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Richard640 @ 6:01 on June 23, 2019 …looks like it to me…! Time to short treasurys ..the Dollar …buy Gold ?

Posted by Ororeef @ 11:58 on June 23, 2019  


Is Julian Assange a modern day Christ?

Posted by Captain Hook @ 11:11 on June 23, 2019  

The long vaunted ‘second coming’ to bestow judgement.


He certainly looks the part in key respects.

Most importantly as a corrupt empire passes judgement on him, it too is judged.

It appears God and Gold may soon make a comeback.

God help Julian Assange

FYI: Got Gold?

Posted by silverngold @ 10:41 on June 23, 2019  

Facebook Libra & Cryptocurrencies Are a Trap: Do Not Participate! Make This Viral

Don’t allow the El-ite criminals to wow you with their fancy double-speak manifesto for the Facebook Libra or any cryptocurrency. Bitcoin—any digital currency, blockchain, open source—would be the end of Humanity.

We have to get the truth out about this plot immediately. It’s not the answer to our prayers—no matter who sings its praises. There are wolves in sheep’s clothing running around misinforming the alternative news community.

“Digital wallets” sound wonderful, but when you learn the truth about this financial system created by the CIA, NSA, GCHQ, etc. you won’t want anything to do with it.

Many of us understand how the globalists have mislead us in the past and misrepresented things only to trap us. There is no honour in their community or in their intent. Everything they do they do for their own benefit—NEVER ours.

They masquerade as Truthers and benevolent members of the alternative news community when they are the grim reapers.

Can you see the “666” in the image above? Do you see the “13” for the thirteen bloodline families and other symbology? How about the skull in the one below? I understand that is a super-high magnification of the back of a Bitcoin that popped up when I wasn’t looking for it.

As Thomas points out—why call it CRYPT-o-currency? What’s a crypt? Thomas explains more about that in the show. There are no accidents, folks.

Thomas Williams did a special show tonight to alert us to this last desperate tactic by the dark to stay in control. The good news is that we are now in the cleanup phase of this war; the final countdown, but we have to work together to dismantle the last of the vast,evil web set out to ensnare us. We must all be on the same page and not doing and undoing. Focus is required, and we have the accurate intelligence we need to understand the situation.

Thomas spells it out in great detail in the following audio. When he uploads the video to YouTube I will add that below. He connects more dots than you ever knew could be connected.

The banksters launched the Libra system last week but they do not have the funds to run it beyond the test phase. They have had all their slush funds and bank access cut off by Kim, Trustee of the Manna World Holding Trust. They are desperate, and will con The People into loading their money into the Libra system to fund it.

Thomas explains what happens down the road, and indeed, what has already happened in Canada, in case you hadn’t heard. People whose funds were in the Quadriga system are SOL because the $145M in cryptocurrencies was placed in “cold wallets” by Gerald Cotton the CEO and founder of the company and he up and died of Chrone’s disease while traveling in India and no one admits to have access to the money. (crypt + cold wallets—you can’t make this up.)

People who invite a cashless society because they buy into the flowery language and like the “secure” aspect touted or the “convenience” may soon find themselves cut off from everything they hold dear with the flip of a switch.

AND, once your digital wallet is set up, the NSA etc. will be loading ALL your personal data including a voice file (for those who bought into the Amazon Alexa toy) and then have a complete digital version of you—all they need for cloning—and when they have a clone, who needs you? They can replicate you a thousand times over. You’re expendable.

There’s far more to it as you will discover in the audio and I thank Thomas for going to the effort of researching and preparing for the show and Kim for far more than we can ever adequately thank her.

Please do your part to help us eviscerate the cabal once and for all. Help protect unsuspecting people by sharing this information. When we all understand the motives behind cryptocurrencies, blockchain, opensource and a one world currency, we wouldn’t touch them with a 10-foot pole. They would mean certain disaster for Humanity.

Another macro look at the reverse side of the 2018 Bitcoin shows images of piracy; bony fingers grabbing your money away from you. Coincidence?

Money isn’t everything, not by a long shot, but with cash we have full control; without it, we could be signing our life away and it could get very ugly. We have to stop this underhanded, evil attempt to destroy us in its tracks. Ignore this warning at your own peril.

Listen ASAP to this fascinating intelligence briefing from a man who has been in the trenches a long time and was lucky enough to survive multiple attempts to take him out.

As Thomas reminds us at the end of the show—no fear. We have won, but the mopping up is important as well as how we deal with these despicable people left roaming the planet without a moral compass, motivated only by greed and a false sense of superiority.

I would boycott the ‘Dimensions of Disclosure’ event in Ventura, California in August until a few select imposters are removed from the roster. They don’t deserve a red cent.  ~ BP

THI Special “Clowns in panic” 6/22/19

Do some research. Here’s more.

ONE WORLD BEAST CURRENCY!! 666 Seconds You Can’t Afford To Miss!

FacebookCoin is a Trojan Horse of Corporate Oligarchy

Clear sailing to $1500 with a caveat…

Posted by Buygold @ 10:22 on June 23, 2019  

so he says besides being technically overbought, we could be in for a scum beat down.

The charts are telling him we need to hold $1385 (IMO, that’s not much of a beat down).

If we can survive all that, then it should be smooth sailing to $1500…..well, alrighty then

“Somebody” Finally Cares About Gold

…and now that $1,400/oz has been breached, there’s plenty of room to run…


Posted by Richard640 @ 10:22 on June 23, 2019  

At some point the overbought/oversold–too many bulls games. can get suspended as they did when, in 2000,THE ENTIRE

NASDAQ had all the listed stocks at an average p.e.  of 250

what did the RSI look like then?…in a mania ya can wipe your rear end with RSI stats…

That said…let’s hope gold doesn’t gap open down tonight an ole 20 or 30 bucks…

R6 – yeah, good point

Posted by Buygold @ 10:12 on June 23, 2019  

we did see yields bounce a bit Friday on the ten yr. off the 2.00% level, so he definitely could be right about a short term run up to 2.2 or 2.3%

I personally think we are going to see lower rates and a lower dollar over the longer term, because we have to, if nothing else just to manage the ever increasing debt.

Not sure about all the recession talk because I live in an area that has 1% unemployment and we can’t get people but I don’t know how things look around the rest of the country.

As usual, WTFDIK??

Buygold–Wollie, unlike the Pope, is not infallible…it’s easy to throw out call with no

Posted by Richard640 @ 9:45 on June 23, 2019  

expiration date on it….yes, timing, show me the guru who can tell me WHEN and I will lay jewels at his feet and kiss the hem of his garment..I definitely think he is early…but a bounce in yields from a severely o.s. condition may have already started…then down again.

Portugeezer, R6

Posted by Buygold @ 8:51 on June 23, 2019  

Portugeezer – Thanks for that. I did bookmark the article. It’s simply amazing to me the depths of evil people will go to- especially in governments- to achieve whatever outcome they desire. Stunning actually.

R6 – if Wolanchuk is right about rates rising that would truly be a shocker to the markets. I have a hard time seeing commodities in rally mode with rising rates unless the dollar were to continue to weaken.

It’s all Greek to me at the moment though, and Wolanchuk called this move in gold so, can’t really doubt him….

Time to buy TBT or other short treasury ETFs??–my good buddy Don Wolanchuk sez so-he posted=

Posted by Richard640 @ 6:01 on June 23, 2019  

[Personally, I don’t. see anything more than an o.s.. bounce for rates…but it’s always hard to see a TURN…just like few can see this. turn in gold because of the years of negative conditioning==and all the hooks about manipulation & other issues–which I believe in–but obviously there are times when it fails like in. 2011. and 2016]***********************************************************************

barrons this weekend forsyth ..rates….HOW LOW CAN THEY GO….typical barrons response to a 5th wave bottom

front page EASY MONEY IS BACK…..

inside by ben levisohn …THE SP5OO HITS A NEW HIGH, START WORRYING.

rates are about to explode with the stock market and commodities and gold…… yields have completed 5 waves down

False flag deniers? Shoot them down – bookmark this:

Posted by Portugeezer @ 5:42 on June 23, 2019  



Treefrog – back in the day (50 years ago) one could actually walk down into the canyon at Bryce

Posted by Alex Valdor @ 20:37 on June 22, 2019  

Now they would prefer you to leave your car at the entry and board park busses . That means that at the principal lookouts , one is treated to the smell and noise of clattering diesels …same in Zion’s the last time I was there .

Correction : (after looking at the current park map ) it is still possible to follow the queen’s trail from Sunset Pt. to Sunrise Pt.

And coincidence , when I was a college freshman , one of the prettiest girls on campus was from Hanksville.


Posted by treefrog @ 20:03 on June 22, 2019  

the hogback isn’t easy to get to.  it’s on state route 12.  12 runs between torrey, near the hq of capitol reef nat. park, and highway 89 just south of panguitch.  the hogback is near the middle of that, between escalante (small), and boulder, (tiny).  not on the beaten path to anywhere.  you can also access it via the burr trail from bullfrog marina on lake powell.


the burr trail isn’t paved all the way-


-and the ferry from hall’s crossing to bullfrog is shut down due to low water.  you can get to bullfrog from hanksville.  not an easy place to get to, but it and the rest of route 12 are worth seeing.



brice canyon (national) and kodachrome canyon (state) parks are down that way – both worth a look-see


Breedlove’s AMX and Airplane

Posted by Alex Valdor @ 19:08 on June 22, 2019  

I owned an AMX at the time , so was hanging around his pit area a lot . I had a good camera at the time and on Friday he asked if I would get photos of the car and plane together since they had matching (AMC) racing colors , before loading the car onto the trailer the next morning . I said that I would for a ride with him .
The deal was on ! I had to sit on the floor pan , the suspension and tires were rock hard , so it almost shook the fillings out of my teeth** , and my ears rang for weeks , but it was the ride of my life !

** the Salt has little ridges every few inches , so the ride is like driving on a cobblestone road , only worse .


Treefrog I spent several years in Utah , but that is a new one for me !

Posted by Alex Valdor @ 18:50 on June 22, 2019  

Wendover and the Salt Flats ( probably the only person who can say they rode at Bonneville with Craig Breedlove in his record setting AMX at the end of Speedweek ) , the High Uintas , Moab and Arches , Pangitch and Bryce , Zion’s , Cedar Breaks , Lake Powell , even Delta , on the way to Baker NV and the caves ( between Delta and Baker on July 4 weekend , drove in that heat without A/C , and for over an hour without meeting another car , thinking “If we blow a radiator hose , we’ll die before anyone finds us !” , but never saw or drove the Hogback . Next time out there to visit the grandkids , I will .

Posted by treefrog @ 17:01 on June 22, 2019  

a fun little piece of road i found in utah.  i was too busy driving to deal with a camera, so this is someone else’s video.




Posted by goldielocks @ 13:28 on June 22, 2019  

I was able to watch the beginning of Tucker last night on my phone. He brought on people last night telling how they were getting rich and even promoted by warmongering in the Mid East . How the media loves it,especially the left because it gives them something to talk abourz Bolton was one and how he must be happy with the selling of slaves in Tripoli now. Goldberg who wrote award winning fake news on conspiracy WMDs that cost 100,000s civilian deaths and 1000s of our military. Instead of getting kicked out of journalism he got promoted with left DC media fighting for him and one gave him and his kids rare horses. There’s a reward for being a murderer by a big mouth and fake news pumping conspiracy theories. War at other people expense. They should draft them send them there. People who feel inadaguate do this the speakers said.
That we have a history of this from Polk, Rosevelt and WW11, V Nam, then Iraq. Some sick people behind the scenes.
6/21/19 ep 123

Please explain to me how this cannot but. benefit gold. Thank you=a disruption in the price of oil will force the unwinding of trillions in interest rate swap derivatives

Posted by Richard640 @ 13:11 on June 22, 2019  
Martin Armstrong is reporting that a lot of the buying came from the Middle East and that now that we’re above $1375 hedges are lifting and short-covering is what took gold to $1415.
But it also means that something bigger is brewing in the capital markets that both Iran and Trump understand. And maybe that muted response from oil has more to do with that.
As Pepe Escobar lays out convincingly in his latest article, Iran’s threats against global oil shipping aren’t aimed at disrupting the global economy per se. There’s plenty of oil stored in Strategic Reserves around the world to keep things operating during any U.S. military operation to destroy Iran’s navy (which wouldn’t take very long) and open the strait to oil traffic.
It is that a disruption in the price of oil will force the unwinding of trillions in interest rate swap derivatives already at risk because of the tenuous hold on reality Deutsche Bank has, since DB clears a super-majority of all such derivative contracts for the whole of Europe.
No one wants to see $300 per barrel oil. That Goldman Sachs is posting potential targets of $1000 per barrel tells you where they are positioning themselves, as if they know something? Goldman? Have insider knowledge?
Please! It is to laugh.
What we are looking at here is the ultimate game of brinkmanship. Trump is saying his maximum pressure campaign will break Iran in the end and if they go one step further (which they won’t directly) he will eliminate them.
Iran, on the other hand, is stating categorically that if Trump doesn’t allow Iran to trade than no one will. And that threat is a real one, given their regional influence. Incalculable financial and political damage can be done by Iran and its proxies around the region through attacks on oil and gas infrastructure.
What’s important is to know that the rules of the game have changed. Iran has taken all the punches to the nose it will take from Trump without retaliating. When you corner someone and give them no way out you invite the worst kind of counter-attack.
Governments will fall, markets will collapse. And no one gets out without scars.

I betcha

Posted by Ororeef @ 12:38 on June 22, 2019  

even Hillary wishes we still had Saddam back  …to counter  IRAN  Fortunately Trump didnt attempt to be Saddams surrogate ,so who will it be ISRAEL ?  Who wants to be Saddams replacement dealing with IRAN   ?  RUSSIA ,CHINA ..maybe Fat BOY from N.K will give it a try..

What a HUGH MISTAKE HILLARY was as Secretary of STATE ..”He came ,He saw ,we killed him ,thanks HILLARY you idiot ! It was the best of TIMES when Shite Muslims were fighting Sunni Muslims ..leaving us alone ! UGLY FAT Bitch ! in a EMPTY PANTS SUIT  she is to Blame for all this…and now  we have daughter of BITCH to deal with  ! SHE never was anything but an EMPTY PANTS SUIT !

We can see the breakdown of society and the fall of the Roman Empire

Posted by goldielocks @ 11:26 on June 22, 2019  

The ones slowing this need to step down for CONFLICT OF INTEREST! ADULTS need to get behind these girls because they’re being threatened! It took decades for women to get scholarships and the people who are supposed to be representing women are not only failing them they’re showing a conflict of intererst and incompetent to represent them. Put a horse in the men’s race and tell them it identifys with a women or man in this case.

Buygold–I officially give you and all the gold devotees permission to prance around and be

Posted by Richard640 @ 10:38 on June 22, 2019  

silly and all bulled up…we deserve a bit of fun…but gold bug sentiment is now irrelevant…more powerful forces. than us…big money and big traders and money managers are moving in…if they can defeat the Cartel, we’ll have our bull mkt…if not, then we won’t…so we can all relax and have a good time…and make, lke me, horses asses out of ourselves…until the fun ends.

Buygold @ 8:33

Posted by ipso facto @ 10:37 on June 22, 2019  

Good article. What should we do with advisers who want to put us into an unwarranted war? That sounds like the worst kind of treason to me.

From Wolanchuk today—-[I disagree about rates]

Posted by Richard640 @ 10:33 on June 22, 2019  

rates are about to explode with the stock market and commodities and gold…… yields have completed 5 waves down

Commodities and stocks going to be force fed

Updated: June 22, 2019,10:30 am — 10:30 am


Posted by Captain Hook @ 10:24 on June 22, 2019  

History of Gold Bulls

Here’s the new chapter.

Gold to $165o, silver to $20, and Bitcoin to 50k in the ultimate distraction exercise.

Those banker guys are real cut-ups no?


Not a Luongo fan – he hates Trump, but praises him here and asks what his next move will be

Posted by Buygold @ 8:33 on June 22, 2019  

Who Survives The Iran Counter-Offensive?

I give Trump a lot of credit here for not falling into the trap set for him. He now has to begin removing those responsible for this quagmire and I’m sure that will be on the docket when he meets with Vladimir Putin and Xi Jinping next week at the G-20.”

Are all these gold bull articles making anyone nervous?

Posted by Buygold @ 7:52 on June 22, 2019  

or just me??

I know I’m a great indicator for whatever the opposite will happen – let’s hope it stays that way.

Image result for gold bull pictures

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