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Buygold and ipso_facto @20:36

Posted by Equisetum @ 0:42 on December 11, 2018  

You made reference to the feeling that you had been wandering in the desert for a long time. Today I was discouraged that we may be wandering in the desert for an indeterminable time in the future. That discouragement came as I listened to Ed Steer on a HoweStreet link that Overton posted on Goldtentoasis at 21:05 on 9 December. Ed Steer’s comments are near the end of the hour and a quarter HoweStreet discussion that Overton posted. The main point from Ed Steer that hit home for me, and hit home hard, was that the only thing that mattered in the pricing of silver was JP Morgan’s control of the paper silver price on the Comex. During the interview, Ed Steer, who is a director of GATA, answered several different questions in the same way, namely that nothing will change in the pricing of silver until JP Morgan decides it is time for a change. His focus was on the pricing of paper silver, but I think he was applying his viewpoint to gold as well. Steer’s comments were sobering. Cheers. Equiz

Wolanchuk today

Posted by Richard640 @ 23:56 on December 10, 2018  
Tudor was a client of mine….


todays action did little to convince me that a low in the 10 ma of the clx wont occur till tues of next week …if the market continues to work higher till then it will have the support of the 30 day ma of the clx wat bottomed on nov 2 the.10 day ma of the clx bottomed in oct and is making a series of rising bottoms the next bottom in the 10day clx is tues next week….if u check the charts of the 30 dow components u will see that most of them bottomed in 0ct and november thats a hint of wats to come on the broad picture….short term the market is held hostage to the inventory adjustments that the boys are making in preparation for this months payday… 3rd friday of the month…the end result ….much higher prices


the brass ring of inventory that was awaiting the boys under the recent lows was too juicy a plum to ignore….they got calls that expire next week very cheap.././ another great payday coming up for them

I get the feeling ipso is baiting me. Taking tips from the Hawaiian…

Posted by macroman3 @ 22:21 on December 10, 2018  

re: Brrmyster

Posted by newtogold @ 22:00 on December 10, 2018  

Spoke to her recently and she may be not far from Heaven’s Gate. With that in mind she asked me to put a message on the Tent for all the people that were involved with Belize . It was never her intention to mislead anyone into investing there or look to profit from it herself in any way. ( She lost more than everyone else herself).  She had truly thought that this was a fantastic opportunity. Sadly , like many of our investments at the tent, (my comment) things did not pan out. One less thing for her to contemplate as she moves on.  She wishes her best to all here.

Commish – thanks !

Posted by Alex Valdor @ 20:52 on December 10, 2018  

I was able to find it on YouTube , even here in Colombia .

We’ll never see a run like that again !

Saw one similar in Hockey about twenty years ago , where Mario Lemieux skated through the entire opposing team and scored … during Stanley Cup playoffs .


Posted by ipso facto @ 20:36 on December 10, 2018  

I feel like we’ve been wandering in the desert for 40 years! 🙂

Hey Ipso

Posted by Buygold @ 20:16 on December 10, 2018  

Can’t disagree with your logic. I don’t think falling interest is necessarily a bad thing.

Also like the way the shares have been performing. I’ve been fooled before but we’ll see.

@Alex V – Those Bastards

Posted by commish @ 19:29 on December 10, 2018  

Even the You Tube version? Did you try clicking  the banner “Miracle” at the top.

Buygold @ 15:35

Posted by ipso facto @ 18:47 on December 10, 2018  

Then again when the numbers were supposedly in our favor it didn’t seem to help us much anyway. Maybe those numbers are just smoke.


Posted by Alex Valdor @ 18:24 on December 10, 2018  

That one is blocked in my area ( Colombia ) by the NFL .

Never Take Anything For Granted.

Posted by commish @ 17:34 on December 10, 2018  

Watch on You Tube


Posted by Buygold @ 15:35 on December 10, 2018  

Not exactly encouraging, looks like the funds might get played again.

OTOH, volume seems to be falling off a cliff.


Ipso 14:37

Posted by goldielocks @ 14:50 on December 10, 2018  

Mai oui Monsieur. lol It shook him to the core. Germany, England, Sweden should follow before they lose their votes to the UN, EU and migrants. Not good migrants either.


Posted by Buygold @ 14:45 on December 10, 2018  

Yeah, this could be a lot worse than it is with the USD screaming higher, but I agree it seems we need the SM to take a hit which might not be a bad thing over the next few months.

I’m really hoping the HUI can hold 150


Posted by ipso facto @ 14:37 on December 10, 2018  


Moggy @ 14:18

Posted by ipso facto @ 14:35 on December 10, 2018  

Sorry to hear that Moggy. Of course the “slacker” thing was just a joke.

Is anyone else having trouble voting or posting pictures?

Ipso @ 9:56

Posted by Moggy @ 14:18 on December 10, 2018  

Unable to vote, am not a slacker…the voting thing-a-muh-jig isn’t working…at least, not for me.

Also, am not able to paste pictures anymore.

Nem goes down on day….

Posted by Maddog @ 14:12 on December 10, 2018  

sri don’t like this action…AU has been under the cosh all day

Posted by Maddog @ 13:48 on December 10, 2018  

and now the PM shares after a great early run, are fading fast, as the scum lean on them as well.

we need another SM crash to get some bids back…but it looks like the scum are buying all stocks, to get a fake break down.

Stock market getting slammed, JNUG up

Posted by redneckokie1 @ 12:20 on December 10, 2018  

Maybe the $1250.+ close on Friday was for real on the COMEX. We may be in for a significant rally.




Posted by goldielocks @ 11:28 on December 10, 2018  

I hope they’re rescuing any pets because I saw one dog was waiting two weeks.
People were giving him water and food.
One dog who had puppies but didn’t say what fire dug a hole away from the brush and houses and put her babies in it and they survived.
People should demand that they go back. If anything survived looters will take it.
In the Sylmar quake looters were fast so they blocked the roads wouldn’t let anyone in less they could prove they lived there. I went to my moms as a teen after my apt was gone to see if they were okay but house totaled too, went up stairs and stairs collapsed grabbed her jewelry told her to keep it with her. Next day a neighbor saw some guy walking down the road with my surf board stoped him brought it back. He or someone else would of took her jewelry too.


Posted by ipso facto @ 11:23 on December 10, 2018  

That sucks! I’m with you … how come they aren’t letting you into your part of town?

Keith was saying that FEMA? some gov agency has already been in his neighborhood clearing debris and restoring the power lines. At the end of his street you can walk down into the Feather River canyon.


PM’s pretty impressive

Posted by Buygold @ 11:18 on December 10, 2018  

considering the SM is getting pummeled and the USD is soaring.

Shares look even better. Nice for a change.

ipso facto @ 10:09

Posted by goldcountry @ 11:15 on December 10, 2018  

They still won’t let us back into Paradise in our part of town. Grrrrrrr. Makes me wonder what in the world they’re doing up there. One friend said they were still hunting for remains… as usual I’m a sceptic….. what country do we live in again? land of the free, I’m confused…


Posted by goldielocks @ 10:43 on December 10, 2018  

Lol You could of put a bee hive next to it and used the money you made from it to pay for cleaning that one or buying a new car.
Can’t under estimate kids. Any object can turn into something.

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