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Posted by goldielocks @ 23:45 on November 26, 2020  

I’m so glad to hear your wife survived that and can imagine the pain and shock she suffered. Tech needs to develop a less invasive way to image these things before it gets so bad. More people would be compliant with less invasive testings.
It also has a effect on your immune system and other functions so something to take care of.


Posted by goldielocks @ 23:35 on November 26, 2020  

Happy Thanksgiving all.
Yep they’ll get the gov they voted for alright.
Biden’s appointments of the wrong people in each category of Gov on top of it will speed up the upcoming depression. As hard as they’ll try they won’t be able to blame Trump for they’re socialist tax raising job killing Ponzi schemes this time.
Biden a welfare bum who thinks socialism is welfare who never held on to a real job before he worked his way into politics as treasury, seriously!!! Pocahontas in banks when she went around making deals with banks and business for profit during the crash. Anti Americans appointed to represent us in other areas. Yep crash and burn banana republic on the way. Can you see them at the G20? Germany will have them where they want them holding us financially hostage even though they can’t even handle their own finances either.
It’s funny we’re 5 percent of the population but expected to support the other 95 percent. I’m sure a few other smaller populated countries feel the same.
They will implement their one world digital currency at a cost to our freedoms with negative interest rates because they don’t want us saving but supporting their cronyism and can start their hostage taking dictation. That the only reason the market hasn’t crashed with a demo win is big money know bail outs will be coming even when business failing around them so they don’t have to depend on the economy.
We know if Trump was at the IMF or G20 he would stand for America and the dollar. Biden, we can pretty much prepare for the end of physical currency as we know it and with it negative interest and attacks on our liberty’s and competing digital currency wars popping up world wide.

Here’s a video of a older gentleman from England a goldbug talking to Simon a Bitcoin and stock investor who bout his house and guessing his Telsa with it who also has bough the physical both talking about preparing for the upcoming economic collapse of the banking system. That as we know all the politicians want to do is find ways to steal your money.

Politics Gold and Bitcoin.


Posted by ipso facto @ 20:26 on November 26, 2020  

Glad to see you’re better!


Posted by commish @ 18:52 on November 26, 2020  

Thanksgiving in Hawaii.  When I was stationed at the MCAS Kaneohe had a dinner with a Sargent and his family at base housing then I went out in town and had another dinner with a hippie family who I met through a ham operator I knew.  What can I say.

Hey Maya

Posted by Buygold @ 17:34 on November 26, 2020  

Glad to hear you have overcome the Diverticulitis. Please take it very seriously. Not to scare you or provoke fear but my wife had it for years before it finally exploded on her and nearly killed her when her sigmoid colon burst and she went septic.

Please take care of your diet and whatever else instructions you are given. I guarantee you don’t want to go through what she did.


No wonder gold has sucked the last few weeks – LBMA

Posted by Buygold @ 17:13 on November 26, 2020  

In Delusional Push, LBMA Threatens to Blacklist Entire Gold Trading Centers

The LBMA letter, dated 6 November, is addressed to national authorities in the following major bullion markets, markets which the LBMA refers to as International Bullion Centres (IBCs): China, Hong Kong, India, Russia, Japan, Singapore, Turkey, United Arab Emirates, South Africa, Switzerland, the United States, and the United Kingdom.

There you have it. LBMA controlling the price of gold as always.


Today I give thanks for being able to eat normally.

Posted by Maya @ 16:33 on November 26, 2020  

After a week of Diverticulitis pain and antibiotics… and losing 5 lbs… I think I can risk a ‘normal’ thanksgiving meal… in moderation.  🙂

Happy Thanksgiving to all…

Posted by old-timer @ 15:48 on November 26, 2020  

Hope everyone is well and well fed!

Here is a link to a very interesting interview.

V, the guerrilla economist on Rogue News has as a guest Juan O’Savin.

Juan talks about what’s going on with the election fraud, foreign interference with our election, (Brits are behind much of this),

and the real possibility of military tribunals because of corruption in our Justice system.  Kind of a great pep talk, “We’ve got this”.

About an hour, not much video so can be as a podcast or a radio show.

Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FXd-Yai5DqA

The Beauty of Democracy

Posted by Ororeef @ 14:33 on November 26, 2020  

is that everyone gets a chance to be the crook.  Steal all ya can in 4 years ,no  matter how bad you are,riot ,burn ,dont worry you’ll  get your chance .So shut up and try to stay out of jail .The people will get the government they deserve . Then someone like Trump comes along and tries to get it straight and keep the whole thing from collapse until the people get tired of good government and look forward to a profitable WAR and they have something to celebrate .

Big spenders will bail out the big citys overly generous pensions at taxpayers expense,raise taxes ,revive Unions and drive small business off shore or out of business.Big business loves getting small business out of the way  and communists love Central control the big guys afford them.So if Biden gets in ,the downward trend continues the slide albeit from a slightly higher start place .China loves it,they got US Democrats in their pockets while the US fights off Germany’s National Socialist agenda tampering with US elections.Democrats blame Russia giving assistance to both Germanys and Chinas plans for doing in The US . We will have to fight Germany  and China this time .Russia will be our ally again as they fear Germany’s desire for Russias energy resources again .Germany is helping China joining with stupid Democrats to weaken the US. Watch Germany overwhelm Europe again assisted by China against the US,Russian ,English interests,.Somethings never change ….except for Einsteins admonition that WW3 will be nuclear after which wars will be fought with sticks and stones…..Happy Thanksgiving !


Posted by ipso facto @ 12:04 on November 26, 2020  

Now or never!

Next week will be interesting.

Happy Thanksgiving to you as well pict, Ipso!!

Posted by Buygold @ 11:51 on November 26, 2020  

Pict – saw that Bitcoin got hammered, what I hope that means is that Sydney Powell’s lawsuit’s and Michael Flynn’s pardon means Trump still has a chance. How in the world could a crypto like Bitcoin have more value than gold or silver? I wonder how much information and connections Flynn has given Powell to folks in the DOD loyal to Flynn? i.e. Military analysts who saw the election fraud of Dominion in real time. It would make sense as to why Trump my have to distance himself from Powell and pardon Flynn.

Ipso – I’m hoping those are just the first two. Seems like Guiliani is going to stop PA. from certifying and hopefully Powell can stop some of the rest.

Time is running out, but Powell is strong and I’m praying for Trump. Maybe I’m nuts, well, obviously I’m nuts… 🙂

Happy Thanksgiving

Posted by Pict @ 11:37 on November 26, 2020  

BTW  Bitcoin got clubbed like a baby seal.  Geez I’ll stick with gold.

Fauci,s conflicts of interests

Posted by Ororeef @ 11:26 on November 26, 2020  

«Tony Fauci has many, many vaccine patents … and there’s a vaccine patent he has that is a way of packaging a coronavirus with another vaccine … in a protein sheet … and then deliver it through a vaccine … somehow he ended up owning that patent … Tony Fauci will be able to cash…. So Fauci’s agency will collect half of the royalties for that vaccine [related to the coronavirus]» even declared also as reported by the website The Gateway Pundit which quotes a speech by Kennedy in which the financial connections between Fauci and Bill Gates (financier of various experiments) shared by NIAID).

Fingers crossed … prayers launched.

Posted by ipso facto @ 10:52 on November 26, 2020  

“The Fraud Was Executed By Many Means”: Sidney Powell “Releases Kraken” With Dual Lawsuits In Michigan, Georgia


The usual suspects

Posted by Ororeef @ 10:45 on November 26, 2020  

WUHAN-GATES – 21. “Pandemic Planned for Decades”. Kennedy blames Fauci & Gates. Terrible Plot in 30 Investigations’ summary. Pope against Big Pharma’s Affairs

Alongside it, other drugs used for the treatment of AIDS were used in China as if there was indeed that correlation between SARS and HIV discovered by 15 scientists between February and May. This is why the lapidary sentence of human rights lawyer Robert F. Kennedy jr, son of the former US Attorney General, “the pandemic has been planned for decades by Gates and Fauci” is absolutely not far-fetched but rather supported not only by information above but also from the revelations on the laboratory-built SARS-Cov-2 virus made by the Chinese virologist Li Meng Yang, who escaped from Hong Kong and now protected by the FBI in the US, and by the former director of British counterintelligence MI 6, Richiard Dearlove.

This is why they should not have disconcerted the vibrant words of Father Livio Fanzaga, director of Radio Maria, the Christian network with 35 million listeners in the world. According to the priest, behind the epidemic there would be «a project aimed at weakening humanity, bringing it to its knees, to establish a sanitary and cyber dictatorship, by eliminating all those who do not say yes to this criminal project carried out by the world elites, perhaps with the complicity of some state».


Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

Posted by ipso facto @ 10:31 on November 26, 2020  

Gene’s a good ole boy…

Posted by Richard640 @ 10:23 on November 26, 2020  

The stars are bright…thery’re big and white…deep in the heart of Texas

Posted by Richard640 @ 10:21 on November 26, 2020  

Democrats Must Regret Messing with Texas

One of the elusive goals of our corrupt intellectual culture is to turn Texas blue.  Among the 4 most populous states, California, Texas, Florida, and New York, Texas is an exceptional electoral prize and one which, if turned to blue politics, would spell the end of Republican victories at the national level.  

The 2018 senatorial run of Beto O’Rourke was a key insurgency toward that goal and $70 million dollars was spent compared to less than half of that for the incumbent Senator Ted Cruz.  O’Rourke lost the election despite sizable gains in Congress for the Democrats broadly that fall.  Many of the highly and deliberately deceptive polls painted Texas 2020 as once again in play.  The latest effort to mess with Texas failed dramatically — again. 

Texas was won by Republican Presidential incumbent Donald Trump by 52% to 46%.  Trump won by more than 600,000 votes among almost 12 million votes cast.  Democrats spent incredible sums of money trying to turn the state legislative chambers of Texas blue and failed miserably.  Democrats targeted 22 races in hopes of turning at least nine to their side and flipping the chamber.  They got zero.  Wendy Davis also lost her congressional race despite being the Democrat standard bearer at one time for the governor’s race. 

The most shocking Democrat loss was Zapata County — just north of the Rio Grande Valley along the border — by 6 points, 53% Trump to 47% for Biden. The county is 94% Hispanic.  The last two presidential elections there were Clinton +33 and Obama +43.  It is difficult to convey the dimensions of shock inflicted on the Democrats by this loss.  This is a border county that epitomizes one of the most important slanders maintained by our intellectual culture against President Trump: President Trump hates Mexicans.  He hates Mexican immigrants and he hates Hispanic people.  

According to the narrative makers, President Trump wishes to keep Mexican children in cages at the border and separate them from their parents so that they never see them again.  Zapata County rejected this argument and they were not alone. Studies of Hispanic Republicans in Texas finds that support for President Trump is around 79%. In 20 Texas counties— almost all along the Mexican border— Trump increased his support by more than 10% among voters compared to 2016.  In another 22 counties in the same region, he improved his vote by 5-10%.  By comparison, not a single county in Texas increased its support for Biden over Clinton by 10%.  Only two counties in Texas showed reduced support for Trump of 5%.  Both counties were urban counties away from the border. 



ZIKA VIRus is owned by Rockefellers, I wonder WHO has the PATENT on the CORONA VIRUS ? FOLLOW the MONEY !

Posted by Ororeef @ 10:07 on November 26, 2020  

ZIKA for Sale ..available for Money !

Gold Train

Posted by Maya @ 0:01 on November 26, 2020  


The Zephyr in Gold


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