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BIDENs Chinese crony XI is about

Posted by Ororeef @ 23:37 on January 3, 2021  

to bite the DUST  ..He’s got a BRAIN cancer with 50 % chance of living  .Bidens graft money could suddenly dry up.  ..and Trump might hold a RALLY on Bidens Inauguration day just to demonstrate who ‘s the PEOPLES President is.   WE live in “interesting” times as the Chinese say  ….

Hong Kong could have a Party ..that could stir things up a bit ..Maybe Trump could run for President of China …that would be a    hoot…!


Posted by treefrog @ 22:41 on January 3, 2021  

up seventy cents overnight!  will it still respect us in the morning?

Will there be a civil war?

Posted by igold @ 22:28 on January 3, 2021  

The Next Question, by Publius Valerius

Gold Train

Posted by Maya @ 22:10 on January 3, 2021  


How the west was won


@Buygold re your “Nice Start to the New Year”

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 21:32 on January 3, 2021  
I’m pretty confident the Gold market is solidly in gear. Its like a no brainer now. It certainly seems like the 1913 experiment is ending. The stuff below I saw on Facebook, posted by somebody I knew from high school. He brought up a lot of good points. Or reminders. Trump being elected in 2016 was a crystal clear sign of the last 100 years after 1913, new fangled financial system, ending in failure and going into reverse.
Below found on Facebook.
Personally I dislike (not hate that’s a strong word) all politicians ….
I tolerated (Obama) for 8 years and kept quiet.
Here is my issue with the whole, “let us all be a United States again” that we heard from Joe Biden.
For the last 4+ years, the Democrats have gone scorched earth. You have salted the fields and now you want to grow crops.
The problem is 72+ million of us have memories longer than a hamster.
We remember the women’s march (vagina hats and all) the day after inauguration.
We remember the 4 years of attacks and impeachments
We remember “not our president” and the “Resistance…”
We remember Maxine Waters telling followers to harass us in restaurants.
We remember the Presidents spokesperson being kicked out a restaurant.
We remember hundreds of Trump supporters physically attacked.
We remember Trump supporters getting Doxed, and fired from jobs.
We remember riots, and looting
We remember “a comedian” holding up the President’s severed head
We remember a play in Central park paid with public funding, showing the killing of President Trump
We remember Robert de Niro yelling “F” Trump” at the Tony’s and getting a standing ovation.
We remember Nancy Pelosi tearing up the State of the Union Address.
We remember the total in the tank move on the mainstream media
We remember the non-stop and live fact checking on our President and his supporters.
We remember non-stop in your face lies and open cover-ups from the media.
We remember the President and his staff being spied on.
We remember five Senators shot on a ballfield.
We remember every so-called comedy show turn into nothing but Trump hate fest.
We remember 95% negative coverage in the news.
We remember the state governors asking and getting everything they ask for and then blaming Trump for their problems.
We remember a Trump top aid verbally assaulted in two DC restaurants.
We remember people banging on the Supreme Court doors.
We remember that we were called every name in the book for supporting President Trump.
We remember that Hollywood said they would leave after Trump was elected but they stayed.
This list is endless, but you get the idea.
My friends will be my friends, but a party that has been on the attack for 4 long years does not get a free pass with me!
Copy and paste because FB wouldn’t let me share.

Ororeef 19:08

Posted by goldielocks @ 21:03 on January 3, 2021  

Lol lol The Chinese will have to change the name big guy to parent but MF sounds more accurate in his case.

Maya @ 19:20…..thanks for the rundown. I guess there just is no free lunch or a free ride in this world.

Posted by silverngold @ 20:41 on January 3, 2021  

It’s more like “pick your poison” and learn to enjoy it. We have tiny sugar ants here that like to infest everything by the thousands, but they don’t bite and can be killed off with a combination of Borax, sugar, and water. I’m sure you already know that borax (boric acid) was the standard cockroach and ant killer years ago, but I’ve never lived where there were any cockroaches since I was about 3 years old in Oklahoma. Well now that I think about it I think we did have a few in Falls Church VA when I lived there just outside the DC Beltway.

Here in southern BC all we have is rattlesnakes, Cougars, coyotes, fox, and black bears for predators, and in the north where my ranch was we had all the same except no rattlesnakes, but also we had lotsa wolves and grizzly bears and of course 6-7 month long quite severe winters which could be more dangerous than the wildlife.

Over all this has been a great life and I’ve lived it to the fullest, accomplished everything I wanted to do, and have no regrets as I look back. My only regret is that I know I am reaching the end of my independence and I have to rely more on others rather than being able to take care of myself, but as many have said, it’s better than the alternative!

All The Best to You Maya, from Silverngold


Posted by Maya @ 19:40 on January 3, 2021  

I’m sorry, but the town of Fucking, Austria, has changed their name.  It’s now ‘Fugging’.   🙂



Mr. Copper – Nice Start to the New Year

Posted by Buygold @ 19:25 on January 3, 2021  

Let’s see if we can keep it going and build on it.

If all these Magic Coins can keep rallying, I don’t see why our metals can’t.


Posted by Maya @ 19:20 on January 3, 2021  

I grew up in Wisconsin, so I know about the winters!!  Moved to Hawaii at the tender age of 25 and never looked back.

Yes, we have bugs.  Roaches if you don’t keep your kitchen and house clean.  A few years back the Big Island here got invaded by Coqui frogs when a nursery here imported shrubs from Puerto Rico that had frog eggs attached.  They have infested the wet areas now in hordes with their loud, high pitched ‘peeps’ that many people find hard to sleep with.

We also got ‘little fire ants’ from somewhere that are rampant on this island.  Nasty little burning, itching welts from the bites.  The university developed a DIY ant bait of a protein gel with a specific insect growth regulator.  It’s not an outright poison, and can be applied to fruit trees with no danger.  The ants eat the bait and feed the larvae and queen, and it sterilizes them so they cannot reproduce.  It can take six months or more for the colony to finally die out, but it has been fairly effective in keeping the ants down in certain wild areas.   I eliminated them from my property when I bought it, but I have a wild jungle lot next to me that is a constant source of them, and I treat the perimeter every few months.

The state is trying hard to prevent the ants and frogs from getting to the other islands.  Occasional outbreaks on Maui and Oahu are quickly addressed and eliminated while small.

Now about the Volcano…   we have a geothermal power plant here very near the 2018 eruption.  Two of the twelve ‘wells’ were covered by lava, but the main plant was surrounded but untouched by lava.  They have redrilled the two wells and the geothermal plant was just recently restarted again.  It provides 25% of the electric power for this island.

goldielocks @ 14:52 on January 3, 2021 No more Mother ,Father >?

Posted by Ororeef @ 19:08 on January 3, 2021  

How about Biden the Motherfucker  ..excuse me the Father Fucker or shall I say Fucken Politician Person ..

Gold Tonight $1913, Federal Reserve Act 1913, Gold in 1913 $20/oz

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 18:23 on January 3, 2021  

Actually Gold didn’t go up 9,465% since 1913, to $1,913 tonight, the banking thieves simply created too many monopoly dollars for the greater good of course, and the dollar simply lost 99% of its value since 1913, when our idiot domestic gov’t in 1913 gave Dracula bankers control of the money supply.


Intellectual Froglegs

Posted by commish @ 15:48 on January 3, 2021  

Just released “Patriots” Link will take you to the homepage.


Maya, Sounds like you’re setting pretty, and a slightly better climate too. LOL!!!

Posted by silverngold @ 15:41 on January 3, 2021  

Water power here can be a problem due to some pretty severe winters which in some locations can last for 6 or 7 months of the year. The Hydraulic water ram I built from plans I found in a 1932 or 1938 Popular Mechanics magazine archived in a library in California. I had to kinda reengineer that spring and cover and insulate the outflow, then bury the line all the way to my house and come up through my basement to the storage tank in the loft. After all was said and done I was glad the spring was located about 100 yards from my house. The water hammer that delivers the water makes a constant clack, clack, clack sound about 2 times per second so it would have been annoying to listen to 24/7 if it had been located closer to the house.

All these off the grid ideas in those days were do-it-yourself projects. Nobody to call for help and no phone to call with, so lotsa trial and error until you got it right.

How are the bugs in Hawaii?? Lucky you don’t have poisonous snakes there or bears either. Do you have any predators there aside from feral cats and humans?? And hot water heat from your private volcano?? Sounds like PARADISE all right!

The city’s are crumbling but the dim witted politicians are adding insult to injury.

Posted by goldielocks @ 14:52 on January 3, 2021  

If this were the early 1900s I’m guessing these idiots would be dragged out and hung.
Proposed House Rules Eliminate Gendered Terms Like ‘Father’ and ‘Daughter’

Proposed House Rules Eliminate Gendered Terms Like ‘Father’ and ‘Daughter’

ipso facto @ 13:35, Hey, if Obama can get a Nobel Prize, Bill should be able to get a couple!! Coupla humanity hero’s if I ever saw one

Posted by silverngold @ 14:46 on January 3, 2021  

LA Restaurant owner speak up for the real people on the deviation being caused by the lockdown by the hypocrisy of the double standard system.

Posted by goldielocks @ 14:46 on January 3, 2021  


Silverngold – Off Grid

Posted by Maya @ 14:16 on January 3, 2021  

I have seen several waterfall-powered homes in BC.  Nice that you have ample water and elevations where you can take advantage of that.  When I bought the volcano ranch here, it was with an eye to being as independent as possible, but I still liked the ‘convenience’ utilities of the subdivision here.   My sub has a private well in the Mauna Loa aquifer that feeds some 800 homes here with water, so I do not have to deal with catchment water issues,  But if my water feed fails, I can start filling barrels at the downspouts.  My area was severely affected by falling trees in the 2014 hurricane that isolated this area for weeks with no power.  I have a leased solar PV system w/battery that provides most of my electric power at a rate cheaper than the electric company, and I have a backup generator if needed. My hot water is also solar, with a separate PV panel to power the pumps and controller so it is totally off-grid.

Amazingly, we have a CATV line out here that provides TV and internet connection.  But I can live without that if needed.  I’ve got ham radios for comms.

silverngold @ 13:03

Posted by ipso facto @ 13:35 on January 3, 2021  

If Bill wipes out most of humanity do you think he’ll get the Nobel Prize?

I guess I shouldn’t really joke about it. Mass misery and death isn’t that funny.

Another interesting view of what’s going on…

Posted by old-timer @ 13:29 on January 3, 2021  

Having internet problems, hope this link carries thru:


Direct to video, I hope…


ipso facto @ 12:18 Sulfur Compounds? They did that in the 90’s

Posted by silverngold @ 13:03 on January 3, 2021  

Remember all the acid rain days? That was using the sulfur compounds in chemtrails until they realized they could get much more for their buck with aluminum, barium, and strontium and a few other metals. If they go back to sulfur it will be because they have found a source of supply which is someone else’s waste that needs to be disposed of, and what better way than spreading it all over the world in chemtrails and blocking out the solar power at the same time.

Come on!! We all know what a great humanitarian Bill is, and he is willing to make trillions if it will save the world from the plague called humanity. Whatta guy!

Buygold @ 13:23 on January 2, 2021 Electoral College

Posted by Ororeef @ 12:31 on January 3, 2021  

These Senators have NO idea what they are doing.The Founders had everything at RISK.


Their lives,their Fortunes and their sacred honor,these Senators have no life at risk ,no Fortune ,and certainly NO honor.The Founders did it RIGHT.They knew the risk of failing ..King George would have killed them if they failed.They didnt get elected by some “give me more electorate”.They created laws under good Principal ideals,not selfish “vote for ME” …foolish lies.The Electoral College dont need fixen and beside you arent smart enough to do it ,just selfish bastards.Shut up and get a real job,if anybody would have you.

Buygold @ 10:33

Posted by ipso facto @ 12:18 on January 3, 2021  

Yeah I thought they were spraying already. Although I think I mentioned that there were more sprayless skies last summer … at least where I am there were some blue blue skies.

I think the article talked about spraying some kind of sulphur compounds. Who knows what that is going to do?

“sulphur aerosols”

No lockdowns in China and Russia

Posted by Captain Hook @ 11:00 on January 3, 2021  

Only the traitors in the West are allowed to get away with this crap.

See here

It’s time to say no.

Mornin all

Buygold – let’s start saying no with the snake Bill Gates. Just say no more buddy boy.

Maya @ 1:48 Off Grid Living….I did all that except solar power starting in 1975 when I retired at age 33 and bought a remote property in BC

Posted by silverngold @ 10:55 on January 3, 2021  

Over time I built a hydraulic water ram which delivered water from a spring to the loft of my log home I built from logs I cut from my land. I diverted a creek to run through a 10″ pipe over a 40′ bank. The pipe I reduced to a 4″ pipe outflow which ran into a Mitchel Banke turbine which I built, and I connected a 5kw generator to it and ran a power line to my home about 1/4 mile away so we had basic power 24/7 but no regulator so had to turn on one thing and turn off another to keep close to 120V. We had a propane fridge and small propane stove. Also a large McLary’s wood cook stove, and we were pretty comfortable while I built a ranch out of the wilderness. Communication was either my 3 channel CB radio which I moved from the truck to the house as needed, or drive 7 miles to the closest phone booth and paid for all calls with coins.

Then 10 years later, in 1985, BC Hydro came knocking at the door, offered to bring in power on a government grant at no cost to us so I foolishly went for it, not realizing at the time what a treasure I had created for us off the grid.

Age and circumstances end all dreams, but I’ve been there and done that. All the Best from Silverngold.

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