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US Dollar Today’s Bounce, What Caused That? Anybody?

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 11:19 on January 15, 2021  

The 10 year bond rate is down today 2.8% to 1.09% from 1.18 Monday. 7.5% lower than Monday.

It’s early days…but the SM does not like China Joe’s stimulus package

Posted by Maddog @ 11:12 on January 15, 2021  

which means he may well inherit the end of the Bull mkt…….and little would be sweater than watching those theiving shiites, try to talk their way out of a nasty bear mkt.

The only thing holding this mt is the scum…looks like they want to defend 12800 in the Dog and 3760 S&P….lets see how they do …..coming up 2 hrs in and the selling is constant so far.

Captain Hook, re your: “Trump Caused the danger of being thrown into communism”??? It Already Happened

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 11:05 on January 15, 2021  

Thats why everything is failing. Capitalism doesn’t fail. Global Socialism is what is failing.  That’s why the USA is broke, and people that are not busy or wealthy enough to be happy and have riots in the streets And shoot up school yards and concerts. We never had that during the good years. ’45 to ’75.

We are allies with communist USSR and communist China, what does that tell ya? We are now part communist.” My cousin Joan in Brooklyn was also watching the game, and decades ago…..”Cousin Copper they are turning the USA in into a third world nation”. It’s not complete yet but the signs are here. Congressman Steve Scalise getting shot by a Trump hater.

Nobody likes or dislikes Trump. They like or dislike the status quo. They either like or dislike the past. They either like or dislike the mass media.

They either like or dislike masses of people flooding into the country after all our jobs and businesses LEFT the country. The Immigrants need to go where the work is, China, Bangladesh, Korea Taiwan etc.

They either like or dislike bullshit, and they either like or dislike frank blunt talk.

You must be a very young guy.

Posted by ipso facto @ 9:15 on January 15, 2021  

Eclipse Gold Closes C$22.6 Million Financing in Connection with Northern Vertex Merger


Wesdome Announces 2020 Fourth Quarter and Full Year Production Results; Provides 2021 Guidance


Silvercorp Reports Operational Results and the Financial Results Release Date for the Third Quarter of Fiscal 2021


Would love to see Newsom out on his arse

Posted by ipso facto @ 9:09 on January 15, 2021  

COVID Politics: California Democrats Starting To Take Gov. Newsom Recall Effort Seriously

COVID Politics: California Democrats Starting To Take Gov. Newsom Recall Effort Seriously

Morning Captain

Posted by Buygold @ 9:03 on January 15, 2021  

You’re pretty hard on Trump, some of it for good reason I think.

The biggest thing I blame him for is his early cabinet choices and of course Jeff Sessions and Barr as AG’s.
I’m not sure where he was getting that advice, maybe from his Demonrat son-in-law Kushner.

The one nobody can deny is that he put with more crap from all sides than any Other President has ever had to endure. The final slap in face was a rigged election and socialist corporate takeover of the government.

goldielocks @ 1:29

Posted by Captain Hook @ 8:21 on January 15, 2021  

I don’t blame him for the virus.

I do however blame him for his reaction to an obvious hoax right to the end – leaving his supporters now in danger of being thrown into communism.

Again, thanks Donny…you da man.

You da chump…oh ya…we da chumps for trusting a poser.


Posted by goldielocks @ 7:39 on January 15, 2021  

Yep and people on both sides can see the coordination between the swamp minded and OR the bad advice coming from the so called health experts. Did they tell Europe this isn’t airborne initially too while it was spreading rapidly and letting people who could be infected come in to their country without quarantine?
Does this virus have a curfew? Does it suddenly come out at night? That’s got to be one of the stupidest things of a few they came up with.


Posted by Maddog @ 6:56 on January 15, 2021  

to see where u are headed regarding social limitations etc, just watch what the EU and UK are upto, they are fully signed up to the Davos agenda…..France has just imposed curfews, the UK is openly talking about them…..

The only problem is that with luck these ‘new mutant’ strains are just a new flu and soon they will run out of new cases, to terrify us with…..

and yes how the Dems used Bat Clap against Trump was shameful, but how many apart from diehard Dems believed it, few judging by his Landslide…..as I said earlier, they stole the election, therefore they govern illegally and everything they do is illegal.


Posted by goldielocks @ 1:53 on January 15, 2021  

I think it was one of your posts where I saw links to it on a merger with countries.
The countries were if I remember all as had to shut down we’re Canada, Australia, England, NZ. They were going to merge with trade. What’s holding them up, Trudeau?
I think it’s a good idea. With that you can freely travel between these countries.
The purpose is the get away from China.
Very good idea. Especially now what were stuck with here with Biden and Harris.
Let Europe dig themselves another hole and don’t expect everyone else to bail them out again next time when they push their Paris hoax and reset on China and Russia next and cause another world war. Thanks to election fraud by these idiots who just one so far got arrested gonna cause us problems.

EU going Nazi again.

Posted by goldielocks @ 1:42 on January 15, 2021  

Show me you vaccine papers or you can’t travel.

EU to Impose Travel Ban without Vaccine

Capt Hook 20:43

Posted by goldielocks @ 1:29 on January 15, 2021  

Don’t drink the Kool aid on blaming Trump for the virus. Trump likely saved a lot of lives by closing the borders when the so called medical experts like Fauci who first claimed it wasn’t airborne said it wasn’t necessary. Then the ignorant left started in on accusing him of being racist for doing it. Then what did the same ignorant people do once it started spreading here by complaining Trump wasn’t doing enough to stop it. Never mind it was them not doing enough to stop it from getting in and quarantine anyone who got in.
Instead Pelosi was telling people to come to China town.
It appears to me they wanted it to spread.
Can Fauci be that stupid?
Do you think the virus was man made or natural? I believe it was man made.
Why did China refuse a investigation on its source?

Then you had Cuomo blowing the need for medical equipment out of proportion waisting money,
Who was it that outsourced our medical and medicine? That was stupid. It wasn’t Trump.
Are they going to follow through with Trumps plan to get it back or drive it away again like they do because it’s irrelevant to these fools.
It’s them who caused this mess and them that locked everything down making worse.

What did they do when Tump was focusing on treatments like hydroxy chloroquine? Banning it!! They would of did the same to other treatments.
If he mentioned Ivermectin they would of banned that too which in fact the doctor here in NY who used hydroxy now added Ivermectin.

What did they do when Trump wanted to help the business and people laid off because of states shutting down?
Pelosi and her mob squad held it hostage and instead put bailouts waisting or tax money for anything other than the purpose of the rescue package that would of never passed otherwise.

What was the so called experts promoting? Vaccines
Wait for the vaccines forget treatment for people who have it now, let it spread to cause fear and panic so people will line up and fight over who gets it first. Who is messing that up too? Cuomo again, but Pay hospitals for people who die of it.

Tests where pineapples and mangos test positive.
Tests that can show your positive when you had it but the virus is now dead and need anti inflammatory’s and anticoagulants not antivirals at that point.
It’s the people who were convinced with the help of media the vaccines were the best option not preventative treatments.

Trump is not anti vaccine but he’s not pro vaccine either. He’s the only one who stood up out of ALL the politicians on both sides for people’s civil rights and said vaccines should not be mandatory.
The rest were pandering to the money from the manufactures.
Trump is not WHO run by a criminal or the NIH he’s the President.
It’s not the President who messed this up it was NIH Fauci the WHO the Media the left politicians and governors.
Currently even in a blue stare California they’re petitioning to recall the Governor over it and the shut down. They also vandalized Pelosi’s house.
I guess NY is a lost cause.

What did Obummer and Biden do during the H1N1 THAT WAS SUPPOSED TO BE AS BAD AS THE 1918 Spanish flu ? NOTHING

Kamala Harris succeeded her (Boxer was Chair of ETHICS Committee) REALLY ?now she’s a SPY !

Posted by Ororeef @ 23:29 on January 14, 2021  
Barbara Boxer
United States Senator
from California
In office
January 3, 1993 – January 3, 2017
Preceded by Alan Cranston
Succeeded by Kamala Harris
Ranking Member of the Senate Environment Committee
In office
January 3, 2015 – January 3, 2017
Preceded by David Vitter
Succeeded by Tom Carper
Chair of the Senate Environment Committee
In office
January 3, 2007 – January 3, 2015
Preceded by Jim Inhofe
Succeeded by Jim Inhofe
Chair of the Senate Ethics Committee
In office
January 3, 2007 – January 3, 2015
Preceded by George Voinovich
Succeeded by Johnny Isakson
Member of the U.S. House of Representatives
from California‘s 6th district
In office
January 3, 1983 – January 3, 1993
Preceded by Phillip Burton
Succeeded by Lynn Woolsey
Personal details
Barbara Sue Levy

November 11, 1940 (age 80)
New York City, New York, U.S.

Political party Democratic
Spouse(s) Stewart Boxer
Children 2
Education Brooklyn College (BA)
Website Senate website (Archived)

Barbara Sue Levy Boxer (born November 11, 1940) is a retired American politician and lobbyist who served as a United States Senator from California from 1993 to

Barbara Boxer…..CCP SPY !

Posted by Ororeef @ 23:13 on January 14, 2021  

Captain, I just follow my instincts and intuition!

Posted by silverngold @ 23:02 on January 14, 2021  

Mine still tells me, “don’t lose faith in Trump”.

But Trudeau??? He has been selling out Canada for years, and if I end up in a detention camp it won’t be Trump to blame. IMO Trump is a Christian but Trudeau is either a Muslim, or more likely whatever lie fits his current situation. IMO Trudeau is a slimy slithering snake, and Canada’s only hope, as America’s next door neighbor, is that Trump holds the winning hand in the end.

The truth should surface very soon now, and IMO a few prayers, or more likely MILLIONS of prayers, are being said around the world for a Trump victory in the end. My intuition tells me this is all about a Trump coup to drain the swamp and restore America to its rightful place as a world leader. Like I said, it ain’t over ’til it’s over!

silverngold @ 21:43

Posted by Captain Hook @ 21:47 on January 14, 2021  

See you in a FEMA camp.

Have a nice day.

Captain Hook @ 20:43…..It ain’t over ’till it’s over!

Posted by silverngold @ 21:43 on January 14, 2021  

I still believe Trump will pull a rabbit out of his hat. I thought it was especially interesting that the security company handling the Biden inauguration on the 20th is called Checkmate! I have not verified that information but if it is true I expect to see a surprise conclusion to this dirty laundering of the US Presidential election!

All the Best from Silverngold

Trump the chump betrays his supporters…

Posted by Captain Hook @ 20:43 on January 14, 2021  

…see you in a FEMA camp…thanks Donny.

See here

Trump the chump has been proven to be a poser in the end.

He claims to have saved ‘two million lives’ because of operation warp speed. (a lie)

But in the end he will really have killed many more due to his inaction and fantasy.(because the vaccines are a slow kill poison)

He is the greatest President ever in his own mind.

Thanks again Donny

The truth is worth repeating. Time for humanity to say “NO” to the pandemic and the virus lie! Please pass it on!

Posted by silverngold @ 16:26 on January 14, 2021  



Posted by Maddog @ 16:08 on January 14, 2021  

Seeing as the Dems stole the election, they are governing illegally, therefore the Impeachment of the Donald is illegal.

@Ororeef Nice Catch, I See Its Bitcoin Related

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 15:39 on January 14, 2021  

I was looking at RIOT this morning. Bitcoin miner. Lots of crazy price moves. That seem too good to be true. So its wise to swipe away some profits. Lots of momentum. So many distorted values. Even a big part of the public has distorted values. Lots of weird priorities.

The only thing I know about Bitcoin, is it takes tons of electricity to create them.

Just give it a couple minutes to see all the things that are testing positive to CV-19 using the PCR test. Really exposes the “cases” lie being used to keep the fear factor going!

Posted by silverngold @ 14:51 on January 14, 2021  


Mr.Copper @ 11:31 on January 14, 2021 Talk about Penny stocks..heres mine !

Posted by Ororeef @ 14:26 on January 14, 2021  

BTCS    btcs

A …1327 % increase year over year


Posted by commish @ 14:06 on January 14, 2021  


Note to myself===The Russell and the trannies are just screaming to the upside–forget about top picking–this looks like

Posted by Richard640 @ 12:35 on January 14, 2021  

The Japanese mkt. SIR JOHN TEMPLETON EXITED AT NIKKEI 21,000…IT WENT TO 39,000- IN 1989—THEN CRASHED AND WAS DEAD FOR 20 YEARS—there is such bullish news for the smaller businesses that are going broke….

Russell 2000 (^RUT)   + 2,157.05+45.08 (+2.13%)

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