 18:42 on November 17, 2020  

Breaking: The Kraken has been released… military planes filling the skies… it has begun
Mike Adams
Today attorney Sidney Powell declared that “the Kraken” was released two days ago, and results are beginning to emerge. Whistleblowers from the Dominion software company are going on the record, admitting the entire system was engineered from the start to steal elections in the USA and around the world.

Military air flights exploded yesterday, filling the skies with military planes, including at least one flight to GITMO. Speculation is that traitors are in the process of being arrested and interrogated mid-flight – “airborne rendition” – to provide evidence of their complicity in vote rigging and international fraud.

The hammer is about to be dropped, and Joe Biden is going to prison, not the White House.


Mali gold mine workers to go on 72-hour strike

Posted by ipso facto @ 18:37 on November 17, 2020  

Mali gold mine workers to go on 72-hour strike

This is not so good. What’s next?

Posted by ipso facto @ 18:35 on November 17, 2020  

Mexico moves ahead with lithium nationalization plans

Mexico is moving ahead with plans to nationalize its emerging lithium industry after a member of the ruling Morena party introduced a draft bill in parliament last week, which calls for the battery metal to be deemed the exclusive property of the nation, with production controlled by the state.

Alejandro Armenta, head of the Senate’s finance commission, is proposing the creation of a new state-owned entity, LitioMex, to regulate lithium mining.

“It is not about closing the door to investment,” Mena said in an online session of the parliament. “There needs to be regulation (…) We are currently giving away our lithium to Chinese, Americans and Canadians (…) We shouldn’t be a paradise for exploitation. That’s called looting.”

Mexico has already scared private investors away by renegotiating gas pipeline contracts that the government declared exorbitant. It has also attempted to change regulations for renewable energy projects.

cont. https://www.mining.com/mexico-pushes-ahead-with-lithium-nationalization-plans/

Well, I see there ARE a few smart Canadians after all!! Worth hearing their honest sincerity IMO!!

Posted by silverngold @ 17:37 on November 17, 2020  

As one door closes, another one opens. Unfortunately this one is deeper down the rabbit hole

Posted by silverngold @ 16:46 on November 17, 2020  

If you like staying in the dark about the future that has been planned for you….. Better not look! For myself though, I’d rather not step in their fresh slimy stinky pile of shit….so I gotta look!

An excellent investigation on the Election Fraud….new details.

Posted by Maddog @ 15:09 on November 17, 2020  

Is Trump right to proclaim that there was widespread voter fraud?

Is Trump right to proclaim that there was widespread voter fraud?

Captain Hook @ 14:20, Did you miss anything? Nope, you got it just right IMO!!

Posted by silverngold @ 14:33 on November 17, 2020  

Keep them coming my friend. If enough light is shed on this Covid hoax and 5G cover up, and a few more begin to realize what this is really all about…… at the very lease we can make them squirm.

The Corbett Report. The Thick Red Line

Posted by silverngold @ 14:22 on November 17, 2020  

The theme is “just Say No” when politicians use law enforcement to tell you to do unreasonable things that are not affecting or interfering with anyone elses rights, but say it peacefully.

Thanks Dr. Fauci…

Posted by Captain Hook @ 14:20 on November 17, 2020  

…you da man…everything is going according to plan right?

Let’s see now. What we will do is shut the economy down again to completely collapse what is left of the middle class, get everybody dependent on the government, and then put through the reset into the control/police state using digital currency and other tracking methods.

Then they will vaccinate you five times a year so you are getting maximum doses of heavy metals — and then they will flip the 5G switch on and fry your brain (heavy metals settle in the brain which is what gives you alzheimers) — and then you die.

It’s the 5G that will kill you — not the COVID — COVID is a PSYOP.

Of course when people start dropping like flies, like when they turned on the 5G in Wuhan, they will blame it on COVID and lock your ass down even harder.

Did I miss anything?

Have a nice day.

aufever @ 13:20

Posted by Captain Hook @ 13:51 on November 17, 2020  


With the execution of Justice Scalia back in 2016 to set an example, and with the left undoubtedly letting those still sitting on the court know they better tow the line – or else – I think you maybe right about SCOTUS.

What’s worse, if they take until January to bring down the decision, there won’t be any time after that to adjust to the situation — impending communism and death to all dissenters in America/free world/etc.

Of course they will have about 100 million (that’s how many actually voted for Trump) really pissed freedom loving patriots with guns to deal with if that happens.

The rally in DC over the weekend should be a warning in that regard.

Sessions/revolution could become a reality depending.

Hard working people are not going to take that from the parasite classes.


Captain Hook

Posted by aufever @ 13:20 on November 17, 2020  

All that matters is, are they going to ‘lower the boom’?
I don’t trust the SCOTUS. Or congress. If those are our only hopes, we may be in big trouble.
If democrats get the presidency, it seems unlikely that I will be alive a year from now.

goldielocks @ 5:39 Thanks Goldielocks, IMO that was a dynamite presentation.

Posted by silverngold @ 13:17 on November 17, 2020  

They didn’t try to sell you anything; only to lay it all out on the table so you could clearly look at your options to help you make your financial decisions for the future in this quickly changing world. Anybody that plans to pass this one up needs to reconsider. To make it easier I’ll put the link here again.

aufever @ 11:38

Posted by Captain Hook @ 12:09 on November 17, 2020  

Actually the recount in Georgia is big news because the Democrat dictator governor is running an illegal recount, against the will of the Republican Legislature (people), where he is allowing all the fraudulent votes to count — along with every other kind of related fraud you can think of — at the direction of the Clintons.

So apparently Alex Jones is going to protest at the Governors Mansion today, and I suggest anybody who can go join him, because if they are able to certify the results this week, it’s going to make it very hard for Trump to dig himself out of that hole.

Lots going on — don’t worry about that.

Have a nice day.

A dirth of election news

Posted by aufever @ 11:38 on November 17, 2020  

Is this the calm before the storm?
Been waiting patiently it seems like forever.
We have been told of solid evidence of clear, extensive fraud, in virtually everything.
Barr, Durham, Powell, Guiliani, Q, etc.
Come on President Trump.
Time is short.
Before this country, and your supporters, explodes.
Their patience has been remarkable, but there is a limit. They can’t live on hope forever.

Just how low can u go….

Posted by Maddog @ 10:12 on November 17, 2020  

Whistleblower: Democrats Stole Votes for Joe Biden from Every Developmentally Disabled Person in Milwaukee Homes She Spoke With

D’oh! At least there was no one aboard

Posted by ipso facto @ 10:03 on November 17, 2020  

European Vega Rocket Suffers ‘Major Failure’, $400 Million In Satellites Destroyed


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