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Canadian PM Justin Trudeau

Posted by commish @ 16:46 on February 19, 2018  

nhqk5rbb And his Dad.

my bad!

Posted by treefrog @ 15:41 on February 19, 2018  

lee’s b-day is january 19

next TOP between 2022 to 2033 ?

Posted by Ororeef @ 15:17 on February 19, 2018  

re Wo’Media Blasting Trump Response To Shooting videos

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 15:08 on February 19, 2018  

The Mass Media should be referred to as The Woman’s Media. Or Wo’media. The American men obviously don’t have a media of their own. ūüôā

OIl,Gas,Mining,GOLD..its clear !

Posted by Ororeef @ 15:03 on February 19, 2018  

Ororeef @ 13:34 re Feminism Darkest DAY ! TPTB are Feminazis’ Want Gun Control Too

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 14:30 on February 19, 2018  


“A feminist who supports the hatred of men, female privilege, the culling/extermination of men, censorship of opposing arguments (facebook, Wikipedia, university protests of talks concerning mens issues, mass flagging on youtube videos etc). The term feminazi is a play on the words feminist and nazi as those who use the term believe there are glaring similarites between the two political ideologies and their methods of censorship, propaganda, fallacys, double standards and causing division.”.


Decades ago they got control. All the single mom households (divorces) created in the late ’60s early 70s when woman entered the workforce, unwittingly foisted a woman’s perspective¬†on many fatherless sons. No BB gun allowed for example. Instead of 50% men and 50% woman, we now have 50% woman and 25% girlymen, which leaves only 25% real actual MEN in the whole system.

And that’s why everything is soooo screwed up. The liberal view was the dominant force until the 2008 meltdown. Now signs are its all drifting opposite. No more illegal aliens for one. More states than ever allow concealed carry permits.¬†Many woman¬†even have control over men in high places, like some presidents.

The liberals or Emotionals had their way. They got the “keys” for the car, they crashed the car, and they are slowly losing their “driving” privileges’. They (Woman and girlymen) see TRUMP and his rhetoric as their enemy, and the Feminazis must also be in control of the fake news media.

If you need to know why the media is always bad mouthing “Practical Trump” and the “new” practical versus emotional directions for the USA, then you have to assume the emotional “woman” are in charge.

There are many cases, many woman, that are conservative and practical and think like men. I know a few. Rush Limbaugh’s wife?¬†They have gun smith husbands, gun collector husbands, husbands that go hunting etc.

Like Trump said about the Mexicans. They aren’t ALL bad. ūüôā

Sinbad, Treefrog

Posted by AuNeophyte @ 14:26 on February 19, 2018  

Happy Jefferson F. Davis day!




Portugeezer Presidents’ Day.

Posted by goldielocks @ 13:36 on February 19, 2018  

In schools they’re not taking a day off they’re taking a whole week off in Calif.

Feminism Darkest DAY !

Posted by Ororeef @ 13:34 on February 19, 2018  

Two minutes ago¬†¬† I just watched a Court proceeding in Ft Lauderdale Fla about that guy that killed 17 Young people¬† ,.It was a SAD scene that was about to fix the outcome of this case and deny justice to 17 Familys ,a most sickening scene of A FEMALE JUDGE and SIX female Lawyers arguing about why that Court should SUPPRESS evidence that they had about this guys cruelty to animals prior to the murders he committed .The type of evidence that is common to mass murderers..crualty to animals .No empathy for animals,or humans¬† that they torture .ITS CLASSIC¬†¬† !They want to suppress evidence of comments he made to witnesses on UTUBE and Social Media about how he wanted to do a SCHOOL killing and those witnesses that tipped the FBI ..be kept from the Court.These FEMALE Lawyers the whole GAGGLE of them were hugging him and “MOTHERING “HIM ,,it was making me sick and then to hear the JUDGE say SHE wanted to keep everything that is being brought to her Court from reaching any other Court so SHE could have totol control

over the outcome of this case .They wanted to suppress all the damaging evidence and the judge was very sympathetic .It was clear she was going to make the Death Penalty off the Table in her Court.and he would probably never go to JAIL either.¬†¬† The FIX is in ..as HILLARY and he Feminism co horts would gloat …Ya shudda seen it on TV this afternoon about 1 pm ..it was sickening ..I hope its on film for the Prosecution to use…Maybe there wont be any prosecution with the FIX being done by the Judge and the only semblance of justice will be the public disclosure of the Courts actions on film….

Portugeezer @ 5:37

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 13:32 on February 19, 2018  

Good post, lot of good points there. Many years ago I read a book that stated the Fed was created, so the USA can fund or finance wars. I guess the banks would collect interest payments and the owners of defense plants would get the gravy.

Think about it. Fed created 1913 and 4 years later 1917 we are in WW I. Then 28 years later ¬†in 1941 we’re embroiled in WW II¬†. Then they got us into Korea, Vietnam, on and on and on until 1991 and the USSR went bankrupt instead of us with that fake rivalry they called the cold war.

The Fed led the USA¬†to bankruptcy two times after 1913’s loss of US independence, 1929 and 2008. Lately it seems all the kings horses and all the king’s men, are in panic mode jawboning and cheerleading the prosperity and terrific growth of the US economy, because in reality in the past, the TPTB depended on, made use of, and harvested¬†the resourceful easy going Americans.

Robert E. Lee – Jan 19 unless my memory failed me

Posted by sinbad @ 13:08 on February 19, 2018  



Posted by treefrog @ 10:47 on February 19, 2018  

they just think it’s “presidents’ day”¬† here in the occupied confederacy, we know it’s robert e. lee’s birthday.

President’s Day

Posted by Portugeezer @ 8:02 on February 19, 2018  

I wonder if those libtards and uni-tards are working today or if they are honouring their President by taking the day off.


For your delectation…

Posted by Richard640 @ 7:46 on February 19, 2018  
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Mkts. are closed-it’s a slow day-G&S futs. are down-so I’m just gonna stay in bed and close my eyes and try to envision a “world clock”-try it sometimes…it’s very soothing for the soul…[N’yuk! N’yuk!]

Posted by Richard640 @ 7:40 on February 19, 2018  
In this book, Jung argues for a reevaluation of the symbolism of Alchemy as being intimately related to the psychoanalytical process. Using a cycle of dreams of one of his patients he shows how the symbols used by the Alchemists occur in the psyche as part of the reservoir of mythological images drawn upon by the individual in their dream states. Jung draws an analogy between the Great Work of the Alchemists and the process of reintegration and individuation of the psyche in the modern psychiatric patient.
In drawing these parallels Jung reinforces the universal nature of his theory of the archetype and makes an impassioned argument for the importance of spirituality in the psychic health of the modern man. Lavishly illustrated with images, drawings and paintings from Alchemy and other mythological sources including¬†Christianity¬†the book is another example of Jung’s immense erudition and fascination with the eso- and exoteric expressions of spirituality and the psyche in religion and mysticism.
Influenced by pioneering work by Ethan Allen Hitchcock and Herbert Silberer (who was in turn influenced by Jung), Psychology and Alchemy is a seminal work of reevaluation of a forgotten system of thought which did much to revitalise interest in Alchemy as a serious force in Western philosophical and esoteric culture.
Also interesting about this book is that patient whose dreams are being analyzed in the second section is the physicist¬†Wolfgang Pauli, who would go on to collaborate with Jung on such ideas as the acausal connection principle of¬†synchronicity. The dreams are interpreted as a series to elucidate the meanings of recurring motifs and symbols,¬†with the series culminating in the vision of a ‘world clock’, which is actually several clocks on different planes operating on different scales and colours as a symbol of Pauli’s unconscious apprehension of some grand cosmic order.¬†Three of the best of these dreams were also mentioned by Jung in his Terry lectures¬†Psychology of Religion.

Fiat to Gold

Posted by Portugeezer @ 5:37 on February 19, 2018  

The Fed was created to funnel money/wealth to the .01%

It has worked for 100 years. They grew your wealth, then they defrauded you, stealing the wealth that you created. Now they are more wealthy than we can imagine.  What is a trillion dollars?

Remember when a millionaire was considered rich?  These people have 1million millions.

Get your head around that.  They could buy all the Gold in the comex and Fort Knox.

Now imagine that they become aware that the US$ is going to collapse.¬† They will “arrange” for it to collapse so that it benefits them.¬† Taxing won’t do that.¬† Confiscation won’t do that.¬† It will put money into the government kitty and they will have to start stealing it all over again.

If there is the kind of collapse that you all seem to be expecting, then there might not even be a US Government. It might be back to States.¬† Don’t laugh; some States are already preparing.

If the collapse becomes imminent and not preventable then:

  1. Overnight freeze of the entire financial system by government decree and implementation of the SDR, linking the US$ at a lower but manageable level.
  2. War.

I can already hear the drums of war. The lying bastids in governments all over the world churning out the nonsense. The 0.01% already have their money in the War Machine Company:  Haliburton, the Carlisle Group, Blackrock and the rest.  What they lose in the devaluation, they will gain in the massive spike in the MIC Stocks. So the stock market has to be saved.

When cash becomes scarce, asset values will plummet, it has started already, fine old cars are dropping in value.

So, The stock market will survive in some form and Gold will be the only option. At some point, the stock market and Gold will rise together and they will reap the rewards. Ride their coat tails.




Gold Train

Posted by Maya @ 5:09 on February 19, 2018  


It’s Monday.¬† Are you ready for the commute?

The Milwaukee Gold Train



Posted by redneckokie1 @ 23:33 on February 18, 2018  

I also am in the phiz in the hand crowd. I am amazed at people that supposedly buy phiz and have it stored somewhere else. That is nothing but paper.

I dabble in the futures market on some short term trade to hopefully get a few federal reserve fiat notes but the vast majority is in phiz in my immediate control.



Ororeef Shootings with zero improvement in security they expect people to fall right into their hands with talking their guns. Just make the sheep want to.

Posted by goldielocks @ 19:34 on February 18, 2018  

Crime prevention, like securing the border? Their agendas handed to them are more important than what’s best for the citizens.
If they can’t get us to CONFORM to giving up our 2 nd Amendment they will simply keep law abiding citizens in Schools, Malls, Movie Theaters, Churches, unarmed sitting ducks who people will then ask for gun control because they gave up on their own rights to push for them or better armed security so it’s only fair the criminals hand over theirs too. Falls right onto their hands. Like that will happen. The latest was looking into making a bomb.
I think this kid may have been bullied. Every kid who talked about him said in effect he was weird or a outcast. Whether they went as far as bulling him they never seem to do anything about them.
Never once have I heard about better security.


Posted by Buygold @ 19:18 on February 18, 2018  

“How are they going to convert that to physical Gold? It is impossible.”

Confiscation or extreme taxation. Simple

Maya @ 15:25…Well said!!

Posted by silverngold @ 18:56 on February 18, 2018  

The only thing I would add is if the idiots are also using the ETF’s to make their fortunes in the paper markets they are providing the PTB with the money to control all the markets. I am 90+% physical but still have the rest in actual PM stocks….but no ETF’s since I discovered they can use that money in any way they want and in any market they want¬†because the ETF’s only TRACK¬† the sector they represent. They have no obligation to buy anything within that sector. Seems impossible to get that point across to those who don’t want to believe it and have now become ETF day traders….but some day they’ll learn the hard way they have shot themselves in the foot and everyone else in the sector too.

Physical only

Posted by Portugeezer @ 18:52 on February 18, 2018  

My problem with that is the 0.01% would lose 90% of their advantage.

They must have several trillion dollars between them.

How are they going to convert that to physical Gold? It is impossible.¬† There is not enough available on the market.¬† With their buying power, they will find some way to inject their cash into some market or other. They won’t just let it dissipate into thin air, where it came from.

I am hedging against a total collapse, sure, but I also want to be in it for the ride, if they decide to buy up the stocks first so that they take advantage of the paper leverage. My stocks have to rise by 1,000% to get back to where I was a few years ago. So, yes I am in deep doodoo, as some might say.

We can only put our money where our mouths are!¬† In essence, what I’m saying is that there will be an interim stage during which they will put up a fight before any major collapse.¬† We might ride their coat-tails.


If I didn’t play paper

Posted by eeos @ 16:46 on February 18, 2018  

I wouldn’t have my pile of physical do. It’s called leverage. I’m ready for the big one, bring it.


Posted by goldielocks @ 15:50 on February 18, 2018  

Lol My tin foil Hat almost fell off laughing at your heart felt post. Although when you don’t get out of the way of the traps sometimes it’s not so funny. Only way you can make any money on PMs is not to stay in too long but you really need to ask yourself if your coming out ahead or at least breaking even. If your not it’s not worth it.

Paper Burns

Posted by Maya @ 15:25 on February 18, 2018  

The ‘normalcy bias’ for paper investing here really astounds me.¬† Most everyone here is aware of ‘the rig’ in the markets, yet you all continue to play the paper game… expecting something different next time.¬† What is that the definition of ?¬† Insanity is hard to admit.

I gave up paper years ago when I came to this realization of total control of the markets.  Yes, I took a loss to shed my  paper.  But I never looked back and focus purely on collecting physical now.

You paper holders keep talking about when the rig collapses.¬† You will NOT profit when it does!¬† It will be such a collapse that brokerages, markets, and paper¬† will all go down in flames.¬† You will not collect on the paper you hold.¬† Face it… it will be terrible.¬† Physical in your hands is the only bargaining chip you will have in a financial collapse.

I love you all, but you are idiots if you are playing in paper.

Thus endeth my rant.

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