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Posted by commish @ 20:48 on November 25, 2020  

Trump gave a full pardon to Gen Flynn today November 25th which is JFK Jr birthday.  A good friend of the President.


Posted by redneckokie1 @ 20:21 on November 25, 2020  

Thanks for the info. It should not have come as a shock since everyone was against them. Volume today was astronomical. Should get a good bounce in December.


Antifa Counted The Vote

Posted by Captain Hook @ 17:37 on November 25, 2020  

See here

And now they want to run your life.

No thanks a**holes.

Cheers all

Maddog – We are there now my friend

Posted by Buygold @ 16:45 on November 25, 2020  

“But if the Dems succeed then u are one step away from despotism/dictatorship….they now know only epic cheating can ‘win’ them elections, they won’t allow any more elections.”

Maddog – I’m afraid we are already there, despotism at least. Biden is not a dictator, he is a tool of the Globalists IMHO. He’ll be dead in a year or two if not ousted by Pelosi and crew for lack of mental capacity due to the 25th Amendment of our Constitution. Pelosi has already set the table for that to take place.

I’m hoping Trump still wins the battle somehow, someway. It will create a civil war in this country but one we need to fight. It’s unfortunate, but it needs to happen right now. We can’t give in.

Excellent Donald but this should have happened much earlier and he should have been given his position back.

Posted by Buygold @ 16:29 on November 25, 2020  

President Trump Pardons Michael Flynn

“It is my Great Honor to announce that General Michael T. Flynn has been granted a Full Pardon…”


They only have 60 million shares out … what are they trying to do just piss off their shareholders!

Posted by ipso facto @ 15:51 on November 25, 2020  

Gatling Exploration Announces Share Consolidation and $5 Million Financing


Then and now….bottom….top?

Posted by Richard640 @ 15:47 on November 25, 2020  


Trump odds

Posted by Maddog @ 15:42 on November 25, 2020  

Overnight they were 36 to 1 against…now in to 22 to 1….still huge but some big money has knocked those odds in.

Maddog @ 14:06

Posted by Captain Hook @ 15:37 on November 25, 2020  

They will work out a deal at some point. They need some new blood on the management team that can be trusted.

Might take a while but that’s one hell of a rich deposit with many strategic minerals America will need no matter how many idiot liberals complain.

They just can’t get greedy and kill the salmon.

You can have both.



Posted by Pict @ 14:34 on November 25, 2020  

Thanks man, there it is, awesome !


Posted by Maddog @ 14:06 on November 25, 2020  

here’s the bad news on NAK….mine has been rejected



Posted by Maddog @ 13:53 on November 25, 2020  

Someone has to sort it, because u either have fair elections or u don’t and only the willfully blind can call these elections fair . But if the Dems succeed then u are one step away from despotism/dictatorship….they now know only epic cheating can ‘win’ them elections, they won’t allow any more elections.

If you are making the 5G connection to the “virus”, you will agree with this world wide “We Do Not Consent to 5G!”

Posted by silverngold @ 13:48 on November 25, 2020  


Posted by Buygold @ 13:34 on November 25, 2020  

Sounds like Trump won a big victory in PA. today. Surprisingly from a PA judge. The reason I know it’s big is because the MSM hasn’t reported it.

Deer79 – I’m with you and Maddog and praying there’s a way that the fraud is exposed.
I put my faith in Sydney Powell at this point.



Posted by redneckokie1 @ 13:24 on November 25, 2020  

I bought the bloodbath today. I don’t know what the news is but volume is 5 times normal so somebody is dumping millions of shares. Should get a little bounce here.


Good boy…Xi congratulates China Joe

Posted by Maddog @ 13:04 on November 25, 2020  


Every new frequency is equivalent to a new virus. It will be alien to our body and our body will adjust to a new frequency in the normal way … by getting ill with “influenza”.

Posted by silverngold @ 12:49 on November 25, 2020  

To understand the above statement you need to read this brief explanation! A “virus” is nothing but a change in the electromagnetic field that the human body must adjust to. Most recently is the cellphone craze which is rapidly progressing to 5G technology which, when it was initially turned on, that is the locality(s) that had the terrible Covid-19 “virus” outbreak, beginning with Huawei, then Italy, Switzerland, etc and progressing wherever they turned on 5G.  IMO they will use 5G now to “prove” that wearing masks and social distancing and compulsory lockdowns are necessary until they have their mandatory vaccine ready. Once they have 5G in place in enough locations, all they have to do is turn it on, or adjust the frequency to one to create the “virus”, call for another round of mandatory vaccines for the “mutated virus”, and rinse and repeat!!




speaking of the DOD

Posted by goldcountry @ 12:31 on November 25, 2020  


Same to you Maddog

Posted by deer79 @ 11:19 on November 25, 2020  

…..and everyone else here. Happy Thanksgiving. Praying that Trump’s team can find a way to pull this off!

Happy Thanksgiving, one and all.

Posted by Maddog @ 10:40 on November 25, 2020  

Let’s all pray that Sydney’s Kraken does the Biz……

About friggin time!! ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!

Posted by silverngold @ 10:29 on November 25, 2020  

Hi pict

Posted by Buygold @ 10:19 on November 25, 2020  

If Sydney were part of the DOD then that would be more than a welcome development and she certainly would not be able to give any hints to having a link to them. I do remember she was asked about the Dominion servers being confiscated in Germany and she said she wasn’t privy to that info and didn’t know if it was the “good guys” or the “bad guys” within our gov’t.

Clearly she know there are two factions as do the rest of us.

America First clearly goes against all Globalist plans, so they are speeding everything up. I hope Sydney is connected to the DOD and that’s why Trump has had to distance himself a bit. Something has to give, voting our way out of this mess appears to have failed.

Have a great Thanksgiving as well!

10:15 am-the DOW down 138 while the Global DOW index is going nuts to the upside–up a huge 70 pts [2.11%]

Posted by Richard640 @ 10:19 on November 25, 2020  

Buy em while they last…DOW down 138–the mother of all buying opps!!! [snort]


Morning Buygold

Posted by Pict @ 9:46 on November 25, 2020  

Sidney Powell   –  twitter.com/sidneypowell1   I’m thinking 10 day US news blackout as the DOD makes it’s rounds. They don’t have to report anything to anybody, until it is to their advantage.  Hope you have a great holiday Buygold.


Posted by silverngold @ 9:33 on November 25, 2020  

Just put this on and let it run and you’ll see there are lots of people around the world that agree with you!

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