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Morning treefrog

Posted by Buygold @ 12:00 on February 18, 2018  

Agree, the will be a lot of collateral damage when the rig fails – if it fails

Not sure what that looks like other than a whole bunch of poverty in the US, soaring prices, violence, maybe even civil war

Hard to see this world going back to a gold standard of any kind – I don’t know.

I keep buying the story, but this has been a long 7 years.

buygold, kentucky, alex…

Posted by treefrog @ 11:48 on February 18, 2018  

i too would like to see a rally that lasted more than a few days.  even more, i am certain there will be one.

the timing, as always, is the hardest thing to call.  sooner or later, the rig will collapse.  it’s that “later” part that’s bothersome.  i’m not sure i’ll live that long.  i continue to be amazed at how long the rat-bastards have been able to keep it running.  and yet, it continues.

another bothersome factor – nothing happens in a vacuum.  when the rig collapses, there will likely be “collateral damage.”  a little? a lot?


Posted by Buygold @ 11:09 on February 18, 2018  

Can’t say I disagree with you or Alex.

I’d actually love to have an intermediate rally that went on for more than a day or two.

Pretty depressing place to be.

Kentucky – you are right !

Posted by Alex Valdor @ 9:07 on February 18, 2018  

I too, fought the Fed …and the Fed won .

Their game will work , until it doesn’t , then watch out , Nelly !
The collapse will be colossal .

We need Physical G&S for that time , because our friends and family will be in dire situations , and will need us just to get the necessities of life .


Posted by Kentucky @ 7:35 on February 18, 2018  

Don’t fight the fed is an old wall street maxim. Buying anything PM is fighting the fed. The shares are the worst investment in the world and have been for a very long time. Only idiots like us think this time will be different. The most anyone could ever expect is an intermediate rally. JMHO

Mr. Copper

Posted by amals @ 22:24 on February 17, 2018  

I remember pittrader.  He seemed to really know his stuff.

Memory Lane Post From September 2006

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 21:42 on February 17, 2018  

Mr.C. I have hundreds of these from old G-E days back to 2003.


professional pit traders =some do some don’t

(pittrader) Sep 25, 11:53

Some pit traders are in a trade for 10 seconds,or less.These traders could care less if support is at 577.80,yet we all like to determine where the most buying pressure and selling pressure is likely to occur ,and we look at previous highs ,lows etc.Option traders have lots of stratagies ,and are more inclined to be in trades longer, so there is no rule of thumb.IMHO ,Gold and Silver are in the 3rd inning of this 9 inning game…………..a coiled spring will unleash in the 7th inning ,where prices might go up double or triple every 6 months or so…………….I see that” they ”are and have been in full control since i started trading. i remember when they changed the rules for the Hunt brothers====overnight”you can only sell out a long position”………from that day forward its been patently obvious…they must stay in control………..look at prices ”they” like up , i. e. real estate/sm,===these prices have gone up 1,500 percent since i started in 1974 hmmmmmmmmmmm………. we are barely up 100 percent from a 20 yr low in gold,big deal,big deal. when we are all afraid to buy at 1,200,the prices will probably start acting like the nasdac did between 1995 and 2000.We will need mentoring to stay in for that spell. all need to know that i see 100 charts a day for 30 yrs………..yet some great great chartists and real thinkers on G.F ,as good as youll find anywhere!!!!!!………..STAY FOCUSED…. the action is putrid the last 3 weeks…..bleeding down. It would be favorable to get a late day reversal in the up direction soon………….so we all wait for that first day


(pittrader) Sep 25, 11:16

I am a trader of 30 yrs,used to be in the pits ===gold and silver. this is the best forum i know of. great chartists i must say………..tuday i am all in!!!!! goldcorp esp. purchased thousands of calls for my own account this morning. I am buying calls up to a yr forward. one thing i would like to add I ASSURE THE ACTION ALL THESE YEARS STINKS OF MANIPULATION .ALMOST EVERY SINGLE DAY, THE GOLD AND SILVER BREAK ON CUE AS NEW YORK CLOSES/ACCESS BEGINS . EVEN ON BIG UP DAYS!!! I welcome any questions about pit trading. thanks to you all…………….again dyod but i am now all in as they say and highly leveraged.this is not for everyone.



(pittrader) Sep 25, 12:18

me playin the dumb game of buying gg calls nem calls 6months out and further……….strikes 15 to 40 percent higher than the underlying………i am of the opinion that when m lynch,morgan,etc want in on this move that thay will come after the BIG FISH,and the public will be enticed to pool precious m’s into higher caps at first….where there is most liquidity and we will see inflows to higher caps and big names,overweighting will be given to these stocks first………..gg is a kmart special ,50 percent off in aisle 3………………



(pittrader) Sep 25, 12:56

Im familiar with this index,but for me volume is not something that i key in on all the time.as is the case news releases and or big moves push the volumes over the daily ave volume.But this is self evident to most………………..ONE thing i would like to add that after all these years………….price movement even if it happens on little volume is wayyyyyyyyyy more important than huge volume and little price impact…………i dont give a darn if gold goes up 45 dollars on ”little” volume……….bottom line is it went up 45 bucks……..if there was so much resistance ,it woulda never got there…you could see that in the future…………. where prices of stocks and the metals aregapping up with no volume whatsoever….just repricing up so to speak. ————-by the way i always use siver as my key to strength so im watchin close as we speak


fullgoldcrown my11.53

(pittrader) Sep 25, 13:44

nice to meet you and have admired your posts.thanks for keeping a keen eye on my 11.53 post.SURE THING ,ill take this reversal day up, a big sigh.wondering why the hui seems so lethargic………got lucky on crude as well this morn..took a flyer at under 60 crude,getting out of that lucky bottom fishin crude trade now………seems like they failed to deliver the knockout punch on the pm bulls this morn…………..we shall see what the week brings , if we can do a kreeper up this week,well have legs and footing ……….sure seems better than closing at the low of the day, the lead weight needs to be lifted ….lets work on the hui now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



World’s first human-sheep hybrids pave way for diabetes cure and mass organ transplants

Posted by ipso facto @ 18:38 on February 17, 2018  

Human-sheep hybrids have been created by scientists for the first time, opening the door to organs being grown inside the farmyard animals for use in transplants or to cure diabetes.

A team at Stanford University successfully grew embryos inside a surrogate for three weeks which had both sheep and human cells.

It is the first stage towards growing an unlimited supply of human organs for transplants and even providing a cure for Type 1 diabetes.

cont. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2018/02/17/worlds-first-human-sheep-hybrids-pave-way-diabetes-cure-mass/

Only when we accuse

Posted by Ororeef @ 17:55 on February 17, 2018  

Politicians of deliberately neglecting to protect us to their personal gain will they be put on the defence and be forced to reduce crime or face public scorn and removal from office.

They currently enjoy and misuse the public trust and beneficence ;only when they are at risk to their jobs and power will they be forced to reduce crime and watch for the public good and not solely their own power and position.They have shown they can no longer be given the benefit of the doubt ,put them on the defense and make them prove they are competent by ending mass killings and reducing crime ..this will also make them support good Immigration policy because to not do so  puts them at risk along with the public and its only when their interest are the same as ours will it get done !…   Thats how it gets done !

Julius Caesar Revealed…this BBC doc

Posted by overton @ 15:15 on February 17, 2018  

host mentioned  Trump draining to swamp with Caesar crossing the rubiccon to do the same.

maybe Trump got that no food stamp idea to real food when he saw Caesar (according to host) set up 22,ooo tables with the catch of day to feed those folks in Rome.

The Parents Of The Victims Should Have Private Access To The Killers

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 12:48 on February 17, 2018  

One, two, or three at a time, to do what ever they need or want to do, to the shooter. Like with jack Bauer on the 24 series. Electric cords, water, chains wire cutters etc etc. 🙂

Whatever happened to CRIME PREVENTION ?

Posted by Ororeef @ 12:04 on February 17, 2018  

The Police ,the FBI and Political LEADERS ALL KNOW HOW TO DO IT ..they are not that Stupid ..We have given them everything they asked for ,more money ,bigger Pensions ,the best equipment money can buy ..Yet it gets worse..its time to hold THEM accountable ..they have this idea that they can get MORE by looking the other way and let things get worse and they will get more rewards  and “Gun Control” so only Public Employees will have Guns  and then they become the really dangerous enemy …Take away their guarantees when they fail to perform ,suspend them without pay and if that dont work replace them.

ROSENSTEIN needs to go !

Posted by Ororeef @ 11:48 on February 17, 2018  

As for indicting RUSSIANS ,it was a STUPID POLITICAL move designed to pretend and look like they are doing something ,but in reality IN effective and useless since they are out of reach,out of the Country and NO HOPE of bringing anybody to justice . Instead of going after democrats that hired them  he pretends to investigate and enforces nothing.Nothing changes and his co horts are safe…as long as he’s in office.. The Russian thingy is a SHAM,a diversion to protect himself ,to appear to be doing his job ! Designed to keep up appearances ! useless scum….

FBI and all Government employees

Posted by Ororeef @ 11:32 on February 17, 2018  

think with their bureaucratic mentality its all for the “GREATER GOOD” ,if you lose 17 students in the long run its a benefit you make the FBI job easier and save future lives with “GUN CONTROL” ….It really means when they get what they want the public will be disarmed and helpless against the Government tyranny and a FBI gone political.

ALL these mass shootings have the same ROOT PROBLEM its BUREACRATS that think they can sacrifice  17 or  50 people to get “what they really want is a DISARMED Public …..and its worth the sacrifice  ..So dont act or prevent shootings because its NOT in your interest …as a Government employee.  They wont say it but their lack of action betrays them…

THE FBI allowed THIS TO HAPPEN,,it was an EVIL Political deed.

Dont take the Mentally deficient off the streets while they are usefull ,easy to agitate into doing what politicians arent brave enough to do ..! Oh what a tangled web we weave ..when we deceive !

Evil FBI

Posted by Ororeef @ 11:18 on February 17, 2018  

They deliberately didnt act on the shooter statements that he wanted to shoot up a school including a video indicating thats what his intentions were..   Thats how the FBI thinks its going to get the PUBLIC to ACCEPT GUN CONTROL ,which makes their job easier and reduces them to bureaucrats .Thay dont act on information because its all about getting the PUBLIC to give up GUN RIGHTS.

everything is a conspiracy

Posted by eeos @ 10:10 on February 17, 2018  

but I tell you what, I think we have a mental and pharmaceutical problem in the USA. These people are messed up. Denial will only lead to more incidents. I have kids, frightens the hell out of me. There’s not a good answer.


Posted by goldielocks @ 0:42 on February 17, 2018  

There was no one who saw more than one shooter. They could think there was more than one. I can only assume that if there was far more students would of been killed.
Cruz pulled the fire alarm the second time because he knew the drill, driving the kids straight to him.
With all the kids if it were fake they’d be talking.
As far as the girl she could of saw him like she said after the shooting stopped because he ran out with the students.
There were other photos taken of the victims that were deleted people saw.
I think people are trying to play detective or can’t get their head around these school or other shooters. This is a big mistake. They need to be protected.
Kids need to learn to talk.
So many kids knew he’d do something like this and all they did was bar him from going to school with a back pack.
It’s not politically correct for them to speak up it would be insensitive.
One man did when he saw his post about becoming a school shooter and FBI did not follow through.
The church shooter the military did not follow through.
It seems if enough of this happens instead of taking off no gun zones to a few responsible to have weapons and trained to use them.
That perhaps they want to wear the population down with fear and they use it a lot to get what they want to violate our rights. Privacy, Mandatory Vaccines, Guns next.
This has been going on for awhile and still no changes. The only changes will probably be going after speech next as it will go into over kill next. They will detain anyone who is perceived as a threat because of something they said.
Just because they ignored it when it was a real threat.
Sorry that’s not gonna do it. Scary to think these people are making the decisions for the rest of us. Meanwhile the likes of MS 13 and other criminals are driving across the border.

From Ponzi World today

Posted by Richard640 @ 23:50 on February 16, 2018  
The S&P just tagged .618, so wave 3 down can begin any time…

Florida Shooting Hoax

Posted by joe12pack @ 23:43 on February 16, 2018  


Mr Copper

Posted by goldielocks @ 23:07 on February 16, 2018  

Yes that’s true, tax absorbers are making more than most of the general public. However being a cop now is risky business. Not only that they need to keep raising taxes to pay all their pensions added on to new ones coming in. All retirement be SS or Pensions should be privatized not burdens on those who don’t even get pensions or SS used as a slush fund by the white shoe boys who don’t even consider how hard people had to work for that money and their life line. What really gets me is their mismanagement of it then acting like it’s a entitlement while they get how much of tax absorber money when they retire for losing others money?
In these over crowded sanctuary states especially it’s driving prices of housing so high that people can’t retire on what they get.
Trump working on taxes but still only putting a dent in the bottom line of non tax absorbers. Something has to be done about prices but that won’t happen as long as there is more demand for housing than housing.
They have build ” some ” affordable housing but from what I heard besides not enough is that gang bangers hook up with young women with kids in family type housing taking advantage and turning the places into high crime ghettos. But yet they want to keep letting them come across the border.

Mr Copper

Posted by redneckokie1 @ 22:57 on February 16, 2018  

Thousands of people who are retiring from high wage, high retirement states are moving to the southwest. They can replace 1.2 million dollar homes with $250,00 homes and their retirement pay is 3 times what working people here make. There are many places in rural Oklahoma, Texas and Louisiana where $3,000/mo is a very comfortable living. People sell their houses where they  just get by every month to having a much larger house, new cars, boats, motorcycles, airplanes and other trappings of luxury they never had before. They also like the low crime and fewer drug problems.


These are the very same people who stand to lose everything they have if they have not started a second career. Those very same retirement systems that pay out huge sums must take huge risks to generate enough income to keep the plan solvent. Their only saving grace is that the smart ones are totally out of debt when they move to their new areas because of selling their old house and the high incomes from their retirement.


The “Grapes of Wrath” in return is seeing many California Okies moving back to where there grandparents originated. In some instances , the old home place was never sold and was rented out for decades. Some now have producing oil and gas wells generating thousands per month. The fickle finger of fate has indeed smiled on some while saddling others with insurmountable debts and hardship. The perfect storm keeps brewing with no end in sight. Nothing but a total reset is going to straighten this mess out.




For Now, The Whole Global Community Is In A Box Without A Healthy US Consumer.

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 22:08 on February 16, 2018  

Back in the ’40s 50s and 60s the USA was temporarily known for its MASSIVE middle class. Annual earnings of $5,000 was common, to $10,000 per year you were well off. Everybody and their uncle these days knows the middle class gradually got a lot smaller after 1975.

I know of many ex-middle class baby boomers in their 60s these days that don’t have a pot to piss in. They stopped paying their mortgages long  ago. In the NY area today, middle class needs $175,000 to $200,000 before taxes. We have unionized village and county cops making $175,000 to $200,000 plus generous benefits.

Regular working class people these days in my area make $50,000 each, a working couple makes $100,000 as per a real estate broker friend. The tax absorbers make more money than the tax payers. There lies the problem, that Trump and company are trying to fix. Higher wages.

Its going to take YEARS for higher non union wages at this pace. The gov’t itself in 1967 used to be the “union” rep for the non union workers, by demanding employers pay a livable taxable wage of $1.40/hr equal to $26/hr today. (which is the average wage today)

Fed is still in the box

Posted by redneckokie1 @ 21:27 on February 16, 2018  

I have mentioned occasionally since gold eagle days about the fed being in the box on retirement plans. With baby boomers coming on strong into retirement, plans are being stretched to stay solvent. Most actuaries agree that a plan must earn 8% throughout the life to be fully funded. Many plans today are less than 70% funded. That means the late retiring baby boomers will get shafted. The fed has to figure out a way to get interest rates back up so the funds can exit the stock market and get back into the bond market without crashing the stock market and the housing market. A very thin tightrope! Inflation may be the only way out of the trap. Living standards will continue to decline as wages and benefits begin to stagnate worldwide to inflate away the debt. I can’t believe the ponzi scheme has lasted this long but all ponzi schemes continue until somebody wants to make a withdrawal that the money holders can’t cover.


Aguila, Tom glad to see you back. Carpio asked about you a couple of weeks ago.



@Richey re 19:32 The Commitment of Traders Report

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 20:59 on February 16, 2018  

The question. Can we see how many total contracts are on hand? Owned BEFOR the stated adjustment?

Re your:  GOLD

“*The large specs decreased their long positions by 21,968 contracts and reduced their shorts by 6,697 contracts.”

For example, did the large specks already have 100,000 contracts long and 100,000 contracts short on hand and THEN make the adjustment?

If they decreased the existing 100,000 longs by 21,968 leaves 78,032 long on hand.

If they decreased the existing 100,000 shorts by 6,697 it leaves 93,303 short on hand.

Making them net short. Without knowing how many existing contracts on hand, how do we know if they are total net long or net short?

I don’t play futures, so I may be asking a very stupid question.



From Murph=the stock mkt must be supported=if the Dow/SPX declined 10% or more over a sustained period of time – where “sustained period” is defined as 3-4 month – every public pension fund in the country would collapse.

Posted by Richard640 @ 19:41 on February 16, 2018  

Dave with an encore…

The Fed Targets Stock Prices – Here’s Why

The week before the Dow/SPX quickly plunged 10%, the Fed had reduced its SOMA account (the SOMA account is its “QE” account) by $21 billion.  Just as quickly as the stock market dropped, it has sharply recovered more than half of its losses from the previous week. As it turns out, the Fed added $11 billion back to its SOMA account. That’s an $11 billion injection of cash directly into the banking system.  Clearly the Fed’s actions were a large factor in the 10% plunge and the subsequent bounce.

The Federal Reserve is targeting stock prices with it’s monetary policy because, if it did not, the financial system would collapse led by collapsing pension funds and the housing market.  The pension collapse alone would run into the trillions of dollars.

I have a good friend/colleague who works at big public pension fund. He did a “stress test” study with the data available to him on all big public pensions. He concluded that, based on the current stated amount of underfunding at every big pension fund, if the Dow/SPX declined 10% or more over a sustained period of time – where “sustained period” is defined as 3-4 month – every public pension fund in the country would collapse.

You’ll note in the graphic above that the three 10% drops in the Dow since August 2015 were followed with sharp, “V” recoveries. Each one encompassed 10% drawdowns which were remarkably brief. The latest 10% plunge has been met with an equally forceful recovery, with the 10% decline allowed to persist for less than three trading days.

Craig Hemke – aka “Turd Ferguson” – invited me to discuss the the massive financial pressures building in the U.S. financial and economic system. It’s 2007 before the de facto financial system collapse on steroids. The factors discussed explain why the Fed will not let the stock market sustain a meaningful sell-off visit TF Metals for the podcast.



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