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EEOS and Samb

Posted by Portugeezer @ 5:21 on April 19, 2018  

The Laws of Physics – how many planes have vaporized in the history of the world?  Zero (except on one day in 2001 when four planes vaporized).  Have you seen the hole in the side of the pentagon?

Wikipedia:  I use Wikipedia a lot for our magazines:  www.eastalgarvemag.com and www.simplyalgarvemag.com

It is a very useful tool.  However, there is one fatal flaw:  It is possible for any registered user to alter the information therein.  It has been proven that if you modify certain political information, a “force” changes it back to the government’s viewpoint. They are monitored by the trolls that we have to face occasionally.

Wikipedia is therefore very close to the MSM in political arguments – WikiLeaks, now there is a different story.  Assange (and Snowden) are absolute heroes.  Putting their lives on the line for their beliefs. Solitary confinement is torture!

Now, I suppose we’ll have to spell out the problems with Snopes. But we’ll leave that for another day with the other MSM trash that we have disputed here for 15 years..

Rich (your British friend).

eeos @ 18:10

Posted by silver rider @ 5:13 on April 19, 2018  

Just a minor point to your post.  The laws of physics were not violated on 9/11. Now if the towers came down per the official story, that would have violated the laws of physics.  You don’t violate the laws of physics – that is unless the “laws” are not really laws at all.

But let me be clear on my position, the official story has 0% probability of being anywhere close to being the truth.  The official story is a crock of dung.


Gold Train

Posted by Maya @ 3:25 on April 19, 2018  


Central New Jersey in the Fall Colors


treefrog @ 22:21

Posted by Maya @ 3:24 on April 19, 2018  

Hear, hear!  My thoughts exactly.  This one is right by the playbook for trolls… so patently obvious. “Please don’t feed the trolls.”

My involvement in the silver market sometimes makes me

Posted by Equisetum @ 0:27 on April 19, 2018  

think I am in Skookumchuk Narrows.  And sometimes I also wonder of those ‘reversals’ that Mr. Copper frequently mentions are going to involve my silver ride through Skookumchuck.  I’m hanging on through the waves.


To change the subject

Posted by goldielocks @ 0:08 on April 19, 2018  

Don’t know what’s happening in other towns but here a lot of military choppers going back and forth.

ignore button

Posted by treefrog @ 22:21 on April 18, 2018  

i know we don’t have an overt ignore feature on oasis forum, but we do have the option to not interact with disruptive posters.  there has been one posting quite a bit lately.  i have chosen not to interact, even as much as mentioning his handle.  i will continue to do so.

Long Term Dollar Chart Shows Lower Lows and Lower Highs

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 22:16 on April 18, 2018  

Note below the manual US Dollar “boost” in 2014, that shoved Oil down to $28.


Below, long term Oil chart also shows lower lows and lower highs.


Oil chart below shows the DROP in 2014 inverse the Dollar.


Elliott, Following I believe is a fair representation of your posts. Nobody can be that dumb so you must be a paid agitator or distractor. I really hope you’ll find a new home soon

Posted by silverngold @ 21:25 on April 18, 2018  

All the best from Silverngold

Floridagold @ 20:24

Posted by ipso facto @ 20:41 on April 18, 2018  

You gonna buy some shares?

“2 $Trillion” Cough hack

Buygold @ 20:02 re: Oil

Posted by ipso facto @ 20:37 on April 18, 2018  

I saw this today. Just gotta laugh! 🙂

Gartman Shorts Oil, Is Stopped Out One Day Later


I expect the Saudi’s want the price at $80-$100 to get the most for this!!! WAG

Posted by Floridagold @ 20:24 on April 18, 2018  

Saudi Arabia has just taken a big step to ensure its massive oil company — Aramco — is ready for the stock market.

In an official announcement on Friday, the Saudi government said Aramco was converted into a joint-stock company — one in which shares can be bought and sold — on January 1.

Saudi Arabia is planning to sell 5% of Aramco, the world’s biggest oil producer, via an initial public offering this year.

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The IPO, which could be the world’s biggest, is at the heart of the kingdom’s plan to wean itself off oil. Proceeds from the sale should help the economy diversify into other sectors, including tourism and technology.

Saudi officials have estimated that the IPO could give Aramco a valuation of $2 trillion, five times that of Exxon Mobil (XOM). Selling just 5% of Aramco could raise $100 billion, if those estimates are accurate.

Officials are still deciding whether to list Aramco shares in New York, London, Hong Kong or Tokyo, in addition to the Saudi stock exchange.

Related: 6 ways life in Saudi Arabia will change in 2018

Apart from the change in Aramco’s legal status, here are five things we learned from Friday’s announcement:

1. The government will retain complete control over how much oil Aramco produces, to serve “the state’s goals politically and economically.”

2. Saudi Arabia will be able to buy back all Aramco stock from shareholders, at a price of its choosing, provided it can persuade at least 75% of non-government investors to agree.

3. The government will appoint six members of Aramco’s board, including the chairman and deputy chairman.

4Other shareholders who own more than 0.1% of the company will be able to nominate candidates for the remaining five boardroom seats.

5. Members of Aramco’s board will have their pay capped at 1.8 million riyals ($480,000) per year, unless specifically approved by shareholders.

— Mustafa Al-Arab contributed to this report.

Any thoughts on the oil market?

Posted by Buygold @ 20:02 on April 18, 2018  

Oil exploded today, what’s driving that bus?

You f****** dumbass Elliott

Posted by eeos @ 19:53 on April 18, 2018  

You’re a know-it-all clown. You can’t have unassisted free fall in the steel structure you f****** idiot


Posted by goldielocks @ 19:48 on April 18, 2018  

It will do no good to argue about the towers because people will not change their beliefs and vise Versa.
However although I agree with you on some things I have to disagree with the others on the towers.
Steel doesn’t pulverize. I’m not a builder but don’t think you have to be one to know when something off. What I saw was the same thing I saw in the Sylmar quake when the hospital imploded.. when it was blown up. Prior to blowing up things collapsed and fell over. One part just fell over. Nothing pulverized nor and buildings that were on fire other than those that were blown up in a way they wouldn’t fall over to hit something else just like the towers. Even if you argued the part the plane hit the steel melted it wouldn’t account for the rest of it. I’d like to see a science experiment where they get steel to pulverize to tiny pieces.

eeos –

Posted by Elliott @ 19:23 on April 18, 2018  

“laws of physics were violated, such as unassisted free fall”

YEAH, THAT IS CALLED GRAVITY……don’t bother me anymore

Re: Posted by Elliott @ 17:43 on April 18, 2018

Posted by MetalsGuy @ 19:05 on April 18, 2018  

As usual your post is filled with such arrogance and self-righteousness, that I have to chuckle to myself.

It’s pure insanity to accept the 911

Posted by eeos @ 18:10 on April 18, 2018  

Story. The laws of physics were violated that day, you know such as unassisted free fall. One day only. But believe in unicorns and fairies I could care less

Samb, making a point here

Posted by Elliott @ 17:43 on April 18, 2018  

As usual, your statement is incorrect and your facts are wrong.  Here is the WTC 7 collapse narrative as explained by Wikipedia   My point is that I am ignoring your conspiracy theory posts from now on.


another link making fun of your silly arguments:



Elliot @ 16:31

Posted by Samb @ 17:04 on April 18, 2018  

Elliot, in all fairness it was you who first stirred the pot  on the 911 wtc official storyline. And as you cannot defend the tptb official version it’s probably best for you to cut and run. Suppose I give you the full benefit of the doubt on your WTC jet fuel theory. Then you still have #7 story to deal with.  No plane hit it hence no jet fuel excuse.  So up comes the official story that diesel fuel storage helped cause that buildings complete collapse. Never mind that the heating system and deisel fuel were located in the sub-sub area deep underground and not near any fire source. Never before or ever since has a steel framed building like #7 ever completely collapsed. So how could the fire department have been told to pullout due to pending collapse  multiple hours before the event…this never happened before so how could it be so predicted?  Cat got your tongue, Elliot?

Sandy Hook Parents Sue Alex Jones for Defamation

Posted by goldielocks @ 16:50 on April 18, 2018  


Debunking conspiracy theories

Posted by Elliott @ 16:31 on April 18, 2018  

Really very easy, use any search engine.  Wikipedia is always a good source but there is a website that can be used as a starting point.  All you have to do is type in “debunking the xyz conspiracy” and you will get a lot of useful and accurate information    There is also a site that says they specialize in debunking conspiracy theories and denialism.  I have attached the link below, it gives you a good starting point.

I am not going to waste any more time on debating conspiracy theory nuts on this site as that is not the purpose of why I signed up to contribute.  It is not fair to the site administrators and detracts from the precious metals information that is supposed to be shared here.



Posted by Maddog @ 16:20 on April 18, 2018  

Those option prices look to be machine/algo generated.

But I agree odds of another big day in either is v small…scum were all over the shares today….they look to be trying to paint double tops in the shares.

Check GDX….they created a Hammer top in it today !!!!! unreal action.

MADDOG-well 1350 held so far-silver near it’s high up 40…

Posted by Richard640 @ 16:03 on April 18, 2018  

…It’s incredible!! SLV is 16.19 and “they” will still write the $16 april 20 calls for .22-as many as u want–I won’t be buying…but that shows incredible complacency that silver’s not going higher in the next 2 days…and crude’s up $2.30-a sign of geo-political trouble–not demand…

The CRB Index has been steadily rising since last summer

Posted by Elliott @ 15:38 on April 18, 2018  

the trend appears to be accelerating ….  good news for precious metals investors, but a sign of coming inflationary pressures that will cause problems world wide for currencies.  It is up today about 2%.  Crude oil is up another 3% today.


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