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Gold Train

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Blizzard Train



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The Trump Team’s Real Strategy

To endure the Democrat-Media Complex’s blackout of any discussion of credible allegations of voter fraud or election rigging is tough enough. But watching the conservative media grapple with the Trump team’s claims of election fraud as presented by Sidney Powell, Lin Wood, and Rudi Giuliani is downright dizzying.  In stark contrast to the analysis provided daily by Rush Limbaugh and Mark Levin, is the stultifying commentary by Tucker Carlson and, let’s say, a has-been who never was like Erick Erickson.  I’m no Pollyanna and I do not have any insider information about the current state of the election, but I would like to tamp down a bit on the hysteria with my own perspective.

On November 19th, Tucker Carlson went into a Diva-style tirade about Sidney Powell’s failure to produce any evidence substantiating her claims that the election was corrupted by the Dominion voting system and whined about her refusal to go on his show and PRODUCE! THE! EVIDENCE! Trust me when I say conservatives were flipping out when Carlson went down this road.  Expect his ratings to dip.

Then, Erick Erickson wrote “Nope” in which he lists Trump’s legal team failures in battleground courts — affiants walking back claims, Trump’s counsel admitting to a lack of substantiating evidence for fraud claims and walking back fraud allegations before the court, asking for recounts but not in counties that used Dominion, and failing to provide evidence in sufficient numbers to make a difference.  

Further proof of Erickson’s conclusion that we aren’t dealing in the realm of fact but uncredible conspiracy theory, is Sidney Powell’s failure to provide evidence of her fanciful claims regarding Dominion, Hugo Chavez, Smartmatic, Clinton, and Soros.   

At this point, I find this both deeply harmful and bordering on malicious. I would not be surprised if Dominion Voter Systems files a defamation claim against them. My suspicion is that this is payback for the Democrats’ treatment of Trump after 2016 and a whole lot of people want to be lied to and will believe it all despite zero evidence.

So, what’s really going on here?  Sidney Powell is a legal force to be reckoned with and a courageous one at that.  She is not only a fearless appellate expert but cut her litigation teeth in the late 70s when few women were in the field and those who were had to be light-years smarter than the brightest, most accomplished men.  It took courage to throw yourself into a practice dominated by men and still retain your femininity. 

Powell’s reputation is hard fought and she has a legacy of taking on unsavory characters and achieving justice for her clients.  That’s a true American heroine — not someone who is incompetent, let alone reckless.  Hers is not the profile of someone who would bluff her way through something that goes to the heart of our democracy and is bound to be in the history books.  Moreover, there are penalties for bringing frivolous suits under both federal and state laws.  She would never throw her career away on a whim with no purpose.

Moreover, lawyers do not tip their hand to a preening press or public.  Revealing evidence prematurely gives the opposition opportunity to tamper with it and undermine the president’s case.  No one is owed that information just because they want it.  In due course, the evidence will be presented before a court so cool your jets, boys.

I, too, have been baffled by the state court misses and can understand why people might conclude that Rudy and Lin Wood may be past their prime.  But we should dig a little deeper into these state court cases and look at them from the point of view of strategy. 

First, let me just dismiss outright any claims that Rudy is incompetent.  He may not be the guy he was in his 40s, but he certainly isn’t daft like Joe Biden.  There was concern during the impeachment hearings when he did not appear to be at his best on late night news shows and rumors suggested it might have something to do with late-night appearances after dinner and a few drinks at his club.  I have no idea, but it would explain why he is fine during the daytime.  In fact, you can hear Rudy on 77 WABC talk radio in New York for an hour at 3 p.m. and I assure you he is quite cogent. 

PM Traitor….er…. I mean Trudeau takes part in UN News Conference on virus, vaccines, and currencies, along with several others.

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Who says the MSM never tell the truth??

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I wish Sidney Powell sounded more confident, but maybe it’s just her southern drawl? Hope so anyway!

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enupiv6xeaarqkyA better view.  Right click over image then at top of box click view image.

Dead Presidents

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…are only worth the paper they are printed on.   🙂

When dead people elect a President

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you end up with a Brain Dead President.

Posting this WITHOUT permission of the author, but it needs more exposure as to the seriousness of this GREAT RESET crisis we are in! (apologies for its length)

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The Great Setup :: By Jonathan Brentner
Published on: November 21, 2020 by RRadmin7 Category:General Articles
Perhaps I have an overly suspicious mind, but something does not feel right about what I am seeing in the aftermath of the recent election.

We know massive election fraud took place late on November 3 and the early morning hours of November 4. The evidence is overwhelming, which in itself makes me more than a little skeptical. Why didn’t those engineering the fraud do a better job of covering their tracks? Did they actually want their illegal schemes uncovered and thus have the courts throw out all the fabricated votes that favored Biden? Is this a ploy to further enrage the groups that seek to turn the United States into a Marxist state?

My mind keeps racing back to a November 1 news item. A GOP congressional candidate in Pennsylvania, Sean Parnell, woke to discover this message spray-painted in red on his garage door: “Elections no – Revolution yes!” Is this an indication that the radicals are not depending on the election to forever change the U.S.? I keep wondering.

The mainstream media in the U.S. repeatedly pounds us with the message that Joe Biden won the election. Facebook reminds us of his victory under every post that even suggests the results of the 2020 election are not yet final.

Besides recounts in at least a couple states, the Trump team has amassed four hundred twenty-nine affidavits from those who witnessed the fraud and recorded twelve thousand incident reports. The Trump lawyers have already brought evidence before the Supreme Court. With all this activity, surely the mainstream media knows that Biden’s victory remains clouded in considerable doubt. Yet they persist in telling those who hang their hopes on their every word that the election of Biden is a done deal and far beyond question.

How are we to understand such misdirection? Could it be a setup for future disaster?

The Great Reset

The first piece of this puzzle is The Great Reset, a term the World Economic Forum (WEF) uses to promote their vision of a one-world government. This represents the ultimate goal of all the elite globalists in the world. Many excellent articles and prophecy updates, such as one by Tom Hughes, cover this topic well.

One such article is by Tyler Durden, in “Own Nothing and Be Happy: The Great Reset’s Vision of The Future,” he writes this about what he gleaned from the WEF website:

Using COVID-19 lockdowns and restrictions to push through this transformation, the great reset is being rolled out under the guise of a ‘Fourth Industrial Revolution’ in which older enterprises are to be driven to bankruptcy or absorbed into monopolies, effectively shutting down huge sections of the pre-COVID economy. Economies are being ‘restructured,’ and many jobs will be carried out by AI-driven machines.

In a short video showcased on social media, the WEF predicts that by 2030, “You’ll own nothing and you’ll be happy.”

A happy smiling face is depicted while a drone delivers a product to a household, no doubt ordered online and packaged by a robot in a giant Amazon warehouse: ‘no humans were involved in manufacturing, packaging or delivering this product’; rest assured, it is virus- and bacteria-free – because even in 2030, they will need to keep the fear narrative alive and well to maintain full-spectrum dominance over the population. [i]

In an open letter to President Donald Trump dated October 25, 2020, Catholic Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò wrote these chilling words about The Great Reset:

The purpose of the Great Reset is the imposition of a health dictatorship aiming at the imposition of liberticidal measures, hidden behind tempting promises of ensuring a universal income and cancelling individual debt. The price of these concessions from the International Monetary Fund will be the renunciation of private property and adherence to a program of vaccination against Covid-19 and Covid-21 promoted by Bill Gates with the collaboration of the main pharmaceutical groups. Beyond the enormous economic interests that motivate the promoters of the Great Reset, the imposition of the vaccination will be accompanied by the requirement of a health passport and a digital ID, with the consequent contact tracing of the population of the entire world. Those who do not accept these measures will be confined in detention camps or placed under house arrest, and all their assets will be confiscated. [ii]

This is the vision that the wealthiest and most powerful people in the world have for the inhabitants of Earth. And make no mistake, they have powerful allies in both the Republican and Democratic parties in the United States as well as in high-level government leadership positions throughout the world.

It’s important that we understand the ultimate goal motivating those hoping to steal the election from President Trump.

President Trump is The Obstacle

The WEF hopes to fully implement their Marxist vision by 2030, which by no coincidence is exactly the year set by the UN for fully realizing their Marxist dream of utopia as stated in the seventeen goals of their Agenda 2030. If they are to make their aspirations a worldwide reality by 2030, they must start making tangible progress now in the United States, but therein lies their greatest problem. President Trump vigorously opposes the plans of the elite to enslave the people of the United States to The Great Reset.

On the campaign trail, he repeatedly stated that “as long as he was president, America would never be a socialist nation.” In other words, he will never allow the U.S. to join The Great Reset.

In his October 25 letter to President Trump, Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò stressed the necessity of Trump’s victory, recognizing that he and the U.S. represent the greatest obstacle to the plans of the WEF to implement The Great Reset on a worldwide basis. “Mr. President, you are well aware that, in this crucial hour, the United States of America is considered the defending wall against which the war declared by the advocates of globalism has been unleashed.”

But will the election of Joe Biden as president accomplish all the goals of the left as quickly as they need to meet their 2030 goal? If the Republicans retain control of the Senate, and it looks probable, they will vote down all proposals put forward by Biden or Harris that would move America toward The Great Reset. Biden would still inflict considerable damage to the U.S. regarding its standing as a free and independent nation, but the checks and balances of the constitution would slow down the march of America to The Great Reset.

The globalists of our world and the deep state within America need something more drastic to meet their timetable of bringing the U.S. and thus the world under their domain by 2030.

This takes me to what I call “the great setup.”

The Great Setup

I pray I am wrong about my take on the scenario unfolding in the U.S., but it’s the putting of all these things together that makes me wonder if this is all a big setup for disaster in America.

Let’s review where we are:

An abundance of evidence exists pointing to election fraud is something the courts will not be able to ignore. It goes well beyond what I mentioned earlier in this post.
The mainstream media, which is surely aware of the massive amount of evidence pointing to election fraud, unceasingly pounds out the narrative that Joe Biden is the President-elect and only fools dare doubt them on this.
The media is thus purposely raising the expectation of victory with all those on the left.
A Biden victory with a likely Republican Senate helps the left, but it leaves them short of being able to implement their draconian measures necessary to speed up the implementation of The Great Reset within the U.S.
The elite globalists and deep state cannot allow President Trump to remain president until January 2025. That would be disastrous to their plans.
There’s also this: Even with what they believe is a clear and unchallengeable victory for Biden, the radical left’s hatred and anger at President Trump and all his supporters has not subsided one bit, not one iota; it’s still as strong, if not stronger than ever. Consider this quote from the website “One News Now” from a November 13, 2020 article:

Bolstered by Joe Biden’s expected win over Trump, the so-called Resistance movement of Democrats and “Never Trump” Republicans is blatantly calling for Trump supporters to be punished if they voted for him and put out a yard sign, cheered for him and defended his policies, or served in his administration. [iii]

Now combine the still seething rage of the radical left in America with the possible announcement that the courts have overturned Biden’s victory in Pennsylvania and that recounts in Michigan and Georgia show clear victories for the president. Would not the pent-up rage of the left explode into violence on the streets at the news of a Trump victory? I think so.

As the evidence mounts day by day and hundreds of people come forward attesting to the election fraud in all of the swing states that currently lie in the Biden win column, my confidence in an ultimate Trump victory grows. At the White House, a prominent staffer for the president says they are planning for a second term; Trump is totally confident of victory.

I believe the great setup is this: By calling the election early for Biden, the media hyped the expectations of the left to a fever pitch, which sets them up for over-the-top fury should the Supreme Court give the election to President Trump. This outcome now appears to be a distinct possibility, given the massive amount of evidence that the Trump team is assembling.

If this happens, I believe we will see the greatest outbreak of violence in America since the Civil War. Was the writing on the garage door indicative of the ultimate plans of the elite globalists, “Elections No – Revolution Yes!”? I think it was.

Such violence would make the U.S. extremely vulnerable to foreign enemies. And should the revolutionists overturn the government and put their person in charge (hint: it will almost certainly not be Joe Biden), they will place the United States on a glide path to the Great Reset.

Our imminent Departure from Earth

I cannot write about such a dire possibility without mentioning our hope in the soon appearing of Jesus Christ to take us home. Our ultimate hope is not in anything temporal, whether it be “four more years” or an even greater America. Our departure to the place Jesus is preparing for us constitutes our ultimate and immediate expectation (John 14:2-3).

The articles I read on The Great Reset tell me that the seven-year tribulation is approaching faster than we can imagine. The things that I read about Bill Gates’ future plans for the COVID-19 vaccine scream the future fulfillment of Revelation 13:11-18; I sometimes wonder how it’s possible that the rapture has not already happened.

Satan and his demonic forces are rushing the world toward the final form of the beast described in the books of Daniel and Revelation. Step by step, the globalists are slowly gaining more control over our world. America, however, remains an elusive prize for them.

The fulfillment of 1 Corinthians 15:50-56, Philippians 3:20-21, and 1 Thessalonians 4:13-5:10 is so very close. As I finish writing this post, the reality of the nearness of our departure from this world seems more real than ever to me.

I would be foolish to predict the timing of the rapture, but I also believe it would be unwise to assume it cannot happen this year or next year. With the seven-year tribulation closing in on us like an out of control freight train, we know that our departure, which must happen first, is ever so close.

Perhaps things will turn out differently than I imagine with the great setup. But even if the Democrats succeed in stealing the election from President Trump, the perilous times we now experience will get much, much worse, and so the nearness of our ultimate redemption.


Jonathan Brentner

Why is it Dem politicians never test positive?

Posted by Captain Hook @ 10:57 on November 21, 2020  

Stop taking the bogus tests Trump and company.

You are playing their game.

Cheers all

Hunter Biden running for Treasury SEC.. ?

Posted by Ororeef @ 10:37 on November 21, 2020  

Maybe he can rake in some loot to “balance” the budget ..Wonder who or what he’ll sell out to the Chinese get that  !  Sell them the Natural Parks ? Put them all on US Medicare and SOC SEC  ..to buy their votes …why not just give the the right to vote  ..they can just vote themselves the US TREASURY  ..theres nothing there anyway…

Gold Train

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The mighty Santa Fe



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