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Maya–so u actually have diverticulitis?? If so, whole grains are your ticket–fiber from whole

Posted by Richard640 @ 22:01 on November 27, 2020  

grain cereals is a 100 times more healing that fiber from fruits and veggies–brown rice and whole barley [not pearled] and steel cut oats are a must–I cook them in large quantity–then heat them up [in serving size] in hot water and CREAM them in a Bullitt-type blender–[even though I have no diverticulitis]—food should be well chewed to extract optimal nutrition–but I am not going to spend a 1/2 hr. chewing my bowl of grains at each meal…organic, un pasteurized miso is a must at least twice a day–as soup or otherwise…avoid barley miso–bad taste–get mellow white–or sweet white–chick pea miso or red miso–I make guacamole with it–I also make shiitake mushroom, water and miso soup [simple] and “cream it” in a blender

Richard640 @ 18:29

Posted by Maya @ 21:32 on November 27, 2020  

“Nobody here gets out alive”   –Jim Morrison

Best I can hope for is…  as little pain as possible.

Explosive tag-team interview: Gary Heavin, Steve Quayle and Mike Adams join Sheila Zilinsky to cover transhumanism vaccines, domestic warfare and the global GENOCIDE agenda against humanity

Posted by silverngold @ 20:08 on November 27, 2020  

If you want to know where things appear to be headed, this is a very good interview. If you’d rather not know, better walk on by, because they do NOT paint a pretty picture for our future. I personally would rather look this whole thing in the eye than get blindsided because I didn’t take the time to learn what is coming. A click of the mouse is all it takes to wake up or continue sleeping, but I’m glad I stayed for the presentation.


The yield curve

Posted by Ororeef @ 18:56 on November 27, 2020  

has been going up since JULY on 1-2-5-10 year bonds BUT is currently in cycle down again…maybe we’re economy headed for the pits again   ..They better start PRINTING   !!!  I want my CHECK ,and I want it now !   warm up the Helicopter engines !   The bastards dont want Trump to get any economic credit as he ends term so they want to make him look bad and we pay the price  !   Dont expect any help until next year …Politics first American economy later scum politicians.  I guess we get the Government we deserve following Political elections .We allowed them to STEAL votes .!  just like we allowed ANTIFA and BLM to burn down cities that dont give them what they want . NOW we face anarchy ….coming to YOUR street and only YOU can defend it. Are you ready..?  Democracy is MOB rule !

Hi Maya – Of Course

Posted by Buygold @ 18:51 on November 27, 2020  

My wife went through the extreme issue with Diverticulitis where they thought she only had an infection which was the norm for her but instead her colon had ruptured. They did multiple tests but could not find the rupture and kept giving her antibiotics thinking it would cure the basic Diverticulitis. Finally after multiple CT scans they recognized that she had ruptured.

She spent two months in the ICU and another three months in rehab. She should have died.

Anyhoo. Diet and exercise will save you, stick with it, you’ll be fine.

You don’t wan’t to go through having the colostomy bags and all that maintenance that goes with it.



Posted by Richard640 @ 18:42 on November 27, 2020  

President Swamp


Donald Trump found out the hard way how illusory his powers as POTUS really were, conditioned against the inertia, malice, and bad faith resistance of the bureaucratic establishment, a.k.a. the Swamp. He also knows that the Swamp just worked the system it created to elect itself president as (it likes to think) a final act of revenge against the orange interloper who threatened to drain it and, alas, failed to. All hail President Swamp!

Unless that doesn’t pan out, and there’s a fair chance it won’t, since a 2020 election fraud case will eventually land in the Supreme Court where at least five justices might not be so inclined to let what remains of the Republic roll into a Woke sludge of lawlessness. Do you suppose Clarence Thomas & Co haven’t been paying attention the past four years to the swampish doings in the other branches of government? And that they are, just perhaps, good and goddam sick of it? Everything from RussiaGate and the manipulation of the FISA court through the attempted character assassination of Justice Kavanaugh, to the Eric Ciaramella “whistleblower” impeachment caper starring Rep. Adam Schiff, plus all the side dishes of Antifa / BLM street anarchy, Covid-19 lockdown tyranny, French Laundry hypocrisy, and the gaslighting of America by the news-and-social media, with a transsexual reading hour cherry-on-top?

I hope the justices are pissed off a little bit at the hijacking of this country by a party that laughs at the law the way, for one example, DC District Judge Emmet G. Sullivan blew raspberries at the Department of Justice and the DC Circuit Court of Appeals when they both told him to drop the Flynn case. The deadline for adjudicating the janky election is soon upon us, and upon the SCOTUS justices, so the country will know shortly whether it has become the Honduras of the north.

In a just universe, the SCOTUS would invalidate the election results in several states and send the matter into the House of Representatives as the constitution stipulates. Heads would explode from sea to shining sea as heroes of the Resistance — Brennan, Comey, Weissmann, Strzok, and many more — realize they will not be getting their get-out-of-jail-free cards after all. Hunter B would retreat to the Chateau Marmont with his crack pipe for one last lost weekend. Nancy Pelosi would melt into a puddle of rage, prednisone, and hairspray in the capitol rotunda. And for Ol’ White Joe Biden it would be just another day of fog and stillness.

And then, of course, the punishments will begin, or, at least, be attempted. By which I mean the Democrats would let loose their street mobs to burn down, loot, and destroy whatever is still left to ruin in select Democratic-run cities. That will polish the party’s image fer sure (not). And this time, the national guard may do a bit more than just stand by.

But then, suppose the election is not overturned and Joe Biden glides into the Oval Office on those marvelously greased skids set up for him, propelled by a mighty tail-wind of Woke hopes and dreams for a golden era of work-optional free stuff and renewed overseas nation-building. Be careful what you wish for, DNC. Unlike Mr. Trump in 2016, Joe Biden will not even enjoy the perception that he was somehow legitimately elected, if only by a fluke. In fact, the Swamp gang’s credibility will erode daily because independent, entrepreneurial investigators will be out in the swing state thickets figuring out exactly how the election was managed, and how all those Dominion voting machines were gamed, and how exactly this shady company, with origins and operations all around the world, won state contracts with money changing hands. A day will not pass when Joe B is off-the-hook for all that, and meanwhile he will not evade being revealed as the empty shell of what he was before the axons in his brain-pan demyelinated — a third-rate grifting pol available to all comers with an open checkbook.

Gonna be an exciting few weeks ahead. Mr. Trump is not going to concede until he plays the hand that the law allows him to play. He’ll indulge his adversaries in the playacting of a transition. I confess, it’s already entertaining to see the laughable cast-of-characters that Mr. Biden’s managers have picked to run the various federal agencies: slithering millipedes, reptiles, and poisonous invertebrates from the rankest dense-emergent backwaters of the Swamp: John Kerry (the haircut-in-search-of-a-brain), RussiaGate shill Jake Sullivan, John Brennan disciple Avril Haines, open border activist Alejandro Mayorkas, and K-Street catamite Ron Klain to run the show. I hope they enjoy their rehearsals for a pageant that may never happen. And, if things don’t work out as you expect, don’t pee on the rugs on your way out.

MAYA–I lived in France-In a cathedral saw a tomb…written on it was….

Posted by Richard640 @ 18:29 on November 27, 2020  

What you are, I once was

What I am, you will become

A lot of my old friends call me up or e-mail me…they want to know if my ass is sagging…I tell them it isn’t…[but it really is…sigh]

Such is the way of all flesh…



Posted by Richard640 @ 18:23 on November 27, 2020  

VIX flash-crashed intraday below 20 – its lowest since February…

As traders dumped puts in favor of calls by the most since 2010…

Source: Bloomberg

Old Memories

Posted by Maya @ 17:58 on November 27, 2020  

I am sometimes cursed with a very good memory.  These days I keep ‘seeing’ an old Saturday Night Live skit with Gilda Radner portraying a sickly, whining, waif that would pucker up her face and whine:  “I have DIVERTICULITIS”!

It was funny back then, but not any more.  Now it haunts me.  I have become her.

Good let’s get the H out!

Posted by ipso facto @ 16:58 on November 27, 2020  

The Pentagon Has Closed Ten Bases In Afghanistan Amid Hastened Draw Down



Posted by ipso facto @ 16:54 on November 27, 2020  

“Thank God Trump and Sydney Powell are fighters, without them, we don’t have a country.”

Right O! I just hope the wheels start turning pretty quick!

A decent day for a lot of the shares today. Foreshadowing a turn in the POG Ima hopin.


Buygold @ 17:34

Posted by Maya @ 14:37 on November 27, 2020  

Thank you.  Words of wisdom to live by.  I don’t ever want to experience that pain again… let alone the worse consequences!  When they told me that in extreme cases they remove and resect a section of colon, I was determined not to let that happen.

I have a virtual meeting with the gastro doctor that did my colonoscopy on monday.  He’s one of the tops in the state here.  I’ll be looking for his advice on how to ongoing manage it.

Turkey dinner last night was a stuffing… but it felt good.  And this morning a good portion of it passed without pain.  I couldn’t be happier.


Posted by Maddog @ 12:05 on November 27, 2020  

re the GoP

Yr right….they have a golden opportunity to smash the Dems for a generation, maybe forever, as the evidence is monstrous….yet they sit there doing nothing and saying nothing….

The only conclusion, is that just like all our current politicians, they are no ‘effing use, for anything, apart from grifting.

Hey Ipso

Posted by Buygold @ 11:13 on November 27, 2020  

Yeah, I’m a ridiculous eternal optimist myself, always thinking our stuff is going to come back because it makes so much sense for gold and silver to be roaring higher.

Good luck on your new purchase!

Listening to Trump’s press conference from yesterday. Is he the only fighter left in the GOP? It’s amazing to me that the GOP leaders aren’t jumping into the fray to try to protect Trump who has carried the Republicans on his back.

I’m actually beginning to believe gold is tied to a Trump victory. I see that Judy Shelton was declined for a Fed Reserve spot because Turtle McConnell voted against her. She was a goldbug.

Thank God Trump and Sydney Powell are fighters, without them, we don’t have a country.

Morning Buygold @ 10:10

Posted by ipso facto @ 10:16 on November 27, 2020  

Shares don’t look so bad considering …

Bought some QMXGF spec play. I guess because I’m an eternal optimist. 🙂

Morning Ipso

Posted by Buygold @ 10:10 on November 27, 2020  

I guess for as bad as they are beating down the metals this am we should be somewhat grateful that the shares aren’t getting hit a lot harder, although they do have a few hours left to do some more damage.

I suppose the other way to look at it is that this is the last day to dump losers before picking them up again just before the New Year, although that’s probably an overly optimistic stretch. 🙁

REPORT: Iran’s Top Nuclear Program Scientist Assassinated Outside Of Tehran

Posted by ipso facto @ 9:50 on November 27, 2020  


If you don’t hate the assholes who run twitter then there’s something wrong with you.

Posted by ipso facto @ 9:09 on November 27, 2020  

Twitter Blocking URLs of Sidney Powell’s Website, Users Say

According to the latest reports, Twitter is blocking users from posting links to Sidney Powell’s website, the defendingtherepublic.org. The website has a compilation of the PA and MI lawsuits. Users say that this is extremely unethical since Twitter is limiting the spread of information by demonstrating bias and prejudice. This action by Twitter seems to be defending the Democratic party, says several Trump supporters.


Buygold @ 8:49

Posted by ipso facto @ 8:59 on November 27, 2020  

Pretty tough to call today’s move in gold normal market action. Effers!

Posted by ipso facto @ 8:57 on November 27, 2020  

Mawson Drills 1.3 Metres @ 25.3 g/t Gold and 0.5 Metres @ 23.0 g/t Gold at Joki East


Amarillo reports third quarter results


Marathon Gold Announces a Strategic Flow-Through Financing with Mr. Pierre Lassonde


Nighthawk Intersects 141.80 Metres of 2.11 Gpt Au (Uncut), Including 31.05 Metres of 4.06 Gpt Au


The old crash pm’s on a lightly traded Holiday weekend trick

Posted by Buygold @ 8:49 on November 27, 2020  

probably only seen this 20 times during Thanksgiving in 20 years.

Amazing how they’ll turn this sector into a tax loss selling sector despite gold hitting $2K earlier.

USD down a bit again – no help. Crap.

Solomon Islands…

Posted by Captain Hook @ 8:18 on November 27, 2020  

…very smart people banning Facebook.

You don’t need two governments in your country cultivating division and an authoritarian agenda.

Top of the mornin Mark…you lying a**hole.

Cheers all

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