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Gold Train

Posted by Maya @ 23:11 on January 1, 2021  


Neither rain, nor snow, nor sleet….


Goldi & Treefrog

Posted by Maya @ 21:18 on January 1, 2021  

I ordered my Ivermectin on eBay where I could compare a bunch of offers.  As it turned out, the stuff I got was from ValleyVet also.  I think they had the best price.  I got the topical ‘rub on’ type.

The buck stops here

Posted by Pict @ 19:14 on January 1, 2021  


Bob Hoye provides some historical perspective….

Posted by Captain Hook @ 17:09 on January 1, 2021  

…to what is happening right now.

“The Anglo-Saxon Chronicles record something equivalent, albeit more temporal:
“1125 A.D. In this year before Christmas King Henry sent from Normandy to
England and gave instructions that all moneyers … be deprived of their
members … Bishop Roger of Salisbury commanded them all to assemble at
Winchester by Christmas. When they came hither, they were then taken one by
one, and each deprived of the right hand and the testicles below. All this was
done in twelve days between Christmas and Epiphany, and was entirely justified
because they had ruined the whole country by the magnitude of their fraud
which they paid for in full.” – The Laud Chronicle (E)
Fortunately, history indicates that the public will eventually figure out that no matter how
beguiling the claims about currency management and taxation are, the gambit has been
mainly to greedily confiscate private earnings and wages.

You gotta wonder if they value their balls. I’m sure the girls do if they had to pay for them.


Hi Goldie

Posted by Buygold @ 16:53 on January 1, 2021  

I think Armstrong may be right as well.

“I think Armstrong is right, it will never go back to normal “ their club” from this point on. The call for independent third party’s will grow.”

That’s kind of a scary proposition, not so much for me, but more so for my kids and grandkids and their futures. This is Orwell type of stuff we are facing and I have no doubt the Davos crowd has a reset of some sort in mind.

I was hoping Trump would be the line in the sand.

Great just great

Posted by goldielocks @ 15:58 on January 1, 2021  

President of Iran just made a death threat to president Trump saying in a few days he will be dead.
He was referring to his assassin Trump killed saving thousands of lives on Jan 3rd.



Posted by silverngold @ 14:46 on January 1, 2021  

If you feel like you’re being herded, it’s because you are. The only way out is to say NO in whatever way you can!!


Posted by goldielocks @ 13:43 on January 1, 2021  

That’s some interesting chart. No matter what disease or catastrophe comes along it doesn’t justify being chipped anyways.
We have a responsibility to warn the young who don’t equate a cashless society.. to where it will start.. to a real cashless society. That phones or apps to pay bills is not the same as having no cash back up or choice where you store your money.
I suppose certain states could fight chips by just telling all the illegals they’ll know they’re illegal if everyone gets chipped and they won’t be able to escape or travel from country to country so easy if their chipped. Plus it will likely have a gps attached.


Posted by goldielocks @ 13:33 on January 1, 2021  

Apparently both sides of the party sparing just a few just standing with we the people want business as usual. Puppets themselves just waiting for instructions from their puppet masters.
I think Armstrong is right, it will never go back to normal “ their club” from this point on. The call for independent third party’s will grow.

Here is an excellent chart from Sweden !

Posted by Alex Valdor @ 13:04 on January 1, 2021  

It charts deaths per million of population (presumably only in Sweden) from various epidemics , 1851 to 2020 . I have no doubt this can be extrapolated to guide the rest of the world as to the current threat (or lack of it ) from COVID . We are being herded into a corral by the Globalists , using fear . Think of life with NO private property – apparently a goal of UN Agenda 2030 . Do not allow yourself to be tagged with would effectively be an RFID marker – even if you have to be ‘chipped’ to buy food !


Happy New Year Goldie

Posted by Buygold @ 12:16 on January 1, 2021  

So many interesting things that I hope we can find out in 2021.

I think I heard that in one of the bills alien disclosure was required by May if it passes-not sure which one, I think it was the Defense Bill.

Now that’s something I’m interested in hearing from the Government!!😉😎

Happy New Years Buygold

Posted by goldielocks @ 11:52 on January 1, 2021  

Yep we’re not sure alright, wether to give each other condolences or a happy new year. Since big money already apparently moving back to China doesn’t say much except rinse repeat business as usual selling us out to the lowest bidder. Biden already taking about raising the corporate taxes Trump lowered so what do I see in Fox snd friends this morning. They pharmacy’s can just move to Ireland where schools are better taxes lower rather than staying here. No big deal just outsource again to get away from the business as usual brain dead swamp here.

I watched a show of family’s impacted by the last crash here when Obummer was in office. People going homeless, kids not having enough to eat, having to relinquish their kids pets and tears. Shoes on their feet falling apart.
Loss of jobs isn’t a race thing as they would like to play it out to get the focus off them. It’s a equal opportunity UN-employer. But hey have people riot loot destroy more jobs and businesses then they can blame it on the looters not themselves. Never their fault.
One of the mothers back then was studying to be a hair dresser wondering if she’ll even be able to get a job after school.
Well if she did the Demos made sure it was rinse repeat for her and her kids again.
How much are people supposed to take with this BS! Just my rant for today.


Posted by goldielocks @ 11:37 on January 1, 2021  

The Ivermectin is a lot cheaper on this site! Good site. Not sure about shipping though. Bimectin tube but was actually a gel not paste is cheaper here. I think I paid double but had free shipping.

Good Morning All

Posted by Buygold @ 11:23 on January 1, 2021  

It’s good to see you all up and posting on New Year’s Day

Who the heck know’s what we’re all heading into after a crazy 2020?

Keep the posts coming, share your stuff, share your feelings, speaking for me it’s all really important to hear.

Happy New Year folks!

Stop shopping at globalist bucket shops…

Posted by Captain Hook @ 11:17 on January 1, 2021  

…and that is especially true of the big banks. (Walmart, etc.)

See here

Catherine Austin Fitts is a true patriot and Christian.

Cheers all

Thanks Treefrog

Posted by goldielocks @ 11:02 on January 1, 2021  

I have enough on hand to treat at least 30 people or 30 doses.
Good info for anyone who needs it because as we know Amazon who is swamp cooperative will do anything they want. I think they can only ban the human pill form but who knows if they will make it harder to get the animal form if they can get away with it.
I wonder if some people will be immune.
A very small number like 1% who have the Delta 32 gene I might have. Might It’s a gene that made people in Europe immune to the plague and found later the heirs or the gene were also immune to HIV. If they got it from one parent they’d get sick with the plague but could survive it on their own. If they had the gene from both parents they wouldn’t get sick at all even if they were surrounded by it. I read somewhere but couldn’t verify that people with this gene who donated bone marrow cured patients with HIV. I wonder if people with this gene could also be immune to this virus since it gets in the same way apparently. Can’t say for sure.

Nine Facts Explode the COVID Hoax

Posted by Captain Hook @ 11:01 on January 1, 2021  

Wake up and act before it’s too late…

See here


Organize locally because corrupt politicians many miles away will sell you out all too often these days (apologies to the good ones).

Are you in the restaurant business – any targeted business?  Start an association. Get on the phone and make it happen.

It’s the only way to take back your freedom because the DC swamp and the elites that control them are in the business of making you a slave and this includes Trump largely as well.

Trump likes to be the big man and for this you need centralization.

Be smart and strong.

Very Happy new Year to one and all.

Posted by Maddog @ 10:52 on January 1, 2021  


Posted by treefrog @ 10:35 on January 1, 2021  

ivermectin???  here you go, all you want web sales or mailorder


Better get it now

Posted by goldielocks @ 10:27 on January 1, 2021  

If you plan on getting Ivermectin on line to have on hand maybe get it now if they’ll try to ban it. They’re banning it in Africa where it’s needed the most for parasites. They were giving it for free before for things like river blindness from a parasite from a fly and other parasites.
Now all of a sudden it isn’t safe.
One guy made me laugh when he said he bet Gates was wondering why their rate was so low, well he solved that problem. 😡



Posted by treefrog @ 10:27 on January 1, 2021  

copper shortage building???

Pence is crapping himself…

Posted by Captain Hook @ 9:55 on January 1, 2021  

…over being exposed for the compromised and lying weasel he is.

See here

Thanks again Mike

You da man…and we da stupid.

Happy New Year

Posted by Captain Hook @ 9:49 on January 1, 2021  

It will be what you help make because the battle between good and evil will come into full view this year (even for the go along to get along idiots).

To kick things off in the COVID hoax department we have this gem, as follows:

“Fauci Predicts New, More Contagious COVID-19 Strain Will Spread Across U.S.”

See here

Like I said, the only way to stop this BS and the Chicom coup is to cut the head off the snake.

Trump needs to reverse himself on COVID policy before it’s too late.

Wake up Donny

It’s official: Hindsight is 2020 !

Posted by Maya @ 2:08 on January 1, 2021  


Living the life of Illusion.

What are the odds that Jeffrey is also celebrating and bringing in the new year tonight? FWIW

Posted by silverngold @ 0:15 on January 1, 2021  

“borrowed” from another reputable site.


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