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Old timer

Posted by goldielocks @ 20:40 on January 2, 2021  

I couldn’t listen to all of it but interesting. I’m going to have to play it back about the Bitcoin.

Belated Happy New Year…

Posted by old-timer @ 17:06 on January 2, 2021  

Having internet connection problems.

Here is a link to an interesting program.  Quite Frankly has a summary of the 2020 events, and a cameo appearance by Juan O”Savin,

who has some very interesting commentary.



You MUST listen to this one. It’s a BC Doctor telling the truth, which is basically this virus is bullshit, on the severity of the virus, the use of the PCR test, lies on using “cases” to scare the world, very deceptive vaccine agenda, and much more

Posted by silverngold @ 16:15 on January 2, 2021  

This needs to be spread around the world to wake people up that there is a much more sinister agenda going on. This is the best presentation I have heard!

Very good posts…

Posted by Captain Hook @ 15:35 on January 2, 2021  

…this afternoon.

I especially like what Kunstler had to say.

What a great intellect.

Cheers all

eeos @ 13:50

Posted by ipso facto @ 14:26 on January 2, 2021  

Thanks! That’s very interesting. I’d love to get free of the power grid and it’s tethers. I need to learn more about it.

PS A bummer I live in a very wet and dark place for a good deal of the year. A sunny climate makes this a better bet.

Hadn’t heard this before

Posted by ipso facto @ 14:20 on January 2, 2021  

Xi Jinping to undergo surgery due to worsening intracranial aneurysm

Xi Jinping to undergo surgery due to worsening intracranial aneurysm

Ipso times have changed and it’s much cheap to power a house off grid

Posted by eeos @ 13:50 on January 2, 2021  

I have several friends that do it and they’re old school using lead-acid or AGM batteries. But the real trick is to just build a lith ion battery bank from these cells called Ying Long’s. They accept huge charge and discharge rates, and if you drop the DOD (depth of discharge) to a 50% drained level every day, these amazing cells can easily last 16 years. 6 Ying Longs are equivalent to almost 6 full-sized Optima Yellow Top AGMs. So it’s quite easy to assemble a bank that can power a house, no problem. In the coming years, power companies are going to get smashed.


The exciting part is that solar panels are kicking ass in efficiency too, esp if you use some type of a solar tracker to re-orient the panel to track the sun the entire day. I’ve been wanting an off-grid house for a while.

People assemble them into banks to achieve the desired voltage, this is a cheap way to have a Tesla Power Wall. Very low fire risk, cells can’t swell either. Genious.


Kunstler has quite the predictions!

Posted by ipso facto @ 13:37 on January 2, 2021  

Forecast 2021 — Chinese Fire Drills with a side of French Fries (Jacobin-style) and Russian Dressing

Cuomo the psychopath…

Posted by Captain Hook @ 13:28 on January 2, 2021  

…is about to start filling up the FEMA camps…and the quislings in other jurisdictions will soon follow.

See here

Right on schedule according to Agenda 2030.

See what I mean about stripping these idiots of their power before it’s too late.

Probably already is too late.

It all depends on interest rates. They need the free money to keep the agenda going.

2021 will decide our future in this regard.

This is why bitcon can go to the moon and PMs are suppressed.

Buy physical gold and silver. That’s the only way to stop them in the end.

You life depends on it.

Have a nice day.

Republican Senators now objecting to the Electoral College

Posted by Buygold @ 13:23 on January 2, 2021  

Now up to 12

140 House members

Good to see some Republicans with spines. Now we’ll have to see if Pence man’s up.

Captain Hook

Posted by ipso facto @ 13:23 on January 2, 2021  

LOL I thought you were headed for the bunker!

ipso facto @ 12:52

Posted by Captain Hook @ 13:02 on January 2, 2021  

When I say “off the grid” I mean do what you can.

Not many will be able to go “off the grid”.

But everybody can stop shopping at big box stores and banking with the very people attempting to enslave them.

Like I say – do what you can.

And get started. It will be easier once you get the ball rolling.

Your mind will start thinking that way and then they will be in trouble.

But you will take a hit on your lifestyle – know that.

Of course if you don’t strip them of their power they will continue to enslave you using your own money.

Some would go so far as to stop paying taxes. Look at Ann Barnhardt.

Now she lives down by the river I believe (at least she was) – but she’s happy.

Cheers all

Posted by ipso facto @ 12:59 on January 2, 2021  

Captain Hook

Posted by ipso facto @ 12:52 on January 2, 2021  

“Off the grid”

You can sure get cheaper land farther back in the mountains if you can get by without being hooked into the power grid.

I really wonder how good the newest solar power systems work. I looked into it a little bit and as I remember supposedly you can “power” a house for around 25K. I don’t know if you need a generator for High load items such as washing machines … and I don’t know how long they last.

So … are you going to be still on the internet? Maybe that would defeat your purpose. I must say I am rather fond of it.

My New Year’s resolution is to stop…

Posted by Captain Hook @ 11:09 on January 2, 2021  

…financing my own enslavement.

Not a penny will I be paying the effers within a month.

No more shopping at box stores, no more banking with these effers…nothing.

Going off the grid ASAP.

Do what you can.

Cheers all

They destroyed the currencies…

Posted by Captain Hook @ 10:24 on January 2, 2021  

…now they have to replace the currencies with valueless control systems.

Digital “currencies” are not currencies – they are a control system that can be turned on and off to affect a political agenda.

See here

This is why if the roll out continues they will force you to take the mark of the beast.

Check it out.

It’s in the bible.

A long time coming

Posted by ipso facto @ 9:53 on January 2, 2021  

Court orders renew of Montagne d’Or concessions

Orea Mining (OREA: TSX) announced on Thursday that the French court ordered the renewal of the Montagne d’Or mining concessions within six months.

Located in French Guiana, the open pit gold mining project hosts Proven Mineral Reserves of 8.25 Mt at 1.99 g/t (530,000 oz) and Probable Mineral Reserves of 45.87 Mt at 1.50 g/t (2.2 Moz).

The Montagne d’Or joint-venture (owned 44.99% by Orea and 55.01% by Nord Gold SE) submitted renewal applications for a 25-year period for two core mining concessions in December 2016. In the absence of a decision from the Minister of Economy the JV filed proceedings in February and March 2019 in the Administrative Court of Cayenne in French Guiana to invalidate any implicit refusal.

Court orders renew of Montagne d’Or concessions


Posted by goldielocks @ 0:27 on January 2, 2021  

That’s good but I don’t know how much you actually absorb that way and how long you have to leave it on without washing it off is why I don’t get that type. The gel is a peace of cake. There is something in it. There was colds all around me and felt I was fighting off a cold when I took it. Was getting a little congested felt my body was fighting mild chills like feeling. I can’t say the amount of time but pretty fast maybe 20 minutes maybe longer that cold I was fighting off was obliterated by that stuff. Was completely gone. Too fast to be a coincidence I think.
You should see if Papas doctor would order monoclonal antibodies if he should get it instead though. That appears to be pretty good stuff and have his doctor check his vita d levels.
If he won’t get help and he takes it make sure you can record him or something that he knows what he’s taking and wants to take it and can take it himself. God forbid if something would happen and you were blamed giving him a drug if you know what I mean.

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