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RNO fundraiser not for a little while good bud

Posted by WANKA @ 19:03 on July 14, 2014  

it is enjoyably cost effective at this juncture. our webmaster wizard wwilliams is his handle is charging the tent 550 bucks for the setup work complete and we’ve paid 31 bucks for our domain name package which additionally consists of .net .org and .info all defaulting to .com our main address. in addition our webmaster wwilliams of ‘westontechnologies’ has thrown in to the package free access to his server which is a shared server out of va if my memory serves so you shall notice just a slight delay in some functions and not the lightning fast instant responce of the dedicated server of lunar in calif running the iv5 chip etc on the current gt/pp. if in the future we wish for a dedicated server its no problem. also in the future after this setup is complete [we’re 98% finished now] and we need any IT services it will be billed at 50 per hour with min 1/2 hour charge.
i have worked with our webwizard this past month and then some and i’m very satisfied with his expertize and computer savy. he is a local here in kw and runs his business out of kw.
not to concern anyone for now till we’re down the road and then i’ll run a tent-a-thon for re-embursement. we’ll do instead of a c-note like on pp a 1/2 c-note tent-a-thon when the time comes since our charges are considerably more modest then pp.
the tent has moved closer to the oasis. :mrgreen: best wj

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Post by the Golden Rule. Oasis not responsible for content/accuracy of posts. DYODD.