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Conspiracy Is Not The Right Word, Don’t Use It Anymore, Use “A sequence of events” Below a response to a friend

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 16:24 on January 13, 2021  

She said, “I’m not a conspiracy theorist but I’m not naïve”

Yes, you can’t imply that a small group of people are doing or planning things in secrete. Right away they throw “Conspiracy” in your face. Intimidate you. They were trained for that. There is no such thing. Its like saying the holocaust didn’t exist. They hate you. But I figured out another way to explain things. Because a Trump hater I know didn’t believe a small group of people were controlling things, and he’s right.

Because when the USSR imploded, there was no more fake rival to justify a continued arms race. Then I saw more work going to China from Japan after 1989. And I said to myself, “China is going to get wealthy and China will be the next fake enemy”. So there was no way some small group planned this that far ahead of time. But it looks like its in the future and was not planned. China the new USSR. Evil empire, we fast tracked “most favored nation trade status for China”.

“A sequence of special interests events” Led to what ever. Trade treaties, immigration, open borders, globalization, gun laws, sanctuary cities, sanctuary manufacturing countries like Japan, Europe, China, etc, regime change for Iraq, weapons of mass destruction that weren’t there, JFK one lone gun man, gun violence dumb word, guns kill people on and on, I can write a book. No, no conspiracy, that’s silly of course.
Just a sequence of events. You could also say…..”Just a sequence of Special Interest events” that lead to other events. An evolution of events.

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